The Pier


The PierOur sorted tale: Was it coincidence? We were both at the pier, window shopping. I saw her, she saw me, we smile and go about our business. I can’t stop thinking about her beautiful eyes. after about 20-30 minutes we see each other again through the window of the store she’s shopping in…she’s looking at a cute sundress, sheer but not revealing, short but not slutty; very pretty green that matches her eyes.I keep moving, thinking about her in the dress. With a nice little smile i continue looking around the various stores; another 20 minutes and who do i bump into, and at the candy shop no less! its her. wearing the dress; ” Wow, you look beautiful with your auburn hair glowing n the sunlight looking cute with your flip flops, yum!” i blurt out u expectedly, “every one always ends up here.” i say, breaking the ice “so what’s your flavor pretty lady?” i ask coyly. “If we meet again i’ll let you know.” She slyly retorts, adding “my mom said i shouldn’t talk to strangers.”she exclaims with a sly smile. I cn only stare fondly as she saunters away…I smile…oh well maybe next time. I keep wandering lazily around the pier at the various shops crafts here, trinkets and jokes there. what was that!? did i just see you flit by maybe, maybe not. just wishful thinking. last store; Spencer gifts? i haven’t been in a spencer’s in forever! gotta go in. just lookin around and who do i find in the naughty section? its her, holding an “Original düzce escort Magic Wand” looking at something in the lingerie section that was obviously way too small but “would make her look so fuckable!” . “So…do i get to find out what flavor?” i ask, catching her completely off guard, I move in intimately close and stare into your eyes, “we’re not strangers at this point.” i added softly.18:06″you give me a coy look, ” chocolate…with warm vanilla cream,’ you quip, continuing to look at the various outfits. you pick one out “you think i’d look ok in this?” you ask putting it up to your beautiful frame. “mmmm hmmm,” I reply, “but how about this?” i hold up a long form fitting satin nightgown, “i think it might accentuate those curves better…”, “but it covers everything,” she cries.”the discovery is most of the fun in a journey,”I reply, moving in close again, this time gently taking and caressing your this point we’re just staring at each other in silence in the naughty section of a spencer gifts…I break the silence;”I’m Bill, i think you look great, and i want you to come with me right now,” i say. ” i’m here with some one,” she says. i look deeply into your shiny pools and i reply “so am i.” i boldly kiss her in the store, she doesn’t resist “let’s go!”i grab her hand and we drop everything and dash out of the store…running through the pier we see an inn at the end of the coblestone path…”there,” i point. escort düzce he rebukes, “do we have time for…” i kiss her deeply again in the dark tunnel, cutting off her question, our breathing heavy, hearts beating in unison “FUCK IT!” she says sternly “take me wherever you want.” Checking in as mr and mrs “smith”, the room is intimate and well lit, good i want to see her. she begins to undress, i stop her, more kissing; i drop down slowly. starting at her bare ankles i gently rub my hands up and down her calves and the back of her thighs; i bury my head into your crotch inhaling her musky scent.”you wont be needing these.” i say, sliding her undies down her legs; i sit her down into a chair next to the table, i prop her leg up exposing her wet vagina. i stop “what’s wrong?” she asks. “you’re already so wet, i think i should just fuck you!” I exclaim. staring at her glistening love box, “But I have to taste you, i’ve been thinking about it since the candy store!” I finished. She laughs, “you never said what flavor you liked either stud, how about a sample.” she coos, opening her labia exposing her clit. “Don’t have to ask me twice!” I reply strongly, and proceed to slowly lick her dripping vag working her clit firmly with my tongue then softly suckling the labia, darting the tip of the tongue in and out of the hole a few times, just hoping to get a nice reaction”What the fuuuuuck!!!!” SheYou screams as the first wave hits her, düzce escort bayan “Okay, you can eat pussy! but can you fuck asshole!!???” She snaps confidently. “Yeah, i can fuck, and i will beautiful,” i say softly into her ear, “but i told you i wanna taste that soft beauty first…,” i trailed off as i press the head of my engorged meat into her wet snatch. “But here ou go…”, i push the shaft in, dropping all the way to the hilt without consideration.”yearrrgh FUACK YEAH!!!!”” was kinda all i could make out, which is okay since i was distracted by her powerful legs pulling me into her soft flesh. she gives me the angry look of pleasure that you see in porn all the time “FUCK THIS PUSSY TILL YOU NUT YOU FUCKING BLACK BASTARD!!!” she grunts loudly int my ear while gripping my back”I WANT YOUR NUT I WANT YOUR FUCKING ZEBRA BABY IN MY WOMB FUCK ME!!!” Every word edging me on thrust after thrust bottoming out every time…that fuck me stare…”OOHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK…TAKE THIS DICK…YOU WANT WHAT’S IN IT TOO!!?? HEEAR!!'” I grunt as i unload my balls into her womb, 1, 2, 3eeee big splashes against her cervix. she cracks a wicked smile, as she pushes me off of her, “time to go asshole, nice dick by the way,” she says smugly, slippin her undies over your still dripping snatch.”you got what you obviously needed, and i got what i wanted,” I smirk as i giv her an odd look, “Good dicking?” I asked feelin myself a little. “No,” she repies “I’ve always wanted to be bred by a BBC. I’m lookin forward to my black baby fool!” she chuckles as she walks out the door of the hotel room; slamming it behind her as if to make a statement. I’m still wondering after nine months…

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