The Somer’s Sisters

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Jane Somers looked in the mirror and thought not bad for thirty-seven; boobs and ass still hard and tummy is flat. It’s been a long time since she has been with anyone let alone dating. Dave died six years ago, and since then between work and Tommy, she just never really has thought about it until lately. Each night she seems to getting hornier and masturbating does help but it lacks the real thing she needs.

Jane pulled into the parking space at Johnny’s Cafe and walked inside. Pam was waiting for her at a booth.

“What’s going on,” she asked her sister.

“Well, I thought that we might have a little more privacy if we talked here rather than at your house or on the phone.” Pam said. “What are you doing this weekend?” she asked Jane.

“No plans to speak of,” Jane replied. Pam then went and explained that she had bumped into Mark Collins and he invited her and Jane to go out to dinner this Friday night.

“Tommy can stay at Janey’s, her grandmother likes him,” Pam said. Jane smiled and asked her sister what was going on, and Pam just said, “Nothing is going on.”

Jane could tell that Pam was up to something and finally Pam said that she thought it might be fun to go up and tease those two brothers a little.

“They haven’t been with women in so long they probably forgot what we look like!” Pam joked.

Jane resisted at first, but Pam just kept wearing her down and she was beginning to get horny thinking about how she used to tease the twins who lived across the street from them when they were kids.

“OK, I’ll go you little tart,” Jane said. “We can go Friday night, should only take an hour if we hit it right.”

Friday night, Jane showered and looked through her closet and found a short skirt and light blouse with black nylons. She called Pam, and found that she was wearing some thing similar. She drove to Pam’s condo and they both drove to Mark and Michael’s house. Along the way they talked about what was going on with Tommy, and college this fall just seems to be overwhelming and the financial side as well.

Jane was worried that she would not be able to afford all the tuition and housing unless she figured something out. Pam tried to console her and did manage to ease her fears by making her laugh and realize others have it a lot worse off. After about an hour of driving they pulled into the driveway.

Mark came out of the house when they pull in and hugged each one. “It’s been a while,” he said.

They went inside and Michael and Mark noticed just how attractive their childhood friends had become. Mark ordered a pizza and they sat around the table and talked like when they were kids. Jane asked Michael about his job being a cop and being careful about his safety. She then asked Mark how his photography business was doing and he said it is picking up.

He has a small studio in town and a room downstairs he uses sometimes. Mark then mentioned how Jane and Pam both look like models and could do well in that industry. To everyone’s surprise Jane said, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to pose for Playboy; it would be kind of exciting.”

Pam, sensing what Jane was up to added, “I wouldn’t mind it either. Kind of exciting actually.”

Mark and Michael both felt aroused and Michael figured he would push it a little and said, “Well, why don’t you two pose for Mark and I will and I will help with the poses.”

“That sounds like fun,” Jane said and Pam agreed.

“Let’s do it tomorrow morning,” Michael said. Both Pam and Jane are soaking wet and the boys are hard as well.

“Will it bother the two of you to see us pose like Playboy models?” Jane asked, and both men said it would be fine with them.

“How about if you two stay here tonight and use spare bedroom and we can do a photo shoot in the morning?”

Pam and Jane looked at each other and both agreed. They had known Mark and Michael since they were toddlers so they had no fears.

Saturday morning, Jane and Pam got up and each took a quick shower then put on little short t-shirts that they found in a bureau drawer. They hardly went down to their thighs, and remembering how they used to tease those two they slid their panties off and went into the kitchen where the boys were sitting.

“Good morning,” Jane says brightly, and both Mark and Michael saw how short their night shirts were and could just see their pussies.

“Good morning,” Michael said and the girls sat down and Mark got both of them coffee.

“Do you guys still workout?” Pam asked and Mark told them they have a nice gym room set up downstairs.

“We were going to workout for a while this morning,” Michael added.

“Do you still wear those tight little shorts when you work out?” Jane asked and then added, “Maybe we will workout a little bit too, but we didn’t bring anything with us so I hope you boys don’t mind if we wear something skimpy.”

“Well, we could wear something like that if you girls want us to,” Mark said. Pam smiled and güvenilir bahis told them that would be nice.

Mark and Michael went to their rooms and each found a pair of old gym shorts that were short and very tight. Mark knew that his cock being so hard was so obvious but Jane and Pam are out there with short t-shirts and no panties, just playing with him and Michael, so let them see his erection. He walked into kitchen and Jane commented how good he looks and Pam said the shorts fit just right.

A minute later Michael came out of his room and had similar shorts on with same erection standing out. They went downstairs and Jane and Pam went to their room and put their panties back on and Jane went into the kitchen and found a pair off scissors and cut the t-shirts so they just cover their boobs. They went downstairs then.

Before entering gym room, Jane took her finger and pushed her panties into the lips of her pussy, clearly showing the out line of her soaking crotch. Pam watched what she was doing and said, “You tart,” and did the same.

They walked into the gym room and told boys this was all they had to wear and hoped it is OK. Mark and Michael tried to act as though it was not affecting them but their erections spoke otherwise. For 45 minutes Jane and Pam did a light workout that drove both men crazy. Finally sensing what affect they were having, Jane asked if they could do the photo shoot now. Mark said that would be a good idea and they all went towards room he had set up.

The room Mark uses was really quite nicely set up and Pam and Jane could feel their own excitement building. Jane said she wanted to go first and Mark set up camera and she asked how he wanted her to pose.

She then took her t-shirt off and slid her panties down her legs. Both Mark and Michael were not prepared for how attractive Jane looked. Mark told Jane to pose in various non-explicit poses and finally Jane asked, “Are we going to do pussy shots?” and Mark said she can if she wanted to.

Jane laid down on the floor and spread her legs wide in various poses. She got on all fours and spread her ass wide. Mark and Michael both feel like their cocks are going to explode. After about 20 minutes, Pam said to Michael, “Why don’t you and Jane pose together like in a girly Magazine.”

Jane quickly seized on the idea and told Michael to come over and pose with her. Michael was reluctant but both Pam and Jane said how exciting it would be and then Pam said that when they were done she wanted to pose with Mark and Michael could take the pictures.

Finally Michael agreed more out of fact that Jane kept spreading her legs wide open for him. He went over to Jane and she pulled his shorts down and his cock stood straight up. Jane told Michael to lie down and she did too.

Pam took her top and panties off and Mark slid his shorts off as well. Jane said, “I think it would be exciting to end the photo shoot with a cum shot. Is that alright with you Michael?”

Michael smiled and said maybe a few cum shots would be ok. Jane started to rub Michael’s legs and she was aware of the camera, and kept her ass and pussy wide open. She started jerking Michael’s cock and then lowered her lips on to his shaft and started sucking him. After a few minutes she straddled him and lowered her pussy onto his shaft and Mark continued snapping pictures as they fucked.

Mark told Jane to spread her ass wide open and Michael said he is about to cum. “Cum inside her and I will get pictures as it drips out of her pussy.”

After about a minute, Michael came and Jane continued to slide up and down letting the white cum ooze out her hole and down his shaft. Jane lifted off and rolled over onto the floor and Pam went over and laid down and started sucking her and licking her pussy and then found her clit and made her reach a climax.

Pam got up and said, “We’re next!” and took Marks hand and made him get on his back and straddled him and rode him until he lost his load in her as well. For the next two hours the two couples fucked and sucked each other and changed partners often.

At one point Jane was riding Mark and she told Michael to fuck her in the ass as Mark was fucking her pussy. For 5 minutes they rode her and Pam rubbed her clit she exploded in climax. Both boys shot their cum deep in side her as well.

They lay still for a little while and Jane finally said, “Well, do you think we could get modeling jobs?”

Mark replied, “You could make some serious money for what you just did today. I know some studios that pay very, very well for these types of shoots. You and Pam could do very well.”

Jane looked at Pam and said, “If we have Mark and Michael as partners, maybe we could do it.”

Michael said he would be interested in it, and Mark said he could make some calls. “We could all make some serious money and film, too, if you guys are interested,” Mark said.

Jane said, “I don’t know why, but this is so exciting!”

Mark adds that they could do live shows, too. türkçe bahis “The money out there is just floating like water ready to be scooped up.”

Pam said, “Fucking in front of people could be a thrill but only with you two; no strangers right?” and Mark assured her that they would not let that happen.

“Maybe you should check into it,” Jane said, then added, “It just seems so naughty and yet I like the idea too.”

Later that day, they all went out for supper and then to a local club and had a few drinks each. Mark explained that in the adult entertainment business they are always looking for new people and Jane and Pam did not look like the typical models.

Jane said, “I will do pussy shoots and cum shot scenes only with you two or solo but you guys have to be there.” Pam said she felt same way.

Jane asked about live shows and what if she recognized someone or they her. Mark said that they would do it out of the area, and also sometimes there were private homes that wanted to see a show. “There is a lot of money out there,” Mark explained.

They each have another drink and went home and started for bed, Jane looked at Michael, and Pam at Mark, and all four just kind of stared at each other for 10 seconds and then Jane said, “Why not,” and went into Michael’s bedroom as Pam went into Marks room and they all made love. Not just sex, but both couples kissed passionately as though their lovers were life-long.

Mark and Michael also felt those same feelings towards their friends, as lovers and not just sexual partners.

The next morning, Jane and Pam left and talked about the weekend and also the possible financial benefits of doing some photo shoots. “I certainly could use the money for college for Tommy,” Jane said, and Pam thought of paying off her condo. On Wednesday, Jane picked up the phone and Mark said, “Hey good looking,” and Jane responded, “Hey there sweetie!”

Mark went on to tell her that he showed some of the photos he took this weekend to a major XXX studio and they wanted the rights to all the pictures of her and Michael as well as the pictures he took of Pam.

“Are you sitting down?” he asked her and then proceeded to tell her that her share of the photo set solo and with Michael would be $4,000 under the table. Michael would get the same and Pam would get half because there were no hardcore scenes.

“How about you?” Jane asked and Mark said, “Everything is split evenly between all of us.”

Jane felt better knowing he was being paid too. “I can’t believe it!” she said and told him to sell the rights as far as she was concerned.

“I thought you might say that and told them so,” Mark said. “They have given me a list of requests for photo shoots for you and Pam plus Michael and myself. For you, they want solo photo shoots of you in school girl clothes and another in bikini but all ending in pussy shots. They want same clothes with dildo shots so there are 4 solo shots in total. They also want hardcore with you and Michael doing handjobs, blowjobs, regular intercourse, and one shot doing anal sex, all ending in cum shots. Your share would be $25,000 plus there is a request for video of you and Michael in sauna or massage parlor scene, figure about $5,000 for the video. I can shoot all the picture shots but the video would be handled by them.

There also is request for you and Pam together. I was not sure if you were interested, but it would be another $3000 for 3 photo shoots. And if that is not enough, there is a possible live show that could net $5000 for an hours work for you and Michael-your share would be half. Add it all up and you are looking at about $25,000 for everything I mentioned and new work would probably come from other studios as well.

“Holy shit!” Jane said. And then she asked how they could do all the work without affecting her job now. Mark told her they can do all the solo shoots in an afternoon plus the hardcore would not take long depending on how fast Michael recovered. “Guess it’s strictly business between he and I while we are in work mode and no sleeping together and making love all night like last week.”

Mark says as to hardcore, “No cum shot no bucks,” and they both laugh. “Let’s do it,” Jane says. Mark told her Pam and Michael agreed too.

The next night Mark called Jane and said he had an opportunity for a live show that would pay $2500 each for her and Michael. It would be in Kinston, about 30 miles away and there will be 3 couples paying the fee. It would be in a private residence. Jane was a little scared, Mark could tell, and he assured her that the company, Party Time, is known for not having problems and that he would drive the two of you them.

“Is this illegal?” she asked, and Mark explained that for one thing, Michael is a cop and the reason he knows about Party Time is because about five years ago they questioned whether it was legal or not and found that because no one was solicited and only the ‘actors’ performed sex, that it was like hiring a clown for a birthday güvenilir bahis siteleri party.

Jane calmed herself and said, “Why not,” which seemed to be becoming one of her favorite expressions lately. Mark said that the couples have requested a blowjob scene ending in a cum shot and intercourse turning into anal ending with internal cum shot in the ass. Jane was getting wet just listening to Mark talk about it.

“Who are the couples?” she asked, and Mark said it is a private community like any other town in the country and they just want a live show this Saturday night.

“Well, tell Michael not to jerk off between now and Saturday. They agreed to talk Saturday morning and hung up.

Saturday morning, Michael called and they agreed to meet and he would drive them to house in Kingston and Jane could leave her car at a local restaurant until they got back. Michael assured her she would be safe and her fears eased considerably. Michael drove up and Jane got into his car. She hardly looked the part of a woman who was about to do a live sex show, but maybe that is why they were being paid so well.

She wore brown khaki pants and a maroon sweater with her hair neatly styled. She looked more like a high school teacher than a budding XXX model. Michael had on blue pants and a white shirt, making them look almost like the ideal couple one would see at a mall or movie theater.

They pulled onto Bidwell Street and all the houses were upper middle class by their appearance. Number 25 is just a few houses down, and they pulled into large driveway. Three or four cars were parked on the side.

“Nervous?” Jane asked Michael and he smiled wryly. “Me too,” she answered to her own question.

Michael rang the bell and a fortyish man answered in a robe and pajama bottoms. He introduced himself as John. He’s handsome, Jane thinks to herself, as he invited them in. He took their coats and offered each a drink, which both accepted. Michael had a beer and Jane took a Mike’s Lemonade. Jane thought to herself what if this is not such a good idea, but figured might as well try it since they were here. John brought them downstairs where there were three women and two men all in robes talking quietly among themselves.

Michael noticed how attractive the women were as Jane had the same thought of the men. John introduced them and clearly the women especially noticed how different Jane looked as far as what they expected; they chose Jane and Michael by some of the pictures Mark took last weekend but meeting someone can be a different story.

Jane immediately felt comfortable when the women talked to her and realized she was not a prostitute but an average woman doing something that they might like to do but didn’t have the courage to. Michael was quieter and worried about even being able to get an erection.

The room was set up with a large futon in the middle of a large room with two big couches on either side. Jane finally asked if she and Michael could have a place to change and a woman calling herself Barbara brought them to a small bedroom. They closed the door and Michael voiced his concerns about performing and Jane told him to just watch her and, “Make believe we are in your bedroom and no one else is present. “I’ll try,” he says.

They put on the robes they brought with them and open the door into the room with the three couples waiting for them. Jane removed her robe and climbed onto the futon and got on her knees and moved her hands up and down her body rubbing her boobs and going down to her hairless pussy.

She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs like in a photo shoot, posing for each couple and then getting on her knees and hands and letting each couple see her ass and pussy wide open. Michael starts getting hard then notices all of the couples have removed their robes and the women are stroking the guys.

Jane called Michael over to her, and as his cock rubbed against her back, she turned and they kissed passionately. She started stroking his cock and rubbing his balls and he lifted her up as though she weighed five pounds and slid her down his body. They lay down and Jane turned and had her ass facing Michael and started rubbing his legs and thighs working her ass back to his face.

She noticed one woman giving her partner a blowjob as he looked at what Jane and Michael were doing. Jane’s ass finally was above Michael’s face and he started to lick and suck her hole. She was so wet he had to swallow twice; she moaned softly and whispered loud enough for all to hear for him to make her cum and Michael started sucking her clit, he could feel her body tighten as he knew she was going to cum fast. She opened her ass wide for them too see and then she started to cum and arched her back and rubbed her crotch down onto his face as the waves of pleasure passed over her.

She lay still for a minute then realized these people want to see her give Michael a blowjob so she started to slowly suck his cock not changing her position over his face. Jane sucked him and stroked him with her hand not wanting him to cum too fast but then she started to suck him in deep strokes down her throat and she tasted his cum, she knew it was close and then he started shooting in her mouth.

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