True story.


True story.My ex-boyfriend enjoyed having me in little to no clothes while at his house. He lived with his parents but had no problems having sex with the door open. Infact he enjoyed letting his friend watch us have sex. My ex also enjoyed spanking me and his friend got to watch that as well. His parents knew and heard that he spanked me and were fine with it although I didnt enjoy it much.Oneday while his parents were out the ex began to spank me. I was standing up, leaning over the bed completely naked. It went on for about 10 minutes. My butt was red and I was crying. His parents came home. They came to his room probably after hearing the smacks muğla escort bayan or me crying and told him to stop. While they didnt mind him spanking me, they didnt like it when my butt got really red or I started crying. He spanked two more times with his parents watching and stopped. Then my ex left the room for a minute and came back.He also enjoyed fucking me after a spanking and when he came back into his room he began. I got on my hands and knees on the bed and he got behind me. He liked doing anal after a spanking because my ass was red and because I usually cried during anal just like while being spanked. My head was down on escort muğla the bed and I was quietly crying as he was fucking away on my ass.A few minutes later his parents walked back into the room. They must have thought we stopped when my ex had left the room earlier because they dont normally both him when we are in the room together. But they walked in during the anal. My ex stopped fucking but didnt leave my ass. He just waited there and talked to his parents, with me still on my hands and knees and his dick still in my ass. I was sideways along the bed so both his parents saw me lengthwise from head to toe. The mom left after a few moments muğla escort of talking and the dad slowly began to walk away. The ex began fucking me again and the dad watched as he slowly walked away. The ex pushed me flat on my stomach, put his hands on my shoulders and continued to ass fuck. The dad finally walked away having watched me get fucked and looking at my crying and moaning face. A moment later my ex cummed in my ass. He told me to walk to the bathroom naked and clean myself up but the parents did not see me.My ex’s friend has seen me naked, spanked and fucked. And his parents have seen me naked and spanked but never on my hands and knees getting anal like they did this time. It was embarrassing and I actually broke up with my ex shortly after this. There are a few more sex things that happened, also true stories, let me know if you want me to write those up as well.

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