Using Mom


Using MomI do not remember my age but I remember everything else. I ran into my parents room and they were both on the bed, mom on all fours and dad right behind her. He must have just finished nutting and was pulling his cock from her. I was right there as his cock came out. I saw all the white cum in mom’s gaping pussy and some even dripped down onto her bush. Then they noticed me and everyone rushed to cover up and I ran out of the room. But that image of mom’s beautiful cum filled pussy was forever burned into my brain. After that I spied on mom and dad often. I got really good at it. They rarely closed the door to their bedroom when they had sex. And the position of the bed to the door gave me a great view. I would watch them fuck then slip back to my room and wack off wondering what it felt like to slid my cock into and cum inside a woman. I also loved the look of mom’s naked body. Her bush was dark hair but not too hairy, and she had these lips that hung just right. And big wide hips. Her tits, the way they swayed when she was on all fours. The way they shook when dad pumped her while she lay on her back. Dad got a new job and started to be gone alot. About that same time I hit puberty and started thinking about sex 99% of the time. One day mom was going bayraklı escort for a walk in the woods and I was heading to my friends house on the way. I got to my friends house and mom headed to the woods. I realized I had something on mom’s and turned to chase her down. I saw mom dip into the woods and she picked up speed. She did not know I was behind her and I could barely keep sight of her. I did lose her but found her again. She was in a small clearing with a man. I stayed hidden to see what they were up to. They talked for a minute then started kissing. Then mom went to her knees and started sucking the guys cock. Then mom stood up and dropped her shorts and leaned over a fallen tree. The man moved behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. I could not believe my eyes. The man fucked her hard for a couple of minutes then came inside her, pulled his pants up and left. Mom pulled her shorts up and left also. I made note of the clearing for future reference and headed home. I kept a close eye on mom after that. I tried to figure out who the man was. I could not find any info so I decided to hack mom’s computer. I found out she was using one of those “married but have an affair” websites. She had a whole thing on there telling stuff about escort bayraklı herself and what kind of sex she likes and even naked pictures. I was even able to read some of the communication she had with the men responding to her profile. Turns out mom was a cock hound. She met men at a hotel, nothing I could do with that. But she met a one or two at a park and a couple at the clearing. I had set up and spied on her at these meetings and got some good videos, up close and personal, of mom in action. I had about fifteen short videos of these men fucking mom that I used for my own enjoyment. I decided to set up a fake profile on that cheating website and contact mom and see what happens. I have to say my mom can be very sexy when she wants some cock. She told me things like she wanted to swallow my load and wanted my cum deep inside her. more wank material for me. Then something happened and mom found a couple of the videos on my computer. She got really mad. She said she would throw me out of the house and that dad would be really mad at me. That is when I told her about how I knew about affairs and the web site and all these men she had been fucking. I asked her if dad would be mad at her for all that. She did not talk to me any more for two days. Then bayraklı escort bayan she must have figured out that I had her. I had too much dirt on her. She came to me and wanted to work things out. We came to an agreement, I would keep my mouth shut about everything. In return for keeping my mouth shut I would get to fuck her. She did not want to at first but then I mentioned how she was fucking complete strangers bareback and what would dad think, she gave in. Five minutes later we were both in my room. Mom took off her clothes and got on my bed and spread her legs. What a beautiful woman all spread eagle with her wet pussy open waiting for my cock. I got on the bed and moved between her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy. My cock sank slowly into her. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around my cock was better than I ever imagined. I made about three thrust and came pumping my thick cum deep into mom’s womb. After that mom got with the program and I was getting pussy from mom whenever either of us wanted. I got her to teach me about foreplay and how to eat a woman out. As my confidence built I started fucking girls at my school and mom wanted to hear the details. It would make her so horny. Mom still fucked a few guys from the website but not as many as she had been as she was getting so much cock from me she did not need so many other men. She even said she liked being used by me. She loved feeling my cock pump its load deep into her. Dad never found out me or the other guys fucking his wife.

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