The End of High School Ch. 03

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It wasn’t like she could keep us from sleeping together. The next week we all went on a trip with my Dad for his work. He had this conference and we were all going along for a vacation. The way we travel me and Jimmy have to share a bed the whole trip.

The first night, on the way there, we stopped to spend the night. It wasn’t that bad except that there’re 4 of us and we all want to use the bathroom as soon as we got there. It wasn’t really that bad. Mom and I like to shower in the evening and the guys shower when they get up. (Is it that way in your house, too?) When I got done Jim had already claimed his side of the bed. I guess I’m flexible. He didn’t mind me blow-drying my hair. Across the room, by the way he was breathing, I could tell Dad was about asleep. I slipped my towel off and pulled on a pair of Jim’s boxers and one of his tees. He’s even learned he might as well pack extras because I wear them regardless.

Mom came into the room with her nightie on just as I’m pulling them up and gives me the look. I don’t know why she was upset. Rick and Dad were on their sides facing the other way. I got in bed and she turned out the light.

After a few minutes I could see movement in their bed against the light coming from the gaps in the curtains.

In a low voice, but loud enough for them to hear, I told Jim, “Looks like the newlyweds are about to go at it again.”

“Yeah, you’d think they’d get a room.”

“Well, I guess, technically, this is their room. If they wanna do it here we shouldn’t stop them.”

“Alright, Sally. I get the idea.” I guess she thought we were asleep. “Goodnight, love.”

“Goodnight, dear.” Dad and Mom kissed loud enough for us to hear them.

“Goodnight, love!” I said, copying them, in an exaggerated voice.

“Goodnight, dear!” Jim caught on. We started making out with exaggerated sounds.

“OK, you too! Cut it out and go to sleep.”

“Yes, Mom!”

Jim was laughing at us.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of the shower going on the other side of the wall. Dad always got in there early to save time. Laying there I felt Jim’s woody poking me and, sure enough, his hand was on the tee cupping my boob. His two fingers were on either side of my nip, which was kinda firm, too.

“Wow, when I get married it’s going to be so awesome.” I was thinking about how nice it would be to wake up like this all the time with a real lover.

We got to the next hotel just after lunch and it was really incredible. They didn’t tell us we’d be staying at a resort. It was right on the beach and had 3 or 4 outdoor pools, an indoor pool and a big hot tub. In another room were a lap pool and another hot tub with a sauna I’d always wanted to stay at a place like this. When we got up to our room it was even better. The bellboy opened the door to a suite!

The center room had a couple sofas, and armchairs, a dining table with 4 chairs and a whole kitchen. Oh yeah, did I mention the 36″ TV! Off to one side was a deluxe bedroom suite and on the other side was another bedroom suite. It was just a bit smaller than Mom and Dad’s. Ours had a huge spa bathtub just right there in the bedroom! You could pull a curtain around it to block it off and the other side opened into the bathroom. In there was a walk-in shower without a door or curtain. The counter was some kind of gorgeous dark marble and had 2 sinks. I started thinking a week and a half here wouldn’t be so bad after all!

Mom and Dad had gone to check in at his conference. Jim tipped the bellboy as Dad instructed and we started exploring. Our bedroom had a 27″ TV and there was a 21″ TV in the bathroom! Awesome! There were TWO phones in the bathroom, too! I never heard of anything like this. I was peeing when Jim came in to check it out.

“Ya know what I wanna do now, Jim?”


“Let’s go check out the pools.” I finished and went in the bedroom, already stripping, and dug in my suitcase looking for my swimsuit.

“Kewl. That sounds fun! On the way back maybe we can look in some shops and explore.”

“Yeah.” I was standing there topless as I tied the sides on my Wicked Weasel.

Jim stripped off his shorts and tee and pulled on this new swimsuit I didn’t know he had. It really drew attention to his body.

I put on my mesh cover-up. It didn’t really cover anything because the mesh had such big holes but at least I could say I was wearing one. It didn’t even cover my cheeks since it stopped right about halfway up my thong. Some lady in the elevator on the way down definitely did not approve of it. That’s OK, I wasn’t wearing it for her. I took Jimmy’s hand to let her think me and him were together. Well, we were together, it’s just we weren’t together. I think you get the idea.

I could tell the guys in the pool area liked it from the way they kinda forgot what they were doing and their mouths dropped watching me pull off my cover-up. The reason Mom dislikes it is the reason I like it. Me and all the guys that see it. And some girls, too! You can easily maltepe escort see my nips and my lips and slit.

We swam for about 45 minutes, splashing each other and playing with a beach ball someone had left in there. When I got out I heard about 4 more jaws hit the floor. Jim said even though my suit is a bright green, when I got out of the water it looked like I was completely nude. Kewl! People were even looking at us, or me, from the lobby railing, one floor above.

Since it was about dinnertime we decided to eat outside by the big pool. It was so neat to just be able to sign our name and charge it to the room. They didn’t even ask for our id’s when we ordered drinks! This was a neat place.

After we ate we went on down to the beach and explored. I think we must’ve walked a couple miles before turning around. There were other big hotels like ours and then some shops, then houses, then more hotels. The water felt good. Sometimes we’d walk right at the edge, then we’d be walking in it up to our thighs and sometimes we were walking on the dry sand. Seems like at this time lots of couples were out walking on the beach. It was pretty seeing the sun go down.

We were at this one area of the beach with some dunes that went up maybe 20 feet. I told Jim it’d give us a good view of the sunset so we climbed up near the top and lay down in the sand. It was so warm from being baked all day. Even though the sea breeze was a little cooler we felt nice laying there holding hands. After the sun was gone we started back, brushing the sand off each other. The beach shower at the walkway felt really nice and got the last of the sand and salt off.

We got back to the room and Mom and Dad had had dinner, too, and changed clothes. The conference activity that night was some party and they wouldn’t be back until late.

Jim said, “Don’t worry about us. We’ll probably just stay in this evening, get drunk and go to bed early.”

Dad laughed but Mom wasn’t sure what to think. They went on out anyway.

Really, it was close to 9 PM and me and him were kind of tired, probably from traveling, the swimming, the drinks with dinner and just a full day in general. We ordered dessert from room service and just got undressed and went to bed. I woke up later when Mom and Dad came back in and kissed us goodnight.

The next day Jim was laying in bed, his woody was tenting the sheet, as usual, and I got up to shower. Mom popped in to say she had plans with some of the other spouses and probably wouldn’t be around much.

“It’s OK, mom. We’re going to swim mostly but we might go exploring up and down the beach some.”

“Have fun, dear. I’ll leave this on the dresser in y’all’s room. It’s a coupon for a free catamaran rental. You don’t have to use it but have fun if you do!”

“Hey, thanks, Mom!!! That’s great!” I loved sailing and couldn’t go enough.

Jim was still having a nice dream when I went back in the room. There was a bit of a wet spot over his dick and it was twitching. I wondered if Mom saw it. She had to. How could you not notice something gorgeous like this.

I crawled on the bed and gave Jim a kiss on the cheek. “Wake up hornboy! It’s time to get going.”

“Leave me alone. It can’t be morning.”

“Well, it’s almost 10. I’m going to go back to the outside pool. Meet me there and we’ll have brunch. And I’ve got a neat idea for us later!”

Slipping on my cover-up and grabbing my bag I went on down to the pool. There were a few nice lounges that were in the sun but kinda shaded too by these palm trees. It was nice that I could lay there and get sun but not get real hot and the breeze was nice. I put my stuff on the lounges on either side of me. It would save one for Jim and at the same time maybe keep away guys from hitting on me.

Don’t misunderstand! I would have jumped on the right guy before he had a chance to blink. I just hadn’t seen him around there.

I untied my top and my bottoms and adjusted them so they just covered what they needed to and let the sun work on the rest of me. Something about laying out like this always got me super horny. With the feel of the sun on my boobs and my pussy I had to keep from masturbating in front of everyone. This suit was bright blue and had triangle slide cups. The bottoms were medium in back and kinda narrow in the front but didn’t show as much as my suit did yesterday. Before I got in that dreamy state between awake and sleep, from under my dark glasses I saw guys and ladies walking by checking me out. If I raised one leg just so they always thought they were going to see something.

You know how when you’ve been laying out and you open your eyes and it’s so blindingly bright! And it takes you a moment to remember where you are and all? Jim was leaning over me.

“Wake up Jen! I’ve ordered some food and they had trays of mimosas.” He handed me my glass.

Why did he have to wear Axe today? Doesn’t he know what that does to me!?! “God, you smell great, Jim.”

“Thanks, Jen! Did you eat yet?”

It tuzla escort just seemed natural to give him a kiss on the lips as I sat up. Jim moved behind me and tied my top. “Not yet, babe. The drink looks good.” He knows how I like my burgers. “The sun always makes me hungry.”

“Yeah, me too. How’s the water?”

“I didn’t swim yet. I thought I’d just be lazy for a while. I tied my bottoms so they wouldn’t fall off while I ate. “Do you wanna go sailing today?”

“Are you serious?!!! You even have to ask?”

“Ha ha. Mom got this coupon and we get a whole day or two half day rentals if we want.”

“Oh wow! That’ll be great. Can we go after lunch?”

“Sure, I kinda figured you’d want to.”

“Oh, Jen, you’re the best! Last night, when we were walking on the beach and we got back, I saw all the boats and I wanted to do it.”

“You sure learned a lot sailing with Pete and Frank last year.”

“It’s not that hard to do.” He looked around, checking the flags and trees. “Today should be great because the wind is blowing straight onshore.”


“So we can sail up the beach and back down. We can even sail out if we want.”

“Well, I just wanna work on my tan! You can sail wherever you want. Just don’t get us lost or let us sink!”

“You don’t have to worry, silly! I’m going to look out for me, too”

About that time the waitress brought our food. “I’ve got your burgers and ketchup and extra pickles like you asked for. Is there anything else I can get for you?” She was touching us on the backs of our shoulders.

“Um, I don’t think so.” I looked at Jim.

“No, but that sure was fast!” He fumbled in his pocket. “I don’t have any money but I’d like to give you a tip.”.

“Thanks, hun.” She got the receipt from her little apron pocket. “You can add one to here if you want.”

“OK, kewl!”

“I saw you two last night, in the pool. You’re a cute couple.”

He and I immediately looked at each other. I could tell he was about to say something but I cut my eyes and he got the hint not to.

“He’s the greatest.” I leaned over, pressing my boob on his arm and gave him a smooch on the mouth.

She smiled big. “I can tell y’all have been together a while. I have to get back but stop by the store later. After dinner I work inside in the Victoria’s Secret shop. We can talk some more if you want.”

“Ok, great! This is Jim and I’m Jen.”

“My name’s Christine and I hope to see you two again before you go back home.” She went back to the bar.

“You sure fell for it!” I poked him in the ribs.

“Fell for what?”

“As soon as she touched you it made you want to give her more money!”

“Well, er, uh, she was nice. And she brought our food in a hurry.”

“Still, it worked on you.”

“I guess. She is real pretty though. Jen? Is that really a trick they use.”

“Remember when Mary Alice got that job in the bar?”


“Well, they let her work for a week and then they told her something else. They said for the next week when she took orders or brought the drinks and stuff she should touch the clients as often as she could.”

“They told her to feel them up???”

“Noooooooo. Not like that. They just said to like squeeze their arms softly or rest her hand on their shoulders and stuff. At the end of that week they showed her the difference in her tips. The first week she made like $40/day in tips.”

“Well, that’s not bad.”

“You’re right but the next week it was over $185/day!”

“Wow! That’s a lot. Still, it felt nice when she touched me.”

“You’re so easy.” I didn’t know it but as I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, Christine was watching us. “Jim, I’ve got an idea.”

“What is it?” He finished the last of his burger.

“This might sound weird but I think it’ll be fun.” I drank some more mimosa. “While we’re here, I mean at the resort, let’s pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend and not sister and brother.”

“Are you serious???”

“I just mean when we’re out of the room. We don’t have to do anything. It’s just we can hold hands and stuff like that. Our secret.”

“You mean like we’ll play a game with everyone and watch their reactions and stuff?”

“Don’t you think that would be fun?”

“Um, yeah, I guess so. In a way it’s like when we go out back home.”

“Well, kinda but we could, um, do more here. It’s not like there’s anyone we know so we can pretend some. Only if you want.”

“You mean like we could kiss?” He leaned over and kissed my mouth real quick.

“Yeah! That’s it. And we could touch some, too.” I rested my hands on the top of his thigh.

“Kewl! I think this will be fun.”

“Especially knowing what they’re thinking and then how they’d react if they knew!”

We gathered up our trash and took it to the cans by the bar. I put my arm around Jim’s waist as we waved at Christine before heading to the beach.

The attendant showed us the various lines and stuff on the catamaran. maltepe escort He helped me put a couple towels in one of the storage areas and loaded on an ice chest with lots of ice and some of water telling us how important it is to stay hydrated.

We were about to push the boat out he said, “Since there are so few people on the beach today, if you want to get some extra sun nobody will say anything.”

“You mean …”

He cut me off. “A lot of girls take their tops off when they get way out but it’s easy for it blow away.”

“You mean I won’t get in trouble here?”

“No, besides, that half of the beach is mostly a nude beach anyway.” He pointed down the shore away from the resort.

“Kewl, I’ll be careful!” I untied it and carefully put it in a compartment. Then I got a wild idea and slipped off my bottoms and tied them to the backstay. His eyes got big as we waved at him sailing off slowly.

“You slut!” Jim was kidding me.

“Well, he was real nice, and I knew he wanted to see my boobs.”

“And he sure got his wish! He’s still looking.”

“Besides, I need to work on my tan!” Which I hadn’t had any time to do yet this year. Usually I had a nice all over tan without any lines but this was early in the summer and we’d had a lot of rain so I hardly got to lay out.

It was wonderful laying there feeling the wind and the sun on my body and the occasional spray, seeing other boats go by and try to stay with us when they saw I was nude but in a couple hours Jim noticed I was getting a bit pink.

“I think we better go in now.” He touched the white part of my boob and I saw it turn from white to pink.

“Well, I guess but I really like it out here. But that’s gonna be sore for a while”

We headed back and the attendant, turns out his name is Dave, helped us beach the boat and drag it up on shore. There was nobody else around when we got there so I didn’t have to scramble to get my suit back on. Even though he stared he wasn’t rude. He even untied my bottoms from the rigging for me. The knot had gotten tight as we sailed.

I was tying my bikini bottoms on when he said, “I’ve just got to tell you, I love your bare pussy and you’ve got awesome boobs.”

“Hey, thanks!” I gave his arm a soft squeeze and he handed me my top. “You’re real sweet.”

“Do we still have some time left on this coupon?” Dave asked him.

“Yeah, you’ve got another half day. Actually plus an hour or so because you came in early today.”

“Great, we’ll be back.”

“I tell you what. I’m not supposed to, but since we’re not too busy I can do this. If your girlfriend wants to sail nude again you can come back as often as you want!”

“Well, I won’t be outside for a couple days! Not til this burn goes away”

“That’s OK, I’ll be here. And, er, if you wanna go for a sunrise or sunset sail I can be here for you”

“Thanks, Dave! We’ll look for you.” I slipped my arms through my straps and turned my back to Dave. “Would you mind tying me up?” I didn’t realize how that sounded til after I said it.

He looked at Jim for approval. “Oh, wow!”

I felt him fumbling before he got it tied. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and brushed my boob on his arm as we left.

“Did you see him? I think he would have done you right there leaning against the boat!”

“I was so horny I think I would’ve let him, too!”

We walked inside and the cold air hit me immediately giving me the chills. I got goosebumps and my nips poked out immediately. Just as I was about to ask Jim what he wanted to do we turned the corner in the hallway and Christine was standing in the doorway to VS with a bottle in her hand.

“Here, you may need this.” It was aloe lotion.

“Oh, babe! I love you for this!” I gave her a big tight hug. “I’m going to need this so bad. How’d you know?”

“This is a small place, Jen. Everyone knows everything.” She tapped the cell phone on her hip. “By the way, you sure made Dave’s day!”

“Ohhhhhhh.” I realized he called and told her. “Well, he was real sweet. And,” whispering in her ear so other customers couldn’t hear us, “I was incredibly horny today!”

“Well, go back and put on the lotion and maybe we’ll see each other later.”

“Bye Christine!”

“Yeah, bye babe!” I waved the aloe at her as we headed for the elevator.

I stripped out of my bikini as quick as I could and flopped on our bed, nude. Jim started rubbing the aloe on my back. I loved how he warmed it in his hand first because it’s naturally cold. He started at my feet and got to my neck, rubbing it in the backs of my ears before starting back down again. Jim’s hands were rubbing it into my waist when Mom and Dad walked in.

“Jim! Sally!!! What are you doing???” It was obvious they had been changing as Dad had on dressy casual clothes and mom was wearing a slip.

He held up the bottle of lotion. “I’m rubbing this on her for her sunburn.”

“Oh my God, Sally.” She saw how pink it was. “Does that hurt?”

“Not really, Mom. I think it looks worse than it is. Even my front doesn’t hurt and it looks a lot redder.” I rolled over and that’s where Mom lost it. She kinda realized that for me to get burned where I was burned the sun had to have direct contact and that meant …

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