100% True story of my first time with another woma


100% True story of my first time with another womaMy best friend from work was driving me crazy! Every day she was dressing in that slutty/professional look that she knew I loved. I hadn’t been with a woman yet but had touched and made-out some. She was married but had told me about her many bisexual adventures. She knew how wet it got me and loved knowing that her stories made it neccessary for a quick bathroom break so that I could “handle” the situation. She spent the night at my house with just my husband and me one December night to help us trim our Christmas tree. We were gonna be drinking so my daughter stayed with her grandma. As the night went on and beer after beer was consumed, we of course kept turning back to sex talk. We found every excuse to touch each other and I was so turned on. We decided we would watch a movie after the tree was done. As my husband cycled through kırklareli escort the ppv movies, we were laughing at the porn titles. Of course we decided to watch one with an especially funny name. You know, just to “laugh at it”, lol. I thought I would explode if she didn’t touch me soon. I was as wet as anyone has ever been in I think. Finally we playfully started wrestling. When our boobs rubbed together and both of our nipples were hard, I could take it no longer. I told her that I really wanted to kiss her now. She leaned in without hesitation and soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths. It was such a release of tension after flirting and teasing each other all night. We pulled each other’s tops off and unhooked our bra’s. Her tits were everything I had imagined all those times masterbating to her. At that point we noticed the growing bulge kırklareli escort bayan in my husband’s pants. She didn’t want to “cheat” on her husband, but agreed that my hubby could watch, and then join in for all but oral or intercourse from her. He looked like he would pass out when she said that I should lay back and let her be the first woman to taste my pussy. I did as I was told and lifted my hips as she pulled my jeans and panties down past my hips. When they were off, I opened my legs wide inviting her lips and tongue to explore my now soaking wet pussy. I don’t know if I have ever had anything feel that good. I was soon moaning, panting, and thrusting my hips to meet her mouth. The sight from the corner of my eye of my husband stroking his now hard cock quickly brought on my first orgasm. It was amazing! When she moved up to kiss me again, I could escort kırklareli feel how my cum had covered her face. I was in total bliss but immediately knew I wanted to taste her pussy so bad. I was inexperienced but she said I was a very “quick learner” as she moaned and thrusted. She watched my husband and told him he should come over and fuck me while I licked her. He broke many speed records for sure as his cock was soon buried deep inside me. We all got hotter and hotter as he grabbed my hips and began pounding my dripping wet box. The slapping sound put us over the edge as first me, and then my friend had explosive orgasms. It was so unbelievably hot! All that was left now was for my husband to shoot his hot load. She told me to take his load all over my face and tits. While I stroked and sucked him towards his finish, she watched us and rubbed her clit. This got us all so hot again and soon hot cum was covering me. The sight of it brought on her 2nd orgasm and we all collapsed on the bed exhausted. We slept with our naked bodies touching and needless to say, this led to the action starting up again a time or two. But that’s another story. lol

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