The Lady Girl Club part 4


The Lady Girl Club part 4Enjoyed my day off with Bonnie, but now time to get back to work. The girls told me that Friday is out of control, full of sex and even an orgy, all of our staff fucked or got fucked by someone, but we doubled our receipts from last Friday. My club is wild and out of control sometimes but I don’t have a problem with d**gs, can’t tell you the last time I had a fight and all of my customers leave happy.Saturday is our wildest theme night of the week, it is sheer night people are encouraged to wear sheer clothing plus we have the winners of the toga party in the VIP room. I have double eight security personal plus two that nobody knows about mingling through the club. eight servers and mix of gays, lesbians and transgender and four bartender including my new hot black bartender Angie. I have the night staff come in at eight for a meeting before we get crazy. Except for my security team my servers and bartenders are dressed for the night true to theme. The ones that stand out the most are Angie, she is wearing a white fishnet tube top and her nipple are sticking out with a white thong covered by a fishnet skirt. Linda is wearing a top that looks like tinted plastic wrap cut to show a lot of cleavage and of men thong that have a pocket for his dick to fit into causing him to look like he has an erection. Sara’s top is not sheer but is a tank top that is open on the side down to her waist so when she moves or bends over, her tits will fall out, also wearing boy cut panties that are so tight you can see her camel toe and a lot of ass hanging out, with her long legs she is extra hot, and then theirs is Paul. If he was naked he’d be wearing more. He was wearing sneakers, topless and a pair of black, lacy and crotch panties. We went over all the plans, gave out assignments.Faith, Paul and myself went to my office to discuss some things. I was standing against my desk when faith dropped to her knees, took my dick out bartın escort and started sucking on it. I told her that’s not what I had you here. She said I can blow you and listen at the same time. As we are talking theirs a knock on my door and of course the slut didn’t stop sucking. In come my two undercover security staff. Jim and Barry. They didn’t even blink an eye when they saw Faith sucking my cock. I told them what I want them to look for tonight, nothing any different than before. Paula is listening to the discussion, watching Faith and fingering his cunt. I tell Jim and Barry to please take care of him before he goes back to the bar. They say sure boss and start taking off their clothes and Paul does the same. Paul gets on his knees and starts blowing both of them. These guys have big dicks so Paul is choking on them. After he get them hard, he lays on his back and Jim fucks his cunt while Barry goes back to fucking his face. Faith gets naked, pulls my pants off. I sit on the couch and she sit on my cock facing the show on the floor. They change position, Barry lays on his back and Paul’s lowers his wet cunt on his dick and Jim gets behind him and shove his cock in Paul’s ass. Now he is full of big white cock fucking the shit out of him and loving it. Faith is bouncing her ass on my black cock while jacking herself off and me playing with her big tits. It doesn’t take long before Paul is cumming on Barry’s dick.Then Jim and Barry start filling both holes at the same time. I start jacking Faiths dick hard and fast and when I and start cumming deep in her ass, she shoots a big load all over my hand and her cock and balls. She she sit down beside me Paul with cum flowing out of his ass and pussy crawls over to me, suck the rest of my load out of me and then cleans Faith body, cock and balls. Jim and Barry get dressed and head out into the club. Paula and Faith are not far behind him. I make a quick call to Bonnie escort bartın before I head out into the zoo. We plans to spend the night together. Before I head to the main floor I check in on the VIP room. Unfortunately I could give them the staff members they wanted because Faith and Paula thought she would need their best on the floor tonight, but promised them that they wouldn’t be disappointed I was kin the replacements. Of course most of them weren’t paying attention to what was going on the floor. Being the VIP room being private they could do whatever they want, except destroy my furniture.So, all of them were nude or almost nude. Paula sent staff more staff than promised to make up for the staff change. Two males, I gay and one BI with big dicks. Three transgenders, all with big tits and cocks. I lesbian and a FTM. There was one group on the floor, that I couldn’t tell who was who was who. Every dick and pussy was being use. My winning FT was on her hands and knees getting fuck by Nate my doorman, he had a fat 8″ cock and was giving her every inch of it and then was eating the ass of my straight Server Becky. Becky has big sensitive tits and and nipples and is a major squirter. One of my transgenders, Carmen had DD tits thin body a 7″ dick whit a huge mushroom head. I have to admit that a head like that is a big turn on for me so I had to suck it then ride it, was so good especially with it shot a hot load in me, it felt like the head got bigger. Anyways, for a girl who swore of dick was enjoying every minute of it. I had to get out of there before I decided to join in. When I got the floor, I ran into Linda, she said hi boss and gave me a kiss. She said that you are not dressed correctly for theme night. She grabbed me by the had and lead back into my office and stripped of all my clothes and here I start naked with a growing black cock.She took my Boxer briefs and cut them in special areas and the told me to put bartın escort bayan them on. My cock and balls were hanging out, she found a black t-shirt that hanged just below my dick. She stood in front of me to observe her work and told me to look in the mirror. Have to admit that it didn’t look bad all. My underwear looked like Bike short and the shirt was long enough to cover my hanging cock, but if I raised my arms or got hard it would be a different story. Linda likes her work so much that her dick got hard. She said boss could you please you jack off with me, I don’t want to go back out there with a hard on. I told her sure. Linda got naked and sat on the sofa next to me. She did look good. I turned on the big screen and found some hot tranny porn, it was a tranny orgy and the raw fucking to twinks. We started stroking our hard cock and feeling good. I looked over at her and she was leaking a lot of pre-cum. I have never played with Linda before and even though I am not going to fuck her now I am going to enjoy this time now. I reached over a wiped the cum off her dick and tasted it. MMM it was good, salty just how I like it, she shivered and moaned at the same time. I thought she was going to return the favor but instead bent over and took my cock in her mouth and stroking hers at the same time. Oh baby it feels good, she has a hot mouth. She told me to keep watching the movie while sucked me off. The was so fucking hot watching the movie and getting a blowjob. It was to much for me, I asked her where she wanted it and she said on her face, she wanted to return to work with her bosses cum all over her face, so I gave it to her. Her face and hair were covered with my cum, she sucked the rest of my cum out and licked it clean. I told her thank you, but now it’s your turn. She said you don’t have to, but I said yes I do and want to . I got on my knees in between her legs determined to give her the best blow job of her life. Other than faith I don’t usually play with my staff but i am now. I sucked her for about five minutes before she start minutes before she was feeding me her load, it tasted just as good as her pre-cum. WE got dressed and returned to the floor.

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