Wife finds a GayMaker Gay


Wife finds a GayMaker GayI came home as quickly as I could after my wife called to tell me that her friend Bruce would be joining us for dinner. She’d been talking about him for some time but I’d never met him. Her eyes would wander off as she told me about his latest project or how he’d helped her with her work or helped her solve a problem. There were times when I wondered if she was having an affair with him, but I was sure that was just wishful thinking. I often found myself fantasizing about sharing her with another man but the reality was that she was probably far too conservative for that sort of a scenario. Still…I was excited to meet him and watch them interact first hand.I arrived at our house before Bruce and Paula so I took the opportunity to jump into the shower for a quick rinse before dinner.My mind wandered as the water flowed over my body. I lathered up and rubbed the suds all around my legs, my arms and my torso. I was feeling optimistic about what tonight could bring so I spent extra time washing my cock, balls and my ass. I knew by the way she drifted off when she talked about Bruce that at the very least she’d be hot and ready for love by the time he left. The steam had filled the shower by the time my mind returned to reality so the mirror was fogged as I stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. As the fog cleared I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My cock was responding to my thoughts and was about halfway hard, still pointing downward but certainly engorged. I found it to be a beautiful site as I stood mesmerized for a moment. I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed out of the bathroom to get dressed for dinner.As I entered the bedroom I heard the front door close and voices in the hallway. I started to yell “hello” but I stopped and just kept silent. I listened to the voices. It was Paula and I’d have to assume the male voice belonged to Bruce. They were animated and Paula was giggling quite a bit so my curiosity grew. I knew they weren’t expecting me to be home for another half hour or so, so I decided to just listen in to their conversation.”You know I need this Paula” he said “I’ve been thinking about this all day.””I know honey” Paula replied “but if I take care of you now I don’t know if you’ll be ready again later if my plan works out…” They continued giggling and making inaudible sounds. I could hear shoes and coats coming off and I could tell that whatever was going on was playful. That made me smile.Now my brain was working overtime! What could she mean? We’re they talking about sex? Was this a dream come true? Would she let me share her with another man? Or better…share another man with me? Or was it just innocent bantering about something else altogether…I remained silent as Paula and Bruce made their way down the hallway towards our bedroom. I knew I had to hide!I slipped behind the wardrobe where I could see the whole room in the mirror, but I could not be easily seen. I held my breath as the two of them stumbled into the bedroom, Bruce tripping over his pants which were now down below his knees, and Paula with her panties around her ankles. Both had lost their shirts along the way. They were giggling and kissing, completely oblivious to my presence.My cock sprang up from under my towel!In over 20 years of marriage we had, I assumed, been monogamous. (But I confess that for every one of those 20 years I had dreamed of wild, unabashed crazy sex — with both women and men and both!) And now I find myself witnessing my wife’s unfaithfulness. Damn…I could have been doing this all along, I thought to myself.Bruce reached down and removed Paula’s dress as she stepped out of her panties. They continued to kiss and giggle. Naked now, my beautiful wife dropped alanya escort to her knees and slid her fingers into his waistband. Slowly she lowered his briefs until his beautiful cock sprang to freedom. It stood straight out pointing directly at her face while she finished removing his shorts. She paused and stared directly back at Bruce’s cock.It was semi-hard 7 inches long. As thick as a large banana. Smooth and circumcised. The helmet was large, shiny and purple. His balls hung low and heavy, like two eggs in a sack. His cock just bounced in front of her eyes as she stared.”It’s as beautiful as I’d imagined” she said as she leaned forward and touched the tip of her tongue to the underside of the tip of his cock. Her hands grasped his thighs as she leaned in further and began to engulf Bruce’s gorgeous manhood an inch at a time until she was swallowing him entirely.I couldn’t help myself. I grasped my own cock and began to stroke a little.I watched as my wife lick up and down on this gorgeous penis. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I watched his beautiful manhood slide in and out of Paula’s mouth. I was jealous because she’d never shown such enthusiasm for sucking on my cock, but I was also jealous because at this moment I wanted with all my heart and soul to experience what she was experiencing…I wanted to know what that gorgeous cock felt like in her mouth…what it would feel like in MY mouth!I stroked harder as Bruce began to moan.I was now so focused on watching his cock slip in and out of my wife’s beautiful face that I didn’t even notice her eyes had caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. I watched her hands caress his balls and stroke his shaft. I watched as she pulled back and just stroked with long slow milking strokes, first towards her face and then, slowly, she turned him so he was pointing directly towards me! She continued to milk his beautiful cock as I felt my own precum dripping over my fist as I stroked myself.A droplet of fluid formed on his pee hole. Paula slid back to where she could make direct eye contact with me. I froze.”Come here Bryson. I know you want it.” She said softly as her eyes pierced my soul. “Just give it a lick, like this” she said as she washed Bruce’s cockhead with her tongue. His cock shined with the mixture of his cum and her saliva.She stoked some more and motioned me closer with her eyes.”I know you’ve wanted this for a long time and Bruce and I knew you were home when we got here. Your clothes are on the bed!… so quit being shy and come down here and give him a lick with me!”I was dumbfounded. I had no choice but to admit she was right and submit to my desires.I felt numb as my towel dropped and I stepped forward to join my wife at the feet if this beautiful man. For so long I’ve dreamed of having a real cock in my mouth. My loving wife was presenting me with the opportunity that I’d been dreaming of.”Now let’s see if you can really suck a cock” she said satirically…She pointed the shiny purple tip of his cock towards my lips as she continued to milk him. Another droplet formed and I couldn’t resist. I had to do this! I looked Paula in the eyes as she guided his cock towards the tip of my tongue.I parted my lips and put the tip of my tongue on the droplet and I continued to engulf the head of his cock in my mouth!As my mouth opened to accept the helmet of Bruce’s cock my tongue washed all around it. I could taste the mildness of his precum and I could feel it mix with my saliva making his bulbous cockhead feel so smooth and slippery on my tongue. I was amazed at how hot it felt in my mouth and how much just the head of his cock filled my mouth.”Ohhhh… taste that cock Bryson. Be the cocksucker you’ve been wanting to be.” Paula whispered to me as she licked at escort alanya his shaft and balls.She moved my hands up to his shaft and told me to stroke him as I suck. Then she backed away to where she could have a better look at my efforts. She continued to massage his legs and butt as she watched me experience my first cocksucking.”Now stroke him and take his cock deeper into your mouth” she said “I want to see you be a good little cock sucker…”She smiled as I began to suck him deeper into my mouth. I could taste his nectaras he leaked a steady flow of precum now. I was slowly taking him deeper into my throat with each stroke until I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose as his throbbing cock probed deep into my throat. I amazed myself with my ability to engulf his entire member.”It looks like you’ve been practicing!” Paula said with a giggle.I was slobbering all over him. Slurping and sucking noises filled the room. The taste, the manly scent and the fullness and heat in my mouth, the weight of his balls in my hand…my senses were in overload as I stared into Paula’s eyes.She continued to encourage me as I moved my hands down from his shaft to his balls and I tugged gently as I continued to deep throat him. I ran my finger nails up the back of his ball sack and tickled him all the way back to his rosebud. He began to twitch and flinch.Paula leaned in and with her lips pushed my mouth back off of Bruce. She gave him a quick suck and turned to me whispering “not so fast…we have more to do here before I let you finish him off…”As I stared at Bruce’s cock bouncing in the air just in front of my face I felt my wife touch my ass. While we were taking turns licking his shaft, putting his cockhead in our mouths and kissing each other occasionally as we enjoyed Bruce together, I was startled by a cold moist finger as it entered my rosebud and penetrated my ass pushing quickly past my sphincter and probing deep into me. I’d always loved it when she did this to me but this time she really caught me off guard.I again impaled my face on Bruce’s cock as I became accustomed to the invasion of my ass and mouth simultaneously.My own cock was now in desperate need of attention.I increased my tempo on Bruce’s cock, pulling and tugging at his balls as I inhaled his organ deep into my throat over and over again. Feeling his cockhead as it careened in and out of my mouth. The taste of his seed becoming stronger in my mouth. I loved every sensation that I was experiencing right now! A hot throbbing live cock in my mouth and totally under my control. My wife watching my every move intently — and squirming at the sight. The feeling of her fingers probing my ass as I arched my back to give her better access… Oh gawd!! My cock was rock hard and dripping!!”Alright boys. It’s time to change things up before I lose you two…” Paula said.She began to stand and pulled me up with her. We all three stood naked together at the foot of our bed. Paula pressed our bodies together. She kissed me, then Bruce. We all leaned in together and kissed and licked at each other’s faces. At some point I found myself locked in a passionate embrace with Bruce. This was something I’d never pictured– but I found it enjoyable and it caused my cock to jump at Bruce.”Bryson, this is Bruce. Bruce, this is my husband Bryson who I’ve been telling you about.” Paula said as she began to rub our precum soaked cocks together.She smiled and giggled. “I’m so happy this is working out. I’ve dreamed about seeing the two of you together for months!”I grasped Paula’s firm ass cheek and pulled her tight against me “Thank you Paula. You must have known about my curiosity…””It’s obvious Bryson. It just took time to find the right man to satisfy it!”With that she proceeded alanya escort bayan to lay me on the bed with my ass at the foot.”Bruce has shared some of his desires with me as well” she said. “One of which is that he love’s to fuck white women’s husbands I heard the familiar click of the oil bottle lid as Paula swung around and positioned herself with her pussy straddling my face. Her beautiful pussy glistened above me, wet with anticipation. I leaned up and began to lick at her vulva — both as a show of appreciation for putting this together, but also as a distraction from the fear of what may soon be happening!For years I’ve loved butt plugs and I even have an anal dildo… but letting a real live man into my ass is still terrifying!I felt warm oil being applied to my cock, then to my balls and finally I felt generous amounts being spread around and into my ass. The feeling was so luxurious. My wife on my face and Bruce standing at the foot of our bed. They were both massaging and applying oil to my groin and ass. My cock was so hard now I knew I could blow at any moment! I increased my intensity on my wife’s delicious pussy, lapping at and sucking her folds and crevasses, my nose now probing her rosebud. She was squirming and beginning to moan.I felt a white-hot probe applying pressure to my anus.I froze for a moment in anticipation. I felt terrified. Would I be able to accommodate a real cock? Would the pain be too intense? What if…The answers came quickly as Bruce pushed firmly but slowly against my sphincter. He paused and lifted my knees up over his shoulders. Paula let out a moan as she witnessed her boyfriend line up to impale her husband’s ass with his beautiful cock. She grabbed my cock and pulled my balls up out of the way of her view.Bruce pushed again gently. He was so hard and his cock felt so hot on my anus.In a flash he was in. I was accepting him! I felt the stretching of my sphincter and there was certainly some pain, but not as intense as I feared and it faded into pleasure almost in an instant.I began to breathe again as he slowly worked his magical tool in and out of my butt. He pushed deeper with each motion until I had taken his entire cock deep inside my bowels.I was in heaven.I lapped furiously at Paula’s pussy as she squirmed and moaned and ground herself on my face. Her juices flowing freely now as she approached orgasm.Bruce was now pounding my ass with his hips slapping on my buttocks. He reached down and began pulling at my cock and stroking in a rhythm with his pounding of my ass.That was it! My cock began spewing. I could feel my orgasms springing from so deep inside of my rectum. I felt as if I could cum forever. I’d never before experienced such an intense series of orgasms. It seemed to last forever!Paula had succumbed to her own orgasm as she rode my face and screamed out to Jesus in ecstasy.Then I felt Bruce begin to unload in my ass. He let out a great moan as he emptied his seed deep into my bowels. He too seemed to cum forever! He continued to pound me as I filled with his heat and wetness.Paula slowly lifted herself off of me and slid down beside me. We kissed passionately as Bruce’s orgasm subsided. He slipped out of me as Paula and I kissed. Paula looked up at Bruce and motioned him down to join us.Bruce laid himself on top of me. Our bellies awash in my splattered cum. He looked me deep in the eyes and we fell into a passionate kiss. As we kissed I felt a special bond that I’d never anticipated… Until you’ve been taken by a man you just have no way of knowing the pleasure of giving yourself entirely. It’s an indescribable feeling of emotion. Now I understand the look Paula has on her face after we make love.”Well?” She asked “Do you like him? Shall we keep him?” and I knotted my head. Great honey looks like Bruce is ready to go again. Again? I asked, yes dear Bruce is very special he’s a GayMaker and can cum 5 or 6 times as I looked at Bruce he was stroking he cock. It’s going to be a long night for you.

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