The guy at the pool


The guy at the poolIt had been a cold day, and I had a hard time warming up without putting the heating on a roaring high temperature. I could’ve taken a shower or a bath, which usually helps, but instead I decided it was a good day to go to the nearby indoor pool. The pool was one of those tropical paradises. High temperature water, random whirlpools, lots of (fake) palm trees, you name it. It was one of those fun pools where there is places for everyone, and most of all places to relax. I had positioned myself in one of the whirlpools at the edge. It was probably the one furthest from the entrance and therefore the quietest one. Today was no exception, there weren’t many people in the pool to begin with. I guess it helps to go on quiet days like Tuesday mornings. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying the hot water. It probably had been half an hour before the first person joined in the whirlpool. I opened my eyes when I heard the splashing and saw it was a cute guy. As opposed to the typical old guys, or grumpy old düzce escort ladies that usually crowded the pool. I was glad I wasn’t alone and I had someone to look at. I smiled at him and he awkwardly smiled back. We got to talk a little bit about the old guys and ladies and we both were very happy it was just us. Just then the bubbles came and I decided to have some fun by myself. He wasn’t able to see underwater with them so might as well make the day a bit more exiting. I put my hand inside my bikini bottom and I found my way to my clit. I started rubbing it a little bit, but unfortunately the water wasn’t the best of a lubricant. Fortunately, the fact I was in public with a cute guy in front of me did make me horny enough I kept on going. Quietly, and not revealing I was doing anything, I hoped at least. I kept going for a few minutes while still maintaining the look I was just relaxing. When the bubbles cut out, I stopped immediately as well. When the next round of bubbles kicked in, we were still together escort düzce and not another person was in sight. I swam forward a little bit and sat down next to him. I didn’t look at him while he observed what I suddenly was doing. Then I moved my hand towards his swimming trunks and grabbed his cock through the fabric. He already was hard, perhaps he had noticed I was touching myself? He didn’t protest, so I kept going. I put my hand under the waistband and touched his cock directly. I again was sad water didn’t lubricate well, and this time there was perhaps something I could do about it. I looked him in the eyes, for the first time since I started touching him, and asked him to go sit on the edge of the whirlpool. It was a secluded pool so no one was able to see it anyways, unless someone went in this pool obviously. But since no one had done so, I guess it was the risk I was willing to take. He seemed to agree, and went up on the edge. I pulled down his trunks and positioned myself between his legs. And düzce escort bayan just like that I had a nice cock inside my mouth. It was very watery, but it only took a minute and it tasted great! I kept going for a bit longer, but not long enough for him to cum. I then gestured it was time to switch roles. I pulled my own bottoms down and set on the edge. He moved towards me and started licking my clit, and then suddenly I also had 2 fingers inside me. I didn’t expect the latter! I gasped a little with excitement and surprise. He kept going, moving his fingers in and out quickly. Then he pulled them back, moved forward, and penetrated me without warning. It felt great! He was quick and aggressive. I never had been so randomly fucked, let alone this hard. It took a minute and we both orgasmed. It was wonderful. He kissed me, pulled out, put on his trunks and walked away. Before I had catched my breath and put on my bikini bottom again he was gone. When I walked out the pool to a point, I had a better overview I couldn’t find him again. I went back to the whirlpool hoping he’d come back, but even after 30 minutes of waiting he didn’t. I hope he comes back next time I’m at the pool again. You can bet I’ll go there more often on Tuesday mornings.

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