True Friendship Pt 2


True Friendship Pt 2True Friendship Pt 2.I’m going to start this story off with the assumption that you read part 1.As I lay on the beach feeling the warmth of the sun as it soaked in my body, I realized that I was noticing people around me differently. I was seeing everything from a little different perspective. I saw things from a sexual side and related everything back to the basic function of sex. Not love, just sex. This was the first time I allowed and wanted Bryce to put suntan lotion on me as people walked by. There were a couple of times that my husband was rubbing my exposed tits or had his hand between my legs when there were people walking by and the exhilaration I was feeling was amazing me. I felt a kind of power that I had never felt until then; a sexual power, that I had control over. Hubby later told me that after that tall guy walked by and Bryce moved my bikini bottom to the side and rubbed my pussy and clit, eventually fingering my very horny pussy. Between rubbing my clit and talking about how much Reef was going to enjoy me (that’s where the saying comes from in my T blog – “enjoy me”), I was writhing in ecstasy. The surreal surprise came when Bryce told me that the tall guy had actually stopped in his tracks and watched the show we were putting on. He began rubbing himself and even put his hand in his shorts and played with himself. Bryce said that the guy was looking at his watch every few strokes and finely shrugged and walked away sporting a huge bulge. Bryce teased me saying, “If you saw the size of that tent he had, you would have already make plans to return to the beach tomorrow just in case he was there again. You would have been awestruck.”“Oh can we go back tomorrow?” I asked.“What is happening to you? You didn’t even see it for yourself. If I had know that it was that easy to get you turned on just y saying something like that, I would have done this long ago”, Bryce answered and then, “Let’s see what tonight brings and then we’ll see if you are in a hurry to come back here.”This brought me back to the reality, not fantasy of what was really going to happen tonight. I may have been lying there topless on the beach, with my bikini bottoms very much askew, feeling all this sexual power and prowess, but then suddenly I wondered if Reef would like what I was going to be wearing. I chuckled to myself thinking that Reef won’t care what I have on as long as it’s easy to come off. Come back to the moment, “So, what’s the plan then?” I asked.“At this point it depends on what you wear, how quickly things move along and how we play it by ear”, was the plan Bryce was laying out.“And?” I asked further.“And, if possible, you fuck Reef,” Bryce stated matter-of-factually.“But what about you? Where will you be? What if we take longer than you want? What if Reef wants to do it more than once, if he can? What if he can’t? He hasn’t had it for a while so he might have some stored up sex he needs to get out?”Bryce laughed. “Sex to get out, and he’s going to do that by getting into you, is what you meant. Anyway, that’s why they call it playing by ear. Just do what you want and everybody has to respect that”“Oh, so I can do as I please?” I questioned.“Pretty much”Wow, I thought. Did he really mean anything I want? At that point, I look back knowing that I had no idea what I wanted. What I really wanted was anything and everything in this new world that feels good and doesn’t cause pain. My new world… new world of not love, it’s just sex!After a warm, horny afternoon at the beach we returned home and showered and changed. Bryce was already in his shorts, golf shirt and deck shoes with a rye and coke in one hand and for me a tequila sunrise in the other hand. He sat in the chair watching me finish up my make-up. I was wearing a pink thong with multiple straps on the sides. I pulled on my short denim skirt and a new cotton, t-shirt material, transparent pink halter top that looped around the neck and tied at the back. After I put it on was when I realized just how transparent it was. Bryce saw me looking at myself in the mirror and told me I looked amazing and Reef would be very pleased to see me show up in this. I stepped into the platform sandals and thought to myself, yeah this should start his motor.“Oh, you’re just saying that”, I teased hubby, but I knew he was enjoying me in this role too. “No I mean it. The skirt and shoes show off your legs and that top molds to your tits so nicely and when the material in the top is stretched a little like that, it shows off your areola and nipples. Reef won’t need much imagination to know exactly what your breasts look like, and with the flick of one hand he can undo that top and have full access to them”, he asked in an accusatory manner. As I grabbed my denim jacket and threw it over my arm, grabbed my purse and made for the garage door, I then answered Bryce, just in case it was a question, “That’s what we are all hoping he doesn’t aren’t we?”The ride over was filled with nervous tension, at least it was for me and by the way Bryce had to keep adjusting his dick in his short, especially when I would catch him taking side glances at my tits showing through my halter top. Just before we got there I had to ask, “Okay, is this top too sheer?”“No.”“But Reef will have no problem seeing my tits in this top,” I was making statement, but asking a question.“Absolutely!”“So he will be looking at my tits as soon as I get near him?” I asked further.“If not sooner! It’s not just how sheer that top is, and now so stretched out over your boobs, it is beautifully sheer, but Reef will be looking at your tits the moment he sets his eyes on you”, my husband explained, nodding towards my breasts. “Oh shit. I might as well be topless!”“Hey Babe, you were topless at the beach, me and several people saw you. Here it will just me and Reef, so you should be good!” And with that we had arrived and my honry hard nipples were very much stuck out and were about to be very much on display.To cut to the chase…..Reef’s eye’s almost fell out of his head. At one point I asked Reef if he still meant ‘playing by ear’ was what he said before. He smiled and nodded. I was helping my skirt to ride up my legs to show Reef my well tanned thighs and a glimpse of pink thong. The sexual tension was palatable. Once more looking back, realizing that at this point in the story, poor Reef was the only one not sure that he was close to getting some that night. It was well after dinner was over and we had been sitting out on the back deck, enjoying the warm breeze that just strong enough to keep the bugs down, to allow us to stay out after it began to get dark.Reef left to check the a****ls, leaving Bryce and I sitting in silence watching Reef make his way across the yard with the slightest stumble. “I don’t think Reef realizes that you and I want him to have sex with you?” my husband commented.I afyon escort haven’t told him, and I guess we have been teasing but it’s been pretty tame” I answered.“So, do you have a plan of what you’re going to do, by ear?” Bryce said, chuckling so that I wouldn’t get mad at his now using the plan idea. “Not really. What should I do?”“We can try to get him talking about his ‘Not love, it’s just sex’ idea and how that would work and while that’s happening you ramp up the flashing, rubbing against and smiling eyes.”“Yeah, then what? We’ll just be hornier than we are now and still like this, in stop and go mode!” I stated almost scolding him. I was beginning to feel like it might not happen and now I wanted it so much. I had dreamed about it. Looked forward to it. I had fantasized about and daydreamed about it. I was probably only a few minutes away from having it or not getting it, but so far I was anywhere near, short of me stripping and jumping Reef. No that was rational wasn’t it? Holy shit, I must have been through the roof horny. Of course if this were to be the case and Reef and I met and it seemed evident that it was going to happen, I would just ask him if he would like to make out. I can see where that leads and where I might want it directed, but it would be started, not talked about.I guess with Bryce and in his situation, talking about it was almost as good when we made plans. I would see him getting hard for a while. He may an odd, but respectful voyeur. I never really knew where he would be, but I would know he was watching. And when I was sure I would enhance the show for him. I had learned the benefits to one who becomes more risque.Thank god that whole thought took about 5 seconds to flash through my brain and then bam, “I’m going to have to be the one to step it.”“I think so. He doesn’t want to overstep the friendship boundary without knowing exactly where that is and what it looks like.”“So what then? How forward should I get? I mean, should I be making advances and rubbing his leg. I am not wearing that much clothes to have any to just take off. It was hot today.”“You really want this?” Bryce asked very anxious and keyed up, but he also had the look of a man with a plan. This was exactly the time a man with a plan could never be more needed. “Okay, what? What?” Yes, I was anxious too.“Okay, let’s start with another drink each and some bud. Mellow a bit and when you give me a sign, like toss your hair back, like you’re neck is hot, or something. Make enough of an issue that I notice, but not so much that Reef gets suspicious. That’s my cue to use the can and make sure it’s known I’m not having a piss, so I may be a few minutes. You have to come right out and ask Reef,” and hubby paused and whether he lost his train of thought, I wasn’t sure. He had a far off look in his eyes and glint of naughtiness. “Ask him what. Shit, what am I to say? Just come right out and ask Reef? Ask what?”“Oh yeah, ask him what this ‘sex friend/not lover’ idea entails. Don’t get argumentative with him, just let him go into his story, his ideas and see if he gets kinky or excited. Who knows, it could be fun.”“What if he asks me if I want to be his sex friend? How do I get out of that one?” I questioned.“Get out? It might be just what you want to get in, or get in you”, he laughed at his own little joke. “I’m not sure I have this clear. I am to lead Reef into believing that I want to have sex with him on a regular basis and be my sex boyfriend and I’d be his sex girlfriend…… him and me….. together?”“Not right off the bat. At least not until you have a chance to get to know each other, better. Then you can decide on when, how often, how many, where etc, if it all goes as you would like, for both of you. I’m pretty certain that Reef won’t have anything to stop him. First thing is to have sex with him and see if you want more. If you want more right away, have it right away. If you need to stay the night, do it and then get some in the morning too. At least that way you have a better concept of what you are getting into and what’s getting into you”.“How do you suggest I bring this up about you, and me and how it would work for him and me?”“Easy enough and the hardest part you have to do”. Decide where you want this to start happening, like the family room, the back deck, or out in the kitchen.” Before Bryce could say anymore I quickly spit out, can’t be in the kitchen. Remember when we talking about sex, “It’s not on the table!”“Ha ha. Look when you do the hair flick I will give you your space. Once your alone and all is quiet and it’s time before it gets awkward, decide where you want to go and as you tell him that because you only just met him and that it was far too soon to make any kind of on-going arrangements like Reef will have been referring to in his sex boyfriend scenario. Here you stand up and unzip your skirt and as it is dropping down long those gorgeous shapely legs of yours and he is watching the skirt drop down and now out of his way, Reef will realize that you just ask him to go to one of these places you choose, say the living room, to get better acquainted. Tell Reef I will hang around a while and if you need a ride home I be here. But you can know that if you want to stay and I’ll come back later. OK? Do it once and we go home in an hour or so. Do it twice I come back and get you in the middle of the night. If he can do three, one next morning I’ll be there by noon. Now get ready to let your hair down.Bryce liked the melodramatic flare, when he leaves you with a cliff hanger with no time to think it through, just reaction time. Just as planned. About then Reef returned and suggested we go inside and refill our glasses, as the wind was settling and the bugs were restless. We went inside to the kitchen and Bryce started rolling some dubes, as Reef got the drinks and we all proceeded to work on our buzz.When we went inside Reef placed his beer by the fridge and next to him and the short end f the table was my glass and Bryce’s C & C was placed in front of the seat across from Reef.It seemed like we had just started these drinks but mine was gone. As Reef was making another round, Bryce was motioning for me to flip my hair (the signal). I was ready to do it, but teasing Bryce was fun too. Although, getting it on with Reef was way up there on my list, #1 definitely go to do……any moment!Bryce got the focus right smack dab on the money. “So brother, what does this mean, your theory of “Just Sex”? Like how often and was there anyone he that he knows that might be a candidate, in your opinion”? Bryce quizzed Reef. Reef answered most of the questions without taking time to formulate the right answers. It was truly what he wanted and how he felt. The question hubby asked if there someone that he’d love to start shagging and see if this was a workable solution right now. “Of course there is no one escort afyon perfect person and so no perfect solution, but someone does come to mind when I think about getting some with a steady partner for sex, only?”“Oh, I guess it wouldn’t be proper to ask who that is.” I shot out there. Reef didn’t have to answer, his red face gave it away. Then he muttered a name.“Who?” Bryce challenged him.“Caryl”, came the strong resonating voice of a man who knew what he wanted. Reef was not going to be shy about him and I having sex. There it was and it was on the table so to speak. I was about to toss my hair back, when Bryce stood up and announced that he was going to give Reef and I some time to talk, as h was headed for the washroom and would be a while. Reef and I were standing there facing each other, his tent pole aimed at my pussy and my nipples aimed at getting some attention. Reef finally broke the ice. “You know that what you and Bryce are doing for me is no small thing, no pun. The thing is that it works so awesome in so many ways. I can love my wife yet express these pent up sexual urges with a gorgeous woman where it is not love, it’s just sex.” “But no one starts out on that premise. We would need to get to know each other a little first, I responded. By this time my skirt had dropped off and I had kicked it away. Reef eyes were taking it all in, but there was still some disbelief that it was happening and maybe not going to actually take place.I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and offered, ”Why don’t you and I take some time to get to know each other right now?”“So then Reef”, I said taking him by the hand, “I guess if we remove some of these cumbersome clothes maybe we could go out to the family room, lay on the couch and get to know each other a lot better. And if we get to know each other well enough, we might be able to proceed up to your bedroom. That would mean that they were both very into it and this extra time would help define the times we might have together on other nights, if it all works out that way?” My question and statement weren’t lost on hubby’s buddy. So I stood before Reef and placed his hand inside my halter top and allowed him to explore my body, however he chose to. I thought that he was going to kiss me, but he was so caught up in caressing my breast, I let him be and have fun and just reveled in being appreciated that much.I told Reef that my husband would not be back and we had set this time aside for this purpose, so there won’t be a problem as I told him that Bryce and I had decided together we were going to try this tonight. Reef looked like a c***d on Christmas morning with a room full of gifts, all for him. His smile was from shoulder to shoulder. I also explained that Bryce would be around, if and when I needed a ride home, whenever that might be, but this is not a cuck thing and I was not out to humiliate my husband. Reef agreed and was so amazed that his friends were offering him this opportunity. “You know exactly what this means to me, don’t you?” he asked.“Yes, exactly. It means that you and I are going to have sex, not make love, and if it goes well, we could do more than once tonight.”“Pinch me, Did I hear right?” Reef looked at me hoping I was going to back out now. “Yes you heard me. Furthermore if we have a really good time tonight, I can choose to stay the night if we are going to have sex in the morning too. If not I should go home, because cuddling and sleeping together just to sleep in not just having sex”“Oh, absolutely, but I can assure you that twice won’t be a problem, so maybe count on staying the night. I’m quite certain that by morning I’ll be ready for another one or two”, and to ensure that he didn’t have to discuss it any further, he slipped the breasts he had been kneading out from my under my top, bent over and started to lick and nibble my nipple. Tugging on it with his teeth and then lips, then pulling on it so that it stuck out even further than it already was. When Reef stopped long enough to look up, and I made a side nod motion towards the living room and Reef led the way. By the time he had guided me into the front room and over to the couch I had undone my halter top and pulled it up over my head. Reef’s eyes were like saucers, big ad round as he stared un abashedly at the time he had actually seen my breasts completely naked. I stood there, naked except for my pink thong and country boots with heels, before this man I had only met once before today and I was offering him my body to use for sex for both his pleasure and mine. Reef took my breasts in his hands and gently began massage them and just holding them firmly but not rough. He then start picking and tweaking my nipples as he kissed the side of my neck making his way up to my earlobe. “I know I am going to enjoy you, so I hope you enjoy yourself because I think I want to do this a lot and often.”I was so involved in what his hands and tongue were doing, I think I said, “me too”, but I may have only thought it.Reef spent so much time kissing my neck, my lips my breasts ad fondling my boobs and nipples and never even attempted to move his hands below my waist. I wondered if he was a desperate as I thought he would be, as I had convinced myself that he would be wham, bam, thank you ma’am, for this first time. The raging boner in his pants assured me that he was indeed horny and he was savoring ‘the having sex, not making love’. Reef became more aggressive with my breasts as we continued. He was grabbing handfuls and holding them tightly, yet not painfully. He would also pull my nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, while twisting them just enough that it was close to hurting, but felt marvelous. During this Reef was grinding his pelvis into my groin and I could feel the bulge in his jeans trying to push my thong into my vag lips. Eventually he had pushed the thong up and to the side so that his bulge was riding between my pussy lips and occasionally gave my clit a good workout before he moved about to try another position.I motioned for him to stand up. When he did I undid his jeans and slid them down his legs. Reef stepped out of his runners and out of his pants. Bu then I had his underwear pulled down to his knees and found myself face to foreskin with Reef’s penis.There was ample evidence that Reef was anxious about this. He had drooled more pre-cum than I have ever seen before or since. As I observed Reef’s cock I could help but feel that this was, for what I wanted and needed then, a perfect penis. It was about 7 ½ inches long, uncut so I had a foreskin to play with. It was thick at the base, nearly the size of a billiard ball. The head had a lovely ridge that popped out when I slid his foreskin back and the head itself had a pointed shape that I knew would be beneficial for getting it into tight places, like my ass that Bryce had only days before made me no longer afyon escort bayan an anal virgin.I stroked the length of it and heard Reef moan and when I squeezed it and stroked it again he cooed. I was enjoying giving this man the sex he had been doing without for so long. It sounded like he was enjoying me too. I looked up and my eyes met Reef’s just briefly. For that moment it felt like more than just sex. Reef smiled, but then I remembered I had said something to him. What did I say. Oh yeah, “I can’t wait. I have to do this”, and then began to slip his dick into my mouth and then swallow his cock down my throat. That’s why he was smiling. I was making something out of nothing and maybe getting sex stupid too. (That’s were sex overtakes logic and leads to fucking up)Reef now leaned over top of me and was reaching down and lifting my tits up so he could feel them and squeeze them. I sucked him hard and fast, knowing that once his breath got choppy he might be close to losing his first load. I slid his dick out of my mouth and stared to rub the head over my tits and gets his pre-cum and my spittle all over my tits. Reef was again looking at me. There was a longing pleasurable look in his eyes along with a raging lust. Once more I began to think that maybe he was going to get feeling, which would not be good. Of course there are feeling, but not love feelings. They were not the feelings we needed to experience in this sex relationship.That was the point that I realized that I had already made up my mind that if Reef wasn’t a complete loser moron, I was expecting to be having sex with him once a month may be every other month. I guess I was planning a return visit already and we hadn’t even made out once, yet.Reef brought things back to reality when he looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve never had a blowjob before. My wife has never done it and now as an invalid, I don’t feel right asking her to do it now, or ever.”You can bet that I put as much suck and draw and tongue to that man’s cock as any woman has done for any man. I pushed his foreskin back and laid my tongue across the head of his dick and then rolled the foreskin back out, over his cock head and my tongue. Reef looked as though he was in ecstasy as I rolled and twisted my tongue around under his foreskin for a few moments before he slipped out. I had never done this before and had not perfected the move like I have now so I did what I knew to do…..SUCK!That I did and I stroked his cock so close to make him cum, but always slowing enough or stopping with Reef on the verge. I wondered how often I should do this, when Reef offered without me asking, “I can’t hold out much longer, if you keep doing that.”Okay, so I sat back and slowly stroked him with one hand and made an attempt to slide my thong down with the other. That didn’t work as during our dry humping grinding time, the thong was shoved both in my pussy and the back was deep in the crack of my ass. Reef being the gentleman took them off. Okay, then he sniffed them and threw them over where his clothes heap was. Looking all around, Reef states in a worried tone of voice, “I don’t have any condoms down here.”I smiled and told him that I didn’t need them for pregnancy reasons and I was pretty sure he did catch anything be celibate, or close to it. “You mean?” Reef asked.“Yeah. Bareback. Cum in me as much and as deep as you can or want to,” I offered.Within moments I was feeling the length and girth of his cock sawing into my pussy. Each stroke going a little deeper and coming out with a little more upward pressure on y clit. Oh fuck yeah, this was going to be good. I have to admit that we went from 0 to 60 faster than I was expecting, but once Reef got his momentum and speed up, it felt amazing to have a fat hard cock pounding into my pussy again. Oh I was missing this and it felt great. Like all good things, they must come to an end, or in this case just cum. Here’s the things with Reef that was so different. When he sprayed his load inside me it felt as it a small high pressure water jet squirted me deep inside. It came out with such force and took me off guard enough hat it sent me over the edge with a much stronger orgasm than the one I had just had from his cock ramming into me.Reef was not shocked by the sounds I made when he made me cum the first time, but my yelling obscenities about his fucking cum making me fucking cum …etc. This wasn’t a one time thing because I didn’t keep count but I a not wrong in saying that Reef came inside me with all those powerful blasts of cum over 6 times, which made me have one long huge rolling orgasm. Then his dick slipped out and he squirted another 3 or 4 times on my belly.Once we had settled, Reef looked at me with longing in his eyes. Before I could make any assumptions like before, he asked, “So, what are you going to say to Bryce?’“I’m going to tell him he might as well head home because I will be staying for a while.” Reef’s eyes were still searching as I continued, “and that he will probably need to come back around noon tomorrow because you”, pointing at Reef, “Are just getting started.”Reef was throwing his jean and t-shirt back on again claiming to be going out to check the a****ls. He really just needed a smoke after sex. I didn’t like smoking and I knew that Reef had held off for my sake, so I couldn’t begrudge him one now, especially after having had sex for the first time in 18 years. After Reef walked out the side door I got up, looked around at my clothes and thought, ‘No, let Bryce see his freshly fucked wife, naked with cum running down her leg.’ He said he wanted this too, so he should get to see what happened. I went out the back door and saw him sitting in chair sipping a full Rye and coke. “Did you just get that drink?” I inquired.“Yeah, about 10 minutes ago I went in.”“So you heard some of hat happened?” I dug further. “I think the neighbor way down the road may have heard how much you came from Reef shooting his cum in you so hard.”Bryce laughed and restated that he was in the kitchen when I was cumming the first time and then Reef came and sent me over the top. He confessed that it was weird hearing like that. He said he took a straight shot of Rye and then made his drink. “I thought I’d be back outside with you two still cumming in there.”After a pause Bryce said, “I would imagine you will be spending the night so I should go home. What time do you want me back?”I told hi what Reef and I had said, which Bryce agreed and said he was going to say goodnight to Reef and leave. I told him that I would call him in the morning and thanked him with a long sloppy loving, not sexual kiss, even if Bryce did play with my breasts briefly.“You better call. I’ll be up half the night jerking off thinking about what I heard and what you’re doing. I want to know the details when I get you home”, Bryce said as we kissed and stated our love.As Bryce left me on the back deck, sitting there in the dark, at his friends house, naked with only boots on, I called out to him, “ I’ll tell you everything tomorrow!”Obviously there is more and an unexpected twist, if you’re interested?

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