The Naughty Family Ch. 02

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I’m pleased that y’all are so pleased with the first installment of this series. I hope you enjoy Chapter 2 as much!

As always, this is a work of fiction and all characters exist solely within the confines of this story and my very crowded mind! I look forward to hearing your comments. Enjoy!

I woke up hungry. It was dark and I was on the couch, stretched out, a light comforter thrown over me. I sat up and leaned over to turn on the lamp sitting on the end table. An antique clock Sandra had inherited from her grandmother that was sitting on the dormant fireplace mantel informed me it was nearly eleven o’clock. I suddenly realized I was missing my pants and then I smiled, the memories flooding back of having Sandra stretched out on the couch, one of her legs propped up along the back of the couch while I was on top of her, slamming my cock into her with a vengeance, both of us caught up in the lust produced by my recounting of my afternoon adventure.

My zaftig wife was writhing under me, her pussy a molten cauldron of pussy cream that had gotten wetter and hotter as I had told how our daughter, Jilly and I had taken our flirtatious relationship beyond the realm of fantasy when I had taken her shopping at an adult video/bookstore for porn movie DVDs so she’d leave her brother’s stash alone and that we’d wound up paying a tall, curly haired blonde lap dancer to give us both dances and in the end, had brought each other to orgasm by masturbating each other.

Sandra had seemed somewhat annoyed at the fact that there had been a third party involved, but was unable to muster much anger over it as my descriptions of fingering our child’s pussy while she jacked me off sent her nearly into orgasm itself and that she became a wild beast as I fucked her while reliving the experience over and over again. We’d began on the floor, my wife riding my lap and before we had finished, I’d fucked her doggy style and then threw her back on the couch, her housedress in tatters and fucked her until I emptied a heavy load of cum in her motherly cunt.

Her only comments before we both fell asleep was that while she had only given her blessing to me to expand on my relationship with Jill less than twenty-four hours ago, given what happened, she was amazed that I hadn’t actually fucked our daughter yet.

I remember telling my wife that while I was sure that Jilly and I would no doubt be fucking each other soon enough, I would let her decided when she was ready for such a big and taboo step. I had then fallen asleep, my now dormant cock still nestled against Sandra’s semen filled pussy.

I stood up and stretched, feeling muscles pop and complain. I found my pants, neatly folded on the back of the couch and slipped them on. I padded on bare feet into the kitchen and got a drink of water. Even as I started to wonder where Sandra was, I heard the sound of giggling coming from beyond the kitchen on the deck. I moved that way and peered through the screen door. A small bug zapper provided the only illumination, the bugs not yet a problem this time of Spring.

I paused at the door and again heard giggling and then the clinking of glass. Voices became discernible and I realized Sandra and Jilly were outside. I stepped out on the deck and glanced around, pausing as I spied my wife and daughter in the hot tub. I felt my heart beat a little faster as the two women I loved more than anything in the world came into focus.

I watched unnoticed as I realized the two were drinking something, wine judging from the outline of the bottle on the wooden rim of the tub. I watched Jilly’s blonde mane lean in towards her Mom’s head – mostly hidden in shadow and then they seemed to merge and in the stillness of the Spring evening, I heard the quiet, wet noises of kissing. I quietly walked towards them, able to see them more clearly as my vision adjusted to the dimly lit deck.

I felt my cock twitch as I realized my wife and daughter were naked in the hot tub, Jilly’s pale, flawless skin standing out starkly in contrast to my wife’s more olive complexion. As they seemed to almost float in the bubbling water, I saw their breasts surface and disappear, then reemerge as Sandra pursued the kiss, leaning Jilly back and causing their sizeable breasts to emerge breathtakingly from the water. I realized that Sandra was cupping one of our daughter’s breasts with her hand, slowly caressing it in a circular motion.

I stepped a little closer and a board creaked underneath me and caught their attention, the kiss ending as they both turned my way. They didn’t move apart, Sandra’s hand not moving from Jilly’s breast and I felt my cock growing down my pant leg as the sight of my wife and daughter, naked and still in a loving embrace gave me a memory I would happily savor the rest of my life.

Jilly rested her head on Mom’s shoulder and said softly, “Hi, Daddy.”

Sandra looked up at me and smiled, “Hello, sleepyhead,”

“Ladies,” I murmured back, admiring the erotic and incestuous view. “Having bahis firmaları fun?”

Jilly giggled and looked up at her mother and said, “Oh, just girl talk, Daddy.” She giggled again and Sandra looked down at her and then gently kissed her on the lips, making my cock throb with envy and arousal.

“Am I interrupting?” I asked. “If you ladies need a little alone time…”

Sandra’s hand slowly caressed our daughter’s breast and I could imagine how hard and swollen Jilly’s nipples were. “Oh no, John, just chatting about you and Jilly and some rules and about slitlicking.”

“Slitlicking?” I repeated, raising an eyebrow.

“You know, Daddy – eating pussy,” replied Jilly. “Mom and I have been discussing it. Did you know Mom’s never licked a girl’s pussy before?”

“Um…well, I reckon I did.”

“But she’s curious about it, aren’t you, Mom?” our daughter said, turning her gaze back to her mother. “Might be she might try licking a certain hot, young thang’s wet cunt real soon!” she added with a giggle.

Sandra looked at her daughter and then to me and then back to our Jilly, an odd and lusty smile on her face as she answered, “That’s right and maybe I might be letting a certain naughty teenage girl eat my pussy too!” She paused and they both looked up at me before she continued, “If that would be alright with you, John.”

I swallowed, my throat suddenly dry and my cock pulsing near the point of ejaculating as I envisioned my wife and daughter locked in an incestuous sixty-nine, tongues delving deep into each other’s wet and sodden pussies. “Um…oh yeah, that’s fine with me, dear.”

They looked at each other again, the love that mother and daughter shared evident between them and they kissed – a long and slow kiss, becoming momentarily oblivious to my existence as their tongues danced together, ending with an erotic glimpse of Sandra lewdly sucking on Jilly’s tongue.

When the kiss ended, Jilly suddenly stood up, naked and glorious, her skin glistening as water dripped off her. “Well. I’m going to bed. I think I’m going to need my rest.” She climbed out of the tub, extending her hand to me to help her keep her balance, unashamedly showing off her lovely and aroused body, pussy lips blossomed open and wet from more than sitting in the hot tub. Her large, thick nipples, pulsating with excitement, dragged across my chest as she stood on tiptoe and kissed me as she had her mother. When it was over, her tongue brushing my lips gently, she said, “Will you come tuck me in before you go to bed, Daddy?”

“Of course, baby,” I replied hoarsely. “Be up in a little while.” Proudly, our daughter walked away from us, her naked body moving sensually across the porch and into the house.

As Jilly reached the screen door and opened it, she looked back at us and gave us a sweet smile – the same smile she’d been giving us since she was little. “I love you, Mom and Dad,” she said softly and then disappeared inside.

I suddenly felt a little shaky and dropped down on the wooden rim of the hot tub and looked at my wife. She was looking up at me with a mixture of love and lust and maybe doubt…I’m sure the same expression that I was giving her. “Is it me or are we getting over our head here?” I asked my wife.

Sandra shook her head and replied, “Damned if I know, honey, but…” She paused for a minute to collect her thoughts. “Honestly, John. I’ve never been more turned on.”

“Really?” I said.

Sandra nodded and suddenly rose out of the water, sitting herself across the tub from me, her legs spreading wide and revealing her sodden, wet pussy. Like our daughter, I doubted the wetness was simply from soaking in the tub. “It’s always been a turn-on imagining you and our daughter, John…but I never really put myself in the equation before, but after hearing her talk about what you guys did today and about her and Diane…and others, I got so wet and then…” Again, my wife paused and she shook her head, disbelief now mixing with the expression of lust on her face.

“And then what, Sandra?”

It took my voluptuous wife a moment longer to bring herself to speak. “After I woke up, Jilly came downstairs and joined me in the kitchen. She said that you suggested that she and I have a talk. I suggested we hit the hot tub and have a glass of wine. Jilly suggested we have a soak in the nude and she just skinned out of her pajamas and climbed in…so I followed suit.”

I shivered, the image of my wife and daughter naked together so erotic. “And then?” I prompted.

Sandra’s hands idly ran over her inner thighs as she said, “We talked about me being alright about you fucking her. Then she asked me if that turned me on. When I said yes, she said, “Really? Let me see!” and the next thing I know she’s cuddling up to me and her fingers are between my legs and inside my pussy.”

Sandra shuddered as her fingers brushed across her swollen labia. “My god, John! Jilly made me cum in about five seconds.” My wife looked up at me and said, “She’s like some drug. kaçak iddaa I’ve just had a little taste of our daughter’s sexuality and I just want to go nuts…lose myself in her! I’ve never really considered a woman before. What the hell is happening?”

I shrugged and replied, “I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just the kink that it’s our daughter…the thrill of incest. I know when I was touching her…knowing that when I was fingering her at the bookstore and knowing that I was fingering my daughter, that knowledge made it all the sexier…the more erotic.” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders again. “Hell, Sandra, maybe it’s just Jilly. Our daughter is like a primal sexual force of nature – something that cannot be resisted or denied.”

Sandra laughed and nodded and said, “She sure as hell is something!” She began to climb out of the tub, accepting my offering hand to do so and then allowing me to pull her close.

“Are you okay, darling?” I asked her as I held her tight against me.

My wife looked up at me and smiled, snuggling her well built body against me and replied, “I’m fine. I’m excited. I’m horny as hell!” She dropped one hand down and slid it between us, feeling the throbbing erection under my pants. “I want you to fuck me.” She stood up on tip-toe and kissed me, her tongue sliding into mine…the faintest hint of Jilly’ still lingering on her lips.

When the kiss ended, she said softly. “Jilly’s expecting you to tuck her in. If you’re still conscious afterwards, come back to our bed and fuck me hard.” She slipped from my embrace and headed towards the door, her nakedness only enhancing the beauty that she possessed. Like her daughter had done, she opened the screen door and then paused and looked back at me. She gave me an evil grin and said, “I got Doctor Prater to write a prescription for you earlier today. You might want to take one before you come upstairs – I left it on the kitchen table.”

I raised an eyebrow in question as I moved to go inside. Sandra had already retreated upstairs and so I walked over to the kitchen table and picked up the little prescription bottle sitting there. I grinned as I read the label. I’d considered the little blue pill years earlier when I was having some health issues, but since Jilly’s maturity, there’d been no need, but now, thinking of the potential future demands of my wife and daughter, I realized I might need the magic that this so called wonder drug might provide! I quickly took one before locking up the downstairs, turning out the lights and climbing the stairs to where the two most wonderful women in the world were waiting.

At the top of the stairs I paused. To my left was our bedroom where Sandra awaited me, her near whisper of “I want you to fuck me,” still lingering in my ears. I imagined my wife, naked and wet, her legs spread wide waiting for me behind closed doors. To my right was Jilly’s bedroom, her door closed and it made me tremble to think of what was waiting for me there. Silently vowing to end the night in bed with my wife as I had promised, I quickly made for Jilly’s door.

I paused and knocked softly on the door. “Jilly?” I said. “It’s Daddy.”

There was a low moan and I thought I heard my daughter calling my name. I opened the door and stepped inside, closing it behind me. I came to a complete stop, my eyes widening in wonder as I beheld the incredible sight of my daughter, completely naked on her bed, knees drawn back and spread, her hand pressing her brand new dildo against her swollen lips. “Oh, Jilly,” I breathed.

Jilly’s long blonde hair was spread out around her on the pillows like a golden halo and her eyes were big and wild as she looked my way and moaned, “Oh, Daddy…help! I can’t put it in me. It’s so big that I lose control. I need help, Daddy. Please, come fuck me with my toy Daddy dick!”

Slowly, I walked across the room and sat down beside my aroused daughter on her bed. Jilly’s large, firm breasts trembled and quaked as her need and desire made her shake. I could smell her juicy pussy, hot and wet – her aroma making my nostrils flare and my cock throb. Jilly’s slender fingers took my hand and led it between her legs, allowing me to feel the heat emanating from her fevered cunt as she guided me into taking hold of the long, thick dildo that she said came closest to being the size of my dick.

“Do it, Daddy! Shove that big Daddy penis in me, give me a hint as to what your big cock is going to feel like. Make me feel good, Daddy, please! There was more than a hint of need…of desperation in my daughter’s voice and in Jilly’s eyes I could see love and lust and maybe a touch of teasing playfulness. “Fuck me with my Daddy toy, Daddy…PLEEEAASSSE!” she moaned, her hips rolling and thrusting.

“Oh my Jilly,” I sighed as I carefully pressed the dildo forward, allowing the head to spread her labia apart. Rotating the long, thick rubber dong back and forth, I pushed the head inside my daughter’s pussy, her loud groans of pleasure making me shiver with desire.

Jilly’s hips raised kaçak bahis off the mattress, helping me slowly sink another inch or two of the dildo into her wet pussy and she sobbed, “OH YESSSSS, DADDDDYYY!” as her hands raked across the sheets, fingernails clawing frantically at the fabric as I wormed the rubber dick back and forth inside her. One hand raked at my arm and my daughter gasped, “More, Daddy! Give me MORE!”

I slowly pressed the cock deeper inside her, feeling her flesh give way, spreading to accept the thick rubberized flesh, making her moan and sob with pleasure, her nipples swelling up until they appeared ready to burst while she moaned and bit her lower lip with her slight overbite, gasping as I abruptly shoved it another inch inside her tight pussy. “Love-love-love it, Daddy!” my daughter moaned. “More dick…give me – OH GOD, YESSS!” she sobbed as I worked more of the dildo inside her, maybe a scant inch or two left.

“Take it all, Jilly,” I hissed. “Take it all and imagine it’s my cock, buried inside you!” Jilly let out a searing hot scream as orgasm swept over her, her body arching as if electrified as I sank the last of her rubber cock into her quivering cunt and then palmed my daughter’s sopping wet pussy.

“DAAADDDDDDYYYYY!” Jilly cried out shrilly, her body convulsing with incestuous desires and pleasure. My heart pounded wildly as I beheld pure carnality in the lewdly writhing body of my daughter, breasts bouncing enticingly while juices flowed over my fingers pressed against her silky cunt flesh.

When it appeared that her orgasm was beginning to wane, I took hold of the end of Jilly’s dildo and slowly slid it out, marveling at how wet and shiny it was with her juices. My daughter writhed and moaned anew as I withdrew her “Daddy toy” from her clasping pussy only to gasp and cry out in surprised delight as I suddenly thrust in back into her.

“Oooooohhhh, yessss, Daddy!” Jilly sobbed. “Fuck me with that nasty dick!” I grinned with delight as I began to quickly work the long rubber cock back and forth, a wet, squelching noise rising as I worked it back and forth. Jilly’s hand scrabbled up my arm and hooked my shoulder, pulling me down towards her. “Kiss me, Daddy!” she hissed. “Kiss me, Daddy while you fuck me with my wonderful toy!”

I felt Jilly’s pussy juices splattering against my fingers as our lips pressed together and our tongues danced as one while her cunt quivered and squeezed the thick rubber penis as I worked it back and forth. My free hand somehow found its way to my daughter’s firm breast, my thumb worrying her swollen and throbbing nipple as I squeezed her solid and yet so soft and fleshy breast.

I began to vary the speed with which I would thrust the dildo in and out of Jilly’s wet pussy, fast at first and then slower until I was moving so slowly that her body shivered with frustration and need. Finally, my daughter broke the kiss, using her long and shapely legs to thrust her pelvis up in an effort to make me fuck her harder with her toy while she nearly screamed, “FUCK ME WITH THAT DADDY DICK, DADDY!” her body now coated with sweat and quivering with lust.

Jilly flung her hips up, her mound rising as I kept barely the tip of her realistic dildo between her lips, her muscles straining to capture the rubber cock and take it inside her. Jilly clawed at my arm and whimpered, “Please, Daddy…make me cum now…please, oh please, Daddy!”

I felt a keen sense of power and control and for seconds that were no doubt agonizing to Jilly, I gained a bit of revenge for all those years of my daughter’s naughty teasing until I could bear her desperate and needy expression no more and I gave my daughter what she need, sliding the rubberized cock deep inside her pussy in a swift, violent motion. Jilly let out a bloodcurdling scream of pleasure and something more as I buried the dildo in her womb, my palm twisting and rubbing against her labia and scraping against the exposed, swollen nub of her clitoris.

My daughter writhed and convulsed beneath my hand which guided and shaped her incestuous born seizure of carnal pleasure, her juices gushing around the thick rubber cock packed into her pussy to flow over my hand and to puddle underneath her ass. When I sensed Jilly was at the peak of her orgasm, I leaned over and took a swollen nipple into my mouth, setting my teeth against the firm, rubbery flesh and gently bit down, sensing more than seeing her orgasm flare to new heights as she sobbed and whimpered wordlessly.

Softly biting down on her pulsating nipple, I flicked my tongue back and forth over the blood swollen protuberance while continuing to press her Daddy dildo into her cunt, her contracting pussy muscles trying in vane to expel the long, thick invader. Only after my daughter finally managed to put gasping words together and beg me, “Daddy, pleasepleaseplease, Daddy. So good…can’t take it. Oh fuck me, so good, please, Daddy, stop, can’t…heart exploding…can’t breathe,” did I finally relent, letting her nipple slip from my mouth and sitting back up so I could look down at my daughter’s sex-ravaged body – her long blonde hair now sweaty and tangled, her eyes red from tears of ecstasy while her chest heaved in an effort to breath.

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