The wife’s niece

Anal Sex

The wife’s nieceI’ve told you about my wife’s first big cock and I would like to tell the story of how the wife’s niece found out that big mouths can get you in some deep trouble if you aren’t carefulMy sister in law is a very religious person that has the same beliefs as most of the family my wife is not one of them and they know that anyway she has a daughter who has been sexual active for about a year now and I have noticed she has a little habit of talking to much about the way she has been with other young guys and how they all have the same thing which is a little dick and she is very interested in having a good sized one that is able to make her feel it’s size and if it makes her scream and cry it would be great because she hasn’t had one that was in that category Now this girl just turned 18 and thinks she’s done it all and wouldn’t mind having someone just take her and have his way with her at least that’s what she told my wife and I was told that by my wife well my wife and I have been talking about this awhile now and she said she wished she could teach her niece a lesson on keeping her big mouth shut and learn how to respect her elders I’ve been around when her niece is running her mouth and most of the time she has a very sexy and short pair of shorts and t-shirt on she never wears any panties or bra so you can see the nipples and camel toe and she knows it I once caught her looking at my crotch and she said she would be happy if she was able to get the chance to see it and maybe even touch it well as it happens she finally got the chance to see my cock up close and personalI was in the shower and didn’t bother to close and lock the door because I knew no one else was there as I showered I didn’t hear her come in and call out if any one was home but she should have known better anyway I was just getting out and about to dry my hair when she walked into the bathroom and stood there watching me drying my hair as my 9 plus inches of cock swung back and forth when I finished my hair and face I lowered the towel and was about to dry my body when I saw her staring at my cock she had a big smile on her face I yelled at her and she turned around and ran out of the bathroom she said she hadn’t aliağa escort seen anything but I knew better she was in the living room when I finally got dressed and went to ask her why she had been in the bathroom she said she would deny it and she would be able to get away with it but she had one question for me and asked if I would tell her how long it was I didn’t answer her and she never said anything about it to anyone else except for my wife I told her about the niece being in the bathroom and watching me and when she got around to talking with her niece finally got the truth from her and asked her if she was really interested in trying something like that when she said if she wanted to she could get me to go to bed with her and her aunt wouldn’t be able to stop her from doing that so my wife said she would be happy to watch her try and get turned down by me and when she was turned down she would get me to do that very thing but only because she had asked me to so that weekend her niece was given the chance to get me to fuck her she came over wearing a string bikini and I ignored her she wasn’t going to give up that easy and she asked if I could get her a drink while I was gone she took her top off and laid down on the lawn chair near the pool I handed her w soda and walked away she said she knew she was a good looking girl that I would like to get her in bed and fuck the hell out of her but I said I would do no such thing because she was to young for me she said she was well experienced in sexual activities and I would be amazed at how much she loved to have sex but I wasn’t going to fall for it and simply told her she wasn’t my type and I would love to see her get her little ass dressed and out of my house ASAP she said she was leaving and not bother me anymore I called the wife and told her what happened but I wasn’t prepared for the what she said to me She asked if I had gotten a hard on when she was there I couldn’t lie and said yes 8 had she said she would let me fuck that little tramp but only if I was rough and took her the way she deserved I couldn’t believe it I asked her if she was serious about it and she said she was then told me that she had been told by her niece that she escort aliağa could get me to get into bed with her and there was nothing my wife could do about it and now that I had turned her down my wife wanted me to fuck her niece in the roughest way possible and not bother to show her any mercy during it I asked her how much time I was going to get to do it and she answered that she was going to let me decide on the time but no more than two days and no less than one night or 8 hrs i said I would take the two days and take my time with her before she came back to her houseMy wife called her niece and told her that she had 30 minutes to get a few things packed and meet me at the house if she wanted to get a chance to fuck it took less than five minutes and she was in the driveway she said she was ready to go with me and asked what hotel I was going to be taking her to I said I was going to take her to the cabin by the lake and she said she would be able to walk around nude and she was going to do exactly that I said she would be able to take her clothes off if she wanted to but might want to make sure that no one else was around to see her She got into the Jeep and we left it took a couple of hours to get to the lake but we finally got there all the way to the lake she was talking about how she was going to enjoy the time with me and said she knew she would be able to fuck my cock since the first time she saw it I let her run her mouth until we got into the cabin I grabbed her and turned her around as she started to speak I put my hand over her mouth and told her to shut up and listen she nodded ok I told her she was my sex slave for the next two days and anything I wanted she gave anytime I wanted to fuck her she was going to get fucked and she was not to refuse me then told her she was to strip off her clothes and let me see what I was about to be fucking she didn’t know what to do except strip and let .e check out her body as she was turning around I slapped her hard on the ass she jumped I grabbed her hair and said she was going to get her mouth full of my cock when I was ready she said she was willing to do that I said she would let me fuck her pussy and she said it was ok she said she aliağa escort bayan wouldn’t let me fuck her up her ass and I said I would do anything I wanted to do and she would like it I told her she would let me take pictures of her body and I was going to record a video of her and I fucking she said that was something that she had been wanting to do after I got the rules and she knew how things were going to go took her to the porch and told her she was to suck on my cock she opened her mouth and let me put my cock inside and I grabbed her hair and shoved in about 5 inches and she started to gag I made it go down her throat before I pulled out she was coughing and gagging the entire time I was fucking her mouth then I took her from behind while I had her Bent over with her head between her legs she started crying as I rammed it in her tight pussy and started pounding on her hard she cried out it was to much for her to handle as she tried desperately to get away she managed to get away but I didn’t let her go to far before I had her for the second time this time I had her Bent over the couch and was fucking her faster and harder than before and she couldn’t take it anymore I let her know that I wasn’t done with her and she was going to get it again after she had a few minutes to catch her breath she said she couldn’t take it anymore and begged me to let her rest for at least a couple of hours before I fucked her again and in return she would let me fuck her up her ass I said I was going to fuck her ass anyway so it didn’t matter what she said she would do I gave her a good 20 minutes then told her she was to get on all fours and I would fuck her doggy style first then have her ride me she wasn’t sure if she wanted to do it so I said I was going to ask one more time before I went ahead and took her anyway so she slowly got into position I got behind and I pulled open her ass cheeks then shoved my cock up her asshole hard and deep she wasn’t expecting that and screamed out that fucking hurts I said so what as I was pulling out I shoved it back in never pulled out the same amount of cock she never knew when I was going to ram my cock in her tight virgin ass and she cried and screamed for me to stop fucking her so hard by the time I was ready to cum she was exhausted from the rough fucking she had been getting I pulled out and told her to open up she opened her mouth and I shot my cum inside her mouth and made her swallow it all

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