Weekend Getaway

Booty Shake

Weekend GetawayIt was Wednesday, the weekend is approaching; Lisa and I had been planning a weekend getaway for some time now. She had been laying in the sun working on her tan, buying her some new clothes for the trip and we had been putting money aside to have a good weekend. Thursday rolls around, it’s time to take the car for an oil change, then to the car wash and finish up by topping off the fuel tank. That afternoon, Lisa had finished packing and we had everything staged by the door ready to go. That night Lisa goes to bed early while I stayed up a little longer watching TV. At about 9:30pm, I began getting tired and decided to go to bed. As I began turning off the lights and the TV, I heard slight intermittent moaning sounds coming from the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom, Lisa appeared to be sleeping, she was lying somewhat on her side, her eyes were shut, and she was breathing heavy. The covers were pulled about halfway up her body and she was wearing a teal color night gown with her large breast bulging out the top. As I began to remove my clothes to crawl into bed, she mumbles something, lets out a slight moan and thrusts her hips just slightly a couple of times. Her breathing pauses for a couple of seconds, she lets out another slight moan and mumbles something else ending in her saying “my pussy”. Watching her, just listening to her made me very hard. My thoughts went to her having a sex dream. I stood there for a moment in excitement just watching and listening to her, after a few moments, I crawled into bed. I reached over placing my hand on her leg and slowly began moving it up her thigh, she turns over just enough for my hand to travel to her sweet spot. She spreads her legs just slightly and my fingers can now feel the sweet juices flowing from her pussy. I slowly guided my fingers up her pussy lips to her hard clit, I began to rub her clit in a circular motion, she slowly opens her eyes, lets out a slight moan and says that feels so good. Almost immediately Lisa begins thrusting her hips, she lets out a deep moan I’m about to cum she says. She reaches down and grasped my hard cock that pressing against the side of her hip and begins to stroke it. She begins thrusting her hips faster and harder,I’m going to cum she says, She continues to moan, her body begins to shake, oh my gosh James, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, mmmmmmmmm,Lisa said, I don’t know what caused that, I replied, me neither but I liked it. As Lisa continues to stroke my hard cock, she asked me what she was doing when I came into the bedroom, I replied you was moaning and mumbling stuff. Did I say anything she asked, it was just mumbling for the most part, but one thing I did understand was when you said, “my pussy”. Did it turn you on she asked, what do you think? Lisa continues to stroke my hard cock, stroking it harder and faster, where do you want to cum, do you want to cum on my face, in my mouth, on my tits, where, she asked. On your face, I want you to suck it and let me shoot my cum on your face. Lisa slides down and positions her head over my hard cock, she wraps her lips around the head and slowly slides her lips down over the head and down my shaft, taking it all in until the head hits the back of her throat and then slowly slides it back out. Lisa looks into my eyes with a smile and asked, do you like that, yes, I replied. Lisa wraps her lips around the head and slowly slides her lips down my shaft again and back out, down again and back out as she’s stoking my shaft with her hand. Lisa begins sucking it, stroking it, harder and faster. As she sivas escort is stroking my cock she looks into my eyes and says, I want you to shoot your cum on my face. I grabbed the back of her head with my hand and guided her mouth back down to my cock as she begins to suck it harder and faster. I’m about to cum I said, she removed my cock from her mouth and continued to stroke it with her hands, running her lips up and down the side of my shaft until I began to cum, shooting my load on her face. Lisa then slides the head of my cock back in her mouth and sucks me dry. Lisa sits up, looks at me with a smile, she has cum slowly running down the right side of her cheek, down her chin and has it in her hair. We cleaned up a little and was down for the count.The following morning the alarm sounds, it’s time to get up and get ready for our weekend trip. Lisa gets up, gathers her things and heads for the shower. I work my way out of bed, gather my things and as soon as Lisa comes out, I head for the shower. Once I finished showering, I head for the bedroom to finish getting dressed. When I entered the bedroom, I found Lisa about to exit the bedroom, she is wearing a low-cut top showing lots of cleavage and wearing blue jeans. Once we both were ready, we loaded the car and we were off. When we stopped for lunch, we went into the restaurant and had to wait to be seated. While waiting, other people entered the restaurant and had to wait in the same area. I seen other men checking out my wife, they would walk by her looking at her cleavage and her large breast protruding through her top, mmmmmm, what a turn on. Once seated, our waiter came over to get our drink order, he too could not stop staring at her large breast, he was really taking advantage of how she had them up for show. Once we finished our lunch, we continued our trip and arrived at our destination about an hour later. We checked in to our motel, gathered our luggage and headed for room. Later that evening we decided to step out and gather some things from the store, we left the room and headed for the elevators. While stepping into the elevator, another gentleman rounded the corner and stepped in with us. As we rode the elevator down to the first floor, the gentleman was nice and carried on some small talk with my wife. The man could not keep his eyes off Lisa’s large breast. We made it to the first floor, we exited, and gentleman told us to have a good evening and Lisa replied, you too. We left the hotel did a little site seeing made a few stops to get some things and returned to the room for the night. The next morning, we got dressed and went to the lobby for breakfast, while we were eating the gentleman that carried on small talk with my wife in the elevator the previous day had sat down near us. He asked if we were enjoying our stay and if we like the motel, just carrying on small talk. He asked us our names and he said his name was Brad. Once we finished breakfast, we left the motel to go do some shopping and to do a little site seeing. A few hours later we returned to the room to rest up a little. Later that evening, Lisa suggested we go down to the pool, so we put on our swimsuits and headed for the elevators. Lisa was wearing a two-piece swimsuit, which was a black low-cut top that went down in between her large breast and a pair of black swim shorts, she looked sexy! I already had a bulge in my swimsuit from looking at her. As we rounded the corner at the elevator, Brad was stepping off the elevator. He said, “it looks like you all are headed for the pool”, and we replied sivas escort bayan that we were. Brad said that was where he was about to go as soon as he changed and said he would see us there and we acknowledged with “okay”. We made it to the indoor pool, no one was there. We picked out some loungers to put our towels and things on and we got in the pool. The water felt great, Lisa looked sexy, the water was sloshing just slightly and hitting against her large breast and running down her cleavage, she had me hard. Since no one was around, I moved up behind Lisa and reached both hands around her and cupped both of her large breast in my hands and pulled her back against me, pressing my hard cock against her ass. She asked, where that come from, referring to my hard cock. I told her she did as I’m rubbing her large breast through the fabric of her swimsuit. She then reaches around and begins to stroke my hard cock through my swimsuit. Hey James, looks like you’ve found us something to play with.We both looked around to see who said that. It’s Brad, he had just walked into the pool area.Yes, I did, and their big ones too I saidLisa spoke up, “and he won’t turn loose of them either”.As brad got closer to the pool, he had a bulge in his swimsuit. Lisa watched him as he began stepping into the pool. By this time, we had moved over to the side of the pool, resting our backs against the side wall. Lisa slid her hand into my swimsuit and continues stroking my cock. Brad works his way over as he continues the small talk, his eyes are focused on Lisa’s large breast, her nipples are pressing through the swimsuit material. When he reaches us, Brad rest his back up against the side wall on the other side of Lisa. Lisa continues stroking my hard cock, I’m about to shoot my load and she knows it. As the small talk continues, Lisa leans forward just slightly and moves down in front of Brad and leans back against him just slightly, she smiles.Is that for me she asked, referring to his hard cock bulging against his swimsuit. Yes, yes, it is he replied as he wraps both arms around her and cupped her large tits in his hands. Lisa, I’m about to cum I whispered, as she continues stroking me harder and faster. Lisa gets back in between Brad and I and leans back resting against the wall. That feels good I heard Brad sayI looked over and Lisa had her other hand in Brad’s swimsuit jerking him off. I’m cuming I whispered as I began to shoot my cum inside my swimsuit.A short time later, I heard Brad breathing heavy, he lets out a slight moan. I hope you boys are happen now Lisa said. A few minutes later, Lisa and I got out of the pool, dried off and headed back to the room. We both showered, got dressed and went out to dinner. We made a few other stops while we were out and returned to the motel a couple hours later. We got back to our room and began to settle in for the night. Lisa grabs the ice bucket and goes to get ice from the ice machine just down the hall. A short time later, I heard voices in the hallway just outside the door. I looked through the peephole in the door, it was Lisa and Brad talking. I sat back down on the sofa and a short time later Lisa came back in the room, fixed her a drink and got a few things out of the suitcase and headed for the bathroom to get ready for bed.“Knock, Knock, knock,”Someone was at the door; I got up off the sofa and answered it. It was Brad, he said he had seen Lisa in the hallway earlier and she had invited him over for a drink. I invited him in and asked him to sit down. A few seconds later, the bathroom escort sivas door opened, and Lisa stepped out wearing a blue corset with her large tits bulging out the top and she had on fishnet stockings.I want to play some more she saidShe walks over to me and climbs on my lap and straddles me, my cock is hard and pressing against my pants wanting out. We began to kiss; my arms are wrapped around her tight. I began kissing her soft red lips, her neck and down to her large breast kissing her cleavage. Brad had removed his pants and was sitting at the end of the sofa stroking his hard cock. Lisa stands up as I remove my pants, she kneels back down in front of me, she lowers her head and wraps her lips around the head of my hard cock and continues lowering her head as her lips slides further down my shaft, taking it all in and sliding it back out again, she begins sucking it and stroking it as she’s sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. As she is sucking me, she reaches over, grasped Brad’s cock with her hand and begins stroking it. Lisa then slides over, positioning herself in front of Brad, lowers her head taking his hard cock in her mouth and begins sucking it. I began stroking my hard cock as I watch Lisa sucking Brad’s cock. After a few minutes, Lisa stands up and goes over to the bed and lies down, she spreads her legs and begins to rub her pussy. I crawled between her legs and began to eat her pussy, it was wet and creamy, she lets out a slight moan as my tongue swipes across her hard clit. Brad positions himself next to Lisa head, and guides his hard cock into her mouth and begins sliding his cock in and out, fucking her in her mouth. I continue eating her pussy and guiding my tongue across her hard clit as she begins to breath heavy and moans deeply.I stopped and stood up, Lisa sits up and gets on all fours with her head over Brad’s cock who is lying on his back now. I moved in from behind, guiding the head of my hard cock against her pussy lips and pushing it in, she lets out a deep moan as I slide it deeper inside her. As she lowers her head and begins to suck Brad’s cock, I grabbed a hold of Lisa’s hips and began thrusting my hard cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy. I began fucking her faster and harder as she sucks Brad’s cock. Watching her head go up and down on him has me about ready to cum. She lets out another deep moan as I began to shoot my cum inside her.As I pulled out, Lisa stopped sucking Brad and she stands up off the bed, my cum is dripping from her pussy and running down her legs. James, she says, lay down on the bed. Lisa gets back on all fours, says let me suck you dry, and she lowers her head and begins sucking me. Brad positions himself behind her and slides his hard cock inside her, she pauses and says, that feels so good, I want you to fuck me Brad, and she lowers her head and continues to suck me. She begins to moan as Brad fucks her harder and faster. My cock is throbbing hard again, watching her get fucked while sucking me, I’m about to cum Brad says, Lisa pauses, cum inside me she says. She then continues to suck me, she continues to moan as I began to cum, shooting my load in her mouth. I’m cuming, I’m cuming she says as her body begins to shake and jerkBrad is fucking her harder and faster, thrusting in and out of her as he’s holding onto her hips, pulling her in and out. I’m cuming baby, I’m cuming, he saysBrad thrusts in and out a few more times, pulls out and stands up off the bed. Lisa rolls over onto her back, that was wonderful she says. Brad gathers his things and puts his clothes back on. I get up and put on a pair of shorts and Brad and I sit and carry on small talk for a little while, while Lisa lies on the bed recovering. Brad eventually leaves and I cover Lisa up, leaving her in her sexy blue corset as she sleeps.

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