124. SARAH AND THE SILVER MASTER PART 4124. SARAH AND THE SILVER MASTER PART 4Her e mail said;I am no stranger to being restrained to a St Andrews cross and receiving punishment and would welcome the opportunity to revisit this experience; I have also experienced the pleasure of being restrained on a “working table” for inspection and experimentation with surgical instruments.One of my all consuming thoughts involves the use of surgical needles. As you are aware, I have some experience of short needles being inserted in my breasts, nipples and areola and I know you are an expert in this field of delivering unique pleasure. As you are aware, my nipples and Areola are not particularly sensitive at all so I feel I make an ideal candidate in this insertion technique. I have always thought about the sensation of accepting longer surgical needles as well but this is something I would leave to you.I sent an e mail asking if she was really ready or was it just her ego talking, she replied that she was truly ready so a date was set.Sadly on the Thursday before that date she rang me and said that they would only be with me on the Saturday but would start out at dawn and be with me from about 8 am just for the day as Tom had a big client in town and needed to work with him on `a project,’ whatever that was, but she was still looking forward to her visit with much anticipation, though there was a slight nervousness in her voice and a helping of trepidation. She asked if the needle play was ok and when I said yes I had a big box of sterile needles in assorted sizes on the way. Quite matter-of -factly she asked if I would consider fully stitching her labia together as she had regretted not trying this whilst with her previous Master in the US.I told her that she must wait and see and it depended on her reaction to the rest, to which she grunted probably unhappily, said she would see me on Saturday and rang off before I had a chance to explain.though I knew that she had picked the style of discipline, its helpful in these cases to allow that, but some things need to be a surprise in the course of events I thought to myself `yes lady you are not getting it all your own way and that`s my choice not yours, I am the master and you are very much my willing client’.Strangely it fitted in quite well as on the Friday morning I had a long couch session with a headmistress, we will call her `Lilly,’ who had a certain desires regarding younger boys, she had so far resisted but …. I didn’t want to rush things with her, her hubby having left her she needed a man but was scared of a new relationship at her age. She was a case that needed hypnotherapy and a long session on my couch!Anyway `Lilly’ came and I gave her a nearly all day session, though I belive she`s just a paedophile at heart and was just looking for an excuse to enjoy that style of life, and when her hubby left her this was the excuse she was looking for so though she`s near to incurable I could only scratch the surface with her. I then took the dogs out on the downs pondering my best course with Sarah, wondering if hypnotherapy might be worth a try with her, however I mused in reality I am not so certain she wanted a “cure” but found some perverse joy in just experiencing incredible pain in the hands of someone she trusted as they say round here “not to over egg the pudding”.I spent a restless night pondering my own motives for my `treatment’ of this particular lady, We were essentially a special club, and certain members were occasional invited to ‘play with women’ in the hobby room it was a case of the lady (or it must be said in some cases men) who came, knew they were offering themselves up as willing they knew the score and there was no pretence, we were sadists, they masochists, and together we would usually play and pay! Simples! But with Sarah, well there was something different, it was this sense of her trying to prove something, perhaps to herself, perhaps to Tom, Perhaps to get him involved in more than just cuckolding cum voyeurism. I just couldn’t put my finger on her exact reasoning. I came to the conclusion I needed to do more probing and have at least a one to one deep chat session at some point.I must have dozed off for at 7 my alarm called me, unusual that as I`m a 5 or 6 am man usually. I scuttled round putting on the heat in the hobby room, getting things ready, for their arrival showering and then getting breakfast for myself and then the dogs, so I had barely finished when they arrived. Sarah opened and closed the gates and the dogs went wild in their run trying to be noticed and patted by the nice lady.They appeared at the gate, I greeted them and over coffee we sat and chatted for a while, asking her about her mental state as well as her physical condition after the last fairly recent session. Her reply that she was mentally more relaxed after the scourging (her words not mine) and that apart from the one tiny nick when a stroke had crossed another and opened up a small cut, there were no ill effects though the marks had mostly gone, if slowly which reminded her of the session each time she showered and saw herself in the long mirror.I then turned to Tom and asked if he had any comments on having wielded the strap, even if it was just 3 strokes. He said surprising me with his touch of wit that the first 2 strokes were ` like swimming at Blackpool…going through the motions, however the first couple of “strokes” were very tentative but then suddenly something had happened and by the third stroke, it was surge of power, a lust, a desire to hurt his wife, a feeling if that`s what she wanted that she could have and that third stroke gave him such a surge he nearly came on the spot. He felt guilty all week and when she said she wanted to visit again he was of mixed feelings, but he knew he wanted that feeling of unbelievable power or whatever again.While on their way here he had already apologised, to Sarah if he lost control eyüpsultan escort and whipped her mercilessly this time. He was beginning perhaps to enjoy the power if not understand her need to be hurt.Anyway I explained this time it would be needle play and it might be more than he wished to endure, if so he was to just walk away and get some air and coffeeI explained that I had a friend attending, he usually assisted me in the hobby room, he was a member of the club, a paramedic and would just attend unless I asked him to assist, or I was in need of his expertise, not that I expected to but it was better safe than sorry. Neither Sarah nor Tom seemed surprised by that news and while Tom went outside for a breath of fresh air Sarah and I waited patiently for his arrival contemplating the session we were about to embark on, I could sense her nervousness as she chewed her bottom lip a little, so I showed her the selection of sterile needles I had just topped up through a friend of a friend, we were sat in the consulting room as I said and I have an ebonite ornate jewellery box in which I keep the things. As I opened the box her eyes got bigger and brighter and she began to smile, “wow” she said “The others I had were 2 and 2½ inch” (these start at 3 and go up to 6”) I said “well you wished to expand your boundaries, and a six inch down through the flesh may be just boundary enough, I`ve also got this” and I produced a suture needle with its cord still in its sterile plastic wrapping.“I`ve booked you back in for Saturday next and if I use this I will remove the stitches then, but sex will be impossible meantime, and as I would like a day of one to one to really talk in depth with you!” I went on “that is perfect timing as you say Tom is in Europe for all this week on a business trip!” She paled a little at that and was about to reply when Tom re-appeared. He took his seat again and she showed him the box and its content saying that “this was what she had requested and to have both needles and her labia sewn up for a few days.” He said “she was crazy” and shook his head then asked me if it was safe, to which I replied “I have a great deal of experience in this field and the risks are minimal is sterility is observed correctly all the time,” and I added of course that I had had no problems before.She told him that she would need to return the following weekend to get the stitches removed, in reality to undergo the slow and sensual removal of the sutures to which he pointed out he was away, and she came back with, “then you will have to trust me with my master wont you!” !” He asked me at length about the Labia stitching and what exactly was involved, and I spent the next few minutes explaining the procedure. Now Tom never struck me as a subservient sort, more as a regular husband who wanted to allow his wife to enjoy the sexual life she craved, but he rolled over easily and said “he did trust her and if that`s what she wanted OK, but could he have the video tape of the session so he could enjoy it when he was back on the Tuesday!”I said “I was happy to oblige, and explained that most of the session would be a consultation and hypnotic trance to see if I could understand the whole mental picture, which after all was what we were really here for.”He came back with “it would be nice to fully understand her, he didn’t so far, he tended to feel out of his depth most of the time, the scenarios she had dreamed of being way beyond his field of imagination but he had enjoyed the ride!” he went on that if she wished to sleep with me overnight he was ok with that anyway and as long as she was available to him on his return on the Tuesday and not harmed long term he was happy.They explained that they had come to the compromise that she would when requesting a `consultation’ she would suggest a scenario, and if I felt it appropriate we could play it out regardless of her pain which she obviously so enjoyed. They had both resigned themselves to the life and neither thought that a cure would be appropriate long term and they wanted to stretch the boundaries. He had the final say on whatever she wanted though, and his requests should he think of anything would take priority.Just then the bell rang and Harry appearedWe all had another coffee sitting in the living room like we were just friends having morning coffee, both he and she apparently relaxed and happy, not like a master and hopefully his assistants about inflict immense pain and a sub about to receive it! I told her to go and ready her-self and not to be long, so she stood kissed Tom silently went to toilet herself, make her-self up and change.She was soon back, dressed as she was for session 1, white fluffy dressing gown, heels, black lacy undies, perfect make up and mascara.She looked a picture, “I am ready master” she said in a voice laced with emotion and harry grey of hair, 64 year old and nearing retirement, said that she looked good enough to eat.She said curtseying “thank you sir, perhaps later,” and we all laughedHarry took from his bag a parcel, he passed it to me and said “it came from Sid this morning. “ I thanked him and passed it to Sarah“Before we begin, Sarah, I have a small present for you, it was made by Sid one of our old boys, especially to fit you” I said, and presented her with an 1” thick studded collar, a dog lead and a set of black matching wrist and ankle cuffs, saying “Tom will fit the collar and you will wear it as a mark of your subservience from and too your home and all the time during sessions. The cuffs are needed only when you are dressed ready for the hobby room.” She looked surprised then said “I understand master thank you so much” “Read the disc attached to it”She did; it read `I`m `Sarah’ slave to silver master, here just to receive his pain and only his’Wordlessly she handed it to Tom who also read it then smiled then fitted first the cuffs to sultanbeyli escort the dainty ankles, then the wrists and finally the collar to his wife`s lovely neck. He clipped on the lead then passed it to me in a gesture of complete subservience.Wordlessly I stood and we walked down through the kitchen to the garage, Harry bringing up the rear with ebonite box in hand, into the little workshop, opening the green cupboard door to Pandora’s Box. Snapping on the switches including the power to the tape-recorder, the video camera and the spotlights to the St Andrews cross as we all stood in the little passageway.We marched into the quiet room, and I led her to the solid old st Andrews crucifix, grunted “clothes” and she instantly removed first her shoes then the other three items passing them to Tom who placed them on the seat at one side as each came off. She stood naked now her magnificent pale body shivering slightly with the anticipation of the pain she knew was to come, very faint marks showed here and there from the last session. Harry took a seat at one side, quietly placing his bag ominously beside him Her having realised this time that there was no need to keep it up from covering the target area of her shoulders she wore her hair down, a coppery blond waterfall shimmering in the light of the single spotlight. She looked magnificent, proud, and expectant with perhaps just a touch of defiance, as I motioned her onto the plate at the base of the cross; she knew what was expected of her and turned her back on the dark towering solid instrument, stepping backwards till her back was hard against the smooth wood.I took her right wrist clipping the cuff to the ring on the diagonal and then doing the same to the left, removed the lead and finally spreading her legs to secured the ankles, so she became as vulnerable as any woman could ever be, a perfect x, a live carcass of meat in a butchers shop, alive to every feeling, every tiny touch, every caress and with her imagination running wild expectant of the pain she knew her Master was about to inflict and no doubt enjoy.I asked if she remembered her safe word, she nodded and whispered “Jimmy” I nodded said “Correct!”I fingered her wet and expectant sex, I then turned to Tom, “finger her, my friend, bring her to the boil while I sit and watch you will be quicker than me you know her body best”Her hubby stepped smartly into the light, taking my place, their eyes locked in a fixed stare as he began to excite her, he knew just the way, experience telling him just how to achieve exactly the result I wanted.She came gasping like a fish, eyes shut now, groaning, as her spend wet my eager assistants hand, He stopped, stood in awe watching and waiting.I stood and produced nipple clamps teased the puffy nipples and fitted the clamps tight enjoying her drawing in of breath as the jaws tightened on each soft nub.I told Tom to start again and I wanted her limp from climaxing at least three more times before I would begin my work, then I took my seat once again to swab and clean my hands and slip on sterile gloves. Tom returned I noticed with a savage glee to his duties.It took a few minutes to fetch her to the peak once again, gasping, moaning and dribbling she came like a train, she expected a short pause, it didn’t happen, Tom without any pause kept his hand moving, she began to shriek, then her eyes closed again as her spend again hit his wrist, this time she came near to losing consciousness, her head shaking from side to side and her high voice shrieking no, no, no, please no! But he glanced at me and then at a nod, he kept his relentless finger`s working, her voice approaching hysteria as she was forced to automatically go that extra mile by his ever active fingering. Again she screamed her song of ecstatic joy, then her head slumped forward and it was over for a second or two, Tom came and sat with me, as I opened the ebonite box and withdrew a 3” needle, her eyes blinked open, then a look of fleeting alarm crossed her face as I held the thing in front of her, ripping open the sealed bag, her face became resigned, there was nothing to be done, she was secure, controlled, fixed and she knew I was about to pierce her lovely skin for the very first time.Harry sprayed the lovely breasts with alcohol spray the stepped back into the darknessI lifted the right breast, hefting it in my open palm, feeling the weight, enjoying the moment making her wait.The tip of the needle touched the skin gently, almost a soft caress, it touched the areola, tenderly pricking at the skin, her eyes on the steel invader as I slowly pushed the thing into the flesh, horizontal, across the top of the still clamped nipple, just under the thin alabaster skin. An inch or perhaps two that needle slid through the meaty flesh and then surfaced, the skin rising like a tiny mountain as the tip burst from the hillock to the accompaniment of a low moaning scream of pain and appreciation. The tip now out in the air and I left it for her to savour as I returned to the box, tom holding for me a second needle of the same colour code, still wrapped, I opened the sterile bag turned and slowly holding the second breast copied the move, she groaned, as the needle broke into the air from the soft pink areola. Symmetry achieved, I let the breast fall with a soft thump against her body, she gave a squeak of extra pain, then watched me fetch a longer needle, a six inch b**st of a steel invader I lifted her right breast again, I lifted it this time by the clamp, the nipple still gripped tight in the little jaws.I placed the needle under the heavy breast the tip just perhaps a millimetre clear of the skin, just off centre, but vertical, I lowered the nipple so that the weight was supported by the sharp point. My subject began to scream, it was not one of joy it was a scream of abject pain.The needle point slowly entered the skin, aksaray escort the pain incredible as the weight of the flesh slowly allowed the thing up through the flesh, her vocal accompaniment slowly rising through the decibels as the thing went deeper I raised the needle just a little and soon the skin at the top surface of the smooth skin raised a tiny mountain on a plain of smooth silky skin. We men watched fascinated as the point slowly began to tear through the stretched surface. He moaned and screamed, tears fell, and mascara ran her face wet and filthy now, she looked less than her usual pristine normal trophy wife perfection.The steel now erect like a tiny flagpole, she hung her body wracked with sobs, tears falling as I allowed the plastic base of the thing to rest on her body the breast holding it against her and increasing the discomfort.She had said her breasts were not particularly sensitive, they were now. I fetched the second long needle, her eyes widened, as she realised the second was to endure the same discipline, her lips began to babble “no please no” and her head to shake from side to side. She had still not used the safe word, so I lifted the nipple as I had the first and placed the point straight against the skin. This time I forced the thing upwards, lifting the whole breast on its tipShe began to scream once again and I continued the rising movement the steel slithering through her left breast like a hot knife through butter, the mountain reappeared in this new location and the point burst from the skin almost as if it was happy to be out of the soft meat. Tears were still falling, drips splashing on both breast tops, rivulets of black marking the soft sacks. She had quietened to just sob`s now. So I stood back and enjoyed her situation.She slowly came to accept that it was done, she was pierced sideways and vertically and the steel was not going away just yet.She watched my face, expectant, as if praying for release, but with that defiant look of pride at having received these rigid invaders through her womanly charms.Harry passed me a short soft whip, leather only perhaps 7inches of multi thronged nastiness, I showed Tom how to flick her skin with it, then passed it to him and told him to “give her a dozen and make them hard, but not to get the needles with the thing. The final instruction was so she could hear that the last two strokes were to be aimed at her pussy. He did not need telling twice as she fixed him with a wet eye and nodded her acceptance.Harry and I counted loudly together, one, two, by three he was enjoying the feel of the thing, she was reacting with a look of sublime enjoyment, tears falling again head rocking as each stroke landed, everyone stronger than the last, belly then legs, each creeping towards her sex just a little more, 6, 7, 8. His face a smile of enjoyment as that surge of adrenaline lifted him, egged on by her groans. 9, 10,The 11th came in an upward stroke aimed centrally between her legs, it struck as she knew it would with a searing sheet of pain, she screamed and sobbed, then the 12th, and final stroke, and her second to her now tender and red cunt. She shrieked, but I detected it was different this time, orgasmic, in addition to the shear pain. She had climaxed by just the shear naked pain.We stood for a second in awe of the pain she had received and the climax she had achieved. Tom sat still stiff and trousers wet as we released her and allowed her to step down. She still wore her needles, as I stood in front of her, she thanked me, then stooped to the box found the curved suture needle and pressed it into my hand.Nothing was said but Harry went to the passage and changed the lights to the spotlight playing on the examination table. She turned and walked slowly as if she was a sacrifice walking to the altar, each step just slightly bouncing her pierced breasts.She sat on the table, swung her legs daintily up and lay back spreading her legs to expose the area she wished laced closed.I stood not wishing to contaminate the gloves. While Harry secured her ankles sprayed her sex, with something no doubt antiseptic and probably anaesthetic knowing him, then held the right arm and shoulder Tom holding her left and her hand. I checked her labia, bloated with blood from the excitement she felt, I opened the pack, deftly piercing the left labia about an inch from the clit, she began to shriek, I pulled the attached thread through the pierced hole, and her scream rose another notch, the second hole opposite in the other labia, blood dribbling from the small hole the thread following through and loosely coiling bloodily on her leg a second hole on the left then its sister on the right, each stitch causing her to twitch strongly as if to rise, the two men holding her down most successfully each time, all eyes fixed on my hands. The third pair followed, her moans now pitiful as I pulled the thread tight sealing her sex closed and tied it off cutting away the needle with Harry`s scissors. Slowly, before we released her I withdrew the two long needles, to moans and another climax. Harry again sprayed the areas, and we released her ankles, she lay quietly getting her breathing back under control then she sat up and thanked us all, saying she had achieved something she had dreamed about a lot over the years and she appreciated our single minded commitments.Tom it must be said looked white, Harry though presented her with the spray and told her how to go on with the wounds, saying she must return next week, for removal of before if she felt the things were infected .She asked if she could keep the smaller needles till she got home, as she was enjoying the effect, and Harry agreed to that if she sprayed before and after and removed them in only a few hours.She went to dress, Tom too went to change, and harry and I wiped down the surfaces, old Harry saying how he wished he could have had sex with her and that he had cum without even touching himself. He re-wound and copied the tape then we went to see them off clutching the tape and with her makeup restored, but braless.She kissed old Harry and asked him “to please be present next weekend and she would thank him then!” She then kissing me and whispering “next week and thanks” Tom shook my hand and then they smoothly cruised away.

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