12 Cams, 3 Teens 2 Milfs , 1 Wife Ch. 02: Heating Up

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© 2015 Sal De Klerk All Rights Reserved

Revised 5/2020

Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

I plan on writing 8-10 chapters. Six have been finished and uploaded. The rest are coming.


This story contains adult content including cuckquean, anal fisting, voyeurism, and more. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


After dealing with the idiocracy known as the DMV post patriot act, Lizzy and Claire could now legally drive their scooters. I brought them out to the new house and they jumped on the Vespa’s to show them to their friends.

I walked into the house to find Jane working in the kitchen. I went over to her and pinched her ass. She smacked my hand but smiled at me.

“Where’s the chick I married?” I asked.

“She had to go to town. She should be back in about 90 minutes.”

“Plenty of time,” I replied, leering at her.

“Not today dear, you have a wife,” she said, laughing.

I pouted and did my best imitation of Dick Dastardly, “Drats, Foiled again.”

Jane went back to unpacking the box she was working on when the doorbell rang.

I went to the door to answer it. When I opened it I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. It was the two women I had watched give a blowjob a few nights ago. Now that I could see them up close, I noticed there was at least a 20 year age difference between the two women.

“Hhhh…Hi,” I stammered to the woman.

The older one smiled sweetly at me, “Hi neighbor, I’m Suzette and this is my daughter Emily. We live in the house over that away,” she said, indicating the house I had spied on.

“Welcome to the neighborhood, “Emily said, smiling at me.

My mind was racing. I was positive these two women were the ones I’d seen sharing a dick, but as they were mother and daughter I began to doubt my memory.

“Hi, I’m Denny,” I responded, “Come on in,” I invited the ladies.

As they entered the house Suzette looked around and said, “My husband would’ve come over, but he had an appointment he couldn’t get out of.”

Jane walked out of the kitchen and saw the guests, “Hi I’m Jane, a family friend.” The neighbors introduced themselves to Jane.

We went out to the pool deck since it was the only place with seats that weren’t buried under boxes and other moving-related detritus. As Suzette walked out she looked wistful and said, “We had many fun times here with the former residents. We spent many happy nights skinny dipping in this pool with them.”

Jane looked shocked, “You went skinny dipping with your neighbors, and your daughter knows?”

Emily smiled at Jane, “Know? Hell! I was at most of the parties and usually one of the first ones naked.”

I sat down quickly to hide the tent in my pants. I wanted to befriend these neighbors and keep those skinny-dips going.

Jane’s face flushed and she offered to get everyone drinks. I sat there talking with Suzette and Emily when Claire and Lizzy came out carrying a pitcher of Iced Tea and several glasses. “Mom told us to bring the drinks out, she’ll be out with some snacks in a minute,”

Claire said.

I introduced Claire and Lizzy to Suzette and Emily. The three girls decided to go to Lizzy’s room and listen to music, leaving the adults to get to know one another.

As the girls went into the house, Jane, Suzette, and I said, “You have a beautiful daughter,” in unison. We all laughed and said thank you.

Jane sat down and filled her glass while Suzette filled us in on some neighborhood gossip.

Jane’s curiosity got the better of her, and she asked, “Did you go skinny dipping in this pool in front of your daughter?”

“Is that so different from the ‘Racy Run’ you and Claire do every year,” I asked reasonably.

“Racy Run?” asked Suzette.

“Hell yes,” Jane said. “The Racy Run is a charity event and except for one or two pictures at the start and end, Claire is running with her friends and I run with mine. Besides we aren’t naked, especially in front of other people.”

I shrugged at her female logic and bit my tongue about the thongs and see-through bras from this year’s run. I looked at Suzette, “The Racy Run is a charity event held each year in May. It’s a 5K that’s run in your underwear. Jane and Claire have been running in it for years.”

“Ohh, that sounds like fun,” Suzette said. “I might have to go watch it for one year.”

“To answer your question,” Suzette said, getting serious and looking at Jane, “We are not ashamed of our bodies and don’t mind showing them off. So with the right crowd and when no minors are around, going topless or naked is no big deal. Besides, most adults have seen tits or pussy or dick before, so why the hell not?”

Jane looked at her and had no response. But a voice from behind me spoke up, “Why not what? And what does it have to do with tits, pussy, and dick?”

I jumped up and went over to my wife, “Honey this is Suzette, our neighbor, she came over with her daughter Emily to welcome us to the neighborhood.”

“And halkalı escort that has to do with the aforementioned body parts, how?” she asked smiling.

“Suzette was telling us about some parties the former owners threw and how sometimes several people ended up skinny dipping including Suzette and Emily. Jane was surprised that a mom would talk so freely about that in front of her daughter and was even more shocked when Emily told her she was not only aware but was a participant.”

“Sounds like we moved into a salacious neighborhood,” Rikki said.

Suzette chuckled and stood up, “I just came over to say hi and make you feel welcome. I need to get home and be ready for when my mas…man arrives.” As I walked her to the door, she called for Emily, who came out of Lizzy’s room wearing different clothes than she had arrived in.

“Mom, can I stay and hang out with Lizzy and Claire?” Emily asked, with a bit of a whine in her voice.

“How are you going to get home?” Suzette asked, “It’s quite a walk and it’s getting dark.”

“Claire or I can give her a ride. Besides she needs to put her clothes back on,” Lizzy said, her eyes pleading with me to intervene on Emily’s behalf.

Before I could suggest that she call her husband and have him come to dinner at our house, Suzette nodded in agreement, “Be home in one hour, no more,” she instructed.

The girls ran back to Lizzy’s room smiling. “Before I forget, I wanted to invite you, Emily and your husband to our housewarming next Saturday. two pm until whenever the last person leaves or passes out drunk.”

“Sounds like my kind of party,” Suzette laughed, we exchanged phone numbers and she left.

“I like her,” my wife said, Jane, nodding in agreement.

“All this talk of skinny dipping has got me thinking…,” I began to say.

“No way,” Jane told me, “At least not with the kids around.”

My eyebrows shot up looking at her and wondering if she would if I got rid of the three girls.

“Don’t even think about it buster,” my wife told me, knowing how my mind works. If you skinny dip with anyone here it’s going to be me.”

Inwardly I smiled at the prospects. I had 3 MILF’s that I might get to see naked in my pool and at least one teenager. Life was sweet.

Rikki asked me to call out for delivery, so I called for some sushi figuring raw fish would be a subtle reminder of the day’s talk.

Claire and Lizzy left to take Emily home and I put out some paper plates and napkins for dinner.

The girls returned as dinner arrived so we all sat down to eat. It was a pleasant night and the girls asked if they could go to a movie with Emily. Rikki gave permission, after confirming Emily had called her mom and gotten permission. “Be home by midnight,” she yelled at their rapidly retreating backs.

The girls left. My wife said she had some work to do, so she went upstairs to the office. Jane and I cleaned up and sat down enjoying the warm night air. We sat in silence for a time, relaxing, and thinking. I stood up and told Jane I wanted to go for a swim. She said she forgot her suit so she would just watch me.

“You said if our daughters weren’t here…” I winked at her and raised my eyebrows suggestively.

Jane looked at me and seemed to consider it. Quickly she shook her head no. “Not with your wife here.”

On the spot, I decided I would go for it. I pulled off my shirt and unfastened my belt.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked in alarm.

“Going for a dip, skinny style,” I told her. I stared into her eyes and I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down my legs. Jane’s eyes never left my body as I slowly, teasingly stepped out of my pants. I was left in just my boxers.

Jane’s lower lip was trembling, a light sheen of sweat was glistening on her forehead. Her eyes were fastened on my groin as her tongue darted out and licked her lips. Her right hand was absentmindedly caressed her breast, and she was breathing heavily.

I slipped my boxers down my legs until my well-groomed pubic hair started to peek out. Jane leaned closer to me and she was transfixed on what was just out of her view.

I turned around and dropped my boxers to the ground. Jane let out a strangled cry and I looked over my shoulder at her. She was desperate for me to turn around, to see the cock she had lusted for all these years.

Her eyes left my glutes and met mine. “If you want to see the rest, I want some reciprocation.” Jane’s whole body quivered, she started shaking her head no. Even though her head was saying no, her hands were starting to unbutton her blouse. She stood up surprising herself.

Before she realized it, Jane’s top was off, and she was pushing her skirt down her hips. I stood there slowly turning around to get a better view and to further encourage Jane. Her skirt landed on her feet and she stepped out slipping off her shoes as well.

Now she was only wearing a matching floral pattern bra and panties, she froze. “I…I…I can’t…please taksim escort don’t…,” her voice trailed off.

“Jane, you can walk away now and there will be no hard feelings. I have wanted to make love to you ever since we first met, seventeen years ago.”

Jane looked at me and smiled wistfully, “And that would’ve happened the day we met, but I met your wife and we became friends. I haven’t been with a man since I met you. None of them has measured up to you. I Love you.”

At these words, I knew my dreams of bedding Jane were to be realized. At long last, she admitted her true feelings and was about to surrender to them/ She shed her bra and panties and I finished turning. We frankly appraised each other’s naked forms for a long time and I started to grow hard, looking at this tall, leggy, blond, MILF. All thoughts of swimming were forgotten as we picked up our clothes and rushed into the pool house.

Once we were inside and the door closed, we dropped our clothes. I grabbed Jane and kissed her. Her lips parted and my tongue pushed into her mouth. Her tongue danced with mine as our hands began to explore each other’s bodies. I lifted Jane and her legs wrapped around my hips.

She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. “I want you so bad, just drive your cock into me.”

Her hips shifted and found my swollen shaft. I thrust my hips up and entered her dripping wet pussy. We stayed still for several seconds enjoying the culmination of our 16 years of foreplay.

I began to slowly thrust into Jane and she leaned back letting me suck one of her nipples into my mouth. Jane gasped and her body shuddered as I bit down on it.

My arms were growing tired, so I moved us over to the couch, lifted Jane off my cock, and put her down on the couch. I knelt before her and deeply inhaled the wonderful scent of the aroused woman, which never failed to turn me into a lust-crazed animal.

I buried my face in her pussy and began to drink her like I found an oasis after wandering the desert. Before long Jane was squirming and gasping in pleasure. She had lost all control of her limbs and was screaming over and over, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…”

I shoved my fingers into her wet pussy as I began to give her extraordinarily large clit a blow job. She grabbed my ears and pulled me so deep into her pussy I was practically chin fucking her. I added a third finger to her opening and her hips were matching my thrusts. I felt her clit growing in my mouth, and I bit down on it.

The sensation of my teeth on her love knob was all it took to push her over the edge. Her body began to spasm and thrash around. She was making sounds that not even Michael Winslow could make.

I continued sucking on her clit until Jane’s climax was over. She pulled me up away from her pussy and kissed me harder than before, tasting her juices which covered my face. Jane laid back on the couch and pulled me on top of her. My rock hard dick was like a guided missile and found her silo easily. I rammed it into her pussy and began to thrust into her.

“Yes Denny, Fuck me, Denny, Make me your whore Denny,” was all Jane could say.

I remembered the video camera and looked at it, seeing that it was pointed at us, its unblinking eye capturing our salacious activity in all the wanton detail. I withdrew from Jane and pulled her up. I lay down on the couch with my head away from the camera and asked her to climb on me, in a reverse cowgirl. Jane complied with my request, so desperate to have me fuck her she was willing to do anything.

I smiled thinking how I would now be able to watch her tits bounce around as she rode my cock. Imagining the footage, I felt myself getting close to cumming. I wanted Jane to get off again, so she wouldn’t think I was selfish.

I began to rub and squeeze her ass cheeks and Jane’s moaning grew louder and breathier. I spread the luscious globes apart and began to gently probe her opening with my digits.

“OH FUCKING YES,” she screamed, “Ram a finger into my ass and fuck me with it.”

I slipped my hand down to where our bodies were joined and collected a generous amount of her natural lubrication from the excess flowing out of her body, as she bounced on my cock.

Once my hand was covered in her pussy sap, I drove a finger into her ass. She cried out in pleasure and began bouncing on me even harder. I quickly added a second finger and Jane gasped and said, “I want you to fist my ass. Punch me in the bowels”

“As you wish I replied and shoved two more fingers into her. She was sliding on my shaft so fast that I was afraid I was going to cum within seconds. I began to recite the boy scout oath over and over trying to distract myself from all the sexual stimulation assaulting my senses.

I pushed my thumb into her and felt her rectum close around my wrist. As I began to fist her, Jane squealed in delight, she cried out, “I’M FUCKING CUMMING”

Her pussy pulsated on my cock, pushing me over the edge and my stomach muscles contracted, making me sit up şişli escort as my cum began to geyser out of my cock. Stream after stream shot into my new lover, increasing the intensity of her climax.

As I sprayed my last, I shoved my fist as deep into her as I could extending her orgasm and making Jane pass out from pleasure. I lay there with my softening prick still in her pussy and my unconscious partner laying on top of me.

Before Jane could regain her senses, I pulled my arm out of her ass as gently as I could. I shifted around and squirmed my way free, letting Jane lie there. I went onto the bathroom and took a shower washing all traces of Jane off my body. I returned to Jane and began to wipe her down with a washcloth. Once she was reasonably clean I folded her clothes and put them on the floor next to the couch and covered her in blankets.

I hurriedly dressed and went into my man cave. I hooked up my iPad to the camera system and pulled up the footage from my recent debauchery with Jane. I downloaded the footage of Jane and I, and saved it to a password protected file on and sent a back up to my Dropbox account.

I shut everything down and went to find my wife who was asleep in our bed. I kissed her and she murmured, “have a good time with Jane?”

For a second I thought she knew, then realized she was asking if we had a nice conversation. I whispered I would be in bed soon and she wrapped her arms around me saying, “Hurry up lover, I’m horny.”

I made sure the house was locked up and checked to see that Lizzy was home. Claire and Lizzy were asleep in her room and I smiled at how innocent they looked sound asleep. I closed their door and returned to my bedroom and my waiting wife.

Rikki was laying there wearing my favorite outfit of hers. God gave it to her on the day she was born and it’s only improved over the years. I joined her in bed. We kissed and murmured sweet nothings to each other as our hands caressed the now-familiar flesh of each other’s body.

As I slid my hands down Rikki’s body, heading for her slit, her hands found my cock and began to squeeze and pump it. “OHH FUCK!” she yelled as I drove two fingers into her pussy and bit her clit.

I feasted on her cunt savoring the taste. I couldn’t help but compare Rikki’s flavor to Jane’s. They were both wonderful, but different. Like Coke and Pepsi, they’re both colas, but not quite the same. Then I started to laugh as I pictured a pussy cream taste test.

Once Rikki was nice and wet, she climbed on top of me and slid my dick into her pussy. As she began to ride me, I saw our bedroom door open. Looking out into the dark hallway, I could see Lizzy and Claire both watching us. It was too dark to see, but I swore they were both naked and touching each other as they watched Rikki bouncing on my cock.

I wanted to put on a good show for my peeping Tomettes, so I began to fuck my wife hard and started to talk dirty. “Ride my dick slut, use that cunt on my fucking cock you slut. Make me fill your skank hole with my hot white cum.”

My wife moaned in pleasure as she started to fuck me harder and faster. I reached up and grabbed her nipples pulling on them and twisting them. “Do you like it when I pinch your tits when you ride my dick slut?”

“OH GOD YES BABY! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT! FUCK MY DIRTY HOLE WITH YOUR HUGE COCK!” she cried out as I reached the point of no return.

“Beg me for my cum bitch tell me how bad you want it!”

“I want it on my face. Blast your cock cream all over my face, I want to be a total slut for you tonight.”

She climbed off me and got on all fours on the bed, her face in profile to the girls in the hall. I knelt next to her and aimed my about to spurt cock at her pretty eyes. I stroked myself a few times, then grunted like a caveman as the cum exploded from the tip of my cock and plastered my wife’s face in a mask of cum.

I heard the girls moan at the sight and the door was pulled closed as I sent the last blast of cum into her mouth. Once my dick was done sending cream her way, she looked at me with her one uncovered eye and asked, “Did I just hear a door close?”

“It may have been Jane coming in. She fell asleep in the pool house while we were talking and I left her there.”

My wife accepted that answer and using her fingers began to devour my cum from her face. Once she had licked it all off herself, she wrapped her naked body next to mine and we drifted off to sleep.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Despite getting laid by two beautiful women last night, I woke up after just a few hours of sleep, fully energized. This was the last day of work in my shop before filming began. I jumped out of bed, showered, dressed, and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. I started the coffee, began to cook up two pounds of bacon, and mixed up papas ultimate waffles…a recipe handed down through the men in my family for generations. As the coffee brewed, Jane came in. I grabbed her and kissed her whispering, “I love you too and last night was just the first of many.”

Jane looked into my eyes and I could see that she felt guilty. I did too, but now that we had crossed the line I didn’t want to stop. She got busy setting the table and waking the girls up, while I cooked the bacon to perfection, the waffles were thick, light, fluffy, and golden brown.

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