Walk with a colleague


Walk with a colleagueI’vs worked in an office for a number of years, despite both having partners there was always a flirty banter between me and my college. She was around 10 years older that me, a curvy lady with a pretty smile and amazing tits! We’d regularly flirt, a knowing glance, her telling me my trousers fitted well. Or me commenting on the pretty colour of her bra I could see through her blouse. But it had definitely started to increase its naughtiness. My college we’ll call her brandy seemed to be wearing lower cut tops, and would frequently be bending over in front of my desk and finding excuse to touch my legs and arms. I’d also find excuses to hang around her desk, soaking in the views of her heavy cleavage and stroking her shoulders and occasionally brushing a hand against her ass.One day whilst I was filing, in the quiet upstairs filing room, brandy appeared at the door asking if she could give me a hand, her blouse was unbuttoned down to the point you could see the bottom of her bra! I was immediately getting firm, I chuckled adapazarı escort and said I’m sure she’d be useful. She came over and grabbed a file slid past me, unnecessarily close rubbing her juicy ass against my increasingly hard crotch, she paused whilst against me so i quickly grabbed a handful of her big juicy tits. she let out a little moan and slid her hand round to to stroke my now throbbing cock, for a second we held the position both enjoying our groping. A shout came for brandy who was needed back in the office, we were both left very frustrated! We’d started messaging in the meantime and brandy txt to tell me how frustrated she was. I seconded the thought and agreed we needed to find somewhere that we’d be undisturbed to finish what we started! Each dinnertime I’d leave the office and walk around the local park and eat my lunch on a bench, it was a large park, with a few footpaths through the wooded areas and was great to clear the mind. 2 days after the filing room I got a message as I was walking to the park from escort adapazarı brandy telling me to walk down the 2nd wooded path and I might find a surprise! I set off walking and there brandy was about 200 yards in. She’s come to work that day in a knee length skirt and tights and a very low cut blouse and looked very hot in the clearing. As I reached her she grabbed my hand and led me on, she whispered that there was a secluded spot further up. As we rounded the corner on the area she’d found she turned around, pulled her blouse which popped open completely, she had no bra on and her gorgeous firm tits bounced out and stayed perked to attention. Again I was already hard, she beckoned me over, I didn’t need a second invitation, I strode across to her, grabbed her perfect tits in both hands as we kissed very passionately. I could have groped her tits all day!!Eventually she dropped down my body, stopping at my crotch, she hungrily unzipped my trousers and and took my cock out, sliding her lips down him whilst grabbing my ass to adapazarı escort bayan pull me in. It felt amazing her soft lips taking me all in her mouth. It was all I could do not to cum there and then. She eventually stood up, turned around pulled down her tights and bent over, I pulled up her skirt to find a bare ass, she’d clearly planned this out. I slipped my throbbing cock into her. She was so wet I slid in fast, thrusting inside her whilst her gorgeous curvy ass repeatedly slapped back against me, I reached around one hand caressing her big swinging boobs and feeling her wet pussy lips with the other. She soon began to moan and I knew It wasn’t going to be long till I came, I asked her what she wanted, she said not to cum in her, I was disappointed and she must have seen the disappointment as she said quickly added put it in my ass!Using her pussy juices I pushed my cock into her ass, this clearly wasn’t her first time as she took me without to much work! Soon She started to moan louder, I stroked her clit whilst sliding inside her. She jerked hard squeezing my dick, her cumming set me off I unloaded in her ass. Sliding out I sorted my self out whilst watching her pull back up her tights and rebutton her blouse. I can say I was fully satisfied. And have been a few times since then!

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