01: Sheryl and the Tack Hammer

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This and future follow-up stories are based on fact. As an aging male of tall and solid build, I had started to give up on the possibility of further sexual encounters, but sometimes miracles happen. This is just such a story.

Well here I was at another damned exhibition. My lady partner of many years had got us involved in promoting a health product that earned us good commission and we were the top sales agents for the company for nearly 9 years.

So here I was in a small northern suburb of the capital city Wellington, setting up my display late in the evening. It had been a 5 hour drive from home and I was tired.

Having just about completed my ‘build-up’ I figured it would be a good idea to look around the other display stands and say hello to people I knew who also travelled to Shows around the country. I was on my own this time as my partner was in another part of the country at a different Show.

While wandering along the displays I came across one that I had never seen before and a petite elderly lady was having trouble putting up her signs on the backing panels. These were hard wood with a scrim covering that didn’t take Velcro, so push pins were generally used. Being elderly and slight she wasn’t having much luck trying to push the pins into the hard wood.

Taking pity on her dilemma I introduced myself as a fellow exhibitor and offered to help. When she turned around she was very attractive but of indeterminable age (somewhere between 60 and 70 years old I guessed). She was dressed in a suit type ensemble of deep red colour. The skirt came below the knees but the jacket was slightly unbuttoned, revealing a pale blouse also slightly unbuttoned.

Her most prominent feature were her breasts that were small but quite prominent, like a young girl’s, with quite a cleavage for such a small woman.

Not wanting to hang around while she completed her set up I told her I had a tack hammer that was suitable for the job and she was welcome to borrow it. She agreed it would help so I went and got it for her and she promised to return it the next day before the Show opened to the public.

I took my leave and drove back to the Backpackers lodge nearby. For some strange reason she stayed on my mind for many hours. Maybe it was the pertness of those small breasts that got me. Was I imagining things or was there really a speculative look in her eye when she looked at me. Being over 6 feet tall and weighing close to 200 lbs without any fat I do take up a bit of space.

But then again I don’t look anywhere my true age (69 at the time) because of the health product we promote. It is a multi colour laser from Switzerland called a Bioptron and I had used it in 2000 canlı bahis to take all the wrinkles out of my face.

During the first Show day it was so busy that I forgot about the little hammer. However during the day in a quiet lull the lady from the stand came over to find out about the laser.

It is excellent for relieving the pain of arthritic knees, stiff necks and a host of other problems. It also has colour lenses that impart various energies to the body and has even been used on an elephant at a local zoo.

She had a sore knee that I treated and when she pulled up the skirt for me to treat her knee I discovered she also had a wonderful set of legs. Her skin was very smooth and my mind was asking ‘How old is she?’ Her skin wasn’t wrinkled although her elfin face had a few lines.

I guessed she was in her mid 60’s or maybe even older. During the treatment she was very chatty and I discovered her name was Sheryl and quite a bit of her background. We were so engrossed in our conversation that I forgot to ask her about the hammer.

On the Sunday she came for another treatment and said she wanted to know more about buying one so I offered to call at her home that night on my way home and explain how it worked. I also remembered to ask about the hammer and she apologised that she had taken it home for safe keeping but it was still at home.

Then she said with a cheeky grin “You will definitely have to call in to pick it up now – won’t you?”

She lived some 25 miles up the main road on the way north and in the same direction that I was due to travel home. She lived near a beach but was going to sell the house and move in with her son and family.

We finally arrived in our separate cars and whilst I unpacked my display and info material she suggested that first we go into the nearby town for a quick meal.

We headed off in my Station Wagon and found a nice little Chinese place. This was obviously her favourite place because the staff welcomed her and found a quiet table near the back of the restaurant.

Over a bottle of wine and nice food we chatted along nicely – no awkward pauses wondering what to say next. Maybe because we had both travelled extensively around the world and had a fund of stories to tell. She also told me she had owned a shop locally, selling crystals and semi precious rocks but had sold it and she was at the Show to try and sell off old stock.

She was also a contracted nurse aide looking after one of our most prominent businessmen; a Sir who had been knighted by the Queen herself whilst in London and was now at home at 83 yrs fighting a losing battle against cancer. Sheryl spent 3 days a week at his house, sometimes more depending bahis siteleri on the availability of other helpers.

And so we returned to her home and over a few more glasses of wine I told her about the uses of Bioptron. I realized it was getting late and it started to rain heavily as well as getting very cold.

This worried me a bit because part of my trip home is a stretch of 40 miles over the volcanic plateau known as the Desert Road. It was very prone to snow falls at this time of year and was so winding up and down sharp bends that it was often closed from both ends. And at the best of times it would be at least a 5 hour drive.

Because Sheryl said she had decided to wait until the house was sold before buying a light I asked if we could watch the late news to check on road conditions. As I guessed, it had been snowing down to 800 metres and the road was closed.

I asked Sheryl if there were any cheap accommodations in the vicinity but she said “I have a spare bedroom here that you are welcome to use – besides it is far too cold to go out at this time of night. However I don’t usually sleep with anyone on a first date”.

Well that got my attention because our conversation had skirted close to the subject of sex on a number of occasions with a lot of innuendos, but we behaved very civilized and I got into the spare bed.

Her comment, her friendliness and her appealing face and body had my imagination running riot and my male wand started to get quite hard. After a few minutes of this I decided to have a pee – that always reduces the swelling, so I hopped out of bed and padded quietly to the toilet.

This was just past her bedroom where a small night light was on and I could see Sheryl lying on the far side of a double bed. After relieving myself I went to her door and said “Sheryl, if you are still awake I could do with a cuddle”.

Her left arm threw back the blankets on the spare side and she said “That would be very nice, I need one myself and wondered if you were brave enough to take a chance”

I got into her bed in just my underpants with a still full erection and rolled over to put my arms around her. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me down for a kiss. It was soft, warm and inviting, not just a chaste kiss but one of anticipation and want.

I brought one hand up and placed it on her right breast. It was the size of my hand and rock hard with a taut nipple.

She sensed my surprise and said “I had implants quite some years ago because even when breast feeding my kids they were only the size of a fried egg”

I gently lowered my head to her breasts which were covered by a bra of very sheer material you could see through. bahis şirketleri She brought up a hand and unclipped it in the front centre leaving her small firm breasts uncovered. Then she said “Brian, make love to me please, it has been such a long time”.

I didn’t tell her it had been a very long time for me too – I was too excited being allowed free rein with a female body again – so excited I came in my underpants. Oh shit!! She sensed what had happened and put her hand down the front of my pants and slid her fingers along my shaft. It was wet and sticky from the come but she didn’t mind. “Can you stay hard for a while? I so desperately want to feel a cock inside me again”.

The way she was playing with it there was no chance it would go soft but she quickly took off her panties and rolled over me. Sitting up on her knees she took my cock into her mouth and tongued it under the helmet like a professional. Then she moved up and squatted over me and slowly lowered her pussy lips to the head.

She was already very wet and had no trouble sliding me right up deep inside.

Then she started to thrust up and down while I had one hand on her nipple and the other on her clit. Tired as I was from the full day and night it was wonderful being ridden.

She was perfectly encompassing my thick 6 inches which I am sure grew an inch while she fucked me. It wasn’t very long before she started to make noises, gasping for breath as her climax approached. I started to thrust up as she came down and could feel my full length hitting the fleshy but unyielding barrier of her cervix.

Finally she began to quiver inside and all around my cock I could feel her flesh squeezing then releasing. She was vibrating inside and began to spasm as she reached her peak and caused me to spurt into her as I came as well. We both let out a howl of delight and release and she collapsed onto my chest.

We lay there like that for quite some time until my manhood slowly became flaccid and eventually slipped out of her pussy. I could hardly believe I had been able to come twice in less than an hour.

We kissed and cuddled and fell asleep. For my part it was a blissful release and I even slept through her snores. I woke up some hours later and went back to my assigned bed so that Sheryl could sleep as she usually does.

After a coffee and toast and a check on the weather/road conditions I made my farewells but Sheryl said “Wait a minute, I have something for you” She went to another room and returned with my little hammer.

“I wish I could keep this” she said. “When you first loaned it to me I brought it home and used the handle as a dildo because I couldn’t stop thinking about you as a sexual partner. My instincts were right about you, you are a good lover and when you come back in a couple of months to sell me the light, we will make love again and you can let me use your REAL hammer for as long as you can stay with me”

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