This is for Carole Pt 3


This is for Carole Pt 3There we were, the 3 of us back in the hotel suite, having a drink, just past 3 in the afternoon, and I decide it is time for Kaye to get Kinky…. and tell Roo and Carole to stay out of the bedroom for 30 minutes while I change. I go and toss my 2nd suitcase on the bed and open it, to reveal, a leather basque with cutout for my boobs, leather choker with a D-ring at the front, faux leather stockings to be attached to the 12 straps on the basque, 5 inch black thigh high lace up boots, a black wig and also black mask like Elvira and to finish off a nice thick black 9 inch strap-on…. throwing my coat over it all I totter back into the sitting room and stand infront of Roo and look down, this my darling is for you as I throw open my coat to reveal all.Roos eyes open wide with delight and make a grab for me, but I step back and just say No, darling not until you are dressed in your finest with your tight black leggings and all your special attributes shining through.Fuck don’t forget me says Carole, I have to set up the camera and lights etc, ….Hurry Up Girls I’m getting Horny, sitting down with a nice big glass of white wine, watching Carole set up her equipment, stills camera and 2 video cameras all pointing at the nice big 3-seater sofa, and then she just says …I’m going to get into something special too and disappears into the bedroom leaving me to ponder on what is going to happen, hee hee my mind working overtime on how to treat Roo when she comes back ….But Roo makes it easy for me, crawling back into the room with her beautiful black locks trailing down and almost hiding her beautiful face, right up to my feet and kissing my boots saying, Mistress Kaye how can I serve you ?? Well darling you can unzip the front of your trousers and pop that pretty clitty out of your striped panties and let it breath as you lick your way up my boots, and then I want you to deep throat my nice big dildo getting a lot of practice for later on tonight for your other surprise…… and Carole rushes back into the room dressed in white, peephole bra, open crotch panties, buca escort stocking suspenders 4 inch heels, blonde wig looking stunning, starting to click click with the stills camera, and I notice the two video cameras are already running, I hope they caught Roo entering and starting to work on me….Carole grabbing one of the video cams and getting nice close ups of Roo swallowing the black rubber weapon, as my hips buck and force it deeper down her throat, mmmmphh is all she can say, and I tell her to take off her trousers and leave everything else in place and mount me pulling her striped panties to one side, knees spread either side of my thighs, I grab her head and start to kiss her longingly and deeply, I so love this girl, and then her pussyass in place she sinks onto my dildo, slowly at first and then all the way down, all 9 inches buried deep in her, a gasp escaping her lips as she looks into my eyes and me into hers, and I lift her hips all the way up till it is just at the point of popping out before letting her hips go and she can sink back onto it, Carole meantime is behind her filming in close-up, the flash of the stills camera going off almost every 20 seconds, so everything is being caught for us to look at and watch later…. so there we are, Roo beginning to build up a rhythm, when the room door opens and Jizel walks in wearing a fur coat and red heels, and opening her coat and dropping it to the floor, saying to Carole, stay there darling I have something for you too, revealing a nice big fat fleshy dildo between her legs, her firm boobs glistening already, and her nipples standing out proud, getting behind Carole and just stroking between her cheeks she enters Caroles ass in one motion, so will Roo is pounding up and down on my weapon, Jizel is pounding Carole with hers, the 2 of them groaning and moaning in unison, fuck this is such a horny time we are all having…I’m cumming gasps Roo, fuck I’m cumming so I grab her shoulders and force her deeper onto it and feel her shudder and then Carole screams, Bitch ! you are making me cumm too early, Fuck …Oh Fuck escort buca I’m cumming too, and the both of them shudder and shake and their bodies sag as they cum ….mm I kiss Roo and then Jizel stands up and kisses me saying, thank you for this, darling you are welcome and you are staying all night I hope, oh yes till lunchtime tomorrow I have …… I invite Jizel to take Roos place and she looks down seeing some of Roos sweet spunk on my basque front, she scoops it up and lubes her pussy and sits on the black monster, sinking all the way in as quickly as possible, those magnificent boobs right in front of my lips, I grap them both and start to kiss, nibble and gently bite on them, Oh Yes Yes don’t stop I love my nipples being bitten, more bite them harder bitch she screams, so I oblige and then another pair oh hands join mine and Carole is kissing her tits too and then Roo on the other one, with Jizel bouncing up and down and screaming out I am beginning to stir frantically wanting to cum too, when I feel nails start to stroke my tight smooth balls and I start to buck on them and then a hand (Carole, Jizel, Roo ???) I don’t care.. tightens on my length and with 3 or 4 quick strokes I’m exploding creamy white cumm all over the place, uncontrollable quivering from my thighs and then Jizel is cumming huge streams squirting from between her legs, soaking me in the process, which is magnificent ….. Wow …. any chance of seeing some of that then Carole, so she just says hang on and plugs her cams into the rooms 50inch TV and we all sit back with a drink as she controls the cams to show it all off, was that really 2 hours, never, but it was…We order and evening meal via room service for the 4 of us and go for a quick nap, all 4 of us on the nice big bed snuggled up, stroking, kissing and cuddling, but not getting too seriously frisky, and wake up via the booked phone call at 6 ready for our meal at 6.30, so we have to dress quite demurely for room service, not to frighten the dear man…hee hee if only he knew who he was serving, but he would surely have passed away as he was the buca escort bayan wrong side of 60 to handle all 4 of us….I shall return in an hour to collect your tray ladies he says taking leave of us, and so we enjoy and watch a bit of local news while eating our meal, and sure enough he returns and takes it all away.Well, what shall we do next asks Carole…oh don’t worry I have something lined up, but you need to set up in the bedroom for that is where tonights action is going to take place…. so off she goes and 20 mins later she is ready, well we have to wait for our visitor I say, 8 oclock so we can play but nothing serious I warn…no no they all agree, we can wait….. so promptly at 8, the door is gently tapped and i order Roo and Jizel into the bedroom, and no looking… I warn or else !!! and Carole looks at me and I say let them in….and 2 big beautiful black men are there, dressed impressively but their muscles rippling through their suits….come in boys I say and wait there. we shall have your surprises ready in about 10 minutes…. and so Carole and me scurry into the bedroom where I delve into my suitcase to find ropes, handcuffs and a small whip and pony strap, on the bed Jizel, I order arms and legs spread, and we tie her to the 4 corners of the bed and place a sleeping mask on her eyes, Roo ontop ! same way round, ready to fuck Jizel I order but on your knees and then handcuff her to Jizels wrists and again place a sleeping mask on her eyes. be back in a moment ….and so we leave them to go into the sitting room as the 2 guys are ready stripped off, their big fat cocks rising as I remove my boots, just in my basque and stockings and off course Caroles nipples are poking out from her bra and her clitty is growing between her legs. Oh Fuck It, I say and march over and take a cock in my hand dropping to my knees I start to suck it, looking over to see Carole do the same to the other one, oh fuck are the groans from their lips, dont cum guys for fucks sake we have a lot planned, and so they both say stop then, and let us see our surprise …. I think Part 4 could turn out to be very interesting, hope you are still hooked Carole, Roo oh and Jamie likes to hear about you both too…. I wonder if we could have a visitor from the US for Sunday….wait and see girls xx kisses Kaye

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