The Mask

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The Bruckner Memorial Library was an imposing edifice. It stood proudly at the peak of the largest hill in Everdale, flanked by the beautiful Lake Winoski. For generations, the library was owned and operated by the May family, who lived on the second and third floors of the 22 room structure.

There were Ma and Pa May of course, better known by their given names of Peg and Leroy. Peg was a youthful 48, with long flowing brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her slightly younger husband, a fit man of 46, sported salt and pepper hair and a feisty disposition. Besides running the library, the Mays collected rare birds, predominantly parrots. In a specially lighted and ventilated room attached to the library proper the spectacularly colored creatures were lovingly attended to by the entire May family. Most of them could talk quite well, and Molly, a particularly bright amazon, had an active vocabulary of some 100 words.

The Mays had four children ranging in age from 21 to 28. Trish, the oldest had frosty blond hair and movie star looks. Doug, at 24 was as handsome as Trish was beautiful, looking a bit like Brad Pitt. His younger sister Brittany had just turned 22 and was a blond bombshell. Finally, Ken rounded out the group at 6′ 2″. He was a year younger than Brittany and had dark brown hair, a moustache, and a great sense of humor.

Peg had a younger sister, Jane Farrell who unfortunately was always getting into trouble of some sort. She had been in and out of drug rehabilitation for years, staying clean for a short time before the vicious cycle began again. A few years back, she divorced her husband of 20 years and moved in with the Mays, along with her 4 children. Chloe was the first born at 23. She had short blond hair and was very tall and willowy. Matt and Bill were 21 year old identical twins. They enjoyed trying to fool people by pretending they were each other, to riotous effect. Lastly, there was the 18 year old Ian. Unlike the rough and tumble twins, he was the epitome of the geeky nerdy type, wearing wire framed glasses and playing piano.

As the warm summer days waned into the cool crisp nights of autumn, the Bruckner Memorial Library was abuzz with activity. A collection of rare masks from Mexico had just arrived, and were going to be on display through Thanksgiving in a special lighted glass case. It was the night before Halloween, and Chloe and Ian had decided they would unpack the masks before anyone else had a chance to see what they looked like.

* * * * *

“Oh, my GOD! Look at this one!!” Chloe tossed Ian a black mask with a brilliant red smile. The eyes had been poked out and there were chalky white marks on the cheeks and forehead. It looked like something a 4th grader would make as part of a makeshift Halloween costume.

“How did that get in there?” Ian grinned. “Looks like Chuckles The Clown wore it!”

“I have to try this one on.” Chloe took the simple rubber band attached to the mask and stretched it over her head. In the fading light of dusk, she looked commanding in a strange kind of way.

Chloe walked over slowly to Ian then suddenly jumped unexpectedly toward him. “BOOOOO!!!” she shreiked so loudly that her youngest brother practically hit the ceiling. Chloe was laughing so hard, Ian took the opportunity to pry the mask off her head and quickly put it on his own. He looked rather comical with his wire framed glasses pressing against the eye slits. Chloe continued to giggle as Ian pretended he was Chuckles the Clown. Suddenly she felt very hot. Her nipples were on fire and there was a growing wetness in her loins. She looked over at Ian, who had discarded the mask suddenly, and was hiding his crotch with his hands.

“Ian, what’s the matter?” Chloe tried to get a glimpse of her brother’s cock through his tan khakis.

“N-n-othing,” I just feel a little hot, that’s all.”

“You mean….horny hot?” Chloe flashed Ian a wicked smile.

“N-n-n-ooooo!” Ian turned beet red. “Just hot.”

“I’m hot too,” Chloe grinned. “Think that mask got me all worked up.”

“W-w-orked up?” Ian looked at her quizzically.

“Yeah, I’m taking my blouse off, it’s way too hot in here.”

“YOU’RE WHAT??” Ian’s cock hardened in his pants at the image of Chloe in a bra.

“Oh, come on Ian, I’m sure you’ve seen a girl in a bra before.”

Actually Ian was a virgin, but he didn’t want Chloe to know that. “Of course I have…many times!”

“Good, then it is no big deal!” Chloe quickly unbuttoned her blouse, tossing the flimsy garment to the floor. She wore a powder blue bra that barely contained her more than ample breasts.

“JJJEESSSUSSS!” Ian’s tongue practically stuck out he was panting so hard with lust!

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and get more comfortable?” Chloe smiled sweetly at Ian while she fiddled with her belt buckle.

“Suppose someone comes in?” Ian looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Ian, are you chicken??” Chloe chortled at her nerdy younger brother.

“I’M NOT CHICKEN!!” Ian hoisted his jersey bahis firmaları over his head, revealing a snow white wife beater. He had a moderately hairy chest, and the black curly hair contrasted nicely with his white undershirt.

“Not bad,” Chloe couldn’t take her eyes off of her handsome brother. “I’m still hot though, guess these pants are going to have to come off too.” With that, Chloe stepped out of her jeans, revealing matching powder blue crotchless panties. Ian thought he was going to faint.

“Oh my friggin God!” Ian’s cock was so hard he could feel it spreading the fly slit of his boxer shorts under his pants.

“What’s the matter, Ian, haven’t you ever seen a girl in panties before?”

“Of COURSE I have…it’s just that…”

“I’m your sister?” Chloe looked at him lovingly.

“Well, yeah…” Ian looked at the ground, wanting to die.

“Ian, brothers and sisters need to share EVERYTHING about each other….now take off your pants so I can see your hairy legs.”

“My PANTS?” Ian turned white. “I couldn’t….I never…..”

Chloe tried to look sympathetic. “Ian do you have a boner under your pants?”

Ian just nodded, wanting to die.

“I’ve seen Matt and Bill with erections before, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. What kind of underwear do you have on, briefs or boxers?”

“B-b-b-oxers.” Ian managed to stutter. He was so nervous he could barely get any words out.

“Is your boner poking out of your boxers”?

“I t-t-hink so.” Ian wanted to crawl into a hole in the ground, never to be seen again.

“That sounds like it would turn me on, now take off your pants!”

With infinite slowness, Ian stepped out of his dress shoes and undid his belt. He turned away from Chloe as he slowly lowered his khakis. When his pants were completely off, he turned around once more to face his sister, who let out a loud gasp. Ian was wearing white full cut boxer shorts and his nine inch fat cock and hefty balls stuck out of the fly slit obscenely.

“OH MY! Ian, you’re hung like a stallion!”

Chloe couldn’t take her eyes off his bobbing prick.

“T-thanks.” Ian was still stammering but was starting to relax a little.

“I really like your big dick, Ian, mind if I taste it a little?”

“T-taste i–t???” Ian was totally shell shocked. He had never been blown and jacked off every morning thinking about a hot chick giving him a tube job.

“Yeah, just a little.” Chloe had to act fast, she didn’t want Ian to chicken out. “Lay back in that chair.”

Ian obeyed his sister like a trained poodle, sinking back into a large recliner. He looked very appealing in his cute wife beater, boxer shorts, and black dress socks. Chloe could feel her panties moisten, she was that turned on!

Ian almost fainted as Chloe got her knees and stuck her tongue out. She made contact with her brother’s massive prickhead, and quickly ringed the head, a nice neat circle. Ian let out a loud moan of pure ecstasy. Spurred on, Chloe opened her mouth and swallowed the head and part of the shaft of Ian’s cock in one gulp. He let out a scream of intense pleasure as Chloe forced more and more of his fuckstick into her bloated jowls, sucking like a madwoman. Then she turned her attention to Ian’s balls, exploring every nook and cranny of his testicles with her talented long tongue. Ian moaned and groaned into oblivion and almost lost consciousness at one point. After 2 minutes of intense ecstasy, Chloe suddenly let Ian’s tubesteak escape from her pouty lips.

“W-w-h-hatt?” Ian didn’t understand what was happening.

“I want you inside me.” With that, Chloe took off her bra and stepped out of her panties. Ian had time to remove his socks and a-shirt, but before he could get to his boxers, Chloe got on top of him. She guided his cement hard tool to her willing gash. It slipped in easily, as both siblings let out moans of ecstasy.

“G-G-A-W-D!!” Ian croaked. “It feels so hot!”

Chloe bounced up and down on top of him like a fucking bronco. “Yes, YES, YES!!” Her voice got higher and higher pitched. Although Ian tried to hold back, Chloe’s blow job had really gotten his juices flowing. In a matter of 60 seconds he was over the edge.


Ian shot off so fiercly inside Chloe the chair shook.


Chloe let out a shrill scream as her body in turn was wreaked with a powerful orgasm. Ian spurted eight times inside her, before he finally was drained of 18 years worth of seed. Brother and sister collapsed from the chair to the floor, completely spent. Finally, Ian managed to get a few words out.

“T-t-that was incredible!”

Chloe just smiled. “And we can thank the mask!”

Just then they heard some voices in the hallway. “Oh my God! We better get dressed and put the masks back.” Ian looked petrified.

Brother and sister scrambled into their clothes and tried to repack the masks as carefully as possible. Ironically, kaçak iddaa in their great haste, they overlooked the plain black mask that was responsible for their extreme horniness. It lay face up on the floor, looking a little more demonic than earlier that evening!

* * * * *

The next day was Halloween and the four May children were trying on costumes for the gala ball that evening. Ken had found the funny black mask with the peculiar red smile and was attempting to hypnotize Brittany with it.

“You will do whatever I say…when I snap my fingers.”

Brittany just laughed. Ken looked so dumb with the mask on, although his goofy skeleton costume didn’t help much either.

“Give me that!” Brittany yanked the mask over Ken’s head and decided to try it on herself. Ken roared at the sight of his 22 year old gorgeous sister with the silly black mask contrasting with a silky white princess costume.

“You look like Cinderella in drag!”

“Shut up Ken, you didn’t exactly look like Prince Charming with it on either!”

“What’s going on here?” Trish entered the room, along with her brother Doug.

Ken found this geeky mask from the collection and we were just trying it on!” Brittany faced her two older siblings with her eyes fluttering behind the eye slits.

Trish and Doug were doubled over with laughter. “Let me try!” Trish quickly grabbed the mask from Brittany and put it over her head. With her witch costume, the black and red statement didn’t look half bad.

“Sexy, very sexy.” Doug whistled.

“I feel sexy….and hot!” Trish felt flush all of a sudden and figured it was just the costume. But Brittany and Ken appeared sweaty too.

“Are you guys OK?” Trish peeled the mask away from her and tossed it to Doug, the only person left to try it on.

“Yeah,” Brittany and Ken answered in unison. “These costumes are a little hot!”

“I’m starting to feel hot…and bothered” Trish seemed a little embarrassed. “You know what I mean?”

“Me, too,” Ken nodded. His prick was pounding in his skeleton suit and pressed against his tight boxer shorts insistently.

“Yeah, I’m really hot, if no one minds, I’m geting out of this princess costume.”

With that Brittany undid her gown and kicked off her pink slippers. Doug had been wearing the mask for some time now, and watching Brittany disrobe had really gotten him hot and horny. He took the mask off for a better view of her stunning body and threw it behind the sofa. Brittany stripped provocatively to a pair of pink panties and tiny purple bra. Her huge jugs threaten to burst out of their prison any minute.

“You look nice Brittany, I think I’ll join you!” With that, Trish shedded her witch costume. She wore a matching black bra and panties and her tits were if anything, even larger than Brittany’s. Ken and Doug ogled their sisters like horny schoolboys. Their jaws dropped as Brittany’s breasts suddenly cleared her tight bra.

“Oops…..oh well!” Brittany made no move to cover her exposed tits up.

“Aren’t you guys a little overdressed?” Trish stared at Ken and Doug expectantly.

The men took her cue and tossed their costumes aside. Neither wore a t-shirt and their smooth muscular chests were a real turn on for the girls. In a matter of seconds Ken was naked save for a tapered pair of blue boxers with adorable little side slits. Doug sported nothing but white boxer briefs which bulged obscenely with his eight inch erection.

“Woooooo” Trish whistled. I think you guys have a little problem there.”

“Must be awfully uncomfortable with your dicks trapped in your shorts like that. Why don’t you take them off?” Brittany smiled at her brothers pleadingly.

The effect of the mask was so potent, the four siblings were becoming completely uninhibited.

“You go first.” Ken turned to Brittany.

“OK, no problem.” With that, Brittany unclasped her bra and stepped out of her panties.

Her bush was completely shaved and her tits sagged like small watermelons. Ken and Doug gasped as their steel prongs spread the fly slits of their shorts. Doug was the monster in the penis department, being at least 8 inches long and very thick. However, Ken was only slightly smaller at 7 and one half inches. Trish quickly got out of her bra and panties, revealing a cute hairy bush and very large breasts that even dwarfed Brittany’s.

“Those cocks look good enough to eat. What do you think, Brittany?”

“Let’s have a cocksucking contest. Whoever makes their man come last will be the Queen of the Ball tonight!”

“Deal!” Trish kneeled before Doug and Brittany got into a similar position in front of Ken. Before either men could take in what was happening, their cock hungry sisters had taken their pricks in their mouths and were sucking in a frenzy.

“Jesus!!!” Ken couldn’t believe how Brittany’s tongue felt against his rock hard flesh.

“Damn!! Doug growled. The tight fabric and small fly slit of his boxer briefs was keeping his cock rock hard and the sensations of being kaçak bahis blown in them were driving him towards the brink. After about two minutes of extreme ecstasy for both men, Doug’s cock suddenly began to spurt.


He began to squirt buckets of cum in Trish’s mouth, who swallowed it greedily.

Doug’s massive orgasm was enough to get Ken off. “BBBBBBIIIITTTTTTTCCCCCHHHHHH!”

He spurted a full 8 loads of cum into Brittany’s oral cavern, who unlike Trish spat it out.

“Looks like I’m the winner…..Ken got a little bit more pleasure than Doug.” Brittany was radiant.

“Just by a few seconds!” Trish was disappointed, as she really wanted to be queen.

“Don’t worry sis,” Brittany reassured her, you can be my first attendant.”

All of a sudden the doorbell rang. The quartet of siblings scrambled into their clothes, completly forgetting about the mask, which still lay behind the sofa. The red smile curled a bit more, as it contemplated its next victims.

* * * * *

A few hours after the May children had fun in their Halloween Costumes, Matt and Bill Farrell, Aunt Jane’s twin sons were fooling around in the Bird Room. Matt had found the black mask behind the sofa, and had immediately showed it to Bill, who suggested they scare the birds with it. As it turned out, the birds were rather indifferent to the black and red newcomer, but the twins found themselves getting increasingly hot and horny.

“All of sudden I’m really hot…are you?”

Matt looked at Bill in a mixture of fright and confusion.

“Yeah, really hot….in a lot of ways.” Bill scratched his crotch lazily.

“My cock is going to burst a hole in my jeans any minute!” Matt ran his fingers over the bulge in his trousers.

“So is mine, I feel like a steel bar is pressing against my pants.” Bill continued to massage his crotch.

“I’ll take my jeans off if you do at the same time!” Matt dared his brother.

“You’re on!” The identical twins faced each other and quickly dropped their pants. Their underwear was identical as well, blue plaid boxer shorts.

All of a sudden Matt heard footsteps in the hallway. “Hide!” He motioned to Bill, who quickly picked up his jeans and got behind a tall bookcase. Matt quickly followed suit, but forgot about the mask, which was still on the floor. The door opened just as the two brothers ducked behind the bookcase. Peg and Leroy May entered the room in great haste. They were a little behind in feeding the birds, what with Halloween night only an hour away and hadn’t even tried on their costumes yet.

“You do the water, I’ll get the seed.” Peg was about to open a small cabinet when she eyed the black mask on the floor, staring at her unrelentingly.

“Why, what’s this?” Peg picked up the mask and showed it to Leroy, who was trying to clean out Molly’s cage.

“That must be from the collection…how did it get in here?” Leroy stared at Peg quizzically.

“Beats me.” Peg put the mask over her head and pretended she was a phantom. “I’m Casper, the friendly ghost!”

“Hey, I can do better than that.” Leroy whipped the mask off Peg’s head and quickly put it on. He climbed on top of a small table, then gestured frantically. “I am the Great OZ! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!!!”

Peg almost doubled over in laughter, Leroy was quite convincing as the Man from Emerald City. All of the sudden she had a hot flash. Her nipples hardened and moisture started to form on her teal panties.

Leroy noticed her beet red skin as he became aware of his own arousal. His prick hardened in his pants, pressing insistently against his striped boxers.

“I don’t know what’s come over me…all of a sudden I feel like….doing it!” Peg was so aroused her hands went under her dress and up her legs to her itching crotch.

“Me, too, I feel like there is a fucking flagpole in my pants.” Leroy nodded.

“I have to get out of these clothes.” Peg quickly dropped her dress to the ground and got out of her bra and panties in record time. The sight of his naked wife so aroused Leroy, that he practically ripped his shirt and pants off, sliding his boxers down triumphantly. His seven incher was rock hard, and he scrambled to the large couch near Molly’s cage, anxious to sink his hard bone into his wife’s willing pussy.

“H-hurry!” Peg was so horny she couldn’t wait one more minute. As she lay back on the sofa, Leroy penetrated her in one perfectly coordinated thrust.

“Oh, yes! That’s it!” Peg started to moan loudly.

“Oh, yes! That’s it!” Molly the parrot imitated Peg’s phrase perfectly.

“Oh, no! I forgot about the birds. They always talk more when they’re hungry!” Peg said alarmingly.

“Fuck, dammit.” Leroy felt Peg stiffen up.

“Polly want a vagina, they’ll just have to wait.”

Peg let out a small scream as Leroy found a sensitive spot. “I’m almost there, I’m almost there.”

Suddenly there was a cacaphony of birds all talking at once.






“I can’t concentrate with the birds talking like that…they’re watching us!!” Peg was mortified.

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