The craigslist hookup


The craigslist hookupShortly after buying my first computer I began searching out porn dating sites in which I discovered craigslist, I began responding to some of the personal ads and found most of the women were hookers but the men and couples were legitimate. On this day I was in the mood for sucking a Dick and I found a post with a picture of a guy with a nice cock, I responded to the ad and he replied he was not able to host, bummed I asked him if he would be interested in car head, He replied “yes that would be hot” I told him that I was at work and there were cameras in the building but not outside in the back lot which was discreet and safe and I could meet him in the back parking lot, I told him I would be watching for him and to pull in and I would come out. Watching, I seen a maroon four door Chevy caprice pull in the lot, A little nervous I walked up to the passenger door, The window was down and as I walked up and he already had his pants down and stroking his Dick which was already erect. I bent over and said I guess you’re my guy in which he says yes get in. I got in the car and immediately leaned over on the bench seat and immediately began sucking his Dick, this guy had a pretty nice cock, 7,5 maybe and really thick. I wrapped my lips around that nice hard Dick slowly bobbing my head up and down, While bobbing my head up-and-down and feeling his Dick slide in-and-out of my mouth I used my tongue to fondle his shaft with my tongue as that Dick slid in-and-out of my mouth, I would stop at the top of his cocks head and suck the head of his Dick and swirling my tongue around the head of his Dick at the same time Causing him to lean forward a bit and making him grab my head as this had him climbing the walls. This made his morning much louder and each time I did this I could hear him saying ” OH FUCK” ..”OH FUCK YEAH” “OMG” “OH FUCK YEAH SUCK THAT COCK balıkesir escort ” I then began sliding my tongue up-and-down his shaft and slid my tongue down to his hanging balls and began sucking on his balls one at a time while I stroked his hard throbbing cock. By this time his ass was almost off the bench seat and as I slid my tongue back up his shaft and began Sucking that nice hard Dick again feeling it slide in-and-out of my mouth. By this time my cock was hard as a rock and throbbing as well. As I continued sucking his Dick and listening to him moan and enjoy the way I was pleasuring that throbbing cock I unzipped my pants and pulled my Dick out and began stroking my Dick while sucking that nice hard throbbing cock of his.He finally reached the point in which he couldn’t take it anymore and he began repeating “I’M GONNA CUM I’M GONNA CUM” Then his cock began to throb in my mouth as this hard cock shot a nice warm load of cum in my mouth, and I could feel his Dick throb every time it shot and nice load in my mouth and after about four shots of cum He finally exhaled and said “awww fuck man”.What he didn’t realize is I wasn’t finished being that I was so turned on by sucking on this nice hard Dick and was so turned on by listening to him get off while shooting his load in my mouth and was so turned on by the feel of his hard Dick throbbing in my mouth while shooting his load that I continued sucking his Dick even longer. After about a minute or so he then said “fucking aay man you are relentless” as I continued sucking his Dick, After a few minutes I had his Dick throbbing hard again and had him once again climbing the walls in which he asked ” Can I fuck your ass”? “I really want to fuck your ass” I told him hell yes you can fuck my ass, you can fuck me as hard as you want. I got out of the car and walked around to the driver side with my pants escort balıkesir unzipped and my Dick out hard as a rock, When he noticed my Dick sticking out of my pants he reached out and grabbed my Dick and began stroking it and told me I had a nice cock as he got on his knee and began sucking my rock hard cock, He pulled my pants down to my ankles and was squeezing my ass while sucking my Dick and sucking my balls, He eventually pulled off my shoes and pulled my pants the rest of the way off and told me to sit up on the hood and as I did he sucked my Dick and put his hand on my chest and laid my back on the hood of his car and put his hands on my thighs pushing them up into my chest as he buried his tongue in my ass. He continuously telling me I had a great ass as he continued sticking his tongue deep into my ass and taking his fingers and spreading my ass open to get his tongue in deeper and deeper.He then pulled me off the car and bent me over the hood and lubed up my ass and his cock and slid that big Dick inside me, Holy fuck this guy’s Dick felt good inside me as he began fucking me harder and harder, By this time I was now climbing the walls while he fucked so hard I could feel his balls slapping against mine. Now I was beginning to get louder as I repeatedly told him to fuck me harder, He then grabbed my shoulders as he thrusted his hard Dick into my ass and thrusted as hard as he could, He noticed I was stroking my Dick while he was doing this and he pulled my hand away and began stroking my Dick for me while fucking me at the same time. I finally began repeating ” I’M GOONA CUM I’M GONNA CUM” and as I began to shoot my load he continued stroking my Dick, Every time I shot a load I could feel my tight ass wrap-around his hard cock while he was fucking me and at the same time he could feel my ass tighten up on his Dick and I could hear him balıkesir escort bayan behind me repeating “OH FUCK YEAH SHOOT THAT LOAD BABY “! He then continued to fuck me about another 5 or 10 minutes before he finally pulled his cock out of my ass and shoved me down on my knees and as I looked up at him he began stroking his Dick and grabbed my head and shot a huge load all over my face rubbing his cum across my face with his hard throbbing Dick all while listening to him get off while shooting his load. I was so turned on my Dick was still hard as a rock and he noticed as I was reaching for my pants and ask me if I had any interest in fucking him? At this point I was like absolutely and he pulled his pants down to his ankles, kicked his one shoe off and stepped out of one side of his pant legs and bent over the hood of the car giving me the lube, This guy had a great ass, Firm and small just like mine, I lubed up my Dick and as I slipped my hard throbbing cock into his ass, my first thought was this was the tightest hole I have ever had my Dick in and it felt dam good. I think I fucked his ass for about 15 or 20 minutes and it felt incredible as I could feel my balls slapping against his and his tight ass wrapped around my throbbing cock, as I continued to fuck him as hard as I could. I then grabbed his shoulders and began thrusting my Dick in his ass as hard as I could just like he did to me and finally I was ready to shoot my load and told him I’m going to cum and shot my load inside his ass.With my Dick still in his ass we both sat there for a moment catching our breath as I continued slowly sliding my Dick in-and-out of his ass as my Dick was still was still hard as a rock and he told me to Fuck him some more, I’m thinking son of a bitch my Dick is getting sore but I continued fucking him for about another 15 or 20 Minutes before I finally was up to shoot another load Which wasn’t much but I shot another load in his ass in which both of us were like fuck yeah.Afterwards we decided that we should get together more often, And that was exactly what we did. I really miss Craig’s list, I did a lot of fucking on that website.

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