The Anatomy of an Affair Ch. 05

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A message from Jenny.


This is the final part of Anatomy. It examines the ending of the affair between Tom, a forty eight year old retail motor trade executive and Jenny, a twenty six year old sales executive who works for him. Although this part can be read as a stand-alone story it is an extension of the previous four parts, which for continuity should be read first.

A little about me. I am not really twenty six and Tom does not exist. I have aged myself in Anatomy to provide more content to the story and the characters. Also I am not a sales executive, but a student although I did work in a motor dealership as a work placement.

I have had some short and longer flings with several older married men and this story is an amalgamation of those.

I hope you enjoy it and I would be delighted to exchange emails with you.


How it all ends.

They were both excited. They had discussed it at some length and had gradually prepared themselves for the afternoon and evening. They would meet at Elli’s house in Cockfosters for drinks before lunch that she would prepare and serve. The lunch was to be a chance for Elli and Tom to get to know each other. Jenny had told her lots about him and so she felt she knew him, but other than once seeing him walk across the showroom of the dealership where Jenny and he worked she had not seen or met her young lover’s lover. This afternoon and evening, though, she would not only meet him, but would also fuck him.

Like many men, Tom yearned to see his young lover with another woman. Typical of most men he was fascinated by and turned on by lesbian sex and the ultimate sexual high for him was to be with two women who got it on with each other as well as him. He had experienced that a few times all but one of which had been with call girls.

One evening in a Hertfordshire country house hotel they had agreed their affair could go nowhere. They acknowledged to each other that despite them loving each other it was just sexual. Naked in the large bed with the feather mattress they agreed that if that was the case then it should be as adventurous as it could be. After an energetic session where, as usual Tom had given Jenny several orgasms she had been in two minds whether to offer Tom a threesome with her and Elli. The idea appealed to her and she knew that her bisexual lover would leap at the chance to share her and a cock and she was positive Tom would love the idea, but she had some nagging doubts.

Elli, Jenny’s bisexual female lover was in her early forties. She had been divorced a couple of years and could no longer be bothered with men. But by her own admission to Jenny, although she loved what they did together, and now she and Jenny did most things two women can do to each other, she missed that glorious feeling of an erect cock going into her and then fucking her. She and Jenny had tried to replicate that sensation with hand held dildos and a couple of vibrators and had even discussed getting a strap on, but so far Elli still missed the uniqueness of a cock slithering up her pussy.

Tom and Jenny had been having an affair for over eighteen months. Tom was married to Emily who during the early stages of his affair demanded little from him sexually. That was fortunate as her aging, now overweight body with her pendulous breasts that had ballooned from a shapely and very respectable 36 D to a floppy and oversized 38 G no longer appealed to Tom. That was especially the case now he was bedding a slim, young woman with tiny, but pert B cup boobs, fantastic legs that went up and up for miles and probably the best bum Tom had ever played with and fucked, something that Emily had never allowed. Just as she never allowed him to cum in her mouth or over her tits, experiences young Jenny positively encouraged. So sexually he was primed for an affair and when Jenny started working for him in the BMW dealership it became inevitable. Whether Emily suspected something or not, Tom had no idea but it seemed to him that the longer he and Jenny carried on the more Emily rediscovered her sexual appetite. Recently she had been taking the initiative and twice she had as good as demanded sex from him when he had cum with Jenny shortly beforehand. His sex life was becoming complicated.

Jenny had been, no was, in love with Tom. Despite the over twenty year’s difference in their ages and the derision and scorn she would endure from friends and relatives, she would have lived with him at the drop of a hat. The problem was that he would not leave his wife and family. Although this pissed her off big time, Jenny respected his situation and had resigned herself to her lonely and unsatisfactory life. But then she met Elli and it all changed.

They met at the gym, got to know and like each other and confessed things to each other that they had not mentioned to anyone else; the main one being their increasing distaste for men. Not, they agreed the being with them or the sex, but all the social paraphernalia of dating, going through the ‘should I shouldn’t I’ phase, having sex with them and then breaking up. Elli’s divorce had been particularly painful as during it she learned that her husband had been a serial pendik escort adulterer and had a host of flings and affairs with other women, usually much younger than her. Jenny, of course, was in the difficult position of loving a man she could not fully have. So, as they agreed smiling and holding hands. ‘We are both fucked.’ Elli summed it up well ‘the pleasure is just not worth the aggravation.’ She had told Jenny that in the kitchen of her home in Cockfosters as she rested her hand on her young friend’s leg as a precursor to them going to Elli’s bedroom and making love.


Emily had always held a fairly vanilla attitude towards sex. She was not adventurous or creative, had a quite low sex drive, did not lose her virginity until she was twenty and at university and other than the fellow student who took that Tom was the only man with who she had any form of sex. She sometimes wished that she could loosen up and indulge in some of the more deviant aspects of sex, which to her included anal and oral, but she had not been able to, until recently that is. As she approached fifty she felt more relaxed about sex generally and taking the initiative with her husband in particular.

However, that did not include going along with suggestions that Tom had made over the years for her to go with another man and let him watch. Sure she was curious as to what it would be like to have somebody else kissing, holding and shagging her, but her entire upbringing and beliefs prevented her agreeing to her husband’s requests. And that even included her rejecting his suggestion of a twenty two year old hunk servicing her. It was the same with his post orgasm suggestions of her going with another woman or having a threesome with him and someone. ‘I have no interest in women that way,’ was her standard reply.

Tom had given up on such ideas long ago. He was not even sure now that if she did agree he would want to see her fucked by another bloke or woman and the thought of a threesome with her had lost appeal. It was the ‘with her’ in which he had lost interest, but not the desire to be part of a two female and him threesome. He had been in several over the years, but most had been paid for either in a massage parlour or with two escorts.

When Jenny had obliquely informed him that she had been playing around with another woman he was a little hurt. But realism and pragmatism took over, just as it had about Dean with who Jenny had sex at a wedding. Any hurt or jealousy he had about his lover’s ‘lesbian infidelity’ however vanished when she offered him the chance to join both of them in a threesome. He had been almost permanently hard since the evening on the back seat of his BMW seven series when Jenny with her skirt round her waist, her blouse undone and her underwear in her bag had suggested it. And now driving along the North Circular road through Palmers Green towards the address in Cockfosters he was fully erect thinking about it.

“What you going to wear?” Jenny asked Elli in a phone conversation that morning.

“Not sure, what do you recommend, after all you know him, what would he like?”

“He’s a typical man, anything sexy and the sexier the better.”

“Well we could be naked,” Elli giggled.

“He would love that, but perhaps a little to blatant, after all the lunch is a no strings meeting and you can both just walk away with no harm done if you don’t fancy each other or going through with it.”

“True so what do you suggest?”

When Tom arrived and Elli had shown him into the sitting room he was surprised to see that both of them were wearing dresses. Elli had on a flowing hugging white, A line dress that was fairly, but not overly low cut and had a hemline a few inches above her knees. The dress showed off her rather voluptuous figure to good effect and created a deep cleavage between her boobs that Tom noted were full and nicely rounded. She was wearing white tights or, Tom hardly dared to hope, stockings and killer heels. Jenny was in dark blue. He had seen her in the dress once before at a do at the dealership and hardly been able to restrain himself. It was high at the neck and hem and hugged her slim body like a glove. It was particularly tight round her hips and bum and Tom knew that she was either, naked under it or was wearing the flimsiest of bras, maybe the La Perla black one he had bought her a couple of weeks ago. As usual the payment for it was her modelling it for him in his office by standing in front of his desk and undoing her blouse for a few minutes. This happened now and then when he bought her lingerie and sometimes ended with her masturbating him in a training room on the upper floor of the showroom.

With the two women sitting next to each other on a settee and Tom on a chair opposite them with a coffee table in between them they chatted over a glass of wine as Elli and Tom got to know each other. They got on well and the conversation flowed easily.

Tom was entranced. Sitting opposite his mistress who he loved staring at her long, slender legs that he could see almost, but not quite up to her panties he lusted for her. At the same time the curvaceous, good looking and very sexy blonde sitting next to maltepe escort her attracted him. There was no doubt in his mind that if he had met Elli somewhere he would want to bed her as equally there was no doubt that he wanted to go ahead with the threesome; his mind was made up, but then in such situations men think with their dicks and not the brains.


After that first amazing afternoon when they had left the health club’s late summer barbecue and had gone to Elli’s house and made love, it had taken them some time both to go further with their sexuality exploration and their sexual exploration of each other.

Jenny took the bisexual lovemaking more in her stride than Elli. But then she was some fifteen or so years younger and women of her age and generation are more sexually open, especially about gender fluidity than the generations before them. Many of Jenny’s girlfriends and acquaintances had had some form of sexual involvement with other girls and most accepted that it was part of life. They did not consider their sexuality to be fixed and unchangeable but fluid and with a go with the flow manner about it. In fact when she and Elli started making love regularly, her sex life became fuller and more satisfying. She saw nothing wrong with having sex with both Tom and Elli even one day being with Tom after work in his car then going to Elli’s house where she stayed the night in bed with her female lover.

Elli found the staged transition from being essentially straight, through celibacy to her bisexual affair with Jenny difficult to handle. Physically it was fine, but emotionally and in a way morally she struggled, but then her sex had all been very hetero and not mixed like her young lovers. Elli was afraid, well more worried that she was in effect becoming a lesbian. As she had no stomach for dating or meeting new men who might become lovers her entire sexual focus was on Jenny with who she was starting to think she was falling in love. The shock, in some ways, although it should not really have been was that her love for Jenny was little or no different to what it had been with her ex-husband. In addition to accepting that she was bisexual she had the additional difficulties of feeling that she was falling in love and knowing what to do about it. In her mind she was thinking that if I really am in love with her then I must be lesbian, but then on the other hand she reconciled I yearn to have a cock inside and to be held by a man and feel his roughness. Many a time when she was alone she thought to herself. ‘Sex is all too fucking complicated and I wish I were a nun,’ but then her hand would touch one of her full breasts and all thoughts of being a sister would leave her.

It was almost a month after that first time before Elli and Jen got together sexually again. They both felt reluctant to broach the subject or to suggest they have sex again almost making it seem as if it had been a one off. It wasn’t though and both of them ‘saw’ the other when masturbating.

It was Jenny who rekindled the relationship. They were in their bikinis in the steam room at the gym when out of the blue she asked.

“Do you think about that afternoon after the barbecue?” She suddenly, unthinkingly and reassuringly to Elli blurted out. She had wanted to say something for some time, but either the situation was inappropriate or she ‘lost her bottle’ at the last moment. This time though in the murky dimness of the steam filled room she didn’t lose her courage and was thrilled to hear Elli, although she couldn’t see her through the steam.

“Yes Jenny I do, do you?”

“Often,” Jenny replied moving across the room and sitting next to her friend.

“And…?” Elli asked pausing for an answer.

“And what?”

“What do you think?” The older woman asked nervously.

“I loved it Elli.”

“Really Jen?”

“Yes silly really, really,” Jenny said holding Elli’s hand.

They turned slightly so that they were half facing each other. Jenny’s eyes went straight to Elli’s chest where her breasts were almost tumbling out of the white bikini and her hardened nipples were clearly on show.

“Oh god, good I am so pleased Jenny.”

Squeezing her lover’s hand Jenny replied. “So am I Ell.”

Elli looked round and out of the steamed up glass door. Turning back to face her young lover she placed her hand on her thigh and kissed her lightly and quickly full on the lips.

“Fancy a trip to Cockfosters, the house is empty.”

From that ‘breaking of the ice’ their affair really took off. That was not just in terms of frequency and intensity, but also in creativity, adventurousness and intimacy. Whereas the first time they had gone no further than kissing each other’s breasts and fingering the other to a couple of orgasms now, slowly they did everything.

Elli was the main initiator when they got to Cockfosters. They undressed quickly and were on Elli’s bed no more than five minutes after entering the house. After once again fingering each other to much needed and strong orgasms the older woman slithered her head down Jenny’s slim body and kissed her friend’s pubic triangle, which incidentally they both later shaved. Neither kartal escort had seen a shaved mons before in real life and the sight of the other’s hairless vagina added even more to the new sensations each was experiencing as their affair intensified.

The other’s tongue pressing on their clit, running along their lips and probing inside them felt the same as it had when men had done it, but the emotions involved were so vastly different. Both came very quickly when they went down on each other either, individually or when they did it simultaneously in a sixty nine. The taste and smell and the feel on both their tongues and their pussies were amazing and caused each woman to have shudderingly strong multiple orgasms, which seemed to just go on and on far more so than either had experienced with men.

They combined using their tongues and fingers with the use of vibrators that they both purchased even though each already had one. They talked about buying a strapon and laying in each other’s arms in a post climax cuddle Jenny said.

“I can’t imagine just what you would look like wearing it El.”

“Nor can I, but would you like to see me with it on?”

“Yes, god yes would I?”

“I would love you to wear one Jen, you know how much I miss the feel of a cock.”

“Yes darling I am so sorry you don’t have one as I do with Tom.”

“Maybe I should find a fuckbuddy,” Elli grinned, adding. “But meeting and dating men is such a pain, particularly as I would only want one for sex. I so miss it.”

“Well if we got a strapon perhaps I could compensate.”

“What by fucking me, would you Jen?”

“Of course I would, I find the thought very raunchy.”

So far they had taken it no further than talking and fantasising. That was not the case, though, with the way they used their bodies for there they were adventurous.

“God your bum is gorgeous,” Elli sighed running her tongue across Jenny’s left cheek and into the deep crevice between them. She licked along its length lingering her tongue right on the crinkled skin of her lover’s sensitive anus as her other hand cupped and squeezed Jenny’s small breasts.

Elli suddenly had the urge to fuck Jenny and momentarily wished they had the strapon. Looking at her naked, young lover laying on her front her arms on the pillow with her head resting on her hand her gaze and fingertips went where her tongue had been just moments before. Jenny has a very sensitive arse and adores it being played with, fingered and licked, but was not that into having a cock up there. She loved it though when Elli orally attended to her bum. Elli moved between Jenny’s legs pulling them open wider and seeing the puffed up, glistening lips without a trace of pubic hair. Kneeling she leaned forward and brushed her nipples across the cheeks of Jenny’s bum.

Jenny didn’t realise at first what Elli was using to caress the sensitive cheeks of her bottom. It was a lovely feeling though and she smiled and wiggled her bum a little in appreciation. Encouraged by that response Elli leaned forward further and taking her left breast in her hand she slid her hardened nipple along the slightly open crease in Jenny’s bum.

“Oh my god Elli, that’s your boob isn’t?” She groaned as the realisation of what her lover was doing hit her.

“Yes darling,” Elli replied pressing the bud of her nipple right against Jenny’s anus.

It was a mutually stimulating experience for the rubbing of her nipple against Jenny was always a massive turn on for Elli and doing it on her lover’s anus was something really special. And having Elli pressing her nipple against her anal hole was a new and wonderfully exciting experience for Jenny.

“It’s almost like being fucked up my ass,” Jenny moaned in a poor American accent.

“Then try this,” Elli said straightening up and then lying flat on Jenny’s back.

Putting her arms round Jenny, Elli cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples quite firmly as she had come to know she loved. Moulding the front of her entire body against the back of Jenny’s she squashed her full breasts against it and pressed her bald pubic mound into the cleft at the top of Jenny’s bum crease. Finding the end of Jenny’s spine Elli started moving. Up and down she went slowly and purposefully sending the most amazing physical and emotional sensations through her young friend. Sliding one hand down the front of her lover’s body, Elli found Jenny’s clit quite easily and as she fucked her from behind Elli rubbed the clit slowly and firmly. The combination of Elli simulating fucking her from behind, the feelings being generated in the sensitive slit between her cheeks, her nipples being pinched and the delicious sensations as her clit was rubbed so knowingly and expertly hurtled Jenny towards her climax. And of course from the amazing physical sensations of stimulating her own clit on the base of Jenny’s spine and squirming her breasts against her shoulder blades Elli hurtled at a similar pace towards hers. But for Elli it was more than a physical reaction for the mental and emotional stimulants were enormous. Realising that she was simulating fucking her lover and in effect acting as a man not only had a massive influence on her but also turned her on even more. It was as if she had a cock and she was fucking Jenny surging deeper and deeper into her young lover’s cunt until with deep moans, grunts and sighs both of them climaxed as heavily as they had ever done.

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