The Family Jackson

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—This story includes sexual scenes of an incestuous nature. All characters participating in said acts are portrayed over the age of eighteen. Please do not read any further if this subject material is offensive to you—

Author’s Note: The Jackson family was born as a stand alone with “A Jackson Family Christmas.” Due to the positive feedback, and to be honest, some shameless begging, I decided to continue the story of Dillon Jackson. I tightened up the POV to stay on him since he’s the one getting all the action. He’s a perverted kick in the ass with the oddest quirks I could come up with, without going over the top. Enjoy the ongoing struggles of Dillon and his needy family and his devotion to them. It will help to read “A Jackson Family Christmas” to get a sense of the demented world I’ve created and some inside jokes they inflict upon one another. —


“What exactly are you doing?” Aunt Jane’s voice brought Dillon’s head up from the couch.

“It’s not what it looks like. I swear.” He turned his head to watch her walk around the couch. Her nightgown billowed around her while her eyes were locked on him. It was a thin powder blue number that stopped just above the knee. The light coming in from the front window silhouetted her perfectly. It allowed him to make out her rounded hips and the swell of breasts. She was the most endowed of the family. That wasn’t saying a lot, but still, it was almost a complete handful. The image of his Aunt caused his cock to stir. It was a normal and constant reaction from childhood. Just her voice could arouse him.

“It looks like your sleeping with your cousin.” She sat down on the couch where he’d been stretched out with his feet on the coffee table under a blanket. Reaching down, she took the baby bottle and set it on the table before placing a soft kiss on her grandson’s head. She watched Kyle quietly suckling in his sleep. He looked content to be lying over Dillon’s heart as they lounged on the couch. “You know you can put him down after feeding him, don’t you?”

“Sure. But he’s a Jackson boy. He’s got that irresistible charm all of us have. I just couldn’t put him down. We were going over our strategy to pick up women at the grocery store.”

“Use the charm while you got it. It seems to fade with age.”

Dillon heard the whisper of truth in her words. He eyed her with a slight smile as she curled her feet up to keep them warm. “Scoot under the blanket. Since I’m sleeping with my cousin, I might as well sleep with my Aunt too.”

She let out a snort of soft laughter and took his suggestion. Not knowing the subtle truth of the comment. Jane snuggled tight to Dillon’s warm body. Her head rested on his shoulder to complete the sweet scene. Dillon felt her body relax into him. He couldn’t help but close his eyes and breathe her in. The thin material of her nightgown was unable to hide the feel of her breast as it formed against his arm. Her hand found her grandson and left it resting on his back just above Dillon’s. Their fingers grazed one another’s.

“Where’s Sammy?” She asked after emptying her lungs in a deep heavy breath. It caused the hair on the back of Dillon’s neck to start tingling. She reached up and pushed a strand of dark blonde hair from her face.

“Out in my bed with Lexi. They both had to get away from the snore mobiles upstairs.” The rumbling snores of his Father and Uncle vibrated throughout the house. It was never ending. Nothing had ever worked for either of them. Dillon had finally decided on his own to convert the pool house to an apartment. It was the only way to get away from the noise. Nirvana with a toilet was what he called it. He’d worked for a small construction company since graduation two years ago, so it hadn’t been difficult to do the job. It ended up being snug and cozy. Living at home was starting to have some real benefits. With the family together for Christmas, it was getting even cozier.

“Two girls in your bed at once. I’m impressed. Too bad they’re related to you or you might get Hall of Fame status.”

“It still counts. I have no problem lying and saying were having sex.” Dillon let out a low chuckle. “If I throw in a sexy Aunt I win a toaster oven for Rookie of the Year.”

“Really? Too bad you don’t have one of those.”

“Please.” He drew out the word and shook his head at the obvious underestimate of her own beauty. “You’re the only reason I survived puberty. Why do you think I was always begging to stay at your place growing up? I almost wore out my little swizzle stick thinking of you.”

“Dillon!” She hissed with surprise. Her hand light swatted his under the blanket. “I can’t believe you. Do you flirt with every single woman you see?”

He pretended to think about it for a moment and then shrugged. “Pretty much. I did the math in the house. I even had a pie chart made up. You’re the only female with no blood connection to me. A house full of beautiful women and you’re my only option. The no blood connection is a bit of a turn off for me, but I can work with it. I figured I should take a shot and see how far my Jackson charms gets me.”

“Absolutely nowhere.” She raised bahis firmaları her head up to scowl at him, but the tiny smile couldn’t stop from showing through. “You’re worse then ever. I can’t believe you.”

“What? I’m twenty. If I think about Sunday morning cartoons, I get a stiffy. I had a chubb half the day from tying my shoes the other morning. I damn near cut it in two with a skill saw at work. The only benefit is no one crowds me when we pile into a pickup to head to a job sight.”

Jane gave him a hug as she tried to suppress her giggles at the imagery he’d described. “How are you still single?”

“Its kind of hard to score when I have em doubled up in my bed already. How exactly do you top having a three-way with your cousin and sister?”

“Dillon!” Her swat was harder. Kyle stirred a bit and scrunched up his face before letting out a heavy sigh. Jane flinched from almost waking him. Her voice was lower. Aimed right at his ear. “You’ve got to be the most disturbed guy I know.”

“You really can’t even imagine what goes on in my head. I have this recurring nightmare I just can’t shake. I don’t know how you live through it.” He turned his head to look at her. Their faces were only inches apart.

“What are you talking about?” There was worry and wonder in her voice.

“I keep getting the image of my Uncle’s massive belly on you all sweaty and grunting. I get it. You’re a chubby chaser. But it still creeps me out everytime.”

Jane’s mouth dropped open. Shocked. For a moment she just watched his eyes twinkling with mischief. A smile finally turned her face decades younger as she lost the fight and began to laugh. It went from forty-five to what she must have looked like in her twenties. “You’re an evil little boy. I’m not a chubby chaser. He just kept growing after we got married. His belly is like our fourth child. And don’t get too worried about that image. Not a lot’s happing down there for him these days.”

“Ouch. Sorry about that. I’d offer to stand in for him, but you’d probably brain me to death with a frying pan. Hopefully afterwards, of course. I’m willing to give your breasts a hug if they need one?”

“What?” Her hand went to her mouth as she tried to hide the smile behind another aggravated gesture. Her laughter grew.

“It’s one of my fetishes. Sorry. I like hugs.”

It took her almost a full minute to stop laughing and think about his words. “Fetishes? You have fetishes?”

“A ton. Kind of why I don’t have a steady girlfriend. I tend to freak them out after awhile.” He kissed Kyle’s head and looked back at his Aunt’s intense stare. “Oh? You curious?”

“More afraid then curious, but yea, I’m curious.”

“I’ve been trying to get your daughter to do The Baby Bird with me.”

“The what? What are you doing with Sammy?” Her voice sharp with worry.

“The Baby bird. You know how a mama bird feeds her young. Basically spitting the food in its mouth. I’ve been trying to get Sammy to let me breastfeed so I can spit the milk into Kyle’s mouth.”

The slap to the back of his head actually hurt. It caused Dillon’s rumbling chuckle to shake the couch. He felt tears well up from laughter and start falling as his aunt slowly realized it was a joke. Kyle fussed a bit more, but seemed to like the deep vibrations coming from Dillon’s chest. Jane reached back under the blanket to run a hand down Kyle’s back to try and sooth him back to a deep sleep. Dillon had to wipe a tear away as he tried to stop laughing. Jane was trying to glare again, but her eyes were filled with tears as she giggled.

“That better be a joke.”

“It was. There’s no way I’d share. He’d just throw up on me again. I just want to breastfeed. It’s been so long.”

Jane tried to swat Dillon’s hand again, but missed. Her hand fell perfectly on his rather firm cock. It caused Dillon to snort back a giggle. She let out a quiet gasp as her laughter stopped instantly. Her hand was frozen in place.

“I warned you about that thing.” He slid his eyes sideways to see his aunt’s head aimed in the direction of his crotch. It looked like she was trying to stare through the blanket. She was just sitting there; too stunned to know she was still holding him.

“I’m your Aunt,” Was all she could say to him.

“And how long as it been since someone noticed how amazing you are?” His voice deepened. A lump grew in his throat as he stared at her.

“I’m your Aunt.”

“You’re my beautiful Aunt.”

“You should leave.”

“If you’d let go of me, I’ll think about it.”

She turned her head to see his playful smirk. Her face went from white to red in an instant. The blanket flew off of her as she raced from the room and upstairs. He looked down at his lap to see a perfectly formed tent in his flannel pajamas. Standing, he adjusted it and began humming a melody as he headed upstairs.

“I do love this family, Little Man.” Dillon kissed Kyle on the top of the head. “It might be the death of me, but I’ll die a very painful and happy death. Best advice I can give you is what Grandpa Pete told me. Make a woman laugh and she might just put up with the rest of you. kaçak iddaa Make her cry and you might wake up with your pecker in the microwave.” When he got to the hallway leading to the bedrooms, he saw Jane staring into her bedroom at her husband. She turned her head as Dillon appeared. Her eyes met his and then dropped as she let out a long sigh.

“Can you take him?” Dillon whispered as he passed her in the hall.

Dillon motioned for her to follow him into the bedroom that had been set up for Samantha. He slid Kyle in bed and made sure he had a nowhere he could escape to. Jane was standing in the doorway. Her eyes went from his face to his erection. Dillon motioned for her to slide in with Kyle. She hesitated for a moment and then slipped by him and crawled in. He tucked her in as if she were a child. Her large eyes stared up at him from the darkness. She was trying to catch her breath. The blankets rising and falling each time. He pushed aside a few wild strands of her hair, letting his fingertips brush her ear and side of her neck.

“You’re still as beautiful as the day I met you.”

“Nice line. You were six days old. You can’t look at me like that, Dillon. It isn’t right.”

“I’ve been looking at you like this since I was twelve. You were my first crush. I’ll always look at you like this. I always thought you knew.”

“I did, but you’re not a boy anymore.”

“I don’t think that’s what you find troubling.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Liar.” He let out a soft chuckle and ran his fingertips through her hair. It felt like silk to him. “You just figured out you really like me staring at you. And what I’m thinking about when I do.” He leaned over her and kissed Kyle on the temple. “Sleep tight, Little Man.” Jane’s head turned to follow his movement. She held perfectly still when his lips brushed her forehead. He let his warm breath play against her skin. His thumb brushed against the skin just under her ear. He felt a tiny tremble roll through her body. “I’ll be whatever you need me to be. It’s up to you to figure out what that is. Sleep tight, Lady Jane.”

Dillon padded down the hall with his heart racing. He was dead. She was going to dismember him in his sleep. First thing tomorrow he’d start working on his obituary just in case. Still, she hadn’t slapped him and his balls were still in their proper place. If Uncle Rick couldn’t give her any, maybe she’d be desperate enough to be as stupid as he was. Reaching down, he took hold of his cock and gave it flick like it was a misbehaving puppy. “Why would you do that? You have two beautiful women in your bed and you still need to go after Aunt Jane. I get it. You’ve wanted her forever, but still, think once in awhile. We have to go through life together; maybe you don’t realize that. And the shit you get into effects me.”

He stopped in the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab a handful of grapes. The freezer took several methodical headbutts as he stood in the darkness envisioning the chaos he might cause in the family. Glancing sideways, he spotted the microwave and then looked down. “Grandpa Pete was right about us. It’s all fun and game until you wake up in the microwave. Just try and control yourself until the holidays are over. Is that too much to ask?” He stared at his bulge for a minute like he expected it to answer him. “Nothing? No back talk? You’re just gonna give me that pathetic look like it wasn’t your fault. You’re such a pecker.”

When Dillon opened the door to his cramped pool house apartment, the soft glow of a small bedside lamp lit up the interior. Samantha was bent over the mini-fridge. She was wearing one of his faded and torn flannel work shirts. It hung open to let him see delicate pink panties. Her straight blonde hair was still messed up from sleeping. She was cuter than ever. Her eyes looked at him and then down at his erection.

“Seriously? It’s three in the morning. And where did you go with my son?” She whispered, trying not to wake his sleeping sister.

Dillon slipped the newly installed deadbolt and made sure the door wouldn’t budge. He’d been raised in a loving family, but knew his parents would probably think he was going a bit too far with his affection. “Sorry. Your son cock blocked me with your mother. I almost had her convinced we should make a mother daughter home video.” His eyes flashed her a challenge as he teased. “She’s curled up with him in your bed. I already fed him.”

“Damn him. You can’t believe how many guys he’s run off. I should have a serious talk with him about that.”

“Maybe he just wants to keep your new tits to himself. I can’t really blame him. I’ll have a man to man with him tomorrow.” She started to close the shirt, but stopped when his hands found her hips and pulled her closer. “And what were you up to?” His lips kissed her temple before she turned her face up to offer him her lips.

Between lingering kisses, she answered. “Deflating these things. I had to pump.” He ran a hand up her side and started to circle her breast. “Easy Panty-boy, my tits hurt. If they’re not aching, they’re burning or leaking.”

His hands obeyed and moved to her kaçak bahis ass to find smooth warm skin. The baby had given her a bit more to hang on to. It was delicious. “Wow. Sexy talk. I love it when you talk like that. I usually need penicillin when that happens to me.”

She bit down on his bottom lip. “If you give me a venereal disease, I’m gonna shove a badger up your ass.”

“Hmm. Sounds fun. What’s with all the stuffing things in my ass? You have a new kink? We could take turns with it.”

“Maybe.” She pulled his lip with her teeth before letting it go. Her hands pushed down his pants and underwear to gently stoke his cock. “You thinking about the football team again?” She teased.

“You know it. Best mistake of my life. They said I was the best tight end they tried out. You still mad I gave the most blowjobs?”

“Shut up, Spunk-breath. If you’re gonna work me up, you better finish the job.”

Dillon slipped her out of the shirt and tugged down her panties as she worked to get him out of his shirt. Samantha pushed him away and crawled back in bed beside Alexis as she lay on her side facing the wall fast asleep. Sitting down on the bed, Dillon stared down at his cousin. His fingertips gliding up her thigh to find freshly shaved skin along her outer lips. He admired the job he did. She had a perfect little strip of light brown hair just to break up the symmetry of her smooth skin. “Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

“I’m up here.”

He raised his head to look in her eyes and smiled a mischievous smile. “Hush. I’ve told you a hundred times how much you take my breath away. She’s the one that needs reassuring. Her lips always make me think she’s pouting.”

Samantha kicked out at him playfully. “Dillon. You really have no idea what you do to me.”

His fingers traced up and down, mixing the growing wetness and spreading it upward towards her clitoris. He threaded the fingers of his left hand into her hers and stared into her eyes. “So tell me.”

Her eyes misted as her cheeks grew warm. “I can’t. I’ve tried to find the words. There just aren’t any.”

Dillon leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on her abdomen. His fingers coaxing her clitoris to full arousal. Crawling between her legs, she reached out to pull him down to her. He kept his body away from her sensitive breasts and slid his cock into her. The heat radiating from inside her sent a charge down his spine. He kissed her lightly and gave her a rueful smile while his hands played in her hair. Their hips rocked gently in time with their heartbeats. “I really wish Kyle was mine. He would have come out with horns, but still, bringing the End of Days can’t be all that bad.”

“How is it you can start a sentence so perfectly and then butcher it?”

“It’s just a talent. A gift really.”

“Find a different one.” Samantha stared up at him, swallowing hard. “I know this is going to sound stupid, but can you do something for me?”


“Don’t close your eyes. Just this time, take this serious. And stay up here. With me.”

The smile that spread across Dillon’s face wasn’t playful or teasing. It was just a purely innocent smile. He let his hips moving a bit quicker as his eyes scanned the body beneath him before settling and staying focused on hers. Bracing himself on his elbow, he kissed her, letting their tongues meet in the middle before she yielded. His eyes wide open and staring into hers. Despite her effort, each time his pelvic met hers, she inadvertently blinked. Her groans increased with their tempo. Finally, she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer. She flared her head back and let his lips find her neck. He traced kisses up towards her ear and pulled her left leg around his body. Her heel began to dig into the back of his leg in an attempt to pull more of him inside her. Between thrusts and nibbles, he whispered almost inaudibly. “Is it a bad time to tell you I love you?”


“And Kyle?”

“Him too? Hmm, I…I like that.”

“What are you going to do about that?”

“Love you back. That okay?”

Dillon forced her face back to him until she opened her eyes and looked at him. He could see a tear rolling down the side of her face. His lips caught it before it found the bed beneath them. “No take backs?” He asked as he stared at the emotions showing through her eyes.

“No. No take backs.”

His lips brushed hers and then his tongue reached out to explore between her lips. He felt her fingers clutching at the small of his back. Her foot slipped from behind him and straightened as her entire body began to shudder. She tried to remain quiet and not wake Alexis. Her screams of ecstasy left her throat as tiny grunting squeaks. Despite his attempt to take it serious, the noises brought out a burst of quiet laughter and then a groan of pleasure as he felt a flood of heat engulf his cock. As the muscles surrounding him began to constrict and convulse, he closed his eyes and breathed in the heady scent of her. She was just finishing the last of her aftershocks and twitches when he pulled out and aimed the first jet of semen onto her belly. Four more blasts and his body fell into itself. Resting his forehead on her chest, he caught his breath as she ran her fingers through his soft curls. His dark hair was just long enough to get a decent grip if he misbehaved too much.

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