The Cocky Coxswain Pt. 07

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The moment had come for us to claim our prize and show our dominance over the other team. Several of the guys on my team wanted to strip naked as soon as we got to the locker room, but I told them to wait. “Patience is a virtue, guys—and I promise that you’ll each be fully satisfied soon enough.”

Carlos walked in a couple minutes later, followed by all eight members of his studly crew team. Just like my team, each of them looked like a male model and were muscular and built as some of the best junior rowers in the world.

Standing at 5’8″, Carlos was the shortest guy in the group. With brown hair and brown eyes, his handsome face and tanned skin showed off his Costa Rican heritage. Still wearing his lycra, Carlos boasted a pretty big package in his shorts and still had an air of confidence to him. He was clearly the guy in charge of his team, so I planned on enlisting his help to begin the team’s humiliation.

“Tell your team to get naked,” I said. “And line up by cock size—smallest to largest.”

“How the fuck would I know how big their cocks are?” Carlos asked.

“Oh, I’d be willing to bet you know,” I said. “Give it your best shot and we’ll get a ruler to measure.”

I knew that my team had a ruler from when we’d had our cock contest, but I was also willing to bet that Carlos had a pretty good guess of how his team stacked up. And as a man of his word, he told his crew to take off their lycra and strip naked.

It was a gorgeous sight to see all eight sexy rowers strip completely naked. One by one, they exposed their sculpted chests, washboard abs, flaccid cocks, and tree-trunk legs for all to see. As some of them undressed, I could even see their big, beefy asses that I planned on fucking before the hour was over.

Carlos too stripped naked and had a good-sized dick, likely about four inches soft. He then started out sorting out his teammates by cock size. On the whole, they were a fairly well-endowed group, but there were a couple on the smaller side, and one or two were practically tiny. These two were clearly embarrassed to be the smallest on the squad, just as the two larger guys were happy to be the biggest. And one by one, they sorted themselves until all eight studs stood in a row by cock size.

“Okay,” I said. “Why don’t you measure each guy and introduce him to the group?”

Carlos walked over to one of the tallest guys on the team, who had the misfortune of being the least endowed. Max was a gorgeous guy from Canada who was 6’4″ with bleach-blonde hair. Completely ripped and covered in muscles, he was French Canadian and hailed from Quebec, but his penis hung down just an inch and a half over a small set of balls. Even though Max was 20 years old, his penis looked like a little boy’s, which Carlos quickly verified with the ruler—announcing that it was indeed just an inch and a half soft.

Next up was Jason, who was an American dude from Colorado. At 5’11” with tons of muscles, I would’ve expected Jason to be a well-endowed, but his flaccid penis was just two inches according to the ruler. As Carlos measured it while standing right in front of him, it was obvious that Jason’s little boyhood was only half the size of his own cocky coxswain’s.

Antonio was 6’2″ and from the Baja Coast of Mexico, and he was next in line with a three-inch softie. Pierre was from France and had model-good looks, with shaggy brown hair, piercing green eyes, and 6’3″, but his penis was also just over three inches soft, just like Antonio’s.

Matteo was from Italy and had blonde hair and blue eyes. At 6’1″, his flaccid cock measured in just shy of four inches, so that it was almost the same size as Carlos the coxswain. Matthew came next, and he was from Australia. With a height of 6’5″, he was one of the tallest guys on the squad and boasted a respectable 4.5-inch softie.

Finally there was Riley, who was also from Canada, and grew up playing hockey. With brown hair and green eyes, Riley had washboard abs, was 5’11”, and had a thick and hefty five-inch softie.

Last but certainly not least was Vincent, who was 6’6″ and from Nigeria. The cock swinging between his legs was a solid six inches when fully soft—bigger than everyone on our squad other than me and Damion.

“That’s quite impressive,” I said, once Carlos finished measuring and introducing his lads. “But it doesn’t really compare to our team.”

“I doubt that is true,” Carlos responded, even though he could see the pretty sizable bulges in each of our trou.

“Well, you’ll find out soon enough,” I replied. “But first, why don’t you start sucking us off through our lycra so you can taste some ball sweat?”

Since my team hadn’t yet showered, our suits were a little gross, so it was the ultimate humiliation for our rivals to have to lick and suck us off through the lycra. And as we stood proudly fully clothed, our naked rivals were forced to drop to their knees before us and humiliate themselves completely.

I tried to pair guys bahis firmaları up to ensure maximum humiliation. Since Carlos was so cocky and arrogant, I paired him with Damion, so that he’d have one giant Irish horse cock that he’d have to suck off.

Max, who was the least-endowed guy on their squad with just a 1.5-inch softie, would now be worshiping Michael, who had the smallest cock on our team but was still far bigger than Max.

Jason from Colorado, who also had just a two-inch softie, was paired up with Juan from Southern California, who beat him by at least an inch and was ready to dominate and humiliate him.

Antonio from Mexico would have the privilege of worshiping the seven-inch dick of Diego from Spain; and Pierre from France would get to humiliate himself in front of Amri’s thick and lengthy Turkish meat. I then paired up Matteo from their team, who was from Italy with a three-inch softie, with the sexy Italian Dario on our team, who had him beat by at least an inch.

Matthew from their team had a nice-looking 4.5-inch softie, but he’d now have the pleasure of worshiping my German roommate Charles, who was a full five inches soft with plenty of room to grow.

This left Riley, the Canadian hockey stud with a five-inch flaccid cock, to suck off Erick from Cote D’Iviore. And I would start by dominating the biggest and most hung stud on their squad—Vincent, from Nigeria.


I could tell that Vincent was used to being the biggest and cockiest dude around. At 6’6″ with a six-inch soft dick, he clearly had no qualms being naked in the locker room. And over a full foot taller than me, he exuded confidence and disdain for my shorter, scrawnier self.

But as soon as Vincent dropped to his knees and took a nice, long look at the bulge in my trou, I could tell that he was starting to get nervous. What was this massive snake inside my pants? he wondered. Could it possibly be real?

Every guy on Carlos’s team started humiliating themselves by touching, fondling, licking, and sucking my teammates through our lycra trou. Although my teammates had originally been fully soft, we all started fluffing up and getting semi-erect as our rivals degraded and humiliated themselves before us.

One by one, the larger cocks on my team started growing bigger and bigger. As each of Carlos’s teammates got us hard, they found their mouths full of ball sweat from our lycra trou.

After several minutes, guys on my team took off their trou to give our rivals better access to our balls and cocks. Amri from Turkey had now hardened up to his full and thick seven inches and was forcing Pierre, the gorgeous French stud, to worship and swallow every inch of his dick.

“Good job, bitch,” he said, as he ran his fingers through the Frenchman’s wavy hair.

Charles, my roommate from Germany, now had a raging eight-inch cock, and was using it to slap the face of Matthew, the sexy brown-haired stud from Australia.

“You want this dick, bitch?” Charles taunted, making Matthew beg in response.

Even Michael from our team, who had that smallest cock of our group, was using his fully erect five incher to saw away at the mouth of Max, the tiny-cocked Canadian stud from their team.

Within minutes, every one of their studly rowers was sucking and worshiping the cocks of my teammates. And since my team had so much pent-up sexual energy and frustration, all of our dicks were now as big and erect as they’d ever been, and we were each getting off on humiliating our rivals.

To my surprise, the opposing squad also seemed turned on, since all of them were either fully erect or starting to stroke off their own penises as they sucked us off. And now that everyone was hard, I decided to go around the room and take further stock of the situation.

By this point, Vincent, the 6’6″ stud from Nigeria was furiously deep-throating my dick and didn’t want to let me go. Even though this hung stud had never sucked cock before, he was overcome by my massive dick and simply couldn’t get enough.

Vincent seemed upset when I withdrew my colossal cock from his mouth and put the ruler next to his own throbbing manhood. The ruler read 9.1 inches—a very respectable size—but still an inch and a half short of my thick 10.6-incher. I told Vincent to suck off Damion, the Irish stud who still had him beat at 9.4 inches, as I made my way over to Carlos, the cocky coxswain.

Carlos really had his mouth full sucking off Damion and his own dick was now fully erect. I was impressed that the ruler read 7.2 inches, which was really a decent size for a relatively short 5’8″ coxswain. I imagined that back home in Costa Rica, Carlos had no problem finding girls and guys to fuck and worship his cock. But here in Sussex, my colossal cock clearly had him beat, and I wasted no time in asking him to drop to his knees and worship my massive dick.

For the next couple minutes, the other team’s kaçak iddaa cocky coxswain tried his best to swallow my dick, but clearly struggled with its length and girth. Even though he’d warmed up by sucking off Damion, the Irish stud, he still couldn’t take the last few inches.

“Don’t worry,” I said, as I withdrew my massive manmeat after several minutes. “I bet your ass will be able to take all of it.”

Carlos seemed sad when I walked away, but my dick was quickly replaced by Damion coming back to fuck the coxswain’s throat.

I then made my way over to Riley, the Canadian hockey stud who was busy sucking off Erick’s thick and hard 8-incher. Riley’s own dick looked damn impressive, and the ruler clocked it in at 7.8 inches, just shy of Erick’s. As I slapped Riley’s girthy cock with my own, I also smacked his ass a bit and told him that I couldn’t wait to fuck his big, beefy butt.

Charles from Germany was clearly getting off on humiliating Matthew from Australia and forcing him to swallow his thick 8-incher. But what surprised me was that Matthew’s dick was pretty big too and measured a solid 7.5 inches. It definitely wasn’t as thick as Charles’s or mine, but still respectable, and Matthew’s light brown hair, green eyes, and sexy Aussie build made him look incredibly sexy sucking off this blonde-haired German stud.

It turned out that Matteo’s cock from Italy, which had been three inches soft, was only six inches fully erect—a full inch shorter than Dario, who was also from Italy and currently fucking Matteo’s throat.

Pierre, the sexy Frenchman, had a rock-hard 6.5 incher, which was half an inch shy of Amri’s 7 thick inches of Turkish manmeat.

And Antonio from Mexico, whose penis was also three inches soft, turned out to be 5.5 inches fully erect—an inch and a half shorter than Diego from Spain, who was balls-deep down Antonio’s throat.

Jason from Colorado, who had just a two-inch softie, now was fully erect with a thin 4.5-inch cock. Even though Juan from my team was just 6 inches hard, he was loving humiliating and dominating this smaller-dicked stud.

And Max from Quebec, who was one of the sexiest guys on their team, had the tiniest penis of all at just 3.5 inches fully erect. Max was a tall and handsome 6’4″ guy, but his boyhood was miniscule even compared to Michael, who was 6′ and had a 5-inch penis.

As I measured Max with the ruler, I couldn’t help but put my massive manmeat next to his for all to see, and the difference was astounding. Even though I was nearly a foot shorter than Max, my dick was three times his size, and twice as long as Michael’s. Even adding up Michael and Max’s dicks together, they still came two inches short of my massive hunk of manmeat.

“My dick is so much bigger than both of yours put together,” I joked.

“It looks like Max has never hit puberty,” Michael taunted.

Max just moaned as his tiny 3.5-inch cock was even more turned on by this humiliation. Without being asked, he dropped to his knees and started worshiping my massive dick, while also jerking off Michael’s 5-incher.


As I looked around the locker room, I could see that each of my teammates was getting grade-A blowjobs from our vanquished rivals. And as Max greedily swallowed my colossal cock, I decided to take things to the next level and let the fucking begin.

While Max kept busy trying to deep-throat every inch of my cock, I motioned for Michael to start opening up his ass. Michael’s five-inch cock fit easily into Max’s ass and started opening him up. For the next several minutes, Michael and I double-teamed Max as my other teammates started fucking our rivals as well.

Juan wasted no time plugging his six-inch dick into Jason’s ass. Diego eagerly started fucking Antonio, the Mexican stud, with his thick seven incher. And Dario started feeding his cock into his fellow Italian Matteo’s willing ass.

One of the sexiest sights was Amri picking up Pierre, the Frenchman, and impaling him on his seven-inch Turkish spear. And Charles, the blonde-haired German stud, did the same thing to Matthew from Australia—stretching him out on his eight-inch dick.

Riley, the Canadian hockey stud, was now getting plowed by Erick’s eight-inch cock; and Damion’s massive Irish horse cock was now finding its way deep into Vincent, the Nigerian stud.

The only person not getting fucked on the opposing team was Carlos, who was jerking off while watching all of his teammates lose their anal virginity to my cocky crew. Seeing that he was being left out of the action, I called him over to worship my cock alongside Max.

“It’s big enough for both of you to suck on it,” I said, cockily.

And sure enough, both Carlos and Max were able to suck on different parts of my dick and make out occasionally, or one would suck on it while the other worshiped my massive balls. All the while, Max was getting fucked and loosened up by kaçak bahis Michael, who was in ecstasy pounding this hot Canadian stud.

“This feels so fucking good!” Michael screamed. “Where should I cum?”

“How bout you cum down Carlos’s throat?” I replied.

Following my order, Michael withdrew his five-inch dick from Max’s Canadian ass and pointed it towards Carlos’s mouth. But before he could enter this sexy coxswain’s mouth, Michael started cumming all over Carlos’s handsome face. He then pushed forward so this Costa Rican stud could suck on his cock and lick off all his cum.

“That was so fucking hot!” Max exclaimed.

“I’m glad you liked it,” I said, slapping his ass. “Because I hope you’re ready to get fucked by my massive cock.”

Michael had been fucking Max doggy-style, but the blonde-haired Canadian stud now flipped over on the locker room bench so that I could fuck him face-to-face. Max looked down at my massive, 10.6-inch dick and gulped. Each of us—including Michael and Carlos—looked down at the absurd comparison between my dick and Max’s puny 3.5-incher.

“I hope you’re ready for this,” I said. “You’re about to get fucked by a dick that’s more than twice the size of the one that just plowed you.”


Not wanting to disappoint, I pushed the massive head of my cock towards Max’s waiting hole. Even though Michael had “loosened” him up, the discrepancy in our dick sizes was like comparing apples to oranges, so I felt a lot of resistance in Max’s tight man-pussy. But he valiantly stayed calm and tried to adjust to my massive manmeat drilling inside him.


Even before I was halfway in, Max’s tiny penis exploded and shot cum all over his sculpted abs and chest. I hadn’t really started fucking him yet, but he was so turned on by my massive anaconda that he couldn’t help himself.

At that point, I thought about pulling out and sharing my dick with someone else, but Max begged for me to leave it inside of him. “PLEEAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEE!” he yelled. “Keep fucking meeeeee!”

So I gently eased into him until I gave him every inch of my massive dick. And slowly but surely, the tall and blonde-haired Canadian stud adjusted so that I could start fucking him back and forth. I plowed his man-pussy and started long-dicking him as I looked around at all of my teammates.

Across the locker room, Carlos’s crew squad was getting completely and utterly fucked by each of my well-endowed teammates. As Max screamed wildly and begged for my dick, Vincent was doing the same thing for Damion. I never thought that the strong, muscular, and 6’6″ Nigerian stud with a massive dick would become such a total cockslut, but he was now screaming and begging the horse-hung Irish stud to fuck him harder.


Riley, the Canadian hockey stud, also looked like he was loving Erick’s thick eight-inch cock from the Ivory Coast. As this African stud pounded Riley’s hole, he slapped the Canadian stud’s hand away from his own large-sized dick and told him to just enjoy the ride.

“Just focus on my dick inside you,” Erick said, “And enjoy the fucking.”

As Riley lost his anal virginity to Erick and waves of pleasure filled his body, his moans and screams were no match for his teammate Matthew, the 6’5″ stud from Australia, who was currently getting deep-dicked by Charles.

My sexy German roommate had pinned this Aussie stud against the lockers and was fucking his ass like a freight train with his thick and lengthy German cock. Matthew’s own large penis was throbbing uncontrollably as he moaned and screamed for Charles to fuck him harder.

All of my teammates were so pent up and sexually frustrated that we gave our vanquished rivals the best fucking that we could muster. And as the other team’s moans and screams filled the locker room, Max started cumming uncontrollably once more on my colossal cock. It was the second time in minutes that he’d cum without touching his puny boycock, but he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKKKKKKKKKK!” he yelled, as he came all over himself once again.

“Nice job,” I said, as I withdrew my massive cock. Now that Max had cum twice, it was time to share my manmeat with someone else and give Max a break. I now wanted to fuck Carlos, the sexy coxswain, and let one of my teammates take a shot at Max’s ass now that he was well broken-in.


Carlos looked nervous but excited when I told him to put his hands against the lockers so that I could fuck him from behind. At 5’8″, he was just a couple inches taller than myself, and his 7.2″ dick was nice and girthy. But what I really liked about Carlos was his confidence and arrogance and his sexy, rounded ass. It was nice and muscular, just as I like it, with a near-perfect curve. So as Carlos presented his ass to me, I pushed my massive manmeat into it and started making him my complete and total bitch.

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