The Pool Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

This is a continuation of Pool Time. I hope you enjoy it and I hope I have improved my writing style (this is only the 4rd story I have ever written so I’m still relatively new at this.)

All comments positive or otherwise are appreciated, but please try to be kind to a novice like me! Thank you.


After Bobby and I had spent a few hours locked in each others’ forbidden arms we both went to our respective bathrooms and showered before the family arrived home from their various visits.

As I soaped myself, sponging the thick soapy foam over my shoulders and perky tits and flat belly I reflected back to what had just happened to bring me this feeling of delicious abandonment.

How had we ended up in my bed?

Why were we attracted to each other like we were? He is my brother for goodness sake!

We shouldn’t have been attracted to each other that way, but he is so good looking and hunky and has a fabulous personality to boot.

I continued to rub the soapy foam over my body and when I reached between my legs to my pussy, which was still tingling as if remembering Bobby’s magic touch, I gasped at the sensations it still brought to me.

Did I feel guilty?

Did I feel shame?

Did I want a repeat?

The answers were NO NO and Yeees!

I finished off in the shower and stepped out wrapped in a big fluffy light blue towel, and walked into my bedroom and was just about to drop the towel onto the floor when I sensed someone in the room behind me. I quickly spun around to find Adam my younger brother (by two years) stood in the doorway.

“Jeez Adam! You gave me a fright! What on earth are you doing skulking there? I have told you before knock and wait for me to say come in. Don’t just walk in like that!” I shouted.

“I did knock, got no answer and thought you were downstairs by the pool cos your book and stuff are there. I came in to get the DVD you borrowed.”

It took a few moments to realise Adam was staring at me with a look I had not seen on his face before. His eyes were shining and wide as he looked towards me, then behind me over my shoulder.

“What are you staring at me like that for?” I gasped.

“Er er er sorry”, he mumbled, still his eyes darted from me then over my shoulder, “your mirror is behind you…er er sorry…” he grinned.

With that I quickly spun around to see… Adam would have had a perfect view of my slim shapely back and rounded arse. In the process of turning, my towel which I had clutched to the front of me slipped out of my hand and dropped completely to the floor, leaving me standing there with nothing to hide my womanly body.

“Wowee konyaaltı escort Carrie! Who’d have thought my sis had a body like that?! … Jeez oh boy!” he panted.

I quickly bent and picked up the fallen towel and as I reached it Adam stepped further into the room and stood very close to where my head was.

“What the f…!” I managed to say before Adam grabbed my arm and spun me around to face him.

“OK sis, you’re not going to cover that delectable body of yours up now are you…?

I saw you earlier with Bobby doing all sorts of things a brother and sister should not be doing…You should really remember to close your bedroom door properly and not make such a noise y’know!

I came home early from the game and … boy am I glad I did!”

I stood there with his hand firmly gripping my arm with my mouth open in shock of having been discovered having sex with my older brother.

I could not speak. I could not breathe.

All types of thoughts were flying through my head:

Will he tell mom and dad?

Will he blab to all our friends?

What will he do now?

I soon got my answer…

“OK sis. Kneel.” he said quietly and firmly pushing me down by my shoulders.

I had no option but to do what he said.

If I had caused a scene and refused it would mean he would tell on me and Bobby, and I would feel so humiliated and we’d both be in so much trouble. If I shouted for Bobby who was down the hall in his room there would be an almighty fight between brothers which would need explaining to our parents and the reason would come out eventually anyhow.

I knelt down trembling and saw Adam had a great big bulge in the front of his shorts, which was twitching towards me straining for release.

His hands were on my shoulders as he pushed his hard on into my face and said,

“Okay sister of mine, I can see your eyes are looking at my boner and I bet you want a piece of it eh? Go on admit it!”

I shuddered and shook my head

“No. Go away. Leave me alone!” I hissed, not wanting Bobby to hear, not wanting to have a fight between my two brothers.

Adam held one of my shoulders down as he undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor, his unfettered cock jumped out and hit me in the face.

Wow, he was bigger than Bobby, with much more girth and slightly longer. Unable to help myself I stared at his manhood and found myself licking my lips at the thought of having that specimen in my mouth. I also realised that my juices were building up and trickling down my inner thighs.

“Oh my god this can’t be happening to me,” I silently thought as Adam’s cock passed my kültür escort wet lips and hit the back of my throat.

I instinctively started sucking and bobbing my head back and forth taking him as far back as I could. Adam wrapped his fingers in my wet hair and face fucked me with gusto thrusting in and pulling out a little before thrusting back in again. He was making gutteral noises and breathing heavy as he continued to thrust into my mouth.

“Ohhh Carrie, you like it don’t you? Go on admit it.” …Thrust in…out!… “You’ve been wanting this for ages much better than older brother Bobby’s isn’t it?” …In …out… “Yeh go girl that’s the way…”

My head was aching where Adam had his fingers wrapped in my hair I could only just manage to moan and I tried to breathe but his cock wasn’t giving me much time to take enough breaths. Eventually what felt like hours but was only minutes my mouth filled with Adam’s spunk and as I began to choke he slipped out of my mouth and his jizz spilt onto my chin and tits.

Gasping for air I could only stay knelt on the floor in front of him. He reached down and pulled me up by placing his hands under my arms and held me tight to his chest, before laying me down on my bed surprisingly gently.

I lay there for a few minutes catching my breath and had a feeling Adam was not yet finished with me. Out of my three brothers Adam was the strongest and more reckless and didn’t follow the accepted conventions. He was a law unto himself much to the chagrin of our parents who tried unsuccessfully over the years to curb his unconventionality and disregard for everything they stood for.

Adam stood and watched me lying on the bed with that look in his eyes again. A look that said, I am stronger than you, I am gonna take you again all the way…

How could I resist? I certainly did not want anyone else to know what had happened, for the sake of my brother Bobby and strangely even for Adam’s sake. They were my brothers and I loved them both dearly. I couldn’t bear for them to be arrested or for our parents to know, that would be so hurtful and agonisingly painful for them to know their children had done such things with each other.

Adam slowly removed his shorts from around his ankles and climbed up on the bed, his erection now fully hard again and pointed at me.

I couldn’t help but compare him to Bobby, who only a short while ago was in the same position, and found that Adam was better endowed. My tongue ran over my bottom lip and I felt the uncontrollable twitch in my pussy as I stared at his meaty cock.

“Oh Adam you are so big”, I heard myself say, “I want you to fill me!”

Adam, looked markantalya escort down at me and very tenderly it seemed after what had just happened, started to stroke my tits with his thumb and finger, twirling the nipples and tugging them until they stood up proud and hard. He then progressed to kissing me on the neck and shoulders moving down until his mouth found my right nipple and began to suck and lick it. He then changed to my left nipple, using his fingers to rub and tease the one his mouth had just left.

I was becoming lost in the touch of those manly hands and my pussy was itching to be played with and sucked and fucked and instinctively my hips pushed up to meet the meaty prize so close I could feel it on my belly.

“Oh little sis… who’da thought it … my big sis is a big slut really… aren’t yer eh? …go on admit it why don’t cha eh?”

I nodded my head and moaned as his dick rubbed against my wet and hot pussy and his fingers played with my nipples.

“Yeh I must be, cos I really want yer inside of me now… NOW!” I panted, thrusting my hips upwards to meet his cock.

Instead of entering me with his manhood, Adam left my nipples and his fingers stroked my slit and found my engorged clit, he then began to rub and stroke me until I nearly exploded with lust before kissing and sucking and licking my love button, sending me to near orgasm. His fingers entered my sex tunnel and his thumb continued to play with my clit bringing me closer to the brink,

“NOW come on bro… give me your cock… NOW … I need it sooo much…!”

“OK sis … you have been a good girl so here is your prize…”

With that Adam pushed his so beautiful cock into me and began pumping in and out in and out, his balls flapping against my arsehole sending more shivers through my entire body until I actually did explode with the most fantastic orgasm I have ever had. I moaned, gasped and tried to stifle my sex screams but was unable to be very quiet in the heat of the moment.

We both climaxed together Adam’s spunk mixed with my stream of love juices. I could feel it all run down my arse crack and on to my inner thighs. Ahh heaven… ah sweet jasus …!

Phwew that was hot hot hot.

As we were coming down from our highs a cough behind us let us know we weren’t the only ones in my bedroom…

Looking up quickly we both saw Bobby stood just inside the doorway stroking his massive hard on which was leaking pre cum.

“I thought I heard some sexy noises coming from here,” Bobby said, “and thought I’d join in the fun…move over little brother and let me show you how it’s done …!”

So there you have it reader I did say I love brothers dearly and this is my way of showing them I do.

What about the youngest brother I hear you ask,… well he may join us sometime in the near future but for now keeping these two brothers happy is what I intend to do.

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