The Family Canoe Pt. 03

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When he woke the next morning the only sign of life from anywhere in the camp was his brother’s freight train-like snoring.

Dave headed out behind the tents to the toilet spot to relieve himself. He hadn’t quite made it there when he heard a tent zipper. That noise was quickly followed by the sound of footsteps and he turned to find May coming up behind him. She gave him a big grin.

“Good morning,” she said quietly.

“How’s life on the freight line?” he asked her.

“It’s okay until you wake up, then it’s too loud to get back to sleep again,” she said with a laugh. She stepped past him and Dave watched as she removed her underwear and hiked up her t-shirt to expose her pussy. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, squatting down.

“Um, no, can’t see why I would,” he replied and pulled his cock out through the fly of his boxer-briefs.

“Well some people seem to think that watching someone pee is an invasion of privacy or gross or something.”

“But clearly you don’t mind,” he said as she let go a long steady stream of urine.

“Nope, I find it kind of hot to watch actually,” she replied.

“Well I can’t say that I’ve ever really been presented with the opportunity,” Dave said to her as he watched. “But now that I have … I’d go more along the lines of hot than gross. Of course now that you’re watching me, its proving to be a bit difficult.” He closed his eyes and tried not to think about her presence, aiming away to one side rather than directly in front. After a few moments he managed to release the pressure. He opened his eyes and jumped in shock when he realised that May had come across to where he was standing. She was right next to him.

“May I?” she asked, her hand all but holding his cock for him.

“Um, sure,” he replied. His flow stuttered a little as she wrapped her hand around his cock, but it was quickly restored to full flow by virtue of the fact that he’d been sleeping and was fit to burst when he’d climbed from the tent. He laughed as May waved him around and experimented with aiming his cock.

“No wonder men miss the bowl all the time, this is too much fun,” she giggled. When his stream had died off May shook it to dislodge the last drops of pee, then squatted in front of him and took him in her mouth. Dave groaned as he watched her lips slide down the length of his cock. She wrapped her hands around him, grabbed a buttock in each one and then wagged her head from side to side as she held him in her mouth. She pumped herself up and down his shaft until he was rock hard, then took him all the way to the back of her throat, gasping dramatically when she released him. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted your cock for.”

“Well if you’re going to treat it that well, you can have it anytime you like,” Dave moaned.

“Very kind of you,” May replied. She lifted his cock up to his stomach and sucked first one, then the other testicle into her mouth. She pulled them away from him and allowed them to slip from between her lips before plunging her mouth back down his cock. “Fuck me Dave. Fuck me here in the dirt like the nasty slut that I am.”

May dropped to her hands and knees and pulled her panties down around her knees to bare her ass and pussy. Dave was rock hard. He knelt behind her and pressed the head of his cock against her pussy. May pushed back and his cock slipped between her lips.

“Fuck that’s good,” May groaned as he worked himself completely inside her and then started to fuck her. The night’s rest had restored Dave’s vigour and he rammed his cock in and out enthusiastically. “Fill me with Cum Dave. Fill my dirty cunt with your yummy cum.”

He didn’t need much encouragement. He pounded her forcefully, driving himself harder with every push back against him, her vocal encouragement driving him on. When he felt himself on the edge he thrust one last time, slamming himself against her buttocks, the sound echoing through the camp as their bodies slapped together. He held still and his body convulsed, his balls unleashing their load. May wailed in pleasure as he filled her with spurt after spurt of cum.

“Now that’s a great start to the day,” May said to him when they’d disengaged from one another. She stood with cum running down her legs and pulled him toward her for a kiss. “I hope you’ve got plenty more.

“Well I have a feeling that you’re going to have to share it with April, but the way the two of you are, I doubt I’ll have much trouble getting hard again,” Dave told his sister-in-law. They returned to camp and Dave rekindled the fire and set about cooking up a hearty breakfast. At May’s insistence, they were both still naked. It had Dave leading a merry dance around the breakfast whenever the bacon spattered fat from the pan.

The smell of the bacon must have woken his brother because not long after it was sizzling in the pan he emerged from the tent wiping sleep from his eyes and stretching

“Morning sleepy head,” May said to him.

“Did I miss something? I don’t seem to recall this being a nudist bahis firmaları camp when I went to bed last night,” he said as he took in the sight of both his brother and wife naked.

“Her idea,” Dave said, then gave a yelp and danced away from the bacon he’d just turned in the pan

“No doubt,” Phil laughed. “And you’re just dumb enough to cook around an open fire naked.” He went to the cooler and grabbed a beer. He tossed it to Dave, then grabbed another for himself.

“Hey, don’t be mean, he’s not dumb, he’s a good sport.” May protested. “I was about to give you a good morning blow job, but I don’t think you deserve one now.”

“Oh that’s harsh,” Phil replied. “Dash a man’s hopes before they’re even fully formed ideas! Guess I’ll just go pee then.” He wandered off into the bush.

Dave watched him go, then laughed when May said, “Back in a bit,” and followed him. He heard Phil squawk in surprise and then after a bit of laughing, heard the obvious sounds of sex. He went over to the small tent where April was sleeping and poked his head inside.

“Anyone alive in here?” he asked. There was no response. He climbed further into the tent and pulled April’s bedding away from her body. He wished she was naked, but there was no such luck. He settled for rubbing her pussy through the black panties she was wearing. That soon had her stirring.

“What?” she moaned as she came to consciousness.

“Good morning cutie,” Dave said as she managed to focus on what was going on.

“Well not a bad start at least,” April mumbled with a sleepy grin.

“Bacon and eggs?” Dave asked.

“Cock would be better,” April replied.

“Well unfortunately if I give you that breakfast will be ruined, but I can promise it later?”

“That will work,” April replied. “So yes to bacon and eggs then thanks Uncle Dave.” She propped herself up on her elbows and her eyes widened in surprise.

“It’s your mother’s fault. Apparently its nudist day,” he informed her and backed out of the tent. He quickly went to rescue breakfast and found April not far behind him. He pulled the pan from the fire and started dishing food up onto plates. There was a loud scream of pleasure from behind the tents and Dave laughed as April jumped in shock. “Don’t worry, its just your parents starting the day with a bang.”

“Oh good God,” April said, shaking her head.

“Breakfast?” Dave asked, offering her a plate.

“Thanks,” April replied. Dave watched her walk toward him, her hips swaying, her panties peeking from beneath her t-shirt, her nipples clearly erect. His cock started to rise at the sight and at the thoughts that suddenly invaded his mind. When she was nearly upon him, her gaze dropped to his crotch.

“Is that for me too?” she asked.

“Of course, I can’t see anyone else offering to look after it,” Dave replied.

“Goody,” April replied. Rather than take the food he was offering she grabbed hold of his cock. Dave felt and watched her tug on it while stood holding her breakfast.

“You should eat this before it gets cold,” he suggested even as his cock swelled in her hand.

“Probably a good idea, but don’t take this too far away,” April replied. Dave handed her the plate and returned to tend to the remaining food.

“Something smells good,” Phil announced as he and May returned to the campsite.

“Didn’t you tell her it was nude day?” May asked Dave, indicating where April sat eating breakfast in her t-shirt and panties.

“I mentioned it,” Dave replied.

“So why the clothes April?” her mother asked.

“What, the ones that you said were too revealing yesterday?” April asked her mother with a laugh. “I just got up. Let me finish my breakfast and then I might join in. Mind you, if I get one mosquito bite anywhere unpleasant, I’m getting dressed again.”

“Well don’t blame me if you get dressed and I get all the cum,” May teased her daughter.

“Are you kidding?” April replied. “Given the state of you, it seems like you’re most of the way there already!” Dave turned to see what April meant. Cum trails were clearly evident down both of May’s thighs. His cock twitched when he saw her run a finger between her pussy lips and bring it up to offer it to April.

“Well the early bird does get the worm, or cocks in this case, but I’m willing to share if you want some morning protein.”

“Uh, no thanks,” April laughed. “I’ll stick to the bacon and get my own sausage later, right Uncle Dave?” Dave nodded his agreement, conscious of the way both April and May glanced down at his semi-erect cock.

“Your loss,” May said and sucked her cummy finger clean. She walked over to her camp chair and sat inelegantly, her legs spread. It put her pussy on display for the whole camp.

“Don’t worry April, I saved some for you too,” her father replied, patting her on the head as he walked past.

“You’re too kind Dad,” April laughed.

Dave piled bacon and eggs onto plates for Phil and May and took them to where the pair were seated. Before May took kaçak iddaa hers, she took hold of his cock and pulled him close enough that she could suck him into her mouth. It was brief, but ensured that his cock was fully erect by the time that he returned to get his own breakfast.

“That’s going to make it hard to rest a plate in your lap,” April laughed as he sat down with his breakfast.

“True,” Dave said in reply. “Maybe you should come over and put your head here for me to put it on.”

April walked over to stand in front of him and pulled her t-shirt off over her head. Dave watched as her breasts were briefly caught in the fabric before dropping to settle under their own weight as they were freed. She quickly removed her panties, then piled her clothes in his lap.

“Maybe that will help a bit,” she teased him. She danced slowly and seductively in front of him, eyeing off the way his cock pushed up the t-shirt in his laps.

“Maybe not,” Dave sighed as April grabbed her chair and pulled it to sit opposite him.

“Eat up, I’ll just entertain you in thanks for cooking for me,” she said. She spread her legs and played with herself, teasing at her nipples and pussy as Dave tried to concentrate enough to eat his breakfast. He ended up scoffing it and practically burning his mouth as he was hungry and needed to eat, but didn’t want to miss the view that April was offering. He was no less hard when he finished eating than he had been when he’d started.

“Well if you’ll excuse me, I need to pee,” April announced. Dave couldn’t help but wonder if May would be as keen to go and watch her pee as she had been to watch him, but she made no move to follow. He did find her staring at his cock with a hungry look in her eye though.

“I guess I should leave that for April to take care of,” she said wistfully.

“That would be the fair thing to do,” Dave agreed.

“And of course you don’t want to miss out on fucking the hot little minx.”

“Well that goes without saying, doesn’t it?” Dave said with a laugh.

“I know I sure as hell want to,” Phil joined the conversation with.

“Yes, but you also need more time to recover between orgasms, old man,” May teased him.

“All the more reason not to go too hard too early in the day,” he advised. May moved from her chair and knelt before him in the dirt. She leaned in over his cock and then tilted her head up to meet his gaze.

“But I can tease you can’t I sir?” May asked her husband.

“Definitely,” he replied with a grin.

Dave watched as she licked from the base of his cock to the tip and back down again. She repeated the movement several times before taking him in her mouth and sucking him. She held his thighs apart with her hands and pushed her head down and held him until she gagged. He eyed off her butt which had lifted as she leaned in over Phil’s cock. It was wet and shiny from its earlier use and he was tempted to get in behind her and slide his cock inside, but before he could commit, April returned to the clearing.

“God mother, is there nothing else you think about?” April exclaimed when she saw May with a mouthful of cock.

“Lots of things,” May gasped, “But then I’m not usually naked in a clearing with a couple of hot guys and a sexy young thing like yourself, so my thoughts are a bit skewed at the moment.”

“I guess that makes sense. Hard cocks can be a bit distracting,” April noted. Dave watched as she walked toward him. She knelt before him in imitation of her mother and took his cock in her mouth. Dave groaned as her lips slid down his erection. She sucked him deep in her mouth and then slid back up to the tip, just retaining him in between her lips. Shes took just the head between them and held him there, sucking gently, almost as if she was trying to feed from it. He looked up from the action to see his brother standing from his chair. He walked over and knelt behind his daughter.

“I don’t care if I’m going too hard too early,” he said. “I can’t resist this tight little pussy.” Dave felt April take his cock deeper into her mouth again and then she gasped around it as her father shoved his cock inside her. Phil started rocking back and forth, sliding his cock in and out and Dave felt the movement as April managed his cock in her mouth. She gripped the base of it with one hand to help steady him as she worked up and down.

May walked over and Dave saw her kneel beside April. One hand went to her daughter’s breast and the other slid over her lower back. Dave could feel April’s vocal response as vibrations on his cock. It felt awesome.

“Isn’t she amazing?” May asked Dave. “Such a tight young body. I miss being as nubile as this.

“Oh you have nothing to worry about,” Dave groaned and reached to take her tit in his hand. He gave it a squeeze and pulled at the nipple as Phil continued fucking April. He tangled is free hand in April’s hair and pulled it to one side so that he had a clear view of her mouth working his dick.

“How tight is this little ass of yours April?” kaçak bahis May asked. April squealed and she quickly released Dave’s cock.

“It’s virgin tight,” she said indignantly.

“Really?” May asked. Dave felt April grip his cock hard.

“Well it was until you stuck your finger in there!”

“Mmm, it is nice and tight,” May purred. April flinched forward. Apparently her mother had pushed her finger deeper. “I want to see you take a cock in here April. How about Uncle Dave’s? Can he put his cock in your tight little ass while I watch?”

“Not now,’ April moaned. “Maybe later, I’ll see.” Dave half expected May to persist, but she let it drop and even withdrew her finger.

“God that was hot,” Phil moaned and thrust hard into April. April took Dave’s cock back in her mouth and held him there while her father emptied his load inside her. May moved and as Phil pulled his cock out of April’s pussy she took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. Then she had him move aside and knelt behind April. She licked at the cum that ran from her pussy. The sight of it was nearly enough to send Dave over the edge. April kept working her mouth up and down his cock until May appeared next to her and pulled her off him.

Dave watched, mesmerised as May pulled her daughter to her and kissed her. He had the perfect view and saw May pass Phil’s cum into her mouth during the kiss.

“Ugh! Mum,” April protested. “Way to ruin a nice breakfast.” She laughed, clearly not too upset about it.

“I thought it capped off breakfast nicely,” May responded and licked her lips.

“Well maybe I was hoping for Uncle Dave’s cum, not Dad’s?” April suggested.

“Nothing stopping you from having both,” May told her daughter.

“Maybe I’ll save Uncle Dave so that he has more when I fuck him,” April suggested.

“Do I get a say in this?” Dave asked, amused at the conversation.

“A little?” April laughed.

“If you leave him like that too long, don’t be surprised if I get to it first,” May teased.

“Do you mind if I wait a bit before I make you cum Uncle Dave?” April asked him.

“I think I can live with it if it means I get to slide in that nice tight pussy when its clean,” Dave told her.

“You’re the best Uncle Dave,” April told him. “Now its time to wash off. Man, thatater is going to be so cold.

“Why do you think I’ve been sitting around with all this cum leaking from me for so long?” her mother said to her.

“I’ll come and swim with you for solidarity,” Dave told April. He stood up from his chair, his rock hard cock straining for the sky. April enveloped him in a hug, crushing her firm young breasts between them. In the end all four of them went down to the dock and jumped in together. No one stayed in longer than it took them to feel sufficiently clean though.

“Will you take me out for some nude canoeing Uncle Dave?” April asked while they were swimming.

“Sure thing,” he agreed. “Though I think I’ll leave the fishing gear behind if we’re not wearing clothes. For some reason the idea of hooks and fish in the canoe sounds a whole lot worse if my dick’s going to be exposed. Maybe a few beers would be better than fishing today.”

“Just make sure you sunscreen, like everywhere,” May told her daughter. They all climbed out of the water and set about making sure that no-one’s private bits suffered from too much sun exposure. The girls worked together to do first Phil then Dave and then the two brothers did May and April in turn.

“I think you’ve got enough on my cock to stop a radiation burst,” Dave laughed when it had been well and truly sun screened by both women. He was rock hard again as they’d stroked him way more than would have been strictly necessary.

“Doesn’t make it sound like it would be very tasty,” May lamented.

“Shit,” April said flatly. Her mother teased her and sent her off to the canoe with her uncle.

Dave paddled around the lake, though spent most of his time eyeing off his niece rather than paddling.

“You know its almost not as much fun now that everyone knows we’re out here together like this,” April lamented.

“Only almost though, right?” Dave asked.

“Well yeah, I mean, you’re still fucking sexy and you’re still my uncle which just makes it kind of extra hot.”

“I am a little amazed at how well you’ve taken all this April. I mean, I know you pursued me and that we’re not really that much apart in age, but well, you had sex with your parents.”

“No shit,” April said. “I thought about it a lot last night. I could hardly sleep. But then ultimately I decided that its just sex right? I mean I’m not going to have kids with Dad or anything too weird. I know that we’re going to have to have a really weird conversation because I don’t want them to think that I’m just like some kind of sex toy for them. I mean, like who would have thought Mum was such a freaking sex fiend? So as long as they can accept that it only happens if I want it to, then I can live with it.”

“Wow, I have to admit I hadn’t given it that much thought to be honest. I’ve just been so horny ever since you started flirting with me that I’ve just kind of gone with it. I mean I did try to resist both of you a bit at least.”

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