The Beach

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As always, constructive critiques are welcome. It is NOT constructive to tell me I’m stupid, unless you tell me WHY I’m stupid.

Enjoy and vote!


The morning sun shines bright and hot, burning into the sand. I shift slightly in my chair, watching. The women on the beach, in various types of swimwear, hold my attention. I watch the teens scamper about, wearing very little, frolicking in the waves. I watch the 20 somethings, lying on the beach getting tanned. I watch the 30 somethings and up, reading or watching their children play in the surf. My cock is slightly stiff from my gazing. The bulge in my trunks is slightly noticeable, but I don’t care. I want someone to notice…

I see you, wearing a nice tight one-piece white suit, cut very low, walking down the beach with your accessories. You can’t see me watching you behind my sunglasses as you look for a vacant spot. You see some open sand about 10 feet in front of me, somewhat close to the surf, but not too close. You work your way over, dropping your beach bag and spreading out your towel. I watch your every move, watch you bend over to straighten your towel, watch your suit ride up into the crack of your very sweet ass. You turn and straighten the other end and I get my first glimpse of your tits. My cock swells. You straighten up and look right at me. I feign sleep while I watch you look me over. Your eyes stop at the growing bulge in my suit and you smile slightly. You sit down on your towel and get lotion from your bag. You squirt some on your arms, legs, chest, rubbing it in. As you are squirt some down pendik escort your back, I make my move. I jump to my feet and come up behind you. You don’t see me as I start to massage the lotion into your back and shoulders. You jerk and turn your head to see who is behind you.

“Sorry to startle you, but I noticed you needed a bit of help,” I say, as I continue to massage your shoulders and down your back.

“Why, thank you. Normally, I just dump half a bottle across my shoulders and hope it drips down my back,” you say, as I keep working your skin. The lotion is completely rubbed in now, but I don’t stop. I keep massaging you, working my hands lower down your back, ’til my fingers meet the edge of your suit. I gently shift the fabric down slightly, caressing your skin and kneading your back muscles. You turn your head to me with a quizzical look.

“Well, if your suit shifts, we don’t want you getting a burn spot there, do we?” I ask, working my fingers lower and further into your suit.

“No, I suppose not,” you say, turning around to face me. “Maybe you should put some more here and here.” You lightly touch your cleavage and the leg openings of your suit.

“Yes, I agree, you certainly don’t want a burn on such sensitive spots,” I say, squirting more lotion on my hands and massaging your cleavage. My fingers touch your breasts, slipping inside your suit, working my way closer to your nipples. I can see you are aroused, as your nipples are very hard and there is a slight wet spot in the crotch of your suit. You stare me in the eyes as I touch you, finally getting a hard nipple in maltepe escort my fingertips. You never take your eyes off mine as you moan very softly, and spread your legs a bit. You drop a hand to my thigh, caressing up the muscle, teasing me as I fondle your very nice, very hard nipples.

I take my hands out of your suit, squirt more lotion on one, and start to massage your upper thigh with one hand, while going back to your nipple with the other. I slide a finger inside the crotch of your suit, teasing your outer pussy lips. Your eyes flutter quickly, then open back up, staring into mine. I spread your lips with one hand, while I pinch and fondle your nipple. I slip a finger inside you, feeling the wetness that has gathered there, then slide up your cunt, finding your hard clit, pulsing and yearning for touch. I rub my finger gently over your swollen clitty, making you squirm on the towel. You abandon the teasing and run your hand up the leg of my trunks, gripping my dick.

“Oh, that’s very nice,” you say, never taking your eyes off mine.

I nod and smile at you, bending closer. I whisper, “I would like to kiss you now, if that is ok.”

You lean to me in response and our lips meet. No pretense or hesitation, our mouths open wide, our tongues mashing together wildly. Your hand pulls my cock out into the open air and strokes him furiously, as you try to buck your hips on my pussy-probing finger. I shift your suit to the side and slip two fingers inside you, while I continue to flick over your pulsating love button.

“Think we could fuck like this?” I whisper to you. You kartal escort move your crotch closer to me, laying your legs on top of mine and wiggling closer, guiding my throbbing prick into your open wet pussy hole. I shift closer to you, letting the head of my cock enter you slightly. I dearly want to fill your cunt, feel your hot tight pussy grab my dick and not let go, but it is impossible from this position. I push a little more and get a bit more inside you.

“Fuck this,” you say, pushing me back. You shift on top of me and ram your hips down, taking my cock deep inside your inviting snatch. You bend over and we kiss again, as I grab your ass, forcing you up and down on me.

You break our kiss, leaning down on both arms and stare in my eyes again, as you lift and lower your hips on me. I reach for one of your tits, pull it out of your suit, and latch on a nipple, sucking and licking like mad. You don’t take your eyes off mine, reaching down to flick over your clit while you ride me.

We fuck hard for what seems like a long time, wallowing in our pleasure, grunting, moaning, gasping, fucking. Heedless of those around us, not caring, we exult in each other’s wanton sexuality, ramming deep inside, touching, licking, sucking our most sensitive areas, almost desperate for the other to cum and cum hard.

You toss your head back and growl, “I’m gonna cum, stud, yes, oh god, yes, I’m cumming.”

I grunt and, as your cunt grips my swollen cock in the throes of orgasm, I fill your slit with my boiling cum, shooting deep inside your spasming pussy. We fuck hard, getting every last bit of cum out of our sweaty bodies. You bend over again, your face inches from mine, and whisper, “By the way, what’s your name?”

We both giggle, as my slowly dwindling cock slips out of your beautiful pussy.

“I’ll tell you in my room, ok?” I ask…

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