Todd and Danny part 4


Todd and Danny part 4Just a quick recap of parts 1 through 3 I was in the military during the don’t ask don’t tell era. I had fallen in love with Todd and revealed my feminine side. Now Todd had changed and not for the better i was hoping to leave Todd but had to be very careful in how i went about doing it.Marvin was the man of my dreams all i thought about was the way Marvin gave me that blow job i knew that after the thirty day deployment i would have less than 2 weeks left in Uncle Sam’s Army by all accounts it was 14 days that i would still have to deal with Todd and his dominant ways but also i still had those days to hopefully see Marvin.The day of the deployment i had a morning appointment and while i was near the P.X. i saw Marvin my heart skipped several beats he just smiled i told him we were going out to the bush for 30 days and when i got back i would be a short timer yeah he said i remember those days as well. I asked for Marvin’s number he gladly gave it to me and said if your still interested in getting together after you get back call me . I just looked at Marvin and smiled i will. I did not hear from Todd at all that day was i heart broken? No not really the guy he turned into was a first class ass I was secretly hoping that he had found some one else to be with it would not have hurt my feelings at all. The next three days flew by then on the fourth at mail call i got a letter it was from Todd that just sent me into a panic attack. Todd said if we don’t get together when i get back he will go to the post commander and tell him about us if i thought he was lying or bluffing just try him and see what will happen. My god could this be real i thought why doesn’t he just leave me alone? As the weeks went by i got three more letters from Todd they were more graphic Todd described in great detail how he was going to dress me up like some Barbie doll and parade me in front of several men who i have never met and while he watched i would be there’s to do as they pleased much like a male prostitute. I couldn’t get that thought out of my head for some odd reason the thought aksaray escort of doing this made my cock hard as steel i could put on such a show and make Todd jealous payback would be a bitch for him after the way he was treating me.before i knew it the thirty days were over i had gotten my orders and would be picking up my clearing papers when i got back i had spent my last days in the bush no more weapons to clean just go about my business and soon i would be on my way home as a civilian. I knew how ever the issue with Todd was far from over he knew way to much and although it was my word against his he was not going to let me go that easily.After duty on my first day back from the bush i went and called Marvin he was glad to hear my voice i asked Marvin if he was still interested in getting together with me he replied yes of coarse i said good i would make the arrangements and give him a call when they are made. It did not take long to call a cab and take me to a motel just down the road from the main gate of the post. As usual the motel had several vacancies I paid for the room then went and used the pay phone to call Marvin he was happy to hear that i had a room and instructed me to stay there he had some things to take care of and was not sure when he would be free to meet with me.I said okay and said i would wait until he got there. Marvin arrive about four hours later i had drifted off to sleep when i heard a knock on the door. I gathered myself enough to go and answer the door Marvin just laughed looks like i just woke you up. Yeah waiting makes you tired Marvin just laughed as if it was the funniest thing he had heard. We embraced once the door had closed Marvin was kissing me like the day in the men’s room at the P.X.. Marvin removed my shirt and boxers and quickly went to work giving me another sensational blow job it made me weak in the knees and my heart was racing. The way he sucked on my cock made me quiver before long i was sending globs of my cum into his waiting mouth. As i finished cumming Marvin pulled me close and we shared another sloppy kiss escort aksaray this time swapping the cum that was still in his mouth. I never had any female or male do this i loved it.Marvin quickly undressed and i was on my knees sucking on his cock his was long and slender and ended up being eight inches when he was hard i loved sucking on it but he said i want you on the bed i did what he wanted and soon i could feel the lube on my male pussy. Marvin spread my legs further apart making my back arch and my pussy move back toward him. Marvin pushed his hard cock into my lubed pussy all i could do is moan with delight Marvin made sweet love to me i could not believe how wonderful it felt. This was far better than any i had experienced with Todd. Marvin made me feel like his queen every stroke brought me closer to cumming again . Soon Marvin tensed and i could feel him filling up my pussy i had cum again and the blankets on the bed were full of my sticky cum.Marvin got dressed and left i drifted off to sleep I must have slept for a couple off hours when my phone rang i answered the phone it was Todd on the other end. Todd said what the hell are doing at the motel i told him it was none of his business. He said i am making it my business i want you here tonight i said what if i don’t . Todd just said don’t test me you won’t like what will happen. Todd then told me he had people coming over and he wanted to put me on display. For what ever reason my cock got as hard as a rock just the thought of dressing for strangers turned me on.I got dressed turned in the room key to the front desk and called a taxi. The taxi to me to Todd’s place when Todd saw me get out he said i thought you weren’t coming. Don’t start with me Todd i hissed you will look pretty foolish when those people show up expecting a good time and there is no me. As Ricky would say to Lucy you’ve got some explaining to do. Todd’s eyes got as big as saucers when he realized i wasn’t playing. Todd said you do this for me and if you want to go your separate way then you are free to do so.I agreed and proceeded aksaray escort bayan to get ready by the time i was done it was almost time for the men to show up yes i was nervous but i also looked like a million bucks The short dress that Todd had bought was shorter than what i would have liked it to but i figured put on a good show suck a few cocks maybe get fucked i can do that. The three guys showed showed up a half hour later than what Todd told them and by now i was ready to go back to post .Todd started pouring drinks as i sat between two of the guys the third guy who was now standing directly in front of me unbuttoned his pants and produced a very short fat cock. I easily took him in my mouth and it wasn’t very long when his lipstick smeared cock produced ropes of his love juice god he said that was awesome.The two guys who were sitting beside me were busy feeling me up as well as taking off there clothes. I was striped down to my bra and panties they had me on the floor on my back the short fat guy knelt on either side of my head his cock like him was very short and fat maybe four inches in length .The tall skinny guy had an average sized cock but had a huge mushroom shaped head i wished that he was the one that was going to have me suck his cock. He was like Todd rough he spread my legs and had them on his shoulders and in one big shove he was inside my pussy it hurt like hell i could tell that he had me bleeding i was not happy and he didn’t care. He sawed in and out of me but didn’t care how i felt as he called me all kinds of names like slut and whore just to name a couple. I was thankful he didn’t last very long. The short fat guy was a different story it took forever for him to cum but finally with my jaws aching he shot rope after rope of his cum into my mouth. I thought at one point i was going to drown in his cum. I finally milked him dry .Todd turned me over on all fours lubed my pussy and then made sweet love to me much like the first time we made love not as good as Marvin but it didn’t hurt either. Todd went slow at first then fast and then back slow i was loving it Todd then said this my friend is how you treat a lady. I again felt love for Todd not the hatred i had for him earlier. Todd continued to fuck me then all of a sudden he tensed and shot his load. I was loving it feeling his cum shoot into me.

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