The First Sex

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How it began… losing my virginity.

Just out of junior college I was supposed to be heading to my mother’s home town, a small village off the coast of Alibaug near Mumbai. I was to spend a better part of my post examination days to help out my uncles and grandfather to build a new house. The construction had already begun and the foundation was almost ready. My uncles used to come on the weekends to oversee and help.

I had delayed going as I was busy chasing my sweetheart around and whiling away time with my buddies. Finally Dad had enough of it and sent me off. He also told me that grandpa was going to pay me as a daily wage laborer though my meagre allowances will continue. Money was not a problem. Dad wanted me to face the hardships of life. Even I travelled by to school by public transport.

I, my cycle and baggage was dropped off on the ferry wharf on early Monday morning. I lit up a smoke as I waited for the ferry to dock. Someone smacked me on my head and I turned around in anger. Only to find a smiling face staring at me. Milky white skin, as tall as me and lithe curvaceous body went with that face. The culprit in question was my mother’s distant cousin’s elder daughter.

She also was heading to our native village for vacations. I was scared a bit to be found smoking but Janu as she was fondly called pulled the stick from my hand a took a long drag herself and winked at me. Elder to me by 2 years she was a desirable babe. Not that I had any such thing in mind at that moment; the next month was going to be different… I had no inkling of what it had in store for me.

We had known each other since childhood and been good friends. Meetings were occasional either during some weddings or summer vacations. We chatted about college life as I was eager to go in to senior college at the start of the new academic year. The hour long ferry ride passed in a blur. In the days of erratic bus service Janu asked me if I can take her along on my cycle.

I willingly obliged. It was a good 15 km ride. Our bags were on my back and Janu settled on the middle rod. It was a bit difficult for me to adjust but Janu said it was okay. My arms were touching her breasts from the sides and legs were grazing the butt while I pedaled. I was completely drenched in sweat when we reached. Janu gave me a peck on the cheek and asked me to meet in the evening with a cigarette.

Having just turned 18 a few months back I had been around some pretty girls. Though a cousin was a forbidden fruit and an elder one was a definitely off limits. But the peck on the cheek and the twinkle in the eye indicated something else. I felt a warmth rise up bahis firmaları my body by the mere thought of her being so adventurous with me.

I finished breakfast and headed to the construction site. Swinging into action almost immediately I began to take charge of the workers. It was almost 5 pm when we stopped. Rs.20 is what I earned for a hard days labor. I forgot about meeting Janu and went off to play with my friends. It was post dinner when Janu sauntered in to our house. I saw the anger in her eyes. She pinched me hard causing me to yelp in pain. Granny started laughing and said you kiddos will never grow up.

The typical Indian village was off to bed by 9 pm. Grandpa asked me to escort Janu back to her house as it was dark and her home was a bit away from ours. Both of us wanted the same. As we headed back we detoured into one of the palm groves and lit up our smokes. Popping in a mouth freshener I dropped Janu home again to be rewarded with a peck on the cheek; this time the low light reflected a glint of a naughty smile in her eyes. One week passed in a blur and for us the routine was the same.

There was a wedding in the workers family so the construction was to stop for a day. I mentioned this to Janu who immediately asked me if I can join her to go to Alibaug for some shopping. We decide to cycle as she had managed to lay hands on one too. We were having fun all the way and back. While she completed her shopping I found some time alone to gulp down a beer. My earnings had been good for the week. It was late afternoon when we reached back Janu’s home. There was no one around as her uncles and aunt were still in the fields preparing for the next seasons sowing.

The house was nestled in midst of long rows of coconut, jackfruit and mango trees. Janu motioned me towards the small water tank built near the well to get fresh. As I removed my tee and was facing the tank Janu tip toed behind me and quickly embraced me. Her hands began to move on my body. Though I was scared there was a different feeling too as this was a first for me. She turned me around and hungrily kissed me full on the lips. I too tried to follow what she was doing.

No amount of watching movies prepared you for such events. Her hand snaked inside my shorts and gripped my erect tool. Gaining some measure of confidence I began to press her boobs albeit I was clumsy as she yelped once I squeezed them hard. Then she turned and ran home. I followed after some time. In the meanwhile her aunts had returned from the fields. A hearty snack followed and I headed home. At home I opened my bag to find Janu had forgotten some of her stuff. It was a new bra and panty kaçak iddaa set. The other packet was something unexpected; it was a packet of the new KS condoms.

From that day our evening romps became bolder. Kissing each other, squeezing her boobs and she gripping my tool became normal. A week after that day we ventured on to the beach. Finding a cozy nook we immediately began to kiss. Janu then opened her shirt and bra. This was the first time I was seeing a grownup girl in a seminude condition. My mouth latched on to her breast and began suckling; Janu started to moan in pleasure.

She then guided my hand into her panties over her hairy pussy. This was a new learning for me. She showed me what was to be done and I began to rub my fingers over her moist clit. The juices began to flow and in a few strokes of my fingers over the clit Janu shuddered and held me in a tight embrace. My dick was painfully erect all throughout the last 30 odd minutes. Janu then pulled down my shorts and began licking my tool frantically. It was too much of an excitement for me as I could feel my spunk being released which Janu licked off entirely. That was my first ever BJ. As we head home through the palm groves, Janu whispered we need to use the packet she had given me. I smiled back and kissed her.

The opportunity came soon; there was a wedding in the village and the groom who was from our village needed to travel to the village nearby was to be accompanied by the entire population which was around 150 strong. We were to get some construction supplies that day; so I stayed back so did Janu citing her periods had started. Luckily for me it was within an hour did the suppliers came with the material. The workers also wanted to go early so we finished the day around 2.00 pm.

My grandfather also had a few hundred mango trees and coconut tree plantations. He also had built a small pool near the well. I had indicated to Janu that we meet there by 3.00 pm. As I headed there I could see Janu already waiting for me. She had stripped off all her clothes and was already in the pool signaling me to do the same. I waded across the pool and embraced her. We began to kiss and our hands followed the usual routine. She asked me for the condoms. Opening one of them she sheathed by erect rod. I was watching her in amazement. I remarked that she is pretty well versed with all this. When she commented that she had a boyfriend in college with whom she had a good sexual relationship. She had broken off with him after some misunderstanding and it was more than 6 months since she had sex. She told me that she had planned to seduce me the moment I she had laid her eyes on me on the kaçak bahis ferry wharf.

It was a sight to behold; Janu’s milky white complexion was radiating in the sun. Her small firm boobs with the erect nipples jutting out. We moved out of the pool and Janu pushed me on my back. She guided my erect cock into her hot cunt. In a single plunge she pushed herself completely engulfing my tool. I did hurt me at the beginning and so did she feel the pain. Though she had sex earlier her pussy was tight enough for me to feel the friction on my tool. I had never imagined losing my virginity in such circumstances and with such a beautiful babe. I was delighted and excited with the different feelings of ecstasy racing through my body. I began to squeeze Janu’s globes and pinch her nipples.

She began moaning and was riding me hard. She shuddered again like the previous day for first of her orgasms. We both were sweating profusely and panting in the summer heat; it was not enough to make us stop. A few minutes later I could feel another new sensation pulsating through my cock as I ejaculated and Janu too at the same time gripped me tightly. She gently lowered her body on me and we lay in a loving embrace.

We cleaned ourselves in the pool caressing our bodies; kissing each other all the time.

I was rock hard again in a few minutes and pulled Janu out of the pool. She again took the lead and began to suck my tool. As I lay on my back, Janu moved to present her pussy to my mouth. She asked me to lick her. A new experiment had started for me. I began to return the favor as Janu was taking me to unknown zones of erotica. Each passing moment was a learning curve. Her juices began to flow copiously and she rolled over on her back.

I was still erect and she motioned me to come over in missionary position. I found the love hole and pushed in with some effort. Gripping me tightly with her legs Janu began to drive the pace of our lovemaking. I drilled into her furiously with her lifting her buttocks of the ground to pull me in deeper. Kneading her breasts, pinching her nipples and marking her body with love bites I began to increase the pace. I could sense Janu getting tired and so was I. With a few rapid strokes which made Janu to climax and I also climaxed within a few moments of her.

Both of us were tired by the act. We lazed in the pool for some time and dressed soon afterwards. We had a smoke and then holding hands like a couple who has just fallen in love headed back home. In the next few days we carried out our tryst almost every alternate day thankfully not getting caught. Incidentally I got admission to the same college where she studied and our lovemaking continued for a long time.

It’s been almost 20 years now since that day. We still meet and have sex once in a while though both of us are happily married to our respective spouses.

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