The Right Choice Ch. 01

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None of the characters in this story are under the age of 18. This isn’t based on actual events (though a part of me wishes it might have been).


I felt a nervous stirring in my chest when night rolled around. It felt almost like it was hard to breathe, just thinking about everything that had occurred the day before. I had to lean against my car just to stay standing. We had agreed to meet at her house promptly at 6 PM and, in spite of the fact that I was there at the agreed upon time, she had yet to arrive. I assumed she was busy at work, or perhaps she’d gotten second thoughts and decided to go to a friend’s. I decided that I wouldn’t wait longer than thirty minutes, though that was largely because it was freezing out and beginning to snow. I’m absorbed in my thoughts when I notice headlights down the street. I assume at first that they’re not hers, just someone living in this neighborhood there to give me false hope, but for better or worse, I’m wrong.

The car pulled into the same driveway I was standing in, and I stood up tall, wanting not to show that I had even remotely considered running away. The vehicle stopped, the door opened, and out stepped my beautiful younger sister. While she was actually in her mid-thirties, she seemed like barely a day over twenty five. Her long brown hair reached the middle of her back, and her blue eyes twinkled softly in the orange light cast by the streetlights. As far as height went, she was tall for a girl. If I had to guess, I’d have said about five foot nine.

What she’s wearing I could barely see, but considering what she did for a living I could only assume it’s scrubs, gentle hues of blue from both tops and bottoms looking like subtle greys even with the distant street light. On her chest was pinned a black nametag that read her name, looking all polished and perfect.

“How was work?” I asked with a smile, making the first move toward her and being the first to break the tension. I could see the shadows of relief on her face that I was brave enough to take that first step.

“Par for the course. Really nothing worth noting,” Nicole admitted, smiling warily at me. “C’mon. You’ll catch your death out here.” Considering it was cold and, again, beginning to snow, that was a possibility, but I was dressed for the occasion. She was not. I was more worried about her wellbeing than mine.

I turned to follow her to the front door, and we were inside before long. I knew no-one’s going to be thinking it’s strange that I’m there because her neighbors knew me, or had seen me around before in good company, so at least I’m spared that little bit of paranoia. Her home was large and decadent, the kind of home you’d expect your doctor husband to purchase for you after your marriage. It made my simple one bedroom condominium look tiny in comparison.

She set her bag down beside the coat rack by the door, but as I closed the door and locked it behind us, she still hadn’t turned around to face me. For a short moment, I considered calling it off. It wasn’t not too late. I could still run away, be the coward I feel I’ve always been.. but then something inside me told me to stay, to take that first step. I was reminded momentarily of her reaction when I stepped forward after her arrival, and I could tell by her body language that she was waiting for me to speak up again.

I do her one better.

Calmly, I made my way closer to her and wrapped my arms around her. I brought my lips down to her neck and suckled gently at it, while my hands fondled her supple breasts through her blue scrubs. Her breasts were firm and little more than a handful, still perky and without the slightest sign of sag or give, no doubt due to plastic surgery. She was a trophy wife, all right, and it showed with how youthful she seemed even in her mid-thirties. It’s then that I made my first of many discoveries of the night: she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had been clearly anticipating this sort of thing. In the back of my mind, I’m just glad that I was doing all the right things to start.

While she jumped slightly at my initial touch, she soon leaned back into me and lifted her chest slightly into my hands. This tells me all that I need to know. I knead my fingers into the flesh, and it’s clear that she’d bahis firmaları not lost much sensation in her breasts due to the plastic surgery, if her soft, contented sighs were any indicator. My hands worked upward a bit more to tease at her hardened nipples through her top, and I moved index and thumb around to gently trap them, tugging them softly. That earned me a soft moan.

“I have to admit..” Nicole began, looking back at me timidly. “.. I almost didn’t come home today.”

“Yeah, I figured. I felt the same way,” I admitted, smiling at her, trying to reassure her as best as I could with my hands latched so lewdly to her breasts.

There’s some relief on her face again to know she’s not the only one. “.. But now that I’m here, I’m already starting to be glad that I decided to come.”

“I’m glad I came, too,” I offered her, pinching her nipples a bit harder. It earns me yet another angelic moan. “I made the right choice.”

“.. Would you hate me if I told you to just do what you wanted with me..?” Nicole inquired with that same similar timid tone to her voice. Low, but able to be heard over the quiet of the large, empty home. “.. I just.. want to be taken.. by someone that actually loves me.”

I could write a book about all the things her husband did wrong, but how much of that was really his fault? The guy was a surgeon, a brain surgeon at that. I worked as a loader for a seafood shipping company. I had free time. He didn’t. “Why would I hate you?” I smiled at her again, reassuringly. “I love you.”

“I know.” Nicole looked ahead and stepped forward, not turning to face me as she shifted her arms to remove the top of her scrubs. It’s then she turned to show off her amazing breasts to me, allowing me to get the first look I’d gotten of her since we were teens still living at our mother’s home. They didn’t seem particularly different from what I had seen back then, but then again, my memory of that moment wasn’t entirely crystal clear. All I recall of that time was furiously masturbating to the thought of seeing my first set of bare breasts. It was not my proudest moment, but I was a teenager back then. The vast majority of my moments weren’t anything to be proud about. “I just need this. More than you know.”

“I have a good idea..” I mused as I reached my hands up to tweak her nipples gently, trapping the hardened nubs between fingers, earning a gentle squeak, followed swiftly by a gentle moan from her and a slight slap at my hands.

She smiled at me in apology and stepped away again, untying the waistband of her bottoms, and calmly moving to slide them off of her body, displaying herself to me. She hadn’t been wearing panties, though it wasn’t much of a surprise, considering she hadn’t been wearing a bra. She took good care of herself physically and hygienically. Her long, slender legs were every man’s wet dream, and she likely looked orgasmic in a skirt. Just above her snatch, which I could see glistening with the hints of arousal, it was shaved over the majority of it, sans a single spot. She always was an artistic one, and it showed, because the pubic hair had been trimmed into a neat triangle, with the top of it pointing downward toward her clit.

I couldn’t help but chuckle softly at it, and she smiled at the amusement I got from it. “I did it for you. This morning.” I moved in closer to her, and calmly ran my hands along her legs. They were smooth as silk. I could see the lust in her eyes as I touched her, and when my hands slid slowly up her thigh, I purposely brushed a thumb against her slightly visible clit. She shuddered in my hands, keeping her eyes locked on my eyes, and I returned the favor. There was a moment of quiet contemplation, before, again, I made the move.

I pulled her tightly to me and pressed my lips against hers, kissing her with a depth and passion she likely hadn’t felt in years. She melted into my arms, and my strong arms easily held up her weight. The kiss was brief in reality, but it felt like an eternity. When I broke it, she looked up at me, ever the fragile and vulnerable woman I figured she might be in private. Her eyes searched mine, as if trying to predict what my next move might be. Calmly, I lifted her up into my arms and carried her up the stairs to the second floor kaçak iddaa of her home, and into the guest room. I had no real desire to fuck in the bed she slept in with her husband, as hot as that might have seemed at first.

The guest room felt more like a master bedroom might be in a normal home, with a large bed, its own bathroom, and a sizeable closet. All the amenities that a guest might possibly need on their visit. Except we’d likely only be using the bed, at least for now. I set her down on the bed gently, and laid her back calmly. Once my hands were removed from her, she shifted into a position more comfortable, and I could feel her eyes on me while I removed my clothes. She may have come home from work and hadn’t had chance to change, but I had plenty of time to sit at home, shower and get dressed in normal civilian clothing, all the while contemplating on what I now stood in front of my sister preparing to accomplish.

Once my boots were off, I tossed them aside with a noisy clunking. No-one else was home but us, and wouldn’t be for days. I didn’t care if we made noise. My cock was every bit the average, at least in my opinion. It was a little below six inches, but what it lacked in length, it made up for in girth. She looked down at my cock and licked her lips, but she didn’t make a move. It was my time to take her, as she desired. I slowly walked the few feet back to the bed and I spread her legs wide with my hands, so I could get a good look at her glistening folds. It took only a moment of looking to know that I wanted to have a taste.

I brought my lips to her folds and delved my tongue into her, earning a throaty moan from the woman above me. My tongue retreated from her after a moment, before I ran it slowly up and down her slit, enjoying the taste. She was surprisingly clean for having worked a twelve hour shift, but I didn’t question it. Maybe she was late on arrival because she’d had a good shower before leaving? My tongue retreated, so I could wrap my lips around her clit, no longer hidden. I suckled it softly, lashing it with my tongue, which earned the most delightful squeals from her, forcing her to writhe her body about. It was clear that her clit was a weak point.

By this point, she was drenched with her own juices. It was all too obvious that she was one of those messy women. I stood after a moment of torment further, and I climbed up onto the bed between her legs. She looked up at me, a panting, lusty mess and lifted her arms toward me. Her embrace invited me to relax, but her legs wrapping around my waist moments later demanded I linger. She pulled me tightly against her, her first real move of the night, and I could feel my cock slip against her drenched folds lengthwise, getting the underside from tip to base slick with her own lubrication.

“Take me. Please, take me.. I need this..” Nikki whispered her pleading softly to me, and I didn’t wish to leave her waiting. I chose action over word, pulling back enough to allow my cock to slip into place, and with a bit of manipulation on my part, I pressed the head into her to savor her sexual heat, before I pound deep into her with my first inward thrust. Her body bucked from the impact of our bodies colliding and the first wet slap of flesh on wet flesh echoed through the room. If I had savored her heat before, her insides, so slick and tight, felt like a furnace in comparison.

We both moaned almost simultaneously, and her body shuddered. The way she closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and arched her back told me that she’d cum.. but the real hint was the way her insides gripped and milked my cock, damn near setting me off. At this juncture, I had wished I had opened this event with a blowjob, but we had half a week to ourselves. There would come time for that. For now, it was time to indulge in carnal lust. If anyone were to have seen us lying there, locked together so tightly, they’d have thought we were newlyweds, and not brother and sister.

Finally, I began to take her, pulling free of her and then slamming back down deep into her, and repeating this slowly, taking my time with her. My hands ran down her body to grip her backside so I could adjust her and the angle with which I took her. This turned out to be an excellent idea: she gasped deeply, releasing kaçak bahis a long, throaty moan that I loved so much. Her body shuddered, and I could feel her cumming around my cock yet again. The amount of lubrication she created, I could already feel beginning to stain the blanket we were laying atop.

I shook it from my mind and focused on the woman beneath me, slowing my pace even more so she could recover from her second, stronger climax.. and when she did, her eyes opened and she looked at me quizzically. “Did you cum..?” She offered quietly, to which I shook my head in response. “No..? Why not..?”

“Have you really been that out of it..?” I joked, smiling down at her.

“I haven’t cum like that since our wedding night..” Nicole admitted, smiling warily up at me. “.. So I kind of lost track of what was going on for a moment there. Keep going. I want you to cum.”

Hearing her say something as simple as ‘I want you to cum.’ was a bit surreal at first, but I didn’t need to be told a second time. I leaned down to bury my face in her neck, wrapping my arms around her completely now, keeping her body tightly to mine. She seemed a bit apprehensive of this at first, that is, until I began to fuck her deep, hard and fast. The satisfied moan from her told me all I needed to know. It’s such a stark contrast from the original pace, but at this point I can only care to cum.

Each deep inward thrust forced my cockhead to smash roughly against her cervix, and I could feel it. I began to question whether or not she actually can, but if her moans were any indication, she did. “Cum for me..” Her words, followed by panting, broke me out of my reverie.

“Where should I.. ahh..! Where.. should I cum..?” I whispered softly to her, panting, biting gently against her neck.

She can barely muster a reply: “Inside me. On my tits. On my pussy. I don’t care. I just want it..”

So it was my choice. I knew there was no greater feeling than cumming deep inside a willing woman, but given her relative youth, she could probably become pregnant. Somehow, I managed to pull free of her, and just in time: my cock bucked in my hand as I grabbed it, releasing rope after rope of thick, hot seed right onto her pussy and pubic mound from a short ways away. She cried out her pleasure, biting her lower lip again. I couldn’t help but find when she did that to be all too hot.

When I finally stopped cumming, she collapsed beneath me, a panting, shuddering mess of a woman. I shifted off to the side to lay next to her comfortably on my back, and after a long moment she looked at me. “That was kind of overwhelming..” She smiled warily at me.

“How long was it since your last time..?” I inquired curiously.

It took a moment of thought, which was a bad sign. “Almost two years ago, around New Years Eve. We were drunk, fucked as the ball dropped. Rang in the new year with a cunt full of seed..” She sighed softly, closing her eyes. “But it wasn’t anything like what we just did.. I never would have imagined I’d have cum around my brother’s cock..” I could see her blush as she turned her head away a bit. “I need a second to recover from that..”

Slowly, I stood up and left the room to retrieve us some water bottles from the fridge in the downstairs kitchen, though that took longer than I had anticipated since I hadn’t been in the house in quite some time, so it took some fumbling about looking for light switches. It was also awkward that I was stark naked, the home was a bit chilly and I felt strangely vulnerable like that. I desired to return to the warmer guest room as quickly as possible, and I did. “Hey, I got us some wa-” I paused as I entered, noticing she wasn’t on the bed.. but that’s when I heard the shower starting in the bathroom nearby.

I set the water bottles down on the nightstand near the bed, and moved to poke my head into the bathroom. At this point, I didn’t really care if I saw her in any kind of lewd position or anything. I’d just violated my sister barely ten minutes ago. “Are you okay?”

She turned to look at me, smiling. “Yeah, but I almost fell on the way here,” she laughed. “My legs haven’t been that shaky in ages.. they still are..”

“Ah.” Slowly, I walked into the bathroom, admiring the opulence of what was just a guest bathroom. It’s what you got when you had the money to throw around. “May I join you? In the shower, I mean.”

“I would love that,” Nicole admitted with a playful smile, leaning against the nearby sink.

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