The MILFaholic

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Jed Thomas was in a bad state. He had intended to have a few drinks with some mates on his birthday, but it had turned into a bender.

He had shown up to work the next day with a sore head, and the 35?C heat was not helping. To make matters worse, the sound of jackhammers, drilling and the shouting of his co-workers boomed around the building site.

The 18-year-old cursed his past self, and gritted his teeth as he finished off his work for the day. He wasn’t the brightest kid, but he worked hard. He hadn’t finished high school, instead he took advantage of a contact to get himself a decent-paying construction job. Unfortunately, most of his pay went into alcohol rather than his savings account.

Later that evening, Jed crashed through the front door of his home, a small two-bedroom apartment he shared with his dad and step-mum.

“Jed. What the fuck have I told you about making a racket every time you get home???” his dad yelled from the kitchen.

“Sorry, mate.” Jed replied irritably.

His step-mum called out from the other room “Hi sweetie!” in a bubbly voice.

Jed was a spitting image of his dad, a broad-shouldered, handsome man with wavy brown hair that he left in a permanent just-rolled-out-of-bed look. His dad, however, was starting to lose a lot of that hair at 43 years of age. They also shared a quick-tempered, slightly aggressive personality.

His dad’s wife was a previously-divorced 35-year-old ex-model. She had given up her modelling career to become a secretary, and turned the heads of almost every straight guy at her firm. She had an unbelievable smile, a bubbly personality, bleached-blonde hair, and a pair of D cups that always seemed to be straining to pop out of her shirt.

Jed took off his shirt and tossed it onto the laundry floor, heading straight for the bathroom. He let out a groan when he found the door locked.

His step-mum immediately opened the door and said, “It’s all yours, hun.”

Jed was used to his step-mum’s body, but as she emerged from the bathroom, he froze momentarily as his bra-less step-mum strode passed him, nipples poking through the thin fabric of her singlet, short-shorts riding up her ass. He also noticed her eyes dart from his face to his V-shaped waist and back again.

His cock stirred in his underwear, and he continued into the bathroom.

At dinner, his dad announced that he was going away for the weekend to celebrate his best friend’s bachelor party in Vegas. His step-mum, half-jokingly, warned him not to get up to anything bad. His dad gave her a mischievous grin.

The next night, Jed was heading out with his mates to the local pub, as he did every Saturday night. He spent the night laughing, drinking and judging everything in a skirt that walked past him with his mates. To round off the great night, his dad had sent him a video from the bachelor party: a stripper with enormous tits grinding on his dad’s lap.

He returned home around midnight, ready to pass out in bed. However, when he entered the apartment he heard his step-mum crying, and realised his dad had sent the video to their family group chat.

“Oh Jed, can you believe what your father has done???” his step-mum whimpered through tears.

Jed paused in the hallway, clearly uncomfortable.

“Err… He’s at a stag party, he’s just having fun…” Jed muttered.

“SHE HAD HER TITS IN HIS FACE.” His step-mum shot back, a fierce look suddenly appearing in her eyes.

Jed immediately backtracked. “Yeah… that’s pretty shit of him.” He offered meekly.

He wished her goodnight and hurried into his room.

A moment later, his step-mum came charging after him.

Unfortunately, he had already stripped to his undies.

“Why does he get to have all the fun, huh? I’ve-” his step-mum cut herself off.

Jed stood wide-eyed in his underwear, with a massive erection.

They both froze.

His step-mum was the first to break the silence.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me…” she said quietly, taking a step towards him.

Her eyes were focussed on his erection.

Jed was already a bit groggy from the alcohol, and he just stood there, his mind blank, as his step-mum advanced towards him. She was wearing the same singlet and short-shorts as the night before, and no bra.

“Will you do me a favour, Jed?” his step-mum whispered, her body almost touching his.

“Y-Yeah, anything.” Jed stammered.

“Will you fuck me, Jed?”

Without waiting for his answer, she sunk to her knees in front of him and slowly lowered his undies.

His massive, erect cock sprang out, and it was his step-mum’s turn to go wide-eyed.

She started stroking it, mesmerised.

“Oooh you’re bigger than your dad..!” she said dreamily.

Jed just stood there, still in a daze. His step-mum was giving him a hand job.

Then it happened. Her mouth slid over the head of his cock, she dropped her jaw and took all 10 inches down her throat.

“Mmmm!!” his step-mum moaned.

“Oh shit…” Jed muttered.

She started sucking him off furiously, her hand pumping up and down around bahis firmaları the base of his cock and her mouth sliding smoothly over the head.

Jed was in heaven, and a few minutes later realised he was going to cum.

He grabbed the back of his step-mum’s head and started pumping his hips.

She responded by moaning louder, and as Jed spat “fuck! I’m cumming!”, she released his cock from her mouth and stuck her tongue out, pumping with both fists as load after load of semen shot out from his cock. His step-mum’s face was covered in his thick jizz, and she was grinning.

Jed wobbled and sat down heavily on his bed.

His step-mum got to her feet and left the room.

A few minutes past, and Jed was about to check on her when she appeared again in the doorway.

This time, she was naked.

Jed’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

His dick was rock hard again.

His step-mum smiled seductively, and walked over.

She pushed him onto his back and whispered “my turn!” in his ear.

She moved up the bed and straddled his face.

Jed had slept with a handful of women and had developed a routine when it came to going down: trace a figure 8 with your tongue around her clit three times, slide your tongue up and down, repeat. The women always went wild.

Two minutes later, his step-mum threw her head back and had a huge orgasm, screaming out in pleasure as she came on his face.

She bit her lip, and rolled onto her back.

Jed was painfully erect, and rolled on top of her.

“I want that monster inside of me, NOW!” she commanded.

Jed took a deep breath, lined his cock up, and plunged into his step-mum’s pussy.

She immediately locked her legs around his calves, her arms around his neck.

Jed started fucking her slowly, and she started going wild in anticipation.

“GIVE. IT. TO. ME. FUCK. ME. WITH. YOUR. MASSIVE. COCK!” she yelled between thrusts.

Jed picked up the pace and his step-mum pulled his face down to hers, their lips smacking together.

He pushed himself up onto his hands while his step-mum spread her legs as wide as possible, allowing maximum penetration.

His step-mum started screeching, in the midst of another mind-shattering orgasm.

Jed soon followed, being overcome by pleasure as he pumped a huge load into his step-mum.

They remained in that position for a minute, kissing lightly, before Jed rolled off, and passed out.

Jed woke very early, having forgot to shut his curtains. He winced from the direct sunlight, then realised that wasn’t what had woken him.

Underneath the sheet, around his waist, was his step-mum.

She was slowly sucking his cock, looking up at him sexily.

Seeing that he was awake, and sporting a full erection, she happily removed his cock from her mouth, threw a leg over his waist, and mounted him.

The night before had been intense, hard and passionate, and this morning was no different.

His step-mum’s wet pussy sank down over his thick cock, and they both moaned in pleasure.

They locked eyes when she reached the base of his cock, and she bit her lip.

She then lifted herself up until only the very tip of his cock was inside of her, then sank back down.

Jed reached up to grope her massive tits, and she let her head fall back, moaning loudly.

Soon she was furiously riding his cock, and Jed kept both hands on her bouncing tits, staring up in awe at his sexy step-mum as she rode his cock, her bleached-blonde hair bouncing in time with her.

It didn’t take long for either of them, and Jed raised his hips off the bed to stuff as much of his cock into his step-mum as possible, and they both had mutual, electric orgasms.

As she dismounted, his step-mum closed the curtains and smiled down at him sweetly.

The last image Jed saw before he fell back to sleep was his step-mum’s amazing tits hovering over him.

Later that Sunday, Jed was awoken by loud voices outside his room. His dad had just got back from his friend’s stag party and was getting grilled by his wife.

As he sat up he heard his step-mum’s voice break and the tears start to flow.

He remained in his room for the next hour or so, not daring to leave and enter the war zone that was raging in the hallway.

His dad was yelling at his step-mum about overreacting and his step-mum was yelling at his dad for being a filthy cheat.

Eventually his dad had had enough and there was a loud slam of the door as he left the apartment.

The apartment settled into silence for a few moments, before his step-mum slowly entered Jed’s bedroom.

Her eyes were puffy from crying, and her mascara was running down her face.

Jed’s eyes, however, were drawn to her body. She was naked.

The next hour or so was spent kissing, holding, and making love to his step-mum.

The furious, fast-paced fucking they had given each other that morning was forgotten, to be replaced by a tenderness.

His step-mum was clearly in need of emotional support, and Jed ignored the potential consequences of his actions, kaçak iddaa and followed the advice of his massive erection.

Jed pulled long, intense orgasms from his step-mum, who held Jed tightly, crying out his name, and professed her love for him.

Eventually, his step-mum kissed him lightly on the lips and left the room to get ready for her husband’s return.

Jed got dressed quickly and left the apartment to get something to eat and clear his head.

He had a lot to think about.

However, Jed’s dad spent the next two nights at his mate’s house.

It meant that his step-mum was in his bed from the moment Jed got home from work until the moment he left.

Sometimes they fucked each other hard and fast, other times she clung to him as he slowly and tenderly made love to her.

On the night Jed’s dad returned, however, he did so with an expensive necklace and a bunch of red roses.

His step-mum folded and embraced her husband.

That night, Jed had to sleep with headphones on and music blaring as the sounds of his step-mum crying out in pleasure from the other bedroom echoed around the apartment.

It was hard for him to take. His step-mum had used him, and hearing her slip back to his dad so easily made him mad.

At breakfast the next morning, there was silence around the breakfast table. His dad had a slight smirk on his face as he tucked into his bacon and eggs.

Jed alternated glaring from his dad to his step-mum, who kept meekly to herself.

Eventually his dad said “sorry about last night, son. I’m sure you can imagine how emotional it’s been-”

Jed cut him off by snapping “imagine? You left me to clear up your bloody mess while you had the fucking time of your life in Vegas!”

His dad rose from the table, face reddening, and yelled “if you don’t like how things are then fuck off out of this place!”

Jed rose to his feet too, desperately trying to keep his temper in check, and after a few seconds of exchanging glares, turned his back and left for work.

Throughout the day, Jed received text messages from his step-mum ranging from apologising about putting him in his current predicament to tentatively expressing how much she enjoyed the sex.

Jed eventually got tired of it and said they needed to talk face-to-face.

When Jed got home that evening, his step-mum was waiting for him.

“Your dad’s working late.” She said.

Jed made a move to pull her to him, but she put a hand to his chest, stopping him.

“Jed… We can’t. Let’s talk.” She said reluctantly.

For the next twenty minutes they poured their hearts out to each other, Jed often getting up to pace restlessly in front of his step-mum.

Finally, they agreed that Jed had to move out. The situation in the apartment was untenable.

Jed was packing his things when his step-mum came into his room.

She was biting her lip, and Jed sensed what she wanted. She closed the door behind herself.

He knew it was a huge risk.

But he did it anyway.

He pulled her to him, crushing her hot, toned body against his.

Their lips locked together, tongues duelling.

She fell to her knees in front of him, and Jed quickly unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor.

His step-mum, for the final time, took his fully erect cock into her mouth, and with a desperation and eagerness, began sucking Jed off.

Suddenly there was a noise from the hallway, and his dad’s voice boomed out to announce his return.

His step-mum sprang to her feet, and Jed hastily pulled up his pants… But it was too late.

His door opened, and his dad stood in the doorway, eyes, narrowing suspiciously.

Then his face erupted into a fierce image of anger, as he saw his son and wife caught like rabbits in headlights.

He sprang at Jed, brushing roughly past his wife, and hit him hard on the side of the head.

Jed hit the floor and immediately tried to spring to his feet.

However, his pants were still around his ankles which made him wobble.

He was hit by another punch, this time an upper cut to his jaw, and Jed collapsed backwards like a sack of potatoes.

Woozily, he glanced up at his dad, who towered over him, a look of pure hatred on his face.

“You are no son of mine.” He spat.

“Get your things, and fuck off out of my house. I never want to see you again.”

Jed stared back, the reality of the situation hitting him.

“NOW, YOU LITTLE CUNT!” his dad exploded.

Jed scrambled to his feet, pulling his pants up.

His dad strode from the room, dragging his step-mum by the arm.

After a week of crashing on his mate’s couch and living out of a suitcase, Jed moved in with his cousin.

His name was Geoff, and he was 30 years old. They hadn’t been particularly close as kids, but they saw each other every other year at a family gathering. The thing was, Geoff was from Jed’s mum’s side of the family.

Jed had never known his mum, and his dad would always get dark and moody whenever she was brought up. All Jed knew was that she had left for work one kaçak bahis day when he was a few months old and never come home.

Geoff had a spare room, and only charged Jed a nominal amount of rent. He was lonely, and was happy to have the company.

One night, over a dinner of 2-minute noodles, Jed asked Geoff what he knew about his mum.

Geoff looked uneasy, and said “look mate, I can tell you what my mum told me, but it ain’t pretty…”

Jed frowned and gestured for Geoff to continue.

Geoff took a big gulp of beer, sighed and started his story.

Jed’s mum had been the youngest in a family of six. She was the bubbly one, who made friends easily, and was a stunningly beautiful woman. The problem was, she knew it.

She loved the attention she got from guys and started her sexual conquest on her 16th birthday, which is the legal age for consensual sex in Australia.

She continued to live a life of sex, drugs and alcohol. Her family worried for her, but she always came home with a smile on her face.

One day, she brought home a boyfriend. She was 18 years old, and the barrel-chested, easy-going boy was Jed’s father, 25 at the time.

Her parents did not approve of the age gap, but they saw that Jed’s dad cared deeply about her, and was polite and respectful to them.

After a month of dating, he got her pregnant. As was the custom, Jed’s dad proposed, they got married, and started a life together… And that’s when the problems started.

Jed’s mum felt weighed down by having a kid. She was only 19, and wanted to explore the world. So, after struggling through the birth of her son, Jed, and three months of depressing childcare, she told everyone she was starting work.

Her family saw she was very excited about getting started again, as she had a smile on her face again.

Unfortunately, when Jed’s dad picked up baby Jed from his parents’ and arrived home with a bunch of flowers to congratulate her on her first day, he found the house empty.

Jed bowed his head, and Geoff gave him a pat on the back.

“These days…” Geoff continued, “we don’t know much about your mum. She’s somewhere in Sydney, working as a hairdresser or something. She still seems to get around, though.”

Geoff rummaged through a photo album, and picked out a photo.

Jed had never seen a photo of his mum before, and held his breath as Geoff handed it to him.

She was beautiful. Absolutely stunning. The photo must have been at least 10 years old, and he noticed that his dad had a type… Because Jed’s step-mum was a less attractive version of his mum.

Jed thought long and hard that night, and after hours of tossing in bed, decided he would track down his estranged mother.

He had lost his dad and figured he had nothing to lose.

After a month of living with Geoff, Jed took a week off work and travelled to Sydney to find his mum.

He had been given her address by Geoff, and at 8pm that Monday night, Jed knocked on the door of a stylish apartment in Bondi, Sydney.

His heart was racing, his face turning red, and Jed mentally prepared himself for the prospect that his mum had moved, or even worse, reject him.

The door opened, and there stood his mum.

At only 37 years old, Jed’s mum still had it. Her long, bleach-blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail, with a strand hanging either side of her face. She still had her makeup on for the day of work, with a thick coat of lip gloss and dark eye shadow that made her intense blue eyes stand out even more. Her tight dress showed off her curves, no doubt accomplished by hours of hard work in the gym.

She looked at Jed, confusion and uneasiness in her eyes, “can I help you?” she asked.

Jed’s mouth was dry. His mind went blank. All he could croak was, “He-Hello. My name’s Jed… I’m your son.”

There was silence for about a minute.

Jed stood before his mother, waiting for her to say something.

His mother stared back, her eyes wide in shock, clearly thinking hard.

Finally, she took a step forward and pulled Jed into a hug.

With tears running down her face, and through deep sobs of regret, pain and love, his mum said “oh Jed, I’m so glad to finally see you again. And I’m so sorry…”

Jed, with tears in his eyes too, hugged her back.

They talked long into the night about his life, about her life, and finally how they were going to sort things out.

At 2am, Jed’s mum went to bed. Jed stretched out on the couch, and for the first time in a long time, fell asleep with a smile on his face.

The next week was spent moving his stuff from Geoff’s place to his mum’s one-bedroom apartment.

Jed’s mum had decided to let him stay on her couch until they could find a bigger place.

Jed found a job very quickly through one of his mum’s contacts, and settled into his usual routine.

However, living in a space barely big enough for one person, no matter how stylish it was, raised some problems.

Jed would often hear muffled moans coming from his mum’s room, and one day after coming home from work, walked past his mum’s room and glanced inside. On the bed lay a small, pink vibrator. Jed paused, the lustful moans of his mother filling his head, and the image of her masturbating immediately stimulating a troubling erection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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