The Baroness’s “Man Of Pleasure”

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“I trust that you enjoyed yourself at the ball. If I may say so, you look absolutely stunning in that gown. I’m sure that every eye was on your beautiful curves”. My trained man, Evan said. I had chosen him above the other men from the town.. The men at the ball that I attended this night could not come close to cast a shadow on his inner shine. He has that “spark”. The extra cut above average men, not only in looks, but also in a calm temperament. Tall, he towers well about my five-foot one inch frame. Shaved head and sparkling green eyes, the day he first came to my estate to inquire about the unusual position that I had advertised in the town. He made my inner juices flow, not to mention the fact that the mere sight of him caused my mouth to water. But I kept my thoughts and opinions about him to myself. It was only when he came to the estate to interview with me that I told him about the position and how well he would be compensated that he leaned the true nature of the position for which I had advertised. He was to be my “Pleasure Man”.

I do not blush at his compliments, rather simply nodding my head, acknowledging them as my due. I have hair like an Autumn sunset, dark blue eyes, sparkling pendik escort like sapphires. I’m Rubenesque in frame and stature that can only be considered as “classic” in these days and times. . If only Rueben could see me now. I’m quite certain that he would have called me God’s own masterpiece. I chuckle softly to myself.

“I have prepared the fireplace for you. Why don’t you recline on these cushions while I bring you a glass of sherry to top off your evening?” He suggested.

When Evan returns with the sherry, he finds me reclining by the fireplace, allowing the hem of my gown to ride up just above my knee, so that my shapely calves are revealed invitingly. Seating himself by my feet, he removes my heels and gently massages my feet.

Looking up into my eyes, he smiles warmly. Running his hands slowly over my left leg, one on the inside and the other on the outside, he finds my garter and, with only a little struggle, releases my stocking and rolls it off of my leg. He repast the same steps on my right leg, allowing his hands to slowly caress both the inside and outside of my legs in the process.

He bows his head and kisses my feet, sucking each toe individually. maltepe escort He runs his tongue along the inside of each calf, stopping at my knee and returning to my ankle. The second time, his tongue passes the knee, moving upward, slowly running over the swell of my thigh, until he discovers, as he expects, knowing me, that I am not wearing any panties. No lace or satin caresses my skin this night. His tongue stops, just as it is about to reach the crease between my thigh and the juncture of my legs.

His tongue is on the other leg in a twinkling, moving upward, again stopping at the crease. Returning to the left knee again. He tongue moves up, passes the barrier, and just tickles the edge of my nether lips. The same strokes continue on the right thigh. He raises his head from under my gown to again look into my eyes . Smiling broadly, he said, “You want it don’t you?”

Without waiting for my answer , he lifted my gown around my body, so that my treasure is exposed to his adoring gaze. He reaches out the tip of his tongue, and runs it lightly between the swollen, dripping outer lips of my temple. A few light caresses of his tongue between the lips. Then an increasing kartal escort pressure, the parting , tasting my womanhood flowing over his hungry tongue.

The tip of his tongue flicks upward, finding where my stamen is emerging from it’s hidden sheath. A few gentle caresses of his tongue , feeling the tension run through my body. He surrounds my bud with his lips, suckling gently and allowing his tongue to barely make contact.

He removes his tongue from my bud and plunges it deep within my now open passage, drinking my juices as his tongue pushes its way in and out of me, probing the upper surface of my treasure.

His tongue moves out, to be replaced, first by one finger, testing my readiness, then two fingers, probing gently while his tongue returns to my gem. Twirling motions around my now aroused bud, while his fingers slowly but steadily move in and out of my passage, caressing upward with each movement. My body moves against his hand and mouth. His mouth again surrounds my bud, suckling while his tongue mves over it and around it, up and down on it, changing the motion.

His tongue moving rapidly , and yet faster still. As his fingers accelerate.. Suckling and licking my bud, until he feels me hit the waves, I lift my treasure toward his face , the walls of my passage clutching at his fingers as I shudder with my release. Panting and glistening with perspiration..

“I trust that was satisfactory, Baroness?”

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