The Novelist Pt. 09

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Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, BDSM and Dominant-submissive relationships. If these themes offend you, please stop reading now!

Please read this story from Part 1 to understand the story progression. This can’t be read as a stand-alone story.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

I encourage all readers to comment and vote. There is no better way to hone your writing skills than feedback—good or bad.


The Novelist: Part 9

Kimmie was up bright and early. Today was a big day for her. Her first official day on the job. Sir had mentioned some important meetings. She’d gone through her closet already and set out some clothes. Normally she’d shower in the morning, but the bath looked inviting. She put on some music, soaked in the tub and ran a fresh razor down her legs to be sure she was silky smooth.

After her bath, she dressed herself in the St. John Collection Lilac fitted tweed suit with the matching jacket. She put on a lilac crepe cap sleeve top with a pleated boat neckline. She hadn’t put on any underwear. Then she stopped and thought about whether she should wear stockings. It looked better without them, she decided. She took a seat in the armchair and put on her cream-colored Jimmy Choo Kuki patent leather platform pumps. They had an open toe and sexy crisscross straps that she just loved.

She went to the bathroom and applied some subtle makeup. Less is more, Tom had said when they purchased it. She used a light lipstick and a touch of eye shadow. She took a moment to style her hair. A quick spritz of Chanel perfume, then she walked to the full-length mirror to get an idea of how it all came together. She adored the outfit.

“Oh, it’s lovely to meet you too.” She said pretending to make an introduction. “These? They’re Jimmy Choo. I just adored them. Sometimes a girl needs to spoil herself.”

It still felt like she was living someone else’s life. Being rich must be nice, she thought. It pained her to think that she would have to go back to Northridge at some point to her mom’s crummy house and her asshole stepdad. She wanted to live here forever.


Tom was awoken by Alexis kissing his neck. He opened his eyes and smiled his wry smile. Marie and Alexis had fallen asleep on either side of him, and he couldn’t remember the last time he felt so rested.

“Good morning, birthday boy.” Alexis whispered pulling his face to the side and giving him a wet, sensual kiss on the lips.

Marie reached over and tilted his head back over toward her. “Happy birthday, Sir.” She said planting a kiss that rivaled Alexis’.

“Good morning, Lexi. Good morning, mom.” He said contentedly. Then he rubbed Alexis’ belly. “Good morning, little man.”

Marie still got a little choked up at the gesture. The news was still fresh, and it made her emotional. She knew now that she was right when she first arrived. This woman did love her son. A part of her wondered what it must be like to carry his child and share him at the same time.

Marie let her hand drift down to his cock. “Don’t worry, Sir. Mommy’s going to take care of her big boy’s cock. You just stay right there, Sir.”

She crawled down between his legs and lifted his limp length in her hand surprised to see how full his balls looked. She wondered how his body managed to keep up with it all. She stared for a moment admiring his sack. She’d never really thought much about a man’s scrotum before she arrived here. She loved how it looked. The sack itself hung low and each testicle was visible as the loose skin draped over it. They were large, she thought. Larger than she imagined a testicle could be, but then again everything about his manhood seemed a bit oversized.

She pushed her head low and let her tongue wriggle down beneath his balls teasing the edge of his ass. Then she licked just below his balls in that spot that she didn’t realize was so sensitive until recently. Finally, her tongue reached his sack licking it lightly, and swirling around each testicle. He let out a long, satisfied groan. She would have preferred to slip his shaft into her mouth right then, but she lingered and took her time making sure his birthday was extra special.

Alexis straddled his torso and let her voluminous chest hang down above his head. Tom looked at her large pink areolas, and then reached up squeezing each breast and lowering them down to his mouth. He sucked one nipple and then sucked the other, biting each one softly.

“Ass or pussy, Sir?” She asked innocently. “The birthday boy gets to pick his hole.”

“Ass, please.” He said quietly.

Alexis scooted back moving her perfect round ass toward his mother.

“He wants it in my ass, Marie.” She said without looking back. “Would you do the honors?”

Marie unlatched herself from his balls taking his thick shaft in her head and holding it up as Alexis pushed backward. It pressed on her little asshole.

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned softly. “A little güvenilir bahis lube please.”

Marie let go of his shaft and spread her ass cheeks burying her face and tongue in her rear. She got carried away and licked her voraciously.

“Oh god.” Alexis said closing her eyes and enjoying the attention.

Then Marie pulled back, lifted his cock, spit on the head rubbing it around with her palm, and finally pressed it back into her hole. Alexis sat back and felt it stretch her open.

“Fuck, I love that…” She whispered as she took him deeper.

Tom hooked his hips and lifted upward sliding the rest of the way inside her. His ass was just slightly off the bed, and Marie took the opportunity to wrap her mouth around his sack.

“Oh my god, that feels good.” He said feeling his mother’s tongue.

Alexis moved forward feeling his thickness sliding inside of her. Then she pushed back and proceeded to fuck him with her asshole. No one screamed. No one said another word. It was just collective moans as she rode him until he sprayed his cum inside her ass.

Marie watched the entire act just inches away letting her tongue occasionally slip out and graze his sack or her tanned ass. She waited for the moment that Alexis finally slid his cock from inside her, and then she latched onto her hole and let his seed fill her eager mouth. She wasn’t hesitant any longer about these perverted acts. She didn’t care where it had been. She wanted to taste him. She wanted to please Alexis. She had two lovers now. Two owners.


Angie sat in her bed staring at the ceiling. She was feeling awfully conflicted about heading back to Saratoga Springs. She enjoyed her day here yesterday, and she enjoyed the company of these women. She wondered why it was that she couldn’t seem to make friends easily at home. Her life was back there, though. There wasn’t anything she could do about it.

She crawled out of bed and took a shower. Then she looked at her suitcase. She had clothes today. It wasn’t necessary to prance around nude anymore. But she couldn’t seem to select an outfit. None of it seemed right.

“What am I doing?” She said to herself.


Jane helped Marie prepare breakfast in the kitchen. She was happy to be let out of her room so early. It was Sir’s birthday and she hoped to be able to see him before he left. They were making pancakes. Marie had set the table in the dining room already. She wanted it to be perfect. Everything had gone so well since she walked into his room last night.

“You seem happy.” Jane said watching her sister operate with familiarity in the kitchen.

“Why shouldn’t I be?” Marie replied with a smile on her face. “Everything is going to be just fine. I haven’t felt this good in years.”

It was the first time that she truly believed that everything in her life was finally okay.

Jane had to agree. She couldn’t remember a time when her sister seemed so light hearted and content. Somehow things seemed to be working out for them in this house. Sure it was still difficult to adjust to everything, but Jane preferred to not think too hard about it. She just wanted to enjoy herself and tried not to imagine the complications of the life changing move that seemed inevitable at this point.

“Let me ask you a question.” Marie said as she sliced some strawberries on a cutting board. They were in season and she ate a sliver savoring the sweet taste. “When I went to get you yesterday morning and I opened your door… I guess I thought your room was like mine. Is it just not decorated? Did Sir mention why it looks so empty?”

Jane didn’t want to say much about the room. Alexis and Fran barely acknowledged it when she said she was staying there. It was like an unspoken rule. And deep down, Jane was beginning to dread the day she might have to leave it. But all the girls left that room after whatever time he deemed necessary. It’s just how it worked.

“I’m not sure what you mean.” Jane replied without much expression. “I think my room is quite nice.”

Marie stopped for a moment and looked her up and down. She couldn’t mean it. There was something strange in her response. She shook it off and moved on. She didn’t want to be burdened by her curiosity.

“Tradition.” Marie stated holding up a cookie cutter. “This is what I did for every birthday when he still lived at home.”

Jane laughed. “You were always such a perfect mother. I couldn’t have survived the world of bake sales and PTA meetings. You loved it though. From the second he was born. It came so natural to you.” She paused for a moment before saying what she had needed to say for the last few days. “I love him, Marie. I really love him.”

“I know.” Marie said fixing a perfectly arranged plate of food. She looked up at her sister. “I love him too. I’m in love with him too. It’s okay, Jane. I’m okay with it.” She arranged some strawberries on the plate. “And…. Voila! Here. Go put that at his place.”

Jane needed to hear her sister give her approval again. türkçe bahis The deep connection she felt toward her nephew was undeniable.


Alexis selected some clothes while he finished his shower and dried himself off. She was being particularly attentive this morning. She walked out with his grey Hugo Boss suit.

“I think this one is perfect, Sir.” She said hanging it on the bathroom door. “Aren’t you nervous or excited? You seem so calm.”

“Why shouldn’t I be calm?” Tom asked.

“You’re going to collect a million dollar check, Sir! That’s a big deal.” She replied. “And you’re signing your new contracts. I just wish it didn’t have to be today.”

“It’s just money, Lexi. It’s just work.” He stated frankly. “And I’m sorry it had to be today, but I’ll be home tonight. We can go out for a nice dinner or stay in and watch a movie. I’ll eat light during my meetings.”

“It’s your birthday, Sir. Let’s do whatever you want.”

“Okay.” He said. “Hand me my suit.”

She walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist resting her head on his shoulder. She looked at him in the reflection of the framed mirror over the sink. She didn’t say anything. She just squeezed him tightly in her arms. She never wanted to let him go.

There was a nagging thought in the back of her mind that kept bothering her. She truly enjoyed sharing him with Marie last night and this morning. The thought of losing her was so difficult to think about today.

“Sir?” She said quietly. “Are you really sending Marie away? Did you see the way she reacted when she found out I’m pregnant? You just can’t, Sir. I’m begging you.”

Alexis noticed his eyes water slightly.

“I know, Lexi.” He said looking down for a moment with his blank, pensive stare.

It’s the look he got when he began to overthink things. He brought his eyes back up slowly to meet hers.

“I’m imperfect.” He stated softly. “When I made that agreement I never could have understood what my life would become. My feelings about this lifestyle are different than Stephen’s. My feelings have evolved. Stephen looks at everything more coldly. I want to say no. But part of me doesn’t want to break my word… and… the other part of me knows I need to say no. I can’t let either my mother or my aunt go. I’m not sure what to say to Stephen. He’s not an enemy I want to have.”

Alexis looked hopeful. “I think you just worded it beautifully, Sir. Just say that.”

“We’ll see, Lexi. We’ll see.” Then he pushed those thoughts away and flashed his wry smile.

Tom lifted her up and set her on the bathroom counter. He kissed her lips lightly. Then her chin. Then the nape of her neck. His lips moved down her chest kissing the swells of each breast. Then across her flat tummy until he settled himself between her legs. He glanced up as his tongue snaked out across her sex. He saw the surprised look on her face and admired her soft, delicate features. He felt her fingers comb through his short brown hair encouraging his actions.


Kimmie was chipper as could be as she walked down the stairs with a newfound bounce in her step. She nearly floated into the kitchen. She set her handbag on the island as Marie and Jane looked up and noticed her outfit.

Jane let out a whistle. “Hot stuff!”

“Wow, Kimmie.” Marie exclaimed remembering how she felt after her makeover last Wednesday.

“This old thing?” She twirled practically bursting with joy. “It’s my first day as Sir’s assistant. I wanted to look perfect for the meetings. He’s just amazing, isn’t he? I don’t think I’ve ever met such a thoughtful person.”

“His assistant?” Marie asked.

“Yeah. Sir wants me to help him with his work and running the house. He said if I do well that he’ll train me. But I’m going to do better than well. I’ll show him how perfect I can be.”

“A big day starts with a big breakfast.” Marie said in a motherly tone. “Sit down and let me fix you a plate.”

Kimmie knelt on the small bench seat next to Tom’s chair in the dining room. Marie placed a healthy sized breakfast in front of her. She was starving as usual. She looked up as Tom entered the room. He smiled seeing the heart shaped stack of pancakes on his dish. His mom had spelled out the number thirty-one with strawberry pieces. Some things never changed, he thought. Then he looked at the petite girl stuffing her face.

“Kimmie, you look amazing.” He said taking in her appearance.

“Thank you, Sir.” She replied smiling.

“Stand up.” He said watching the young girl get to her feet. He kicked the small bench away from her place. “Now stand like I told you at the desk last night.”

She immediately spread her legs open, bent at the waist, and placed her forearms on the table on either side of her plate with her palms down. Her stack of pancakes was just in front of her face.

“Good. Don’t move.” He said examining her tiny frame.

Her ass hung out and the skirt was hugging it particularly tightly. He wondered how long he güvenilir bahis siteleri could wait before he would want to fuck her again.

“Jane, come in here.”

Jane came in and knelt next to his chair. “Happy birthday, Sir.”

“Thank you.” He replied graciously. “I need you to feed Kimmie for me.”

She wasn’t sure what he meant at first. She looked up at the girl and then got to her feet. Jane took the plate of food and cut off a bite of pancake lifting it to her mouth. Kimmie opened wide cleaning the fork.

“So my lawyer’s name is?” He asked quizzing her.

“Frank Donovan.” Kimmie responded taking another bite from the fork and swallowing.

“Good. My agent?”

“Jim Cohen, Sir.” She replied before turning toward Jane. “Orange juice, please.”

Jane took the glass of orange juice lifting it to her lips and tilting it slowly so she could sip it. It left a small lipstick smudge on the glass. It was a challenge to eat this way, but she kept herself in position. If this pleased him then she’d do it for as long as he wanted.

“Did you cum last night?”

“No, Sir.”

“Why not?”

“Because you told me that you’d let me know when I can cum, Sir. You told me that you were going to make me earn it.” She replied. “Sir?”

“Yes, Kimmie?”

“That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to, Sir. I thought about it all night long.” She said. “Pancake, please.”

She turned her head toward Jane waiting for another bite.

Tom looked down at his watch. It was already ten in the morning. He never responded to Kimmie’s comment, which she found a little frustrating. She wanted him to know that she struggled with it. And did she ever. By the time she left his office last night her pussy was a sopping mess and her ass was sore. It’s all she thought about until this morning.

He looked up surprised to see Angie enter the room. She came over next to his seat and knelt on the floor.

“Good morning, Sir.” She stated.

He noted that she was still naked. “Why didn’t you put on clothes?”

“I can wear clothes when I get back home, Sir. Until then… I want to be like the other girls.”

Tom knew then that she had finally forgiven him for everything. He’d honor the agreement that he made and purchase her ticket home for the following day. He was going to be sad to see her leave. She was such a genuine person, and genuine people were few and far between.

“Come, sit.” He said patting the small seat on his other side. Angie got up and walked around and then settled herself back on her knees at the table. “Jane, would you lift up Kimmie’s skirt, please.”

Jane set the fork down and lifted the hem of the young girl’s narrow skirt until it was up around her waist.

“Well…” Tom said as if she should know what to do next. “Get on your knees and lick her pussy.”

Angie squirmed hearing his command. She immediately moistened remembering the pleasure she got from the older woman yesterday. She still couldn’t believe how incredibly turned on it made her watching Tom direct these women.

Kimmie just looked at him unsure. Then she felt the tongue as it touched her. She gasped. Her face looked shocked by the intensity of the sensations. Tom picked up his knife and fork and continued eating without even glancing in her direction. The minutes ticked by as he listened to her breathing get shallower.

“Oh god…” Kimmie finally groaned. She wanted to look back, but she kept her forearms and palms on the table as he instructed. Her body began to tense. “Oh god… Sir, I’m going to cum…”

Tom cut another bite and then took a sip of his juice. He dabbed his face with a napkin looking very relaxed.

“You better not, Kimmie. I haven’t given you permission.”

“What…?” She looked alarmed and confused. “But I’m not sure I can stop it, Sir…”

Then he looked over at her finally making eye contact. “Maybe you should try thinking about something else.”

Kimmie’s hands began to tremble on the table. She tightened her muscles even more trying to remain still. Her entire body felt rigid. She started thinking about a calculus lecture she listened to last semester that she never fully understood. It only helped for a moment.

“Eeergh.” She croaked out straining to remain silent.

Tom could see her knees shaking now. Her body was giving in no matter how hard she fought it. She kept her eyes locked on him in distress. She was barely even breathing except for the occasional gasp when her oxygen ran out.

“I…” She started but then stopped straining harder. “Oh god, I can’t…” She clamped her mouth shut again. Her body was a tense, trembling time bomb. “Oh god, Sir…” She pleaded with her eyes. “I can’t!” She screamed. “I can’t! Please I can’t hold off any longer. Please, Sir. Just let me…”

Tom leaned back and opened his mouth to speak. She watched his lips waiting for them to form the words she needed to here. And then he said, “That’s enough, Jane. Thank you.”

The tongue disappeared as Jane leaned back on her heels.

“No…” Kimmie gasped quietly.

Those weren’t the right words. She was ragged and needy. She looked at him again and saw in his eyes that she wouldn’t get to cum. He merely wanted to torture her.

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