Tommy takes Control – The Wests and the Marriage C


Tommy takes Control – The Wests and the Marriage CMr West sat in his best suit next to his cheating wife a substitute teacher at a local high school looking at Dr Magasiva. Marriage Counsellor. He wanted to save his marriage. “Today we want to hear from Mrs West. Mr West I warn you now today will be very hard please just listen to what your slut .. Oh I mean wife has to say. ” He couldn’t take his eyes off Mrs West. The tight white blouse was transparent. The bra only supported her breasts, it did not cover her big brown nipples. The skirt was short mid thigh when she walked in. When she sat down it had ridden up her long tanned legs to her crotch. She sat with her legs crossed. The black high heels were at least 4″ high. One shoe dangled on her toes. “Now Mrs West what does your husband lack?” “Where shall I start. A spine. Sex Drive. A big long thick HARD cock. A … ” “Mrs West how often do want sex?” “Everyday. I want to be fucked hard. Rough physical sex.” “Sure. Mr West fucks you ..” “He doesn’t. I fuck him maybe once a week. If I am lucky he may get it up twice. ” “So when did you start cheating?””Umm That would be when my son’s friend Tommy came to my front door! Less than 30seconds later he was fucking me with his big fucking cock. He filled all my holes with cum and left. Later that evening Mr West licked my cum filled pussy without complaint.” “I like licking your vagina. “”Yeah You seemed to eat my cum filled cunt more often after that. You like sperm! Do you suck cock!” “We can discuss that at another meeting. Let’s get back to your fucking other men. I …””Anything with a big dick” Mrs West looked at Dr Magasiva legs spread wide, his trouser snake was growing down his inside leg. She looked in his eyes. “Big cocks make me horny. ” samsun escort Turning to her weak insignificant spineless husband she pushed him to the floor. “Undo Mr Magasiva’s zipper and get his cock out… ” Mr West snivelled, cowering on the floor. “Before you do that Darling, remove your suit and shirt show Dr Magasiva your pink bra and panties. Do you still have those pink fishnet stockings on? ” Mrs West’s tone indicated he should obey. Mr West removed his clothes and stood in his bright pink lingerie. He had shaved his back sack and crack to feel the sexy clothes against his smooth skin. “Uh I don’t believe this? ” Mrs West saw that the Marriage Guidance Counsellor had undone his flies and now had his semi hard brown cock in his hand. “Suck that big brown cock you know you want to. ” Mr West was staring at the throbbing member, licking his lips. “Suck that big brown cock all the way down your throat you sissy. And you sit the fuck back down, enjoy his oral skills…” “But I’m not gay. ” “It’s okay neither is she” Mr West, the sissy cocksucker in pink lingerie, crawled over and put the head of the thick long throbbing cock in his mouth, slowly taking more of shaft down her throat. Mrs West watched as her hubby sucked her second cock. Her head bobbing up and down until the sissy felt the Doc’s balls against his chin. Mr Magasiva ogled Mrs West magnificent breasts as he could not look at the guy sucking his cock. The sensations of tongue on the shaft, teeth grazing the foreskin as now held the sissy bitch and thrust in it’s mouth. He wanted to relish the sensation. “Don’t come yet! Sissy get on your hands and knees. Doc fuck his tight boi pussy. He’s a virgin.” “I’m not gay.” “Right . Your semi hard cock was in mouth. It grew to rock escort samsun hard, throbbing in his throat, your eyes rolled back in your head. Get behind the little fucking cocksucker and ram your big hard cock in her little sissy virgin pussy. ” Mrs West stood pulling her skirt up to her hips and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. “You might get to fuck this if you do.” She laughed as the big muscular Polynesian man with a big hard cock mounted her husband buttfucking him rough and hard. Her pathetic little sissy bitch husband was actually encouraging him in a falsetto voice. Mrs West watched as the big brown cock penetrated the depths of her husbands bowels. Took a photo with her cell phone and emailed it to Tommy as instructed. She pulled her skirt down and walked out. “I don’t fuck gay men.” Outside the church sat Tommy waiting. Mrs West walked passed and he got up and followed her to the carpark. She looked sexy, vibrant, horny. When she reached her car she stood waiting. Tommy stood behind her. “How did it go? “”Like you said. The Doc let Mr West suck his cock when he was really hard, ready to cum he couldn’t move fast enough to bury his cock deep in my husbands sissy ass. He wanted to fuck my big tits and clean shaved cunt.” “Did you enjoy watching your sissy getting buttfucked.” Tommy placed his hand gently between her legs his middle finger slowly penetrated her moist slit. “No.” Mrs West saw her son James get out of his car. “Don’t lie Mrs West! James works for me now. Like you do. He wants to fuck his mothers whore ass. He enjoyed Chemistry class so much. ” Mrs West squirmed at the memory of her dumb bastard son lifting her skirt guiding the head of his cock to her virgin asshole. Pushing the head in. Ten years earlier samsun escort bayan Mr West had asked to buttfuck her. She had replied “Let me butt fuck you first. He had answered quickly okay. She had told him to go buy some lingerie. Bright pink. He had gone shopping for him and her. The dildo was smaller than his prick. She went to her lesbian bull friends house and told her about husbands request and what had occurred since. Sam the lesbian bull had told her to get the sissy dressed up in her lingerie, blindfold and handcuff the bitch to the bedhead. Let her do the rest and she had fucked the sissy cuckold husband. He was bleeding from his anus when she stopped. Put a butt plug in with a chastity belt and left. He had never fucked her butthole. But he got fucked every week by Sam. Mrs West wiggled her bottom, Tommy’s finger probed deeper, his thumb pressed against her sphincter. His lips next to her ear. “James wants to fuck his mother’s ass” Tommy pushed his thumb in her asshole. She moaned. “I’m fucking horny Tommy! Please fuck me.” “Here in the church car park? She nodded.”With James watching?” She nodded. “Are you my slut?” She nodded. Her hands were behind her trying to unbuckle his jeans. Unzip his pants. “Remove your clothes” “No Tommy please” “Get in your car. No I’m driving. Keys.” He held out his hand. She pulled the keys from her handbag. “Passenger seat. Pull your skirt up to your waist. Unbutton your blouse.” Tommy sat in the drivers seat of the late model Mustang, his school mate stood at the passenger window looking at his mother in the passenger seat flaunting her mature body fingering her wet horny cunt. James began jerking off, stroking his big white cock. Within minutes his cum splattered on the window. Mrs West had hard nipples and her fingers plunged in to her sopping wet pussy. Tommy could hear how wet she was. As he put his foot on the gas pedal he reached across grabbed a fistful of Mrs West hair and pulled her head down to his lap. “You know what to do.”

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