The Enabler Chapter 2


The Enabler Chapter 2“ Well Mark what do you think? “ Mary asked me. I thought the idea was stupid. I thought even if she said “Dust Bunny’s” her safe word, what could I do from the dorm room closet, hand out condoms. I told her that and to that she replied. “ Come on admit it, it would be real hot in that closet.” Then Mary did something she never did before. She grabbed my crotch hard through my pants, enough to really get my attention. “ Yeah see harder than it’s been in a while. Harder than it will ever be if you let me put you in the closet.” She looked me straight in the eye. “ You will love it. You will jerk off all night or until I let you out, pretty sexy.” “ I’ll let you eat my pussy after” she said as if that was going to close the deal. Then she said in a tiny girl voice “ Come on daddy I can’t do it without you” Then her tone tuned cruel “ well it definitely wouldn’t be, as hot “ and bodrum escort she laughed. That’s when I new the plan was in place and she preferred to humiliate me in the closet, but it was far from a deal breaker. She knew she had me, she sealed it with a wet hard kiss (That she usually reserved only for black men). “ Tomorrow night K” she said fast and she was out of my dorm room. “Text you” I heard her say as she faded down the hall.The next evening I couldn’t believe what Mary was up to. She texted me to be at her dorm at 8:00. When I got there her roommate April was still there staring at Mary setting up these little cams all over their dorm room. “ Oh hi Mark, Mary tells me you guys need our door room for your date tonight.” April was being a bitch. “ You must be a Real Bull in the sack because your girlfriend, apparently doesn’t want to miss a thing” April pointed at Mary frantically escort bodrum trying to not make the cams to visible to our guests that were coming, some of whom had girlfriends.” I sure hope your girlfriend knows what she’s doing Mark” April went on as she began gathering her shit and leaving.”I hope you two really sat down and talked about this, because(she took a deep breath) video is like forever”April looked at Mary like a lover scorned.( Maybe Mary made her a similar offer, and April refused her. Then April looked me in the eye and said “ I hope you thought about it, seriously thought about it, like with your fucking brain“ she said as her tone soured. “ Fuck you dyke” Mary said but April was already gone. Mary was so excited I had never seen her like this. I wish this was all for me, but I knew it really wasn’t. I knew she was glad I was here. I made her feel safe. It was going to bodrum escort bayan make her hot knowing I was suffering, but that was it. All the giggles and manic frustration was all her pent up need to have multiple partners use her. Not just for a few minutes but all night long. I was going to tell her to go fuck herself. Maybe I would even meet up with April at The Gardens and have a drink and of course talk about Mary. But then Mary did something unexpected. “ Mark want to see something hot and very wet.” Mary asked. I held my tongue. She acted like she was doing a screen test. She flipped off her shorts and panties. “ Look Mark did you ever think you’d see it? It’s my pussy.” She started master bating not really looking at me but at those cams she set up. “ I never thought you would, but here it is and here we are” I wasn’t sure if she was teasing me, or teasing the camera. I was going to say it….. “ want to touch her, do you,Mark” then she looked right at me. “ Does the little dick pre-mature ejaculating white boy want to touch a vixens pussy. A nympho’s pussy. A black mans pussy.” I held my tongue again, and then I said “Yes Please”.

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