The Long Weekend Ch. 13

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Big Dicks

Chapter 13

Choosing What to Wear

Standing in front of her closet, looking at the hangers in front her, Annie felt Jr. come up behind. He stood very close and leaning over, helped her look at the choices. He reached around her curvaceous body to flip through the hangers, “Undo your dress mom.” Jr. whispered in her ear.

Annie did and it hung loose off her shoulders exposing the whole front of her marvelous yearning body. Being as tall as he was and short as his mother was, he could look over her shoulder to see her breasts extending out and the areolas dimpling up. “Let’s see what would be good for tonight.” Jr. thought out loud. “What did Brice tell you about his friends?” he continued.

“Older, casual, up market” replied Annie as she felt Jr. trace his thumbs down her chest to her expanding nipples. She shuddered as he leaned down to smell her hair and nuzzle her neck. She shuddered again as he flicked her nipples on his way to reach for the yellow stretch jersey top and bottom that she had bought on the trip up.

“I think this one. With a cover up you’ll be both discreet and warm enough. Plus it is soft enough not to bother your slight sun burn. If it gets too hot, just make the adjustments like the sales clerk said.” Jr. said as he picked up the hanger. “Over the strapless demi-bra you packed, it will be sensational, stunning.

“Thank you Jr. should I wear stockings as well?” his mother inquired.

“Yes of course, I know its cottage country but it is a night out and you will want to impress Mr. Lumley’s friends. Plus your legs look so good in them.” Jr. stated as he playfully tried to hook the hanger on her extended nipple. “Let me put some after sun lotion on you to help ease the sting” he said solicitously but firmly. “Take off your dress!”

His mother took off her dress and moved to the vanity. “The balm is over here.” his mother said as she handed him the bottle before turning her back to him to put her hands on the vanity and lean forward. “Can you start with my back?”

Jr. tipped the cool lotion onto her back and saw her wince with the icy sensation. “Oh, sorry mom.” he apologized acknowledging his insensitive actions. With long strokes up and down her back and then over her shoulders he massaged in the soothing liquid. He cupped his two hands and filled the pockets of his palms with cool liquid and leaned into her ass with his crotch. He bent over her back with his chest to reach around and under, to cup her hanging pendulous breasts and smear the cold velvety cream over the sore nipples. He massaged, pulled and stretched them for what seemed like hours as she accepted his weight on her back and enjoyed his ministrations.

He pulled away as he ran his hands back down over her waist to her hips. He poured more oil in his hands and reached down bahis firmaları to do her hips and the cheeks of her ass. He loved her ass, it was so soft yet firm, so white yet pink so exotic yet intimate. He sunk to his knees and gently spread her legs apart as he strained to see where he had come from as a baby, her white puffy clam shell framed by the wonderful silky thighs. He stared at this miraculous place and leaned in to smell her, the smell that he had always desired.

He slipped his hands down her legs and back up to caress her vulva. With long light strokes he pleasured the lips with his fingers. He pulled back and pushed his hand up and away over her bum, exposing her pink rose bud. He could see it quivering as he worked the edge of his hand up and down the furrow between her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart and leaned in again until his lips were close to her vagina and his nose touched her ass. He could smell her musk, her arousal.

She had been aroused all day and now her relentless son, who knew exactly what she needed, had stoked to her lust again. Through the fog of her arousal, she heard Jr. say “Mom, I can’t let you go out like this, I need to make you cum, Sr. wants me to take care of you. I’ve got an idea, come over to the bed.”

Jr. cupped her sex, put this thumb on her nether hole and raised himself up, and drew her back away from the vanity to the bed. Jr. lay diagonally on the bed with this head at one bottom corner. Looking up at his mother he guided her backward until her crotch was over his face. He pulled her down so her smooth outer lips trapped his nose before adjusting her so that her vulva was over his mouth. He inhaled the aroma of her vagina, he tasted the juices on her soft swollen lips. He nosed her clit to the point it poked out far enough for him to suck on.

Annie could not believe what was happening as she squatted over him, letting his tongue bathe her insides. With quivering knees, she grasped her inner lips and spread them apart, allowing him full access to her pink flowing cunt. She held herself open and rubbed herself on his face. She thrust and bucked herself on his mouth. She fucked his face searching for his long probing tongue. She was wild with excitement, more intense than anything she had ever experienced. Her son was one with her as she put her full weight on him. She leaned forward, placed her hands on her splayed knees, she rocked in time with his stiff probing tongue. She felt his teeth on her inner lips and his tongue. Oh what a tongue she thought as it penetrated deep reaching into her uterus.

She cried out silently, as she gripped the back of his and pulled him into her red pulsating cavity. Trying to get him to reach her g-spot. Trying to get him back into her. She came in rolling waves. Her son, her lover had made her feel kaçak iddaa like no one ever had.

Shakily, she stood up then collapsed on the bed. She was naked, legs fallen apart, sated…will he take me now she thought. He rolled over, kissed her tummy and adjusted his cock.

“What about you?” Annie asked.

“That was incredible and I would love to cum, but I want to keep this excitement. Jake and I are going into town and this edge will help me focus on trying to meet some girls. I’ll tell Mr. Lumley you will be down in a few minutes.” said Jr. as he walked to bathroom to wash his face.

Coming back by the bed, he saw that she had not moved. She was beautiful, she was his mother, she was fantastic, she was still splayed wide open. He knelt between her legs, he smelled her bouquet, before he lovingly kissed the bald lips and the sheathed clit.

“You smell so good, don’t wash it before you go out, it will drive people wild. Remember have fun, I love you.” Jr. said, standing up and going to the door.

She heard the door open and then close and knew that she had to get up and get dressed.

She came down about fifteen minutes later to find Brice sitting at the table nursing his beer. He looked up at her yellow top with a hint of a red bra underneath. The half bra supported outward the bottom of her breasts up but let the top half jiggle around as she walked. The nipple loops helped the breasts from not falling out but at the expense of two large protrusions in the fabric. The top ran down to just above her belly button where it stopped to show off the sensuous swell of her tummy. The bottom half of the outfit started low on the hips ran to just above the knee where two white hold up nylons ran down her smooth curved legs to stop at a pair of red high heel shoes. To cover her bare shoulders she had a light white cotton cover up that was not done up. The outfit clung to her body but did not in anyway hamper her movements.

“That is a wonderful outfit, you look great. The boys left for town already, so whenever you are ready we can head out.” he said noticing that flush on her face. Obviously she got more sun than she planned he thought. “We’ll take the Jeep since the boys took the truck. Since its BYOB, I have packed up some wine and since Barbara and I usually take some towels to sit on, I have two of those as well.”

It was a bit of bouncy ride in the Jeep over to the resort. The canvas top to the Jeep gave it little structural rigidity. They bounced around a bit due to the stiff suspension and the rough road. They turned into the club’s drive and found a parking space in the dimly lit lot. Brice came around to help her out.

Climbing out, she realized, in her high heels she was as tall if not taller than Brice. She straightened her clothing and looking back kaçak bahis down over her legs, she asked Brice, “Do my nylons look straight?” Turning to the car she put her hands on the front fender, put her legs together and thrust her ass out toward him.

Brice looked at them and offered. “I think so.”

“Take a closer look Brice, and make sure they are.” she said firmly.

“Yes of course Mrs. Sullivan, of course how inappropriate for me to question you.” Brice responded immediately as he got down on his knees. He gently took her left ankle and began making sure the seam was straight with her heel Caressing her calf with his hands he used his thumbs to continue adjusting upward until he reached the back of her knee. He then took her right ankle and repeated the procedure but hesitated when he smoothed the back of her right knee.

“All the way up Mr. Lumley if you please.” Annie requested as she felt him warp his hands around her knees and continue their upward journey. She moved her legs apart as his one hand moved to her inner thigh and swept the slick lacy fabric upward under her skirt. He felt bare skin and he knew he had reached the top.

“Are they straight Mr. Lumley?’ Annie asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice. “How can you be sure if you can not see all of them?”

“Quite right, quite right” Brice apologized as he used both hands to peel the rear of her tight skirt upward and away exposing the tops of her legs. He folded the skirt up and due to its tightness it stayed fast around her waist. He spread her legs more as he moved his face in closer for a better look. It may have been dark but he could clearly make out a red thong not only between the tan lines but between the cheeks of her ass. The tight elastic of the white stocking tops constricted grooves into her upper thighs He put a finger in the top of each of the hold ups to adjust it around and in doing so the back of his hand ran over her vulva. His fingers felt the slipperiness of her thighs as new juices trickled down on his fingers. He heard her moan and felt her squat to make better contact with his hand.

“That’s better, now check the front” she directed as she turned around. He grasped the hem in the middle and raised the fabric. The aroma of her arousal overwhelmed his senses and he peered closely at her sex instead of her nylons. He saw a glistening sheen and some residual sparkles in the recesses of her upper thighs where the wonderful bouquet was coming from. He felt the stretchy fabric of her skirt being pulled over his head. In the darkness, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as his tongue traced the red micro ‘V’ of her thong covering only her clit and then splitting her vagina. He leaned closer so as to totally capture her fragrance. The perfume of arousal, the scent he had smelled at lunch time.

“Well, Mr. Lumley?”

“The stockings like everything else are perfect, Mrs. Sullivan.” came a muffled reply.

“Thank you Brice, please come out, fix the hem and let’s go meet your friends.”

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