Twin’s Wonderful Weekend (Part 1)


Twin’s Wonderful Weekend (Part 1)Hannah opened the door to her home after a long day at work. It was finally Friday and it had been one hell of a week. It was tough work running her own business, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loved her job and, despite their faults. As she entered the doorway, she set her bag down by the door and was greeted with the smell of a home cooked meal. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair and smiled. She looked into the kitchen and saw her sister standing over the stove stirring a pot.”Hi baby! Dinner will still take about thirty more minutes. I got held up at the grocery store so I didn’t get home until after five. I hope you don’t mind. I know you’ve had a rough week.” Samantha looked up into Hannah’s eyes and flashed her a smile.Hannah felt her heart melt in her chest. Hannah walked up behind Samantha and wrapped her arms around Samantha’s waist. She inhaled the scent of Samantha’s blond hair.”That’s ok sweetie. I don’t mind,” Hannah finally replied as she started to kiss Samantha’s neck.Samantha let out a slight moan and Hannah began to get an idea. She noticed Samantha was wearing a loose fitting tee without a bra. She moved her hands up to cup Samantha’s breasts through the tee.Hannah felt Samantha’s nipples harden as she lightly rubbed her palms against them. She then took her thumb and index finger and began to pinch and roll her nipples making them even harder.”Mmmm,” Samantha moaned. “If you keep doing that, I’m not going to be able to focus on cooking dinner.Hannah kissed Samantha’s neck and whispered in her ear, “Dinner can wait sweetie. I want something else right now.”Hannah reached over Samantha and helped her turn off the stove and moved the pot over to the back burner. Then, she turned Samantha around and they embraced each other tightly. Their lips found each other and they kissed deeply. Their tongues massaged each other’s tenderly. After a few moments, they pulled apart.”I love you Hannah,” Samantha murmured gently.”I love you too sis. How about we take this into our bedroom before it gets too hot and heavy?” Hannah asked, taking Samantha’s hand.Samantha nodded in agreement and allowed Hannah to lead her into the their bedroom. The twins had decorated the room, and it was beautifully done. The king-sized bed had a floral print bed set, which matched the curtains. In the far right hand corner of the room sat a large chest of drawers with several framed pictures of the twins throughout the years on top of it.Samantha stopped in front of the bed and began to take her clothes off, but Hannah stopped her.”I want to undress you baby,” Hannah said as she embraced Samantha once again.Samantha complied happily and she moaned when Hannah’s lips touched hers once more. Hannah loved the feel of her sister’s soft, full lips. She kissed them gently and even sucked on Samantha’s bottom lip a little. Hannah finallybroke the kiss and kissed down Samantha’s chin and neck. Occasionally she licked Samantha’s soft skin, which elicited moans from the beautiful lips still bruised from Hannah’s kiss.Continuing to kiss Samantha’s neck, Hannah reached for the bottom of Samantha’s tee. She quickly pulled the shirt over her sister’s head. She tossed it aside and never gave it a second thought as her attention was quickly turned backto the smooth white skin of Samantha’s neck and chest. Hannah takes a moment to marvel at Samantha’s flat stomach. How she kept in shape with the way the two sisters cooked uşak escort as beyond Hannah.Samantha thrust her chest out as a hint to Hannah, but she ignored it. She resisted the urge to play with Samantha’s breast again. She wanted to kiss them first.Hannah slowly made her way over to Samantha’s right breast. She kissed over to the nipple and kissed the top of it ever so lightly. Samantha moaned loudly as Hannah took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it gently. Hannah soon developed a rhythm of alternating between sucking, flicking her tongue over the nipple, and nibbling on it lightly.After a few minute of this, Hannah made her way over the left nipple. She placed her hand on the right breast to replace the mouth that was once there. She repeated the same action on the left nipple with her mouth while she pinched and rolled the right nipple. As always, Hannah can never believe how hard Samantha’s nipples actually get.Samantha’s moans grew increasingly louder and she staggered a little bit. Hannah gently pushed Samantha down onto the bed with her legs hanging over the side. She reached up and began to unbutton Samantha’s jeans still managing to suck her taut nipples.Hannah smiled as she saw Samantha’s soaked panties. She pulled the jeans and panties off together. She brought the crotch up to her nose and inhaled her sister’s scent deeply. She quickly decided that it would be much better from the source.Hannah moved up to kiss her one last time before beginning her descent down Samantha’s body. She paused at the navel teasingly and then continued further down, but only with feather soft kisses. When she reached the top of Samantha’s bald pussy she placed a light kiss at the top of it.With her right hand, Hannah spread Samantha’s labia apart revealing a dripping wet hole. No longer able to resist, Hannah drove her tongue deep into her twin’s pussy.”Oooohhhhh yesssss,” Samantha hissed as she felt the tongue fucking her tight hole.The sounds of Hannah’s licking and sucking could barely be heard above Samantha’s continuous stream of loud moans.Hannah allowed her nose to bump Samantha’s clit a couple of times before she brought her tongue up to circle the clit. As Hannah’s tongue circled Samantha’s clit, she slipped two fingers into Samantha’s pussy. Hannah fucked Samantha with her fingers curling them upward to try and hit Samantha’s g-spot. Hannah let her tongue focus on Samantha’s clit. She nibbled and sucked on it.”Oh GAWD! Yes! Fuck me sis! Make me cum on your fingers.” Samantha yelled, making Hannah jump.”Do you want to cum my sweet?” Hannah asked coyly.”Yes, please! Fuck me! I’m almost there!” Samantha yelled again.With the new encouragement, Hannah picked up the pace and flicked her tongue over Samantha’s rock hard clit. She pushed her fingers deep into Samantha’s pussy as it seemingly got hotter.”Oh baby, that’s it! Yes! I’m CUMMMIIIINNNGGGG!” Samantha screamed so loud that Hannah hoped the neighbors wouldn’t call the police.Hannah was unrelenting on Samantha’s poor pussy and clit. She prolonged the orgasm as long as she could. When Samantha could stand no more, Hannah reluctantly removed her fingers. She brought them up to her mouth and sucked them clean. She noticed that Samantha was still recovering, so she got up and went back into the kitchen.She grabbed a couple of wineglasses and a bottle of wine from the refrigerator. She filled the two glasses and took them into the bedroom. When she returned, Samantha was sitting escort uşak up in the bed.Hannah sat down next to her and offered her a glass of wine. Samantha greedily drank the whole glass.”Hey, don’t drink so fast. This stuff isn’t cheap you know,” Hannah laughed.Samantha giggled and said, “I was thirsty. A good cum always does that to me!”The twins laughed. Hannah sipped her wine and placed the now half-full glass on the table next to the bed. Samantha leaned over and the two began kissing again.”I feel a tad bit under dressed,” Samantha giggled.Realizing she was still fully clothed, Hannah laughed. “Well, I can see why Miss. Nude America!”Samantha laughed as she began unbutton Hannah’s blouse. “We can fix this right now sis.”Samantha worked quickly and Hannah’s blouse was soon joined her own shirt and jeans on the floor. Samantha’s hands began to massage Hannah’s breast through her bra feeling the nipples harden rapidly.Hannah moaned as she felt her already soaked pussy get even wetter. Samantha removed Hannah’s bra to gain better access to those beautiful breasts.Samantha’s expert hands were soon massaging Hannah’s newly freed breasts. She kissed Hannah deeply as she pinched and rolled her nipples. Hannah moaned into Samantha’s lips feeling like her pussy was on fire.Knowing that her sister was already turned on enough, Samantha broke the kiss and leaned down to suck on Hannah’s nipples.”Mmmm baby I love it when you play with my nipples. Makes me so wet,” Hannah moaned.Samantha looked up at Hannah and smiled, “I know sis. Why don’t you show me how wet you are? Take off those pants and your panties too.”Hannah stood up and unbuttoned her pants. She lowered both her pants and panties at the same time. She smiled as she heard Samantha gasp at the site of her shaved pussy. She propped one foot up on the bed and spread her lips apart to give Samantha a good view of her wet cunt.Samantha licked her lips and moaned, “My, my, my you are wet aren’t you? I can take care of that baby.”Samantha pushed Hannah down on the bed kissing her on the way down. She slowly kissed down Hannah’s body, pausing to suck on each nipple momentarily. She eventually made her way down to Hannah’s pussy.”MMmmm my body is on fire sis,” Hannah moaned.Samantha only giggled in reply. She began to lick Hannah’s pussy. She licked the outside of the labia first and then let her tongue slip inside her sister’s vagina. She even let her tongue sneak down to Hannah’s ass causing her to squeal.”I think I’m going to explode if I don’t cum soon!” Hannah yelled.Samantha still did not reply, but let her tongue do the talking for her. She turned all of her focus to Hannah’s clit and slammed two fingers deep into Hannah’s cunt. She sucked on the clit and flicked her tongue across it.”Oh baby, here it comes!” Hannah screamed as her orgasm hit her.Hannah’s pussy let loose a torrent of juices, which Samantha eagerly licked up. She continued to clean Hannah long after the orgasm had subsided.While Hannah recovers, Samantha laid down beside her sister. Hannah kissed Samantha and cleaned the remaining fluid from Samantha’s face. Hannah lazily caressed Samantha’s body.Samantha looked into Hannah’s blue eyes and said, “I love you Hannah. I can’t say it enough.”Hannah smiled, “Oh sweetheart, I love you too. I am the luckiest sister alive to have you. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express my love to you.” Hannah and Samantha continued to kiss a caress each other for a long time.Finally, uşak escort bayan Samantha pulled away and asked, “Are you finished for the evening?””Are you k**ding? I’m just getting warmed up!” Hannah exclaimed.”Well, would you want to make love to me with the strap-on?” Samantha looked so innocent when she looked into Hannah’s eyes. Once again, Hannah felt her heart melt and she fell in love with Samantha even more.”Mmm, that’s a wonderful idea. Like you even had to ask!” Hannah hopped out of the bed and made her way over to the dresser.She grabbed the seven-inch strap-on out of the top drawer. Samantha walked over and helped her adjust the harness. Once it was adjusted properly, they headed for the bed.Once there, the two twins kissed and fondled some more. Hannah reached down between Samantha’s legs and moaned when she felt how wet Samantha had already gotten. Hannah leaned down to suck on Samantha’s nipples and continued to gently play with her pussy.”Make love to me baby. I can’t wait any longer,” Samantha moaned.”Ok, how do you want me to do you?” Hannah asked.”I want you on top. Missionary position so I can play with your breasts.”Hannah moaned as Samantha lay down on the bed and spread her legs. Hannah climbed on top of her they kissed deeply. Both sister’s mumbled “I love you” as Samantha reached down to guide Hannah’s fake cock into her pussy.Once she was at her opening, Hannah slowly pushed into her sister’s pussy. She took her time pushing all the way in. Samantha moaned the entire time as she reached up to pinch Hannah’s nipples.Hannah pulled out slowly and moaned as the coarse fabric of the harness rubbed against her hard clit. Samantha only smiled back at her knowingly.”Think we could cum together sis?” Samantha asked sexily.”Mmmm, most definitely. Especially if you play with my nipples like you are,” Hannah breathlessly replied.”As if you had to ask.”Hannah slowly pushes in and out of Samantha’s pussy. Each time she pulled out, Hannah moaned as she felt the friction of the fabric on her clit. She kept a slow and steady pace so she could enjoy the feeling of being on top of her twin for a long time.The twins continued to exchange I love yous and kissed each other. Samantha continued her manipulations of Hannah’s breasts. No longer able to stand it, Hannah picked up the pace.Both sister’s moaned loudly as the false cock plunged deeper into Samantha’s recess. Hannah’s pussy grew wetter as the friction on her clit continued to increase.Somehow Hannah managed to focus on her sister’s face. She wanted to see her cum. Suddenly, Samantha wrapped her legs around Hannah pushing her deeper inside. Twins locked eyes.”Oh gawd sis! I’m going to cum all over your cock!” Samantha screamed.Unlike last time, Hannah didn’t worry about the neighbors hearing Samantha’s screams of ecstasy. Hannah drowned out Samantha’s screams as her own orgasm hit.”I’m cumming too Samantha! Ah fuck yes!” Hannah yelled.Hannah still managed to look into Samantha’s eyes as she fucked her even harder. Her arms gave out and she finally collapsed on top of her sister. The two kissed deeply as Hannah let the dildo rest deep inside Samantha.Hannah became envious of the dildo at that moment. She wished she could feel Samantha’s vaginal muscles contract around her. After the two caught their breaths, Hannah pulled out of Samantha. Samantha turned over on her side and Hannah spooned her. Hannah was too tired to remove the strap-on and Samantha didn’t seem to mind it resting between her thighs.Before drifting off to sleep both women told each other about their deep love for one another. The last thought that crosses Hannah’s mind was that dinner would be cold by the time they got to it.To be continued…

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