10 Rules for the Perfect Cum Loving Husband


10 Rules for the Perfect Cum Loving HusbandRule 1: Love the taste of cum: Start off my eating your own cum a little at a time taste your pre-cum. Think about eating your cum while you masturbate if you chicken out after you cum don’t worry I did the same thing for years. Save a load of cum from a previous jack-off section and when you are good and horny eat it while you masturbate. To be a good Husband you must be able to eat cum. A woman loves to see a man eat his cum.Rule 2: Let your wife fuck and suck anybody she wants to, as long as she brings her cum filled ass and cunt home to you so you can lick and suck it out of her pussy and asshole. The real winner here is you, look at it this way your wife is getting a lot of different pointers on how each man wants his cock sucked and fucked. She will learn different ways to make you cum she will always be horny and she will always bring you a load of cum home to eatRule 3: Suck a cock for your women, if she brings a friend over to fuck, suck his cock for her, get him hard for her pussy. She will love this and a lot of times she will suck zonguldak escort cock with you, if the cock explodes cum share the cum back in forth with her. When she knows that you love to suck cum out of a cock and love the taste of the cum. She will also love to taste cum and she will always be sucking on your cock.Rule 4: Fuck a cock for your wife. Always remember if your wife is happy you will be happy. If she wants to see you get fucked in the ass she will have to train you to take a cock up the ass. Let her start off by inserting her fingers in your ass while she sucks your cock. Here we go again the winner of this one is you. I bet you cum before she gets three fingers in your ass. It will hurt a little to start but then it feels so damn good. Just keep working at it and in a couple months you will be fucking dildos, butt-plugs, cucumbers, and any thing else your wife wants to fuck you with. But you will always remember your first big live cock fucking your ass and shooting a big load of cum up your ass. If you fuck the cock real good I bet your wife will lick the cum escort zonguldak out of your asshole and share it with you. Rule 5: Jack-off for your wife whenever she wants you too. After your wife sees that you love her she will start asking you to masturbate in front of her. She may want you to stick a dildo up your ass and fuck your self or she may want you to jerk-off in front of her friends. What ever it is she wants you to do, do it, you will reap the rewards. Sooner or later she will let you fuck and suck her friends. And When you are done jacking-off rub the cum around on your mouth and swallow it. This will turn her friends on and your wife may let you eat their cunts out.Rule 6: Always always keep your cock and balls shaved clean, a lot of times women like to see a bald cock it reminds them of the ones they sucked back in grammar school and a women loves to suck on smooth balls. It is also a lot easier to put a cock ring on and to tie your balls up, your not having your pubic hair jerked out. Also your cock looks a lot bigger and women like bigger cocks.Rule 7: Obey zonguldak escort bayan your wife. Let her take charge after all she is the one with the pussy. Do anything she asks and you will be a happy man. You will have a very good life and you will be able to cum everyday two or three times.Rule 8: Bring your friends home so your wife can fuck and suck them in front of you. This will make her feel like a lady some women get flowers your wife gets a young hard cock to play with. You win again roses are sixty-five dollars a dozen a friend is going to fuck your wife for free. It will also make you real horny watching your wife fuck and suck. Help her out if she ask, suck her clit while she is getting fucked in the ass. Or stick your tongue up her asshole while she is being fucked in the cunt.Rule 9: Massage your wife’s aching muscles after she has been out all night fucking and sucking, rub her back and feet. Fell privileged she is bringing you home a crème-pie to eat, suck on her panties make her feel like a princess.Rule 10: Love her with all your heart and after 10 or 15 years you will still be married and you will still be having fun fucking and sucking. And eating the cum out of all kinds of pussies. Most men will not eat a crème filled pussy. I will and if you are smart you will to.Follow these Rules right here and make your wife happy

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