The Lockdown


The LockdownWhenever a new tenant moves into one of the adjoining flats I’m always interested in who they are, and with good reason. Living in a flat in a converted house (in my case a turn of the last century, three storey terraced townhouse) anti-social neighbours are the last thing I needed. I’ve lived in flats since I was 21 with my current one situated on a tree-lined road around the corner from Cardiff’s Roath recreation Ground. It was my fourth and in the three previous ones I’d had my share of noisy neighbours, playing music until all hours of the night, loudly. Thankfully, since moving into the flat this hadn’t been an issue. I lived in what I regarded as the best of the four flats in the building, the other three – two on the ground floor and one on the top floor were all either studio flats or one bedroom affairs with a combined living room and kitchen. In contrast mine had two bedrooms and a separate kitchen & living room/dining room. I’d also been blessed with considerate neighbours since moving here two years previous. With the rear ground-floor flat, situated beneath my bathroom and second bedroom which I used as a large walk-in cupboard, the tenant’s behaviour was largely irrelevant. At the time in question it was a rather frumpy, twenty-something Canadian woman named ‘Heather’ studying at one of the universities in Cardiff. As for the other two sets of tenants, the front flat was occupied by a rather quiet man of about my age (thirty) named ‘Darren’ who had lived there for about a year and who had recently got a new boyfriend with whom he was spending most of his time at their place.That left the top-floor flat. Until the end of January it had been occupied by a couple in their early to mid-twenties – ‘Jake’ & ‘Zoë’ and for the most part they’d been quiet, apart from their love-making that was anything but quiet. But that wasn’t an issue with me. Quite the contrary I loved listening to them screwing and had many a memorable wank lying in bed listening to them. I especially liked it when I heard Zoë talking dirty as Jake fucked her. “Fuck my Pussy!” She’d exclaim amongst other things. Even though I could only hear and not see them, it was better than watching porn. And believe me I often wished I’d had the courage to walk up the fire escape on the rear of the building and peer into their bedroom window and see what they were up to. On one occasion just before they’d moved out they even had an FFM threesome with a gorgeous blonde I glimpsed. When they’d moved out I really missed listening to them getting it on with each other.Now, in the last Saturday in February I happened to look out my window and beheld the site of a white van parked on the hill outside the flat and three people hefting boxes down the garden path to the door. There were clearly two men, one silver-haired in his fifties, the other in his twenties, but the third person in the group I was initially too late to see as they’d already walked past my line of sight to the front door. After a moment, having propped open the front door they reappeared and I beheld a woman of about my age with long blonde hair in a ponytail. They wore a grey sweater under a pale-blue denim jacket and matching boot cut jeans. Upon closer examination I could see it was none other than the blonde in the threesome with Jake & Zoë! As the trio began making trips upstairs with the belongings of which one(s) of them were moving in I could hear snippets of conversation through the door. Around mid-afternoon I saw the two men I’d seen initially walking down the path, having closed the front door the middle-aged one turned and looked up at the building. Instinctively I stood back from the window, even though he couldn’t see me through the nets and I could see him wave. He and his companion climbed into the van and then drove off. I didn’t see anything or hear much of the new arrival. A few days later I happened to see some post – presumably bills addressed to flat four and discovered her name was ‘Catrina O’Rourke’.And then along came the Corona Virus pandemic and the lockdown. Darren decided to stay with his new man and Heather took a flight back to Canada before they were suspended. Since this was my home, I chose to stay, especially as it would have been impractical to stay with my parents. Instead we spoke to each other via phone everyday, taking it in turns to call. As for Catrina, she chose to stay as well. I would see her going for a morning jog (based on the fact she wore a tracksuit) to the nearby Roath Recreation Ground around the corner; at least I guessed that’s where she was going. That’s was as far as I ever dared to go. The only other times I left the flat was to walk to the shops in nearby Albany Road, or if I was feeling adventurous, a large Sainsbury’s supermarket on Colchester Avenue, fifteen minutes walk away. It was the last Friday in March, a week after the full lockdown had been imposed that the incident I wish to share with you happened. Like many people I’d ordered things online and was awaiting a couple of parcels – mainly Blu-Rays and a new pair of flip-flops which I wore in lieu of slippers. So when the buzzer to my flat sounded and the person on the intercom identified themselves as having a parcel, I put on a pair of surgical gloves I’d had the foresight to bulk-buy immediately prior to the lockdown and raced downstairs. I opened the front door and picked the parcel up from the porch where the delivery person had left it. They were keeping a respectful distance roughly midway along the path when I opened the door and after saying thanks, they left.I returned to my flat and noticed that the parcel was an A4-sized cardboard envelope which bulged about a centimetre in thickness near its centre. With my gloved hands I opened the package, which wasn’t difficult and stared in dismay at the contents. Two squares of cardboard wrapped in see-through cellophane bearing the logo of a well-known brand of nylons stared back at me. In both instances an attractive woman in her twenties wearing a matching bra and panty set was present on the front. In one she wore a pair of black, crotchless fishnet tights. In the other a pair of red sheer-to-waste ones (in so much as any crotchless tights which in the case of these were essentially stockings with a built-in suspender belt made of nylon, yozgat escort could be classed as ‘sheer-to-waste’). I considered it was a prank gift from one of my friends (or my ex) who knew that I had a bit of ‘a thing’ for tights, or possibly it was sent to the wrong address. I then realised to my horror, I hadn’t checked the address label. Maybe it was for one of the other tenants! I sheepishly looked at the invoice inside, a piece of A5 paper folded in two. I considered it could be for Heather who’d ordered it before her last-minute flight to Canada, she’d simply forgotten to cancel/redirect it. But since she’d moved in I’d only ever seen her in a dress or skirt a couple of times, that was in summer and she’d been best as I could tell, bare-legged. She could of course wear tights under the many trousers or jeans she routinely wore instead of socks, but somehow I doubted it. I slowly unfolded the invoice and caught my first glimpse of the address, ‘Flat Four’ and the name: ‘Miss. C. O’Rourke’. Of course, the ‘newbie’. I heard a creaking floorboard coming from the flat above which reminded me of my predicament and I resolved to take the package upstairs. I first applied some Prit-Stick as best I could to the once sticky flap and whilst rehearsing my excuse for opening it headed upstairs to flat four. During my time living in the building I’d visited each of the other flats a couple of times, in the case of flat four it was between Boxing Day & New Years Eve when Zoë & Jake had invited me up for coffee one morning. I paused outside the door and composed myself before knocking decisively on it. There was a moment’s pause before I heard footsteps and a chain being put on before the door opened as far as the chain would let it before going taut and Catrina’s face appeared in the three inch gap.“Can I help you?” She asked.“Hi, I’m Pete from flat three downstairs. I think this belongs to you.” I handed them the parcel through the gap and she took it from me. At which point, as if it couldn’t have been better choreographed, my feeble efforts at resealing the parcel gave up the ghost and the two packs of tights fell to the floor, followed a moment later by the invoice which floated down in sympathy after them, watched by both Catrina and myself. After a moment we made eye contact and I said, “I may have accidentally opened it, thinking it was for me.”“Clearly it wasn’t.” Catrina’s tone of voice demonstrated a mixture of irritation and annoyance at this turn of events.“Sorry.” was all I could sheepishly manage.Catrina stooped down and picked up the nylons and the invoice, hefting them in their hand. I felt unsure what to say as Catrina took the door off the chain opened it wide. I suppose I could have hidden behind the whole ‘social distancing’ advice and passed on her offer until after the lockdown, by which time she’d have calmed down about my indiscretion. Nevertheless, the smile she then sported as the door was opened and their next words reassured me that I wasn’t in trouble,“I’m Catrina by the way and I suppose you’re entitled to a reward for bringing me my parcel.” She gestured to their purchase.“Only if you feel you have to.” I quipped as we shook hands. I walked into the flat and noted that the room was as I remembered it from my prior visit, minus personal items and ‘nick knacks’ belonging to Jake & Zoë of course. It was smaller than my flat, lacking the large, circular bay window and she had the roof visibly sloping near the top of the ceiling.As I took in my bearings, I also took in my host. She was about 5”6 (I’m 5”9) and was slim, with feminine curves in all the right places, including her chest and smooth, shapely legs. None of this required Superman’s X-Ray vision to see as all she wore was a short, silk dressing gown in navy-blue, tied with a sash! What’s more her hair was down, cascading over her shoulders. It reminded me of the hairstyle my ex had for much of our time together – straight and centre-parted.“Forgive my attire, or rather lack thereof, but I didn’t expect visitors, at least not in the present circumstances.” I got the impression that she’d been completely naked this whole time, and was wearing for the dressing gown for my benefit. Given that she’d been alone and the flat was quite a pleasant temperature that was her prerogative. She sat in a black leather executive chair in front of a computer and spun it round to face me, unselfconsciously affording me a glimpse of her shaven, petal-like pussy lips.Seeing my reaction she crossed her legs and pulled at the ‘hem’ of her gown.“Are you settling in?” I asked.“Pretty much.”She nodded her head and then got up and disappeared into the kitchen.“How do you take it?” She called from there.“What?”“Your coffee.” She replied appearing in the doorway. She had a grin on her face to telegraph the obvious double entendre.“I prefer tea, and I take that with milk and two-and-a-half heaped spoonfuls.”“Coming right up.” I heard humming and hot drink making sounds before she repaired carrying a small tray with two steaming-hot mugs of liquid and a small plate of assorted biscuits. I was rather ashamed of the pig I made of myself when I took more than my fair share of the biscuits. Catrina for her part didn’t mind, I think she had two. I sipped at my drink, but it was still too hot to drink down, though it tasted good.“Anyhow, getting back to your question. I think everything’s going fine. How long have you been here, and do you like it?”I told her I’d been here more than two years and I found everything to my liking.“Including the other tenants?”“I’ve had good and bad, but for the most part good. Before you there was a young couple living here…” I’d feigned ignorance that she knew and unsurprisingly she finished my sentence.“…Named Jake & Zoë.”“How did you know?” I really should have won an award for the performance I was giving.“I met them when I looked around the flat. They kept me company whilst I waited for the lady from the property agency to arrive and show me around. We struck up a sort of friendship and I even stayed overnight here a day or two later.”“Where did you sleep?” She started laughing at this. I guess I’d overplayed my hand. Oh well, so much for an Oscar.“As if you didn’t know. Unless or course you’re deaf or a really heavy sleeper. I slept in their bed, with escort yozgat them.”“Alright, you got me. Jake & Zoë were very ‘demonstrative love makers’. They sometimes kept me up at night with their shagging. And yes I did hear what sounded like two sets of women’s voices just before they moved out.”“Did they turn you on?” She probed. I shifted uncomfortably on the two-seater red leather settee I was sitting in.“Well now…” I began, turning red.“I knew it. You knocked one off. Did you when I was staying over? Don’t be ashamed, I’d take it as a compliment. There was this one guy in my last place and his bedroom may as well have had a revolving door. I used to Jill myself off like crazy listening to him. Sadly I never got the chance to have him myself.” She gave a sigh and the smile faded. Changing the subject she asked me what I did for a living. Relieved I replied,“I’m between jobs. I finished one just before the lockdown started and I’ve another that will hopefully start before the end of the summer, if not sooner. An office job. Yourself?”“I’m a very junior fashion designer, specialising in lingerie and hosiery. These,” She gestured once more to the nylons, “Are my design.”“And very nice they are to.” I replied. I then added to spice up the conversation, “I like women who wear tights and stockings.”“Which do you prefer?” Catrina asked before saying, “I prefer crotchless tights myself, they’re the best of both worlds between tights & stockings, hence these.”“Believe it or not, tights. I like the look of the nylon pressed against a woman’s rump and pussy.” I couldn’t believe what I’d just said to a stranger.Noting that we’d finished our drinks she took the tray and contents back into the kitchen before returning to the living room. She turned on the TV, a large 50 inch LED model attached to the wall and via a HDMI cable, hooked up to her laptop which had been on the whole time.“I think you’ll like this.” She smiled at me before doing something with the computer and then changing channels on the TV. She then hurried over and sat next to me on the settee. On the TV screen, about half of it was black, but in an area covering the centre of the screen was an image. It took a few moments to find focus but I recognised as this very living room as it looked when Jake & Zoë were in residence. The colour was a little washed out, the sound ‘tinny’, but there was no mistaking them and Catrina. There was laughter and attempts at three-way dancing, which didn’t seem to work, especially as the participants appeared to be a little drunk. The dancing turned into kissing and cuddling and then, hand in hand Zoë and Catrina walked into the bedroom. Jake started to follow them before Zoë reminded him to bring the camera. There was the jarring sight of the scene being upended as the camera (presumably a smart phone or Go-Pro) ‘entered’ the bedroom. It was placed on some perch and after the lighting adjusted I was treated to the sight of the two women disrobing. Zoë with gorgeous, full breasts and a voluptuous body, naked and Catrina stripping to a pair of black fishnet hold-up stockings. Jake was soon in his birthday suit and I watched rapt for the next fifty minutes or so as the trio engaged in all kinds of X-rated frolics. As they did so I u*********sly placed my hand over my swollen penis.“Did you like?” She asked as she got up and pausing the video. I wore only a pair of jogging bottoms – no underpants, a t-shirt and the afore-mentioned flip-flops; she could see the bulge in my groin and the small wet patch from my pre-cum, “I guess you do.” She said. After a moment she turned and removed her dressing gown which fell to her feet. She stood before me naked, proudly displaying the body I’d been watching on TV for the better part of an hour. Of course nothing could compare with the sight before me now.“Which pair?” She asked holding up the tights.“Excuse me?”“Which pair would you like to see me in?”I pointed to the red ones and she then casually opened the packet and took them out, disentangling them from the cardboard backing and stretching the nylons lengthwise. pointing her toes, she gathered up each leg of the tights and eased foot into the nylons, being careful not to stick them through the toe-guards. She then proceeded to roll the tights up in fits and starts, letting them bunch before pulling them taut, being careful not to ladder them. Midway up she repeated the process with her other leg. Finally, after the inch-high band of elasticised nylon was perched just below her belly button she began to straighten the tights out in a rather languorous fashion. There is something about a woman putting on hosiery that is elegant and arousing. A good chunk of my porn collection showed women getting into and out of tights & stockings and having sex in them, and of course I’d observed my past lovers changing into and out of them, but Catrina really took her time. She walked into the bedroom, gesturing me with her forefinger to follow which I obediently did.“You know I’m not one to do things in halves.” And with that she unpacked the fishnets and proceeded to put them on over the red ones, which gave a rather interesting effect.“I take it you’ve heard of layering?” She asked and I nodded, transfixed. When she finished she stood there, running her hands admiringly up and down her stockinged legs.“Why the extra layer? I mean they make your legs look great and all.”“Do I have to spell it out to you? It’s to protect the red ones while we fuck. You do want to fuck me right?” She asked. By way of reply I casually removed my clothes and stood before her naked my cock standing proudly to attention with pre-cum dripping off the end of it. Without saying another word I walked towards her and taking Catrina in my arms kissing them, hard, my tongue intertwining with hers. After a few moments we broke apart.“Oh and I like to be dominated.”“Good, well for a start I’m going to call you ‘Cat’, okay?” I said getting into the part with surprising ease.“Oh yes.” Cat cooed.“Now let’s get something straight. It has been a year since I’d last had sex and I intend to fuck you every which way I can. Are we clear on that?” “Absolutely.” Catrina crowed, loving my assertiveness.“I can’t hear you.”“OHH YESSS!” Was their reply.“Good.” I embraced Cat once more and we resumed kissing, falling yozgat escort bayan back on the bed as we did so. Our passions were burning hot and after a few minutes of sucking on each others tongues we disengaged and rearranging ourselves so that we were head-to-toe with the other. I began running my hands down her stockinged legs and kissing them. It felt good and we then refocused our attention to each other’s crotches and she put my cock in her mouth. The sensation of her lips and tongue on my glans was overwhelming and I tried my best to return the compliment. I started by licking and sucking on her love button, wanking her with my mouth. She clearly liked it and this translated into her sucking my cock intensely. I lost count of how many minutes it took but we almost simultaneously began bucking and jerking and I could feel the sensation of approaching orgasm all too well, my glans then tightened and swelled and I feared I would bite Catrina’s’ clit clean off as it was impossible not to cry out when I came. I momentarily let her clit fall from my mouth as I cried out in ecstasy: “YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!” My hips started bucking to as I shot glob after glob of cum into her waiting mouth. As my own orgasm subsided I refocused my efforts on returning the favour taking Cat’s clit back into my mouth. I soon had her teetering on the edge. She practically had my head in a vice-like lock with her thighs, so desperate was she to keep my tongue on her clit. And then she came, screaming all the way, squirting her love juices all over my face.“Sorry, I should have told you I’m a squirter.” Cat broke the silence as we lay in each other’s arms.“Maybe I should wear a Sowester next time.” I replied. We kissed and exchanged some of our own cum following the mutual oral – I’m not sure if sixty-nine is an appropriate term as we were lying on our sides. “I’ll get us a drink. My throat is dry for some reason.” Cat climbed out of bed and went into the kitchen.Cat returned to bed with a tumbler of almost black, fizzy liquid with a couple of ice cubes resting on the bottom. We shared a couple of sips of the Diet Cola and lay in bed just chilling for a while.We turned and faced each other and began kissing, our hands roaming everywhere. As the kissing continued, Cat slowly rotated her body so that she was lying on her back. I positioned her so that they were on all fours and climbing off the bed I approached them from behind. I placed my cock against her labia and gently pushed forward. Her pussy was lovely and tight and I began to thrust forward rapidly speeding up and intensifying my thrusts. Further egging me on were the noises issuing from Cat’s mouth as she vigorously rubbed her clit: “Oohh. Ahhh. Fuck me, come on fuck me!” Coupled with the sound of the mattress springs creaking and the metal headboard banging against the wall – all big turn-ons for me, not to mention the realisation that not too very long ago Zoë, Jake (and her) were fucking in this exact same bed, brought on my second climax of the day.“Where do you want it bitch?” I asked, reasserting myself once more.“Inside me, please, cum inside me.” Came the reply.Their pleading at my urging was the final straw and I let fly with globs of cum. I felt like I could cum all day. “That was great.” I said as we lay there in a tangle, laughing.‘You’re telling me.” They agreed. I slowly pulled my cock out and Cat dived between my legs to lick off the mixture of our respective cum.Once my erection had sufficiently subsided, I popped to the bathroom and had a pee. Climbing back into bed we shared the rest of the cola and lay there for a few minutes.“Would you like to do me up the arse?” Cat asked the same way she’d asked me earlier how I took my tea. I’d never given anal before, though it was certainly on my bucket list. “Yes, but I want you to see it going in. I’ll do you from the front” Cat nodded and I indicated that they should lie back and spread their legs. First she reached forward with her hand and fumbled with the handle to one of the drawers of her bedside cabinet and finally opened it, extracting a tube of KY jelly. I liberally plastered Cat’s hole with lube and then lubed up my own cock, wanking it in the process to restore it to full attention. The time finally came and after she’d rolled around back on her back I instructed her to lift her legs up and I held them by her ankles. Squatting behind her, I approached Cat’s bum hole with my cock. I placed it against their arse cheeks and gently pushed forward. Anal was everything I’d imagined it would be, like fucking a super-tight pussy. I paused more than once for both our benefit. Finally I was as far up their back-passage as I dared and began to thrust forward, gently at first but as their backside became more accepting (and I got more carried away with the sensations I was feeling), with more speed and urgency. I was in seventh heaven with the sensation the inside of their bum was giving me. “Rest your legs on my shoulders.” I told her and fell into a rhythm as she began rubbing her clit in time with my thrusts.“Oohh. Ahhh. Come on and fucking bugger meee!” Coupled once more with sounds of the mattress springs creaking and the metal headboard banging I was getting close to climax once more.“Where do you want it bitch?” I once again asked in my Dom role.“Just like before, cum inside me.” She replied.“So you want to be farting cum for the rest of the day, my cum?” I continued.“Yes please!”“I want to hear you say it.” I demanded.“Please Pete; please cum in my bum hole! I want to be farting your cum for the rest of the day. Pleeasse?” I short spurt after spurt of cum right where the sun didn’t shine as she two came, spraying my abdomen with her girl juices, laughing & moaning with delight as she did so. I slowly pulled my cock out and returned to the bathroom.Cat got up and after she’d divested herself of her nylons, we took a shower together. The bedclothes mercifully hadn’t need changing, but I helped Catrina make the bed. We dried off by simply sitting naked on the settee and talked.“And what about today?” I enquired after a while.“Well, if you’ve no objection and given that we can most emphatically say we broke social distancing rules and there’s no other likely source of sexual release available, why don’t we make it a daily thing?.” I agreed and for the rest of the quarantine on an almost daily basis we spent time in one or the other’s flats and fucked like rabbits. There were variations with positions and we sometimes had porn on in the background. It was almost a shame for the lockdown to end.

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