Valentines Day


Valentines DaySince our escapades last summer, things had slowed down a lot for us, nothing new that would be worthy of a story. Then Valentine’s Day rolled around, and as it was a Friday, I took a half day off from work to spend the day with the wife. We went out and then came home to chill. As we got more relaxed, she’d excused herself, and changed into a long red nightgown, and we found ourselves snuggled together as we watched a movie. To get to the meat of the story, I’d ended up kissing on her neck and ears, which turns her on as good as anything. A glass of red wine didn’t hurt things either.Then there came a knock on the door, and she elected me to get rid of our turned out to be my friend Kev (he’s the one she filmed the video with last year, and the subject of the first story) He was just dropping by, telling me some bullshit about his car, making some small amasya escort talk. I was thinking of an evening with the wife and didn’t want her disappointed, and had just started to tell him that I’d call him later. But then T. stuck her head in the door to see who was there. Her hair was still disheveled but she’d her makeup was still on and she looked beautiful . They spoke and then he started making small talk with her. My eyes saw him wondering why she’d just poked her neck into the room, but we weren’t thinking of him staying- at that time. Finally, I’d brought up it was Valentine’s Day and that we were just about to go to bed. He looked embarrassed after finding out he’d interrupted. He stammered through an apology, I reassured him, and something in the way T. and I looked at each other (her feeling halfway sorry for him and probably both of us wondering what escort amasya this could lead to…) Anyway, it ended up with her slowly stepping into the room and him looking at her cleavage.”It’s okay, man, stay. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, right?” Nervous laughter from all, and the she told him it was okay, he was like part of the family. I slipped my arm around her waist, staying between the two of them. “Come on in, we’ll put on a show for you…” She and I winked at each other, then as he thanked us, we slowly walked through the tv room to our bedroom. As we got inside, I’d noticed that she’d lit candles while changing her clothes and the room smelled of roses. She told him to close the door as he stepped inside, and told him to sit in the chair, which was a few feet from the side of the bed.As he took his seat, we passionately kissed again and for the first amasya escort bayan time, she rubbed my cock through my pants. Right there with him watching! As I unbuttoned my shirt, she purred, “Let’s get you out of these clothes baby… I’ve been wanting you all day…” Her eyes darted playfully to Kev. She was very flirtatious and why shouldn’t she be? She’d sucked his cock before and we were about to have sex in front of him! Anyway, I wasted no time in getting totally naked, and she resumed kissing me as she seductively pulled on my cock, soft moans escaping her lips. I wound up on the bed, she was soon on there with me, pushing me back gently. I wound up with my head on the pillows. And I could watch her in the mirror and I could see the eye contact with our guest. And then over to the side, there was ol’ Kev!she took my cock into her mouth, moaning as she went up and down, then taking it out to use her tongue on it. His eyes were transfixed on my wife, and I pulled her hair to the side to give him a good view. She was sucking so good, and it was a turn on to watch her eyes dart over to him every few seconds.

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