The Packages Ch. 01

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This is a story about a family receiving a series of packages that promises to reward them financially if they follow the rules. It starts out very mild, but eventually leads the family deeper into incestuous acts. This is told in the first person narrative from the viewpoint of the husband and father of the family, Jackson Quiller.

You are Jackson Quiller, and are the husband and father of your family. You work for yourself at home and have a business that has run into some financial difficulty. You can still pay the bills, but you know you will have to eat into your savings before long if things don’t turn around. You have never strayed from your devotion to your wife, but have been tempted by a few women. You are 6′ tall and keep yourself in decent shape. You have short blond hair and blue eyes, which your wife still finds attractive. You have one attribute that your wife especially enjoys, which is a 7″ cock with a massive girth. You and your wife have a pretty typical sex life for a married couple, which is to say it not all that often when it happens.

Your wife is Cindy. She has helped you with your business since you started it and has enjoyed the work. She is 5’9″ tall and is in good shape for a woman her age. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, which you still find sexy. She has D cup tits and a decent ass, but both have started to sag and you miss the look and feel of both from the time before.

Your only son is Bill. He has chosen to not go to college and chose to try to find work right out of high school. He wanted to make enough to leave home, but it never happened. He is 5’10” tall and in moderately athletic shape. He has brown hair and brown eyes, which are identical to your wife. He has 6″ cock with an average girth. He is not a virgin, but has limited experience.

Your only daughter is Tammy. She just graduated high school and hasn’t made any decisions between college and work. She is 5’6″ tall and in excellent shape. She has long blond hair and blue eyes that are identical to your own. She has B cup tits and a tight ass. She is not a virgin, but has very little experience.

Chapter 1

You are sitting with your oldest friend, Jim, at the bar. You know it is just a matter of time before the man starts to delve into his favorite subject and you are no longer shocked by what the man talks about quietly to ensure no one else can hear him say anything, except for you. You have heard the stories many times and know there is no getting off the subject once he starts.

Jim gives a wicked grin and says, “I tell you, there is nothing better than being able to choose between banging my hot daughter or hot wife.”

You take a drink from your beer and say, “Not this again. I’m tired of hearing about it. Why don’t we watch the game and leave it.”

You know changing the subject is pointless, but it is worth trying nonetheless. You have lost track of how many times your friend has talked about having his family involved in incest and know the stories to be true. He has shown you some of the pictures and videos to provide more than enough evidence.

Jim shakes his head as he says, “The game isn’t worth watching. The 2 worst teams trying to outdo each other in looking awful. I’ll pass. As I was saying, there is nothing like being able to screw either one and leaving the other to my son. Knowing that my little girl is willing to do anything I want is hot as hell.”

You interrupt him as and say, “Your daughter is 25, not exactly a little girl.”

He responds quickly, “She is to me. She’ll always be my little girl, no matter how many candles she gets on the cake.”

You nod in complete agreement. Having a daughter yourself, you understand exactly what he means.

Jim asks, “You’re daughter’s what, 17 and your son 19?”

You shake your head and say, “She’s 18 and he’s 20.”

He nods and asks, “They still live with you, right?”

You nod, but remain silent. You have some idea of what he is up to, but know better than to say anything to him about your suspicions.

Jim asks, “You ever think about having a family like mine?”

You heard too many stories from your friend to not think about it. You have to admit the thought crossed your mind on many occasions. The idea of your wife and son fucking turned you on almost as much as the idea of you fucking your daughter. The very thought should have turned your stomach, but that just didn’t happen anymore. You have grown to accustomed to the idea and any thoughts of incest being negative were long since lost to you.

You nod and say, “Yeah, but it isn’t like my wife mersin escort and kids would ever be OK with anything like that.”

Jim smiles and asks, “What’s not to be OK with? She gets a young stud of a son to fuck her and I get a hot girl of a daughter. We decided that keeping it in the family was not adultery a long time ago and it has improved our sex life a lot. If you really want to have what I have, I can arrange it for you.”

You are shocked by what he just offered. You cannot believe that Jim was suggesting actually doing something to bring about a similar incestuous relationship to the one he had. You know you should tell Jim to forget it, but instead find yourself asking, “How?”

Jim grins at you and takes a drink of his own beer. He puts the glass down and says, “Just leave it to me, buddy. I’ll take care of everything.”

You look at him with a great deal of scepticism and say, “Whatever it is you have in mind, my wife and kids have to agree to everything. They can’t be forced.”

Jim smiles and says, “I wouldn’t dream of having it any other way.”

There is a part of you that wants to tell him to forget the whole thing, but find that you are too curious to see what your friend has in mind. There is no way your wife and kids would ever agree to anything along those lines. Since it is an impossible task, you look at your friend and say, “Good luck. There is no way you are going to be able to get my wife and kids to agree to anything like that.”

A few days later you receive a package that is posted to the Quiller family. There is no return address and you have no idea who it’s from when you sign for it. You set it on the counter and Cindy walks over to grab it. She is the one that opens all the mail, so there is nothing unusual about her actions. She reaches inside and removes a note that is on top, followed by a DVD wrapped in cellophane and finally a package that is sealed. She starts to read it and you see her eyes grow wide.

You have not seen that look before and are concerned it is bad news. You ask, “Everything OK, honey?”

She takes a few breaths and says, “This has to be a joke.”

You ask, “Why? What’s it say.”

Cindy gathers herself and says, “Dear Quiller Family, you have been selected to play a game. Enclosed in the package you will find a DVD and a package containing articles of clothing. The DVD must remain sealed until you are ready to watch it as a family and the articles are to remain sealed in the package until after you watch the DVD. You must watch the DVD as a family and no one can watch it prior to that, then you all must do whatever is on it while wearing the articles of clothing, and only the articles of clothing provided. A timer is also provided to ensure you follow everything exactly. You must then follow what you watch and record it. Once you finish the task you are to send it to the email address located at the bottom of this note. At that point, you will receive $1000 each and another package with a greater dollar amount. So long as the rules are followed, the amount will increase to…”

You ask, “Increase to what?”

She takes another breath and says, “The amount will increase to one million dollars for each of you. This can’t be real.”

You finally understand what your friend has planned for you and your family. He is more than wealthy enough to make this kind of offer and will use greed to get your family to agree to incest. Not just incest, but judging by the stories you have heard, it will be some very interesting things that happen.

You falsely nod in agreement with your wife and say, “Probably not. Does it say anything else?”

She nods and says, “If any member, or members, of the family refuse to follow the instructions for this, as well as future tasks, you will all forfeit the game. Any money won will be yours to keep, but there will be no further offers.”

You say in a serious voice, “I think we should find out if it’s real or fake. Why don’t we tell the kids when they get home and watch the DVD. As long as it isn’t asking us to do something illegal, then the least we can do is see if we actually get the $1000.”

Cindy nods and says, “Your right. If nothing else, it is doing something as a family. We haven’t done that in a while.”

You come very close to saying something completely inappropriate, but catch yourself quickly. Instead, you nod and say, “That’s true, honey. This could be a very good thing for the family.”

When your kids get home you and your wife tell them everything. Neither wants to believe it to be a scam, since they both like the idea escort mersin of becoming millionaires just by just by playing a game. You know that none of them can possible suspected it to be something even close to the truth.

Cindy puts the DVD into the player and waits before pressing play. She wants to make sure everyone can see the screen comfortably. Once she is satisfied, she presses play, while you prepare for the worst. You doubt your friend would go particularly far with this first task, but you could not count on him to use any tact. You have heard too many stories to know that he can be very creative when he puts his mind to it and you are more than a little worried that he is going to push too far too fast.

At first the screen remains black, but then words appear on the screen:

Cindy will be with Bill and Jackson will be with Tammy.

You have to wonder what Jim means by that, but the words fade quickly and 4 people appear on screen, a woman and man about the same age as you and your wife as well as a man and a woman about the same age as your own kids. They are standing and facing the camera and all are wearing black masks to conceal their identity. The only other articles of clothing are white shorts worn by the men and black mesh lingerie worn by the women. The lingerie does not hide anything and you can see the nipples through the fabric as well as tell that both women shave their pubic hair. You know immediately that this is Jackson and his family and are happy that none of your family has ever met any of them.

The men walk to the couch and sit down while the women remain where they are. The father sets the timer for two minutes. The women spread their legs slightly and place their hands on their hips. Once both are in position, the father starts the timer. During that time, the father ogles the daughter and the son ogles the mother. Both men are being quite clear that their eyes are moving between the tits and pussies of the women.

Once the timer goes off, the father sets it for another two minutes while the women turn around and bend over slightly to reveal that the back of the lingerie is a g-string. The father starts the timer again and the men stare at the asses in front of them.

Once the timer goes off, the women turn and walk to the couch while the men stare at their tits. The women stop about a foot from the couch, then the son get up and holds hands with the mother while the daughter positions herself so her ass is again facing the father. The father looks at the ass and a moment later positions herself so she is sitting on the father’s lap.

As she is sitting on his lap, she bends over to grab a timer and sets it for five minutes. The mother and son reach the center of the floor and his hands reach to the mother’s ass. He starts to grip both cheeks tightly to give the appearance of giving both cheeks a deep tissue massage. The mother’s hands make their way down the back of his shorts and starts caressing his ass. They start to french kiss passionately and turn slowly as the daughter starts the timer. As they turn, the daughter rocks playfully on the father’s lap and makes certain his dick is getting rubbed to ensure it is hard. Throughout the five minutes, the embrace is not broken in any way.

Once the timer sounds, the son and mother hold hands and head to the couch while the father and daughter walk to the center to replace them. Once again the timer is set the scene is repeated. After the timer goes off, they return to the couch and sit in the same manner as before. The screen goes black and you know the video is over.

You have to admit that there is something exciting about the idea of your family agreeing to do what you just saw and hope that $1000 each is enough to convince your family. Part of you hopes they don’t want to do it, but a greater part hopes that is not the case at all.

At first, no one says anything. Eventually, Cindy breaks the silence and says, “Now we know what we have to do to get the money and the next part of the game, if this is real. I won’t say this is right, but I will hold judgment. What do you kids think?”

Bill says, “It’ll be weird, mom, but I’m OK with it. It’s just acting, so I think it is worth going for.”

Tammy nods and says, “It’s kind of gross, but think it will be OK. I don’t think we can take a chance and pass up on a million dollars. Besides, like Bill said, it’s acting, so it’s not real.”

Cindy nods slowly in agreement with her children, and says, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m game. What about you, hon?”

You can’t believe none of your mersin escort bayan family members are fighting this at all and don’t know if you are relieved or nervous. You look at your kids and ask, “Knowing what has to be looked at, touched and the kind of kiss involved, are you certain?” You watch as each member of your family nod, then say, “What the hell, let’s do it and find out if this thing is real.”

You open the package and remove the timer, two pairs of shorts, two pieces of lingerie and four blindfolds. Each member of your family selects their items and leaves to change. You quickly change and realize the shorts are not ideal for hiding an erection and your daughter is going to feel exactly what you have.

You set up the video camera on the tripod and put on your black mask. You grab a timer and wait patiently for your family to get ready. As if on cue, you see your family enter together and all look very embarrassed, but determined. You are tempted to move your eyes down your daughter’s body, but manage to lock them on the masks they are all wearing.

You all get into position and you ask, “Before I start recording, are you all certain you want to go through with this?”

They all give you the affirmative and you press record. You and your son walk to the couch, then you set the timer for two minutes. You see your wife and daughter position themselves in an identical way to what was on the video and you start the timer. You immediately stare at your daughter’s tits and realize just how much smaller they are compared to her mother’s. Her nipples are showing clearly as they press against the black mesh. Your eyes make their way down her body and you see she has a trimmed bush. This surprises you a little since you were hoping she shaved herself down there.

The timer goes off and you are forced to tear your eyes away. Your wife and daughter turn around as you set the timer for another two minutes. They both bend over and you start the timer. Your eyes lock on her ass and you see there is just enough there to be fun, but not much else. You can’t wait to get your hands on her cheeks and squeeze away.

The timer goes off and both of them walk towards you and your son. You are once again staring at your daughter’s tits until she gets in front of you and turns around. You don’t even bother looking at your wife and son move to the center of the room as your eyes are locked on the ass in front of you. She sits on your lap and you feel her ass press against your had cock.

You pull your eyes up in time to see your son grab your wife’s ass and start to squeeze clumsily. Your wife’s hands make their way down between his shorts and starts to caress his cheeks. Then they start to french kiss and turn slowly as your daughter sets the timer for five minutes. Throughout that time, your daughter moves slowly back and forth and it feels wonderful against your cock that desperately wants relief.

The timer goes off and your daughter gets off your lap. She takes your hand and you walk to the center of the room with her. She is looking down at your cock while walking and you make no attempt to hide anything. Once in the center of the room you place your hands on her cheeks and are thrilled by the way they feel as you squeeze away. Her hands slip down your shorts and you feel a tingle throughout your body as she starts to rub your ass. You bend over to kiss her and her mouth parts for you to allow your tongue entry. She gives a soft moan as you start to turn slowly and wish you had a lot more than five minutes. You kiss her more passionately than you have kissed anyone in a long time and don’t care that your wife can see you.

The timer goes off and you break the embrace with a degree of disappointment. You take your daughter’s hand and move back to the couch. As you sit, she quickly positions herself so she is once again putting pressure on your cock. You stop recording and take a deep breath as your family gets up and leaves the room.

You remove the flash drive and take it with you into your room and see yourself in the mirror. The white shorts have become transparent due to the amount of precum that escaped you during the ordeal. You toss them off and throw on a pair of sweats. You put the flash drive into your computer and quickly make yourself a copy before emailing the video to your friend.

The next day an envelope is left at the door and you set it on the counter. No one in your family spoke about what happened and you know it is not something that any of them want to discuss at all. Cindy opens the envelope to reveal something that looks like a legal document and another envelope. The document is there to show the winnings are legitimate and the envelope hold $4000 worth of $100 bills. There is no doubt that this game is legitimate, even if it is your friend that is running the whole thing.

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