The Aunts Ep. 03: Darla

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“Jesus Christ Ella you’re a wreck. You can’t go home like that. Follow me on over to my place and we’ll get you cleaned up.”

It had taken me almost 5 minutes just to get her to stop crying in the parking lot.

She looked like hell, I couldn’t let her kids see her like this.

“Are you sure Darla?” Ella sobbed. Well at least she wasn’t crying uncontrollably any more.

“I figured you’d hate me for what I’ve done.”

Ella was my sister in law, and we had got pretty close over the last 25 years. You’d think she’d have known by now, I don’t judge.

“If I don’t hate Mary why would I hate you? Now quit that sobbing, and get in your car. We’ll talk at my place.”

I thought about the events of the last few months on the short drive over to my house. My nephew Ronnie got divorced, then, one day just before he was due to move out, his wife got off early and caught him butt fucking his Aunt Mary (Yep, that would be my little sister.) on the couch.

My god, what a blowup. She told the whole damn family. Half of them still weren’t talking to either one of them. And I had thought that Ella, of all people, would never speak to them again!

But here I was, pulling into the driveway, with Ella right behind me, after catching her walking out of Ronnie’s apartment.

With the fresh fucked look.

I spent the next half hour calming her down, and helping her clean up.

And I made her tell me every detail.

Every last lurid detail; the way he gently nuzzled her neck as soon as the door closed behind her.

The way they kissed and made their way to the bedroom.

And the way he ate her pussy to a gigantic orgasm.

By the time she vividly described the way he pulled on her ass, shoved his big fat dick into her all the way, and started throbbing, my pussy was soaking wet.

I knew his cock was huge, it always showed through his tight shorts. The details of him ejaculating into her unprotected womb rolled from her mouth and straight to my clit. I barely managed to keep my composure.

“Shit Ella! That was stupid! What if he knocked you up?”

And he probably did. His cum was still leaking out of her! I had to give her couple of pads to try and catch it all. Enough had leaked out of her just on the way over to ruin that white skirt for good.

“You can’t be doing that again. Charles would shit if you came up pregnant.”

Not that I had any great need to protect Charles’ feelings.

Sure, Mary had practically worshiped the ground he walked on when she was little, but she was 10 years younger than him. I was much closer in age. I knew what an ass he could be.

And he’d only gotten worse over the years since our big sister Linda died. Shit, he treated her kids like it was their fault! Especially Ronnie.

Linda could put him in his place, all right. God knows nobody else could.

No, if I was gonna have a dog in this fight, it was gonna be Ella.

“Ella, you can’t be doing that again. You ain’t on birth control.”

Ella looked at the floor. “I have to, Darla.”

“Ella, do you really think you can trust Ronnie with a secret like this? You know good and well he’s still fucking Mary. She’ll come unwound on you if she finds out”.

“Darla I’ve never felt so alive, so… loved… so satisfied in my life. I can’t not go back. My life has just felt so empty…” Her voice just kinda faded out.

Ella was just about the best friend I ever had. I decided if she needed Ronnie that bad, she was gonna have him.

“I can see that Ella” I said and put my arm around her shoulder as we headed toward the door.

“Go on home now and get a hold of yourself. I’m a gonna go talk to Ronnie. He’ll keep his mouth shut for you or I’ll have his ass.”

“Thanks Darla.”

“And get yourself on birth control right now!”

God damn it, this was ridiculous. One of them was gonna get hurt real soon if I didn’t do something. This was far from the worst disaster I’d seen my sister Mary throw down in the last 35 years, but it had potential. Someone was gonna have to take control of this shit show. And that someone was gonna be me.


The weather in Dallas can get pretty cool in late October, so I slipped on my jean jacket as I headed out the door for Ronnie’s place.

I know some of my friends poke fun at me for the Texas twang in my voice, and the way I dress up all cowgirl. It’s just who I am. Besides, boots and jeans are comfortable. In a few minutes, I was stepping through the door of Ronnie’s apartment.

“Here’s your tool box.”

“Thanks Aunt Darla.” He said with a smile. Ha. I’ll bet he won’t be smiling much in a minute.

“So what was Ella doing here this morning?” I said, looking him straight in the eye with my best pissed off look on my face.

His face turned bright red.

“Uh… she just stopped by to say hi.”

“Say hi and fuck your brains out for 3 hours straight?”

“No! No, really, she just stopped by to say hi!”

“Ronnie, your Aunt Darla was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. pendik escort I grabbed Ella right out of the parking lot in front of your door, and dragged her home to clean her up. She told me all about how you two spent the morning, so you can just cut the crap. I ain’t gonna judge. I’m just telling you, you better watch yourself.”

“I’m sorry Aunt Darla.”

He looked totally stunned. Good! That’s what I was shootin’ for.

“Now Ronnie, I ain’t sayin I think it’s OK. Ella and Mary are grown women, they can decide for themselves. But you gotta know that if Mary got wind of this, she’d claw Ella’s eyes out!”

It was true. Oh they got along well enough, on the surface. But I knew.

I knew like only a big sister can. Mary had always been jealous of Ella; jealous of her hair, jealous of her tits, and most of all, jealous of her stealing away her big brother.

And I knew better than anyone that Mary had a bad temper. A very bad temper, and a dead husband to prove it.

“You can’t be juggling your Aunts and playing them off each other. One of them is gonna get hurt. And if you hurt one of them, Aunt Darla’s gonna hurt you!”

I said that last with just enough of a grin to let him know I meant what I said, but things weren’t all that bad.

“Now gimmie a hug sweetie, I gotta run”. Ronnie hugged me and said “Thanks Aunt Darla.” with a bit of relief in his voice.

I turned and walked toward the door. Now I remembered what Mary had said, and spun around quickly.

Well I’ll be damned! The little shit WAS checking out my ass!

“Look at you, checking out my ass! What are you trying to do, fuck every damn one of your aunts?” I was smiling pretty big when I said it, so he took it the way I hoped.

“Kinda maybe…”

I cocked my head and gave him my best “You idiot” look while I took a minute to compose myself.

I’m just glad I was wearing a thick pair of jeans and a jean jacket, because my nipples were standing straight up, and my pussy juice would have been showing through anything less.

“Maybe. Just maybe. But there’s gonna have to be some ground rules. We’ll talk about it later. Now gimme another hug, I really gotta run.”

I gave him a quick hug. I sort of knew he was gonna grab my ass or something. I was ready though and jerked away quickly, before he got much of a feel.

“I said we’d talk about it, I didn’t say we’d be doin’ in it.”

He looked appropriately shameful now.

“There’s gonna have to be some rules mister; some serious rules.”


“Damn Mary, you were right! His eyes were glued to my ass bigger than shit.” I said to my little sister. Mary was all of five foot two, with the same thick jet black hair and blue eyes as me. The similarity ends there though; I’m a few inches taller and quite a bit stronger. Mary laughed that little “I Told You So” laugh that I had been sick of since we were kids.

“You gonna fuck him?” She asked eagerly.

“I dunno Mary, I don’t wanna move in on your deal.”

“Nah you ain’t movin’ in on nuthin’. I just drop in once in a while and fuck him if I’m feelin’ like it. Go on Sis! It’ll do you good!”

My plan was coming together. It was beginning to look like it might work.

Mary had already told me he could go for hours, and Ella backed that up. Well this old lady can do anything those old ladies can do!

But Mary didn’t need to know that. Not yet anyway. No, I needed her to think Ol’ Darla was a bit scared of Ronnie’s big fat dick, at least for a little while.

“Mary, I just don’t think I can take that much dick. I gotta be in and out of there in half an hour.”

Mary jumped right on that bait, and started telling me all her tricks, like the way she rocked her hips slowly in a figure 8, and let him plow that big thick dick into her as deep as he wanted.

Hell, I thought every woman knew how to do that.

How it drove him crazy to fuck her big fake tits.

My C cups weren’t anything like the tits her dead husband had bought for her, but I knew how to wrap them around a dick just fine. My husband ain’t huge like Ronnie, but he ain’t little either. My tits are plenty big enough for him to fuck if that’s what trips his trigger.

Then she came across with what I was looking for. How to know when he was gonna blow his load. Now I knew my plan would work.

“He’s got a little bitty spot right between his legs, right where his bag ends, and the skin between his dick and his asshole begins. When I want him to blow his load, I just wrap my legs around his back, pull him in all the way, and tickle that spot reeeel gently. Three seconds of that, the head of his dick swells up real big, and he’s shooting his wad”

“Mary, I want to do it. Damn I need some dick.” I said. It was true. Frank had been pretty much just sticking it in and blowing his load for a couple of years now. “But I can’t be going out of my routine, and I can’t have anyone showing up over there while I’m there. You think you can stay away from Ronnie’s place on Mondays? It’s the only chance I get.”

“Oh maltepe escort hell yeah, Darla, no problem! I’m about wrung out from the weekend on Monday anyway.”

“And can you not fuck him Sunday so he has something left in the tank?”

Shit, this was looking like it was going to work!


Damn, I looked good. I had better have, I put a lot of thought into this.

I had to look tough. But hot.

I’m 5′ 5″ and 135 lbs, a few of which are spare, but a lot of which is muscle. A hell of a lot.

I spent 15 years working in a factory, carrying around buckets of stones that they used to knock the burrs off of metal parts with. I’m betting not many 40 year old women had a tougher body.

And today, a short black leather skirt was wrapped tightly around my ass, and a matching pair of lace up boots came up to just about my knees. My little black leather jacket fit snugly over a tight gray tank that showed enough cleavage. No bra. I didn’t need one. My tits ain’t that big, like maybe a C, and carrying boxes of rocks all those years made the muscles of my chest plenty strong. They didn’t stand up like a teenager or anything, but hey, they stood up real proud for a 40 year old lady. No panties either. I had a plan, and it didn’t include any unnecessary clothing.

Frank would be watching football with his beer buddies all afternoon.

That gave me about 4 hours. Longer if the Cowboys won.

I teased my thick jet black hair up like a Texas whore, and hit the trail to Ronnie’s house.


He knew I was coming, so it took him all of two seconds to answer the door.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t look it, but I was nervous as hell.

He held his arms out to hug me. It was time to put my plan to work.

I practically jumped in to his arms and kissed him square on the mouth, Hard.

I grabbed a hand full of the hair on the back of his head with one hand, pulled his lips tight against mine, and thrust my tongue into his mouth, while I grabbed his big fat dick with the other hand. Hard.

He began to try to steer me to the bedroom, but I was having none of that.

Nope, I had a plan.

And it looked like it was gonna work.

I pulled him out into the middle of the living room and yanked his shorts down as I fell to my knees. Damn his dick was big! Quickly, I shoved as much of it into my mouth as I could, running my tongue all around the head.

For about 3 seconds.

Then just as quickly as I had stuffed it in, I spit it out. I rose to my feet, backing away a few steps as I did.

“Stay right there mister. Like I said, there’s gonna be a few rules.”

The look of surprise on his face was just priceless. We’d all had a hand in raising Ronnie, after Linda died. I was the one who taught him to mind his manners. And I was about to teach him to mind his manners all over again.

“No, this ain’t gonna be no easy piece of ass for you. You’re gonna do exactly what I tell you to do. Now just stand there and listen.”

He stood right there, kinda looking around at the floor, just like he did as boy when I was chewing his ass for some thing or another.

“First thing, if you say one goddamn word about anything that happens here to anybody, especially Mary or Ella there’s gonna be hell to pay.”

His raging erection had begun to sag a little.

“Second thing, you better make sure Mary is nowhere to be found any time I’m here, or any time Ella’s here. You fuck this up and someone’s gonna get hurt. And by god I’ll make sure that someone is you”.

Ha! I’d never seen a dick deflate so fast! If it got any smaller, it’d shrink into his ass.

“And last thing. I’M in control of this whole fuckin’ mess, and YOU had better not forget it. You’ll fuck Ella when I TELL you to fuck Ella. And you’ll fuck Mary when I TELL you to fuck Mary. And If I find out you’ve fucked either one of them without my permission…”

I lowered my voice to a menacing whisper.

“There’s going to be hell to pay. DO you understand me, MISTER?”

“Yes Ma’am.”

This was delicious. I had him right where I wanted him. I sat down on the couch, leaned back, and opened my legs. My short skirt rode up over my hips.

“Now get your face over here and eat Aunt Darla’s pussy.”

Damn I had nailed that! Ronnie was kneeling before me, eagerly licking my clit while I ran my hands through his thick hair. Shit that felt good! I worried about keeping my act up. I’m a long way from a dominant woman. I don’t mind taking the lead, but I like my man to do most of the thinking while he gets me off.

To my surprise, I was kinda enjoying my new role! I pulled his head down tight against my neatly trimmed pussy as I began to cum. I’m not really a squirter, but I do get mighty wet when I cum, and right now, I was cumming hard! He pulled his head back to get his breath. I had been holding it pretty tight; it might have been a bit tough for him to breathe.

“Did I say you could stop?”

“No…” He said it like he said it back when he kartal escort was kid, trying to deny his shenanigans.

“No WHAT?” I growled and locked my hands in his hair.

“No ma’am.”

I pulled his face back down on to my sodden crotch. Damn this was working gooood!

Ronnie’s lips were wrapped around my clit. He was putting just the perfect amount of pressure on me, and sliding them from side to side.

“Oh shit, oh shit!” I blurted out as a second, even more powerful orgasm came out of nowhere, and spread through my soaking wet pussy. I hadn’t had a cum like that in years! But he didn’t need to know that.

In a minute, I had my act together. I pulled his face down hard on to my pussy again by his hair.

“Does Aunt Darla’s pussy taste better than Aunt Mary’s?” I growled. Ronnie nodded his head.

“Say it! Say Aunt Darla’s pussy is the best!” I barked sternly, and pulled his face away.

“Your pussy is the best Aunt Darla.” he said timidly. I looked down between his legs. His fat cock head was bulging on the end of his rock hard shaft.

“Then get up here and stick your dick in it.”

He moved up between my legs. I squeezed his shaft hard with one hand, spread the lips of my soaking wet pussy with the other, and began to rub the thick bulb up and down my shiny slit. I lodged the head in my opening, and rocked my hips up.

Ronnie’s big fat dick slid smoothly to the bottom of my pussy, in one slow thrust.

And I lost it.

I clamped my legs around his back, and started bucking my hips like a rodeo horse. I remember falling down on to my back on the couch as he slammed his thick meaty cock into me over and over again. The thick bulb was hammering my cervix with each powerful thrust.

I’d bitched hard at Ella for not being on birth control and fucking him bare, but hell, I wasn’t on birth control either, and now Ronnie was barebacking the shit out of me, on the same couch he got caught butt fucking my sister on!

But, there was a difference. I had no intention of letting him cum inside me. Hell, I hadn’t even made up my mind whether or not I was gonna let him cum at all.

And in just a few more minutes, it looked like that was just what he was about to do.

He had grabbed my ass, and was pulling it hard to one side, jamming his monster cock into me hard and deep. I think I had cum six or seven times already, and I felt a big one coming. Deep inside me, I felt the thick knob on the end of his cock begin to swell.

Suddenly, I pushed him off. All those years of totin’ rocks had made my arms strong. The surprise on his face from the force of the shove was hilarious.

“Did I say you could cum, mister?”

“No ma’am.”

“You think you’re just gonna blow your load bareback in me, like you did in your Aunt Ella? I don’t think so. There’s rules here mister. STRICT rules. One of them is, you don’t cum, till I TELL you you can cum. And another one is, you DAMN sure don’t cum in your Aunt Darla’s pussy.”

I grabbed his throbbing penis hard, and pulled him up on to his feet, practically dragging him to the bedroom. I shoved him down on to the bed and stood over him glaring.

“I’ll bet you’re thinking Aunt Ella’s gonna let you just blow your wad up in her tomorrow, aren’t you boy? Well I got bad news for you, mister. You gotta EARN a visit from Aunt Ella. Do you think you’ve earned that? I don’t THINK so. I don’t think so AT ALL!”

I’d already told Ella to be here at 9 tomorrow morning, but he didn’t need to know that.

“Now lay down on your back, and remember, you’ll cum when I TELL you you can cum.” I gently brushed my fingers slowly up and down his raging erection. “Have I made myself clear, MISTER?”

I let him lay there for a minute. I still hadn’t removed a single piece of my clothing.

Let me tell you, this girl can dance. I’ve never been a stripper, but I’ll bet I woulda been a good one. His eyes followed me around the room as I slowly, seductively swayed my hips. I reached behind my back and unzipped my leather skirt, letting it fall to the floor.

In a couple of minutes, I was buck naked, except for the black leather lace up boots.

His eyes were locked on my tits.

I knew I had prettier tits than Mary. Hell, I’d seen them enough times, she’d yank her shirt up for anyone. And mine were real.

I slowly climbed up on the bed, gently teasing his throbbing rod with my fingertips as I lowered a nipple into his mouth.


It had been three hours, three long, long, long hours since I had walked through the door.

Ronnie’s cock had been stiff as a board the entire time.

I’d used all of Mary’s tricks to bring him right to the edge, and then just stopped. I’d laid on my back while he thrust that meaty rod in and out of me, until I felt the knob begin to swell. And then I threw him off.

I’d pulled him into my mouth and lightly stroked that special spot under his balls until the knob began to swell and quickly pulled away, laughing as a single drop of thick white cum leaked out of the slit in the tip of his big fat dick. I’d let him cool off for a few seconds, and licked it off.

I’d wrapped my firm tits around his cock and slid up and down against him, until yet again I felt it swelling… then sat up straight, laughing.

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