The Headmaster


The HeadmasterThe Headmaster,I am the new gardener/caretaker of an exclusive girl’s school. I was very lucky when my, then boss died. I was promoted at a young age; just 21. I regularly go about my manual work in the summer without a shirt. The female staff and students all take their time watching me work. The girls range from 11 (not interest what-so-ever) to 18.The Headmaster is strict and lives within the school with his wife. Over the short time that I’ve had free range of the school I have found out a few things. One, his study is overlooked by my box of an office. I can’t see out through the opaque glass from my room. But that changes if I open the top window and stand on my desk.Two, when he canes a student they will be bent over his desk and always on a naked bum. From the punishments that I’ve seen, the good looking girls are always naked; regardless of age.Three, he always punishes them when his wife is home. He always orders the girl to remain bent over his desk for an hour after to reflect on their errors. They leave when the clock chimes the hour. The extra risk of being caught heightens their humiliation and, hopefully for me, their sexual arousal. I know he rushes back to his wife to fuck her because their bedroom is on the other side of my wall. Their muffled moans are unmistakeable coming through the solid oak door.Four, and the reason for this story. Some girls when punished are sexually aroused. When the Headmaster leaves they can’t wait to tease their own pussies. Those are the ones I’m interested in.Today the rumours around the refectory are that the Head Girl is in to see the headmaster at 3.45.She is sevent33n or eight33n. 5 11, athletic with the most lovely pair of 36 or 37C boobs and a bum to marvel at. She is the most beautiful and popular girl in the school. The male Teachers and most of the female staff pause to watch her walk by; me too.At the allotted time I’m standing on my desk. The video camera is set up, as I have no doubt that she will be naked. She knocks on the office door at the appointed time. I know as I see him look towards the door and his lips mouths, ‘come in’.He, presumably is telling her why she is to be punished. When that finishes she takes off her jacket. Her tie soon follows before her hands moves to the buttons of her shirt. Peeling that open she undoes her skirt buckle and steps out of it. Turning she places it on a chair before buca escort finally removing her shirt. Standing in a modest bra with her nipples poking through and nickers, she returns to stand in front of the Headmaster. He gestures towards the stunning student and she reluctantly feels behind her back. Seconds later I watch in awe as the straps go loose before she exposes her perfect globes. Her nipples are erect and larger than any that I’ve previously had the good fortune to maul. Just as she exposes her charms I hear a muffled moan! Quietly, I get down from my vantage point and press my eye against the lock into the Headmasters bedroom. Normally the view is blocked by a wardrobe. Luckily for me they have had fitted units over their bed and discarded to one blocking the keyhole.I can just see his 45 ish naked wife sitting in an easy chair. I suddenly realise that she must be sitting in front of a window overlooking her husband’s study. I hadn’t realised another window would overlook his study. Her legs are d****d over each chair arm and she is slowly stroking her trimmed pussy. Her slightly saggy boobs are already heaving and the Head Girl is only topless. I’m suddenly thrown into a panic as I realise that they could have easily seen me fucking previously caned students. What I plan on doing today I have done at least 9 times before and that includes two virgins!Resuming my position on the desk. I watch, heart pounding as she is ordered by the Headmaster’s moving arm to remove her nickers. Teasingly slowly she slides them down and stepping out of them she places them on the other discarded clothes.The headmaster wastes no time in ordering her to put her hands together behind her back. Thus she is fully exposed. More moaning from next doors as the Head Girl turns slowly showing all of her naked nubile body to him and unbeknown to her, his wife; and me.Still seated the Headmaster stops her when her back is to him. His lips move and she bends over. After a little pause she turns still bent over, stopping when her bum in exposed to his wife’s location. Moments later her legs part further and as she touches her toes her pussy come clearly into view. Seeing her pussy come into view is almost too much. I am desperate for a fuck and know that I want her!Upon seeing what I seen, has the Head’s wife constantly purring. I creep to my keyhole just in time to see his wife’s toes pointing escort buca to the ceiling as she cums hard. Her eyes fixed looking out of her window.The Head Girl is then positioned over his desk giving his wife and me the best possible profile view. The cane is swished a couple of time before lining it up.Each stroke is considered before it lands on the desired place. He isn’t in a hurry. After each stroke he slips a hand under her hanging boobs and fondles them one at a time. Each nipple getting more rough treatment as the caning continues. Before lining up the cane for the next stroke he runs his hand over her curvy ass before finally slapping her exposed pussy a couple of time. Not hard enough to cause pain but sufficient to keep it aroused.Each of the six strokes follows the same fondling. However, after the last one she is moved so her striped bum faces our windows. She touches her toes and her pussy comes into view. The Headmaster holds her bum cheeks apart. After I presume he tells her, her hands replace his. Her pussy is bright pink with its arousal, unlike the harsh red strips on her bum. His hands now being free starts to slap her pussy and occasionally he slips her the finger. Looking at his wife he sucks the lucky finger. Unheard by the headmaster, his wife moans.He repositions the Head Girl to the superb caning position and speaks to her. Then he leaves. The Head Girls doesn’t move at first. When she decides that she is alone she starts to sway her bum. Then she snakes a hand between her legs and I know it’s time to move.I take a quick look through the keyhole and I was wrong. She’s not bent over the bed. No, she is bent over holding the window cill!!!! Now I know I’m busted. They have been fucking for years, looking at the girls he has punished and…… and me fucking 9 of the girls! Well the Head Girl may be the last but the best yet.I slip down the tradesman’s stairs knowing that the Headmaster will never use these stairs. I’m soon outside his study. Opening the door I see before me the Head Girl’s bum with her hand working harder than before on her clit. Hearing the door close she stands and turns. Her long face turns into a smile as she surprises me by saying, “I wondered if you would try.” I look confused, “Don’t you think we girls talk. We all know that you come to fuck the punished girl….especially if you fancy them.” Relieved I strip. “Assume the position.” I offer. buca escort bayan Happily she turns and bends over the desk. Her red striped ass glowing in the sunlight. I check her pussy and yes she is soaking. The other 9 were also ready with no need for foreplay. I ease her feet further apart. Allowing her pussy to kiss my knob I ask, “Are you on the pill?” “Yes…just fuck me…… Cum wherever you want… Just fuck me…” The knob/pussy kiss ends and I savour my dick slipping slowly into her tight, warm and moist pussy. I do have to pull out before slipping back to coat my dick in her juices. Soon I hold my hips tight onto her stripped bum. Savouring the moment I hold this position.On the Headmaster’s desk is a photo of his wife with a chrome or silver frame. Seeing this I turn it and moving it around I can just see a blurry view of the Headmaster’s bedroom window. Sure enough two indistinct figures are looking out. So I definitely have an audience. This can’t be the first time I’ve been seen; this won’t be the last time either! Relieved, I bend my knees slightly more allowing me to fuck the best looking girl in the school, with more vigour. “Give me your hands Victoria.” Without any hesitation her hands appear. Taking hold I fuck her extracting every ounce of pleasure for me and her. The Headmaster and his wife can now watch the Head Girl being fucked like never before. With her precious boobs bouncing for their delight. I can feel Victoria starting to cum so I take hold of her boobs and roughly maul them as she cums on my rampant dick. Her young pussy muscles massaging my dick as she brings me to the point of no return. Releasing her boobs I push her down allowing my dick to penetrate to its fullest. Pulling her hips tight into me I fire my first shot of virile sperm directly into her womb. Allowing her up to hold the desk, I fuck her with easy strokes firing the contents of my balls into her sexy tight body.Still panting I withdraw and we kiss for the first but not the last time. I chance a quick look over at the headmaster bedroom window only to find his wife still watching. Feeling a little braver I ask Victoria to suck my dick clean. As she kneels taking my dick into her mouth I look directly at the headmaster’s naked wife. She confidently drops a hand to play with her pussy as her other tweaks her nipple.Encouraging Victoria to stand we again before thanking her for a terrific fuck and to, “meet me at the pavilion tonight at midnight.I plan to get the best head from the Head Girl and fuck her again….. Many Many times.I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it.RegardsJack

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