The Daughter-In-Law

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This story is about my daughter-in-law, Jane. Well, she isn’t REALLY my daughter-in-law because she still is not married to my son, Dick, even though they have been living over the brush together these last 8 years. They even have a wonderful daughter who is now going on for 4 whom we all adore.

Things have already been rocky a long time, as Dick needs a lot of free time/space and Jane demands a lot of attention from Dick. Over this last year, Jane has more and more confided in me and asked me for advice. More than that, she now calls me whenever she is distraught and I always manage to comfort her and soothe her. They are still living in the same house, but I am sure that all physical connection has long gone, and Jane is planning to move back in with her parents in another town, as soon as she can find another job.

Let me call a spade a spade. I fancy her. I always have, but I have always avoided any attempt to pursue that in the past because she belonged to my son, but now, before she leaves, I would like to pursue my long-standing fantasies. Am I wrong? Dunno. Not in my book, but I have noticed that in the past when I once lived in their house, she was very reserved. I am hoping that her emotional dependency on me now carries some weight I can utilise, since she confides in me and, according to her, not even her friends.

Jane has a back problem: her car was shunted heavily in the back when it was stopped and she suffered whiplash. She was also pregnant but baby survived fine. I am good at back massage and on my suggestion, she has agreed to have one. We agreed Tuesday. My son is at work until late, and the little girl at nursery, and it’s Jane’s day off. Perfect. I let myself in. I have a key. No-one around, so Jane must be upstairs resting.

“I’m coming up,” I call.

“Hang on a minute,” Jane shouts back.

“I’ll wait for you in Kitty’s bedroom,” I reply.

I go into her daughter’s bedroom, which has a full king-size bed so peeps can sleepover, and sit on the edge facing the door. A couple of minutes later, Jane pushes the door open and enters. She is dressed in a khaki tank-top and raggy-bottom blue denim shorts.

The top hangs from her ample boobs with a large open space below that you could put both your hands up. What are those boobs anyway? 36D, E? Whatever, they are awesome, and the way those shorts snugly fit that wide-beam ass is the stuff dreams are made of.

“Wow,” I exclaim, shooting a quick look from boobs to crotch. Jane smiles coyly at me. “Sorry, but that top has to come off, and preferably those shorts too,” I continue.

Jane crosses her arms and yanks the tank-top off, throwing it onto the chair, and then runs down the zip and wiggles out of her denims, drops them, steps out, bends to pick up her shorts and tosses them over to the chair too. Damn, that was as close to a striptease as I could get outside of a strip-club.

Jane is now standing facing me waiting for further instructions. My mind has gone blank, and bahis firmaları it seems all thoughts have been transferred to my dick, which now is straining at the leash.

Jane is clad in a semi see-through pale blue shimmering bra and panties. I can plainly see her dark areoles through the bra, plus the nipples, which are pushing against the material, and the dark area in the crotch of her panties where her ample bush is located.

Why all this? Is this NORMAL? Has she done this JUST FOR ME? “Please lie on the bed face-down, near the edge,” I croak, finally managing to find some voice.

Jane moves quickly over to and onto the bed, face down, and I pause to admire the sheer beauty close by me with that broad ass rising high into the air covered in those semi-see-through, shimmering, blue pair of panties. What is wrong with my boyo? Why can he not find enough time for her? If she were mine she would be fucked hard every time I entered the front door before taking off me boots.

“We need that bra undone,” I state. Jane starts fiddling with the hooks. I bend over and grasp the two sides of the strap bringing them towards each other and unhooking the three hooks one by one. Carefully I ease the bra out from under her, as she lifts slightly to take the weight off those incredible boobs.

I pull up a stool alongside the bed and lightly run my right hand over her back, placing my left hand lightly and flat on the shiny panties which cover her lovely rounded ass, just for balance.

My right hand is searching for the hot spots which tell me where there is a problem. Shoulders cool…

Moving down I am at the midriff, and, as expected it is warm. I ease her panties back a tad to allow me full access to her midriff. I sprinkle hot oil and a fragrant oil across her midriff and spread it out all over her back. Now I massage from the top down, first on the left, and then on the right. Down and then off to the side at the midriff. Smooth strokes, followed by circular movements, followed by sort of squiggly movements, but always from shoulder to midriff. Occasionally, I massage directly back and forth across the midriff.

After about 15 minutes, I note that the midriff is also now cool. My pukka job is done. Now for my fantasy job. How far will I get?

I take some more fragrant oil and rub my hands together. Moving down I massage her calves with my left hand, and her thighs with my right. My right hand bridges her thigh with my thumb on one side and my palm on the other.

Jane is relaxed and enjoying the massage extension and so I try a shade more: I move my left hand up to where my right hand was and continue the downward massage from her bum base to knee.

I slip my right hand under those shiny, pale blue panties, and massage her bum cheeks with a circular motion. All good. No adverse reaction, in fact Jane wiggles a little and I am sure I see her legs part a little more.

Emboldened, I take the waistband of Jane’s panties and gently roll them kaçak iddaa back exposing her firm, rounded ass cheeks.

I keep my left hand following the same pattern, but now the side of my right hand gradually moves into the crack between her bum cheeks.

Now my right-hand movement changes from circular movements on the cheeks to a see-saw back and forth pressure in the crack, with my right hand cupping her bum cheeks one by one in turn.

Jane is still relaxed, but I hear her breathing is getting heavier. I take a peek at her panties, bottom-side and sure enough, there is a wet patch.

I need those panties off. Things have gone perfectly so far, but I know we are now at a Red Line: it was OK putting my hands down her panties; it was more-or-less OK to roll them back, but REMOVING them is entering a totally new relationship that has never been discussed let alone agreed. I need a signal. I note Janes’s right hand is close to the edge of the bed. I note that I now have a boner that is pushing the front of my shorts way forward.

I open my legs as wide as I can and lean forward in a pretend need to exert more pressure on my hands. Sure enough, the front of my shorts is now over the bed edge, and I can feel contact with her hand. Will she respond? Does she want to proceed in a sexual direction with an old codger, let alone her partner’s dad? Oh My God, I can feel her thumb, index and middle fingers have taken the head of my cock into a light grip, really no more than an exploratory move, but a move it is! We have an Amber! Not a Green yet, but most certainly not a Red. With a massive sense of relief, I can now Proceed With Caution!

I grip the top of her panties with both hands and start to move them down. Will she help or will we just stop? OMG, she has lifted her pelvis a tiny amount allowing me to slide her panties off her bum. No point in stopping there is there, and so I continue, and slide them further down.

Once her panties are below the knee, Jane raises her legs allowing me to completely remove those shiny, pale blue panties that are now soaking wet. Another step up the ladder achieved. I place the panties to my nose, and the heavy pheromones blow my mind, and my dick takes a leap.

Gazing now at my prize, I note that Jane’s legs are now considerably further apart, and her heavy bush is in evidence with glistening beads of pussy-juice above. I feel sure I am now on safer ground and place my right hand on Jane’s right side at chest level, and my left hand on her left thigh and move her around so that Jane is now across the bed instead of in-line. I draw her forward while spreading her legs but with just her toes over the bed edge. The marvel of her glorious broad ass so close leaves me in awe, and I pause to look. I next place my hands on her ass cheeks and stroke from top to knee. I am still seated at the bed edge and the action is now too far away.

We are here, and there is no going back, and so I place my hands around and under Jane’s pelvis kaçak bahis and draw her back onto her knees, her head still on the bed. No resistance! Great!

I now change, and work my hands upwards from her thighs, spreading her ass at each move. As her ass opens, I now place my tongue in the slit and lick from the bottom of her cunt, over her puckered bum-hole, to the very top of her crack. Jane shudders.

I can see the happy valley so very close lower down, and my dick is getting very excited and offering options I cannot ignore. I also see pussy-juice leaking and running down onto her copious bush and realise that All Is Well. Now I wonder how much further I can go.

Placing my hands around her thighs, I draw her towards me and push my face into full contact with her wet, bushy pussy, and my tongue drives straight inside her hole, while my hands still hold her bum cheeks wide apart. Jane shakes visibly and sweet juice flows out onto my tongue.

I move down to Jane’s clit and suck and roll it causing Jane to gasp and moan. Now for my fingers. I try to keep on the clit with my tongue while ramming first one, then two then three fingers rapidly in and out of her hot wet cunt. Jane shouts ” I’m cummmming,” and orgasms showering my hand with lots more juice. I remove my fingers and rapidly lick all the juice from inside and from all over her ample bush. “Oh My Fucking God. Fuck me NOW,” screams Jane.

I rapidly cast off my shorts and Y-fronts, and sure enough, as if I didn’t know, my thick, 6 and a half-inch dick is as hard as it is ever going to be. It is warm here, and so my sack is hanging low too. I grab the flimsy blue panties and pull them over my head. My eyes are at the leg-holes, and my nose is in the pheromone-filled crotch. I swear my dick grows another half inch instantaneously. I slide back off the bed into a standing position pulling Jane towards me as I move.

I slip my hands under Jane and cup her pendulous boobs whilst working my dick into the wet, dark hole ahead with a circular corkscrew movement. Sweet, smooth, wet and warm. No problem running straight up to hair-on-hair. No point in long shots. I am in and up near her cervix, well past the PC muscle which is twitching and gripping me as I try to retract. So I pull back an inch and move into top gear, rocking back and forth real fast. The PC muscle gradually changes from random to steady and then gradually increases pulsing pressure until my cock is being massaged continuously. I finally manage to pull back and re-enter shooting my load of sticky white goo at her cervix.

I pull out and Jane finally rolls onto her back, and smiles warmly at me. “Thanks. I mean it. Thanks. I really needed that. How did you know, clever you!,” says Jane.

“You have NO idea how much and for how long I have wanted this too,” I reply. “Tell you what, let’s finish off with a 69? That way you can clean my cock, and I can eat your beautiful cream pie we just cooked,” I continue.

Jane smiles in approval, so that is just what we do, well, almost. We end up with her sucking me off and me discharging what is left in Santa’s sack between her lush lips, and she also manages yet another orgasm on my tongue. A good day! The best!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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