The Greatest Gift Ch. 02

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Terri rode that fine line between true sleep and wakefulness. It was like she was wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket and she wanted to stay in that content place forever, but simply pleasant feelings began to rise to true pleasure and that pleasure had a definitive source. Warm, sticky pleasure flowed from between her legs and as that pleasure intensified it pulled her from dreamland.

“Ahhh …” she moaned softly, eyes still closed. She reveled in the humidity that rose from between her legs and she did not think at all about why she felt so good or who was causing it. It wasn’t until those questing fingers tweaked her clit that her mind came fully awake. In an instant, everything came rushing back to her, where she was, who she was with and how intrinsically wrong it all was. Just one night together couldn’t make her completely comfortable with that fact that she was sleeping with the stepfather who’d practically raised her and that they were doing it specifically to impregnate her. She’d agreed to do it, but she was not really okay with it, even after the incredible sex of the previous night. And it really was incredible sex. She could have dwelt on all those conflicting thoughts and feelings all morning, but those fingers on her pussy really were distracting.

“You’re awake,” Pop whispered, his breath hot on her neck. He kissed her there and she settled back against him, feeling his thick hard-on nestle between her buttocks. Terri realized she was still naked from the night before. She never slept in the nude.

Tilting her hips back for a better angle, he curled two fingers inside her and slowly moved them in and out while massaging her g-spot. He also kept pressure on her clit with his thumb. It was so wonderful. No man had ever touched her in quite that way before and she couldn’t contain her whimpers of pleasure. She rubbed her ass back into his cock and could hear how wet she was as he kept working her with his fingers. He slipped his other arm around her and lightly caressed her breast, just barely pinching her puckered nipple. She reached back between them and found his cock. It filled her hand and she worked it in time to his fingers pumping into her cunt and felt his sticky pre-cum leaking onto her warm skin.

“Oh God, Pop,” she moaned. “God, that is amazing.”

“I want to feel you cum, Teresa. Let it go, kiddo.”

“Ohhh Pop … Ohhh … God …”

It wasn’t like she needed the encouragement. She was so close already and the feelings were so intense that she climaxed within seconds. She tightened her grip on his cock as everything inside her tightened up and she squeezed her eyes shut. Even as her orgasm jolted through her, he kept rubbing her pussy and she thought she might melt into a little puddle.

Terri reluctantly pulled herself from his arms and turned to face him. She pressed her body to his, feeling his shaft rubbing her slick lips, and kissed her hard, tongue thrusting. He reached between them and tried to press his prick inside her, but she stopped him. Pop had selflessly made her climax twice now and she wanted to return the favor, even if it was counterproductive to the cause. It felt so strange to just be taking pleasure from her stepfather like this, or to think of giving it back. They were supposed to be together to procreate, not to enjoy themselves, even if her mother had encouraged them to have fun along the way.

“Let me take care of things,” she whispered and slid down his body.

Terri lovingly kissed the tip of his cock and eased him onto his back. He tasted strong and masculine and she thought she could taste a hint of their coupling from the night before. Pop groaned and shifted on the bed, running his fingers through her thick, sleep tousled hair. She sucked him deeper and deeper and massaged his heavy balls. She had to stretch her mouth wide and focus on breathing because she was not used to sucking off someone so large. She shuddered, thinking about how good that thick cock felt inside her. It was tempting to climb up and mount him again, but she kept her mind on the task at hand. She kept going until her nose was buried against his crotch and then she really worked him with her hungry mouth, sucking hard until she had to come up for air.

“Damn, kiddo, you are so good at that. Your mouth feels so good,” he grunted.

Pop’s compliments made her beam. Terri always thought she’d been good at giving head, but it made her proud to hear his approval. She couldn’t help but wonder how she compared to her mother. Did so many more years of experience make her better? She felt competitive. She wanted to give him the best blow job he’d ever had. She sucked hard and moved up and down his shaft, slurping away and when it felt like her jaw would fall apart she felt his fingers tighten in her hair. He did not force her head down, but she kept him in her mouth, knowing he was about to erupt.

“Teresa, bahis firmaları I’m gonna cum,” he warned. When she did not stop sucking him, he blasted away and his thick load jetted into her mouth. After they’d done it two times the night before she couldn’t believe he still had so much jizz in his balls. She swallowed and swallowed, but his cum still leaked from the corner of her mouth. Generally, she would push a guy to the back of her throat so he would come right down there and she wouldn’t have to taste it, but she wanted Pop to know she wanted to taste him. She kept sucking and licking his head until she’d drained him of every drop. When he went flaccid, she snuggled up into his arms.

“Kiddo, that was pretty incredible, but you didn’t have to do that just because I did,” he said, and then shocked her by kissing her full on the mouth. She’d never been kissed like that after a guy came in her mouth. She took it as a sign of his love for her.

“I wanted to do it. I want to make you feel good, Pop. I want you to get something out of this weekend too.” She realized she meant it. Terri was finally accepting that this weekend was not just about knocking her up.

“Well, thank you. Feel free to do that whenever you want.”

Pop was rubbing her ass and she felt his hand sliding lower. She thought he might want to go again, but she really wanted to shower and clean up. She rolled away from him and said, “Not right now. I need a long, hot shower.”


When Terri came out of the shower she found Pop had ordered a robust breakfast and they sat on the bed and ate together. Although she kept retying the sash, her robe kept falling open, providing glimpses at her body beneath and while he was subtle about it, she knew Pop kept sneaking peeks. He was still nude and his cock twitched and she decided she liked the tease so she stopped trying to secure her robe, not even bothering when her entire breast slipped out. She just finished eating like nothing was amiss. Pop was pretty distracted, but still finished breakfast and then went to take his own shower. She was tempted to join him, but refrained, not wanting to seem wanton.

They were there for a specific reason, but they could not realistically spend the entire weekend in bed, so they dressed and decided to take a hike in the mountains around the resort. Pop told her there was supposedly a beautiful spring off the trails and despite the unusual chill of the late spring day she wore her bikini under her snug denim shorts and tank top. Terri always thought those shots showed off her ass particularly well and she hoped he would notice. How twisted is that? she thought. She also pulled on a shirt over the tank, but after a half hour of hiking that ended up tied around her waist.

The spring was actually quite a ways off the main trail and they probably never would have found it if not for the excellent directions provided by her parents’ friends. As they navigated the narrow path to the spring they encountered another couple, who were all smiles and said they would have the spring to themselves. Terri had the sense they had just been up to something naughty and were assuming that she and Pop were off the beaten path for the same reason. They emerged in a small clearing of large, smooth boulders with a small pool in the middle. It was a beautiful scene and they sat on the sun warmed rocks while eating the light lunch they’d packed.

“So what do you think? Personally, I think a dip would feel great after that hike to get here,” Pop said.

Terri couldn’t disagree. It was chilly in the mountains, but when she trailed her hand in the spring water she found it pleasant, like a lukewarm bath. She pulled the tank top over her head and adjusted her ponytail to make sure her auburn hair would stay out of the water and unlaced her hiking boots. He did the same, kicking off his boots and then shedding his clothes. She was pushing down her shorts when she saw he was wearing nothing under his hiking shorts. Fully nude, he slipped down one of the boulders and into the water. “Come on, it feels great!” She could not believe how free he was with his body. She assumed her mother had to be the same way and the thought of the two of them just lounging around in the nude was just too weird. Despite what she was doing with her stepfather, she did not want to think of her mother as such a sexual creature. She was not so free with her body and slipped into the spring with her blue and white striped bikini intact.

The bottom of the pool was lined with the smooth boulders as well and she could feel the gentle current of the spring water flowing up between the boulders. Standing on the rocks the water came to just above her breasts. Pop was lounging across the pool from her, but it was small enough that she could have reached out to touch him without much strain. She rubbed her smooth foot against kaçak iddaa his and then up his leg, but not too far. She was just being affectionate, not trying to start something. The warm, mineral rich water was relaxing and she felt like she could drift away in it. It was just wide enough that she could stretch out and float on her back. Her breasts just peeked out of the water and the cool air hardened her nipples.

“So how are you doing with all this, kiddo?”

“I’m alright,” she said, keeping her eyes closed.

“Really? You must be having a lot of conflicting thoughts. I know I am.”


“Of course. I know what an odd situation we’re in. I know we’re not related by blood, but in everyway you are like a daughter to me. It was hard for me to put all that to one side for this.”

“I’m sorry, Pop. You don’t have to do this, you know. I thought Mom was crazy when she brought it up and part of me still thinks it’s nuts. I mean, it’s not technically incest, but …”

“I know what you mean. I’m sure if anyone else knew about this they would think it was kind of sick, but once you get past the taboo, and I did, it’s really a beautiful thing that I can do this for you.”

“I guess. I mean, I know. And I know you’re doing this out of love. I really want a baby and I am happy this baby will be conceived in love. Is it really that different that if someone’s mother carries a baby for her? Now that we’ve done it,” she said, also thinking, and done it and done it! “Now that we’ve done it, it is easier, but it’s still a little weird. I know being together, touching each other like that has to be weird for you too.”

“You’re right. It’s not like there was no hesitation, but I told you I just put all the daughter stuff to one side and once I did that I really saw what a sexy, desirable young woman you’ve become. Looking at it that way I would have to be crazy not to want to be with you.”

Terri blushed from head to toe, which was pretty obvious in her string bikini. Even though it shouldn’t, it made her feel warm and sexy to know her stepfather saw her that way.

“I can’t imagine any man being able to keep his hands off you,” he said and she felt his hands under her, just gently supporting and helping her to float. It was like when he’d taught her to swim so many years ago, but this time his touch caused her to tingle in ways she didn’t know were possible back then. It was almost like she could feel his desire through his touch.

“That feels nice,” she said quietly. He was lightly caressing her back.

“You really do need to relax more, kiddo. You’re always so tightly wound. Sometimes you just need to let go.”

“Sometimes I wish I could,” she sighed.

“It must be your form of rebellion since your mother and I are so different.”

“You’re probably right.” His touch was so nice, relaxing, but arousing at the same time.

“Of course you can. All you have to do is let go. Just try and be free.”

She was so relaxed she didn’t realize it when he untied her bikini top while supporting her head, but when he pulled it down she quickly dropped back into the water and tried to cover up. “Pop!”

“I thought you wanted to try and let go.”

“But anyone could come along out here.” Her hands were over her breasts, holding her top in place. She hadn’t planned on letting go by getting naked outside.

He raised his arms and turned around. “We’re in the middle of nowhere. And besides, standing there like that you’re covered anyway. Just let go, Teresa.”

She looked at him uncertainly, biting her bottom lip. Looking down she could just about make out her breasts in the water, but he was right, even if someone came along they really wouldn’t be able to see anything in the sunken pool unless they came right to the edge, which would give her plenty of time to cover up. She let go of the top and looked into his eyes. Returning his smile, untied it behind her back and tossed it up onto the boulders. Since her hair was already wet she took it out of the ponytail and dipped completely under the water for a moment. She emerged with a shout and smoothed her hair back.

“There you go. Doesn’t it feel good?”

It did feel good to have the sun warming her bare skin and be breathing the cool, crisp air while the warm water lapped at her bare breasts. Pop turned her around and massaged her shoulders while they floated in the water. He really did have the most amazing touch. No wonder her mother was always so cheerful. He worked all her muscles, moving down her back, and she just wanted to melt into him. He really pressed into her lower back, releasing some serious knots down there and then he was holding her waist, holding her against him and she felt his shaft hot and thick against her.

“Is this a good idea?” she asked when he untied her bikini bottoms.

“Let go, Teresa.”

He tugged kaçak bahis on it and she let her bottoms slip away. Terri pressed back, trapping his prick against her ass and rubbed into him. She felt it jump and kept teasing. He cupped both breasts from behind and softly kneaded them while teasing her nipples with his fingertips. She moaned and laid her head back on his shoulder. God, but he turned her on so easily. How was it that she’d never even thought of him in any sexual way before and now she couldn’t get enough? She was beginning to understand how he could put aside his fatherly feelings toward her. She was feeling anything about daughterly feelings at that moment. She reached back and grabbed his cock for the second time that day while one of his hands dipped down between her thighs. He found her clit and she gasped, spreading her legs wider. His magic fingers had her throbbing and so very quickly all she could think about was having him inside her.

Terri turned and embraced Pop and reached between them for his cock while they kissed. He lifted her easily in the water and she brought him in line and settled down on him, crying out as he filled her. God, he felt just as wonderful inside her as he had the night before. She wrapped her legs around him and with Pop supporting her ass he slowly rode up and down on his cock. Truth be told, she’d always had a fantasy about having sex in the outdoors. It seemed so free and crazy and while she would never want to be caught the danger of it was exciting. And it was every bit as good as her fantasy. She rose and fell, stretched and filled and feeling so, so good. The graying hairs on his chest tickled her nipples, adding little jolts to her pleasure.

“Ohhhhhh, Pop! Ohhhh … God!” She cried.

“Uhnnn … Teresa … ohhhh …”

“Ohhhh … ohhhh … OH!” Her cries were getting louder and if anyone was around they certainly would have heard her. She rode that cock faster and faster, grinding her clit every time she came down. She jumped when she felt his fingertip massaging her tight asshole. He’d spread her cheeks and rubbed it in little circles. That was not something she’d ever experimented with and at first she tensed up. But he was very gentle and even as he pressed a little and worked his fingertip inside her it really felt quite wonderful. The feelings were so powerful and like nothing she’d felt before. He did not try to push it, but just kept rubbing her tight little rosebud with his fingertip.

It was intense and fabulous and they were kissing between her moans and all of the sudden it came crashing down and she was climaxing and she really wailed into the cool mountain air. “OHHHH! POP!” Terri screamed. He pressed his finger just a little deeper into her ass and Terri saw stars. It was like her orgasm started all over again. She couldn’t believe how vivid it was. She stiffened and her head swam with pleasure and as her cunt clamped down on him she could feel him shooting deep inside her. He held her there with their bodies locked together as his entire load emptied inside her. He moaned her name over and over and held her tightly against him while their hearts hammered.

“Oh, Pop, that was so amazing,” she said, clinging to him.

“You’re pretty damned amazing yourself, kiddo. This weekend is turning out to be quite something.”

“Oh yes it is,” she grinned, thrusting her tongue into his mouth.

Pop climbed out of the pool and she heard him say, “Oh, hi.” Terri was immediately mortified. Someone was there! How long had they been there? Pop stretched his hand down and even though she wanted to shrink down and hide under the water she took it and let him pull her up. She held her head high and tried to exude all the confidence she did not feel. Water glistened on her naked body and she stood up straight, proudly thrusting her breasts forward.

There was a couple just on the edge of the woods and although the woman tried to avert her eyes the man couldn’t help looking at her body. Terri felt an unexpected shot of excitement knowing he was looking at her. “I’m sorry,” the woman said. “We didn’t want to interrupt.” So they had been there for a while.

“That’s okay, we should hit the road,” Pop said as he finished toweling off and reached for his clothes.

The strange man kept looking down, but he just couldn’t stop peeking, even when his companion glowered at him. Terri took her time toweling off and then slipping back into her clothes. She did not want to put the wet bikini on under her clothes, so she slipped on her shorts and tank top with nothing underneath. She never went out without underwear and it added to her feeling so naughty. Her nipples poked right through the tank top, making it obvious she was braless. She was getting horny again and might have tried to molest Pop if the other couple wasn’t there. It was an extra turn on that these strangers didn’t know her and Pop’s true relationship. To them she was just his inappropriate younger girlfriend. She kissed him and took his arm as they made their way back down the path. The man gave Pop a way to go look as they passed.

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