The Adventures of Semen…

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Big Dick

The Adventures of Semen and Pussy Girl

I was your typical stock broker, except for one thing – I was Semen, the superhero. I was the sexiest and most powerful fucker in the whole world, and with fucker I mean fucker.

No one knew my true identity, during the regular day I was just know as Tom Rice, but when it came to a sexual emergency, I was known as Semen. Everybody loved me, adults that is, for I would come and save you for any sexual emergency. All anybody had to do was call my name and I would be there to fix up anything that wasn’t hot.

As all super heroes I did have my one villain who always tried to stop me from doing my job. This evil doer was known as Impotent Man. His power of course was to make a hot situation get cold, and fast.

I did have one weakness, and that was untasty porn, you know that type with the hairy fat girls and stuff, that made me get totally unhorny. I didn’t find out I was to be Semen till one day that I went to a porn shop that the owner accidentally put viagra in my water, this made an inner part of me let out all the powers that I have now.

The first time that I ever found out about these powers was one time when I heard my next door neighbor obviously faking an orgasm to her husband’s little potency. I waited till the husband left then went to her next door, and she told me to fuck her. I was surprised by her request and immediately I started to fuck her. The weird thing is that I would cum, but instead of not being able to go on, I could go on for as much time as I wanted. I also found out that I could automatically detect when a woman needed a good fuck.

This of course gave me an idea, to be a superhero, Semen. I needed a costume, so I decided than instead of wearing those tights with the underwear, like all superheroes, I would just wear the underwear. I have to admit the little costume sure did look good.

My second, and most unfortunate, call came from a young lady who was pendik escort married to a seventy something year old. I rapidly attended the girl in my Horny Car. I got to the scene and rapidly went on to undress the girl, which was very pretty. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and curves in all the right places. I immediately took off her top, jeans, and underwear.

“As I suspected, that pussy hasn’t been satisfied,” I said as I looked at her tight pussy.

“Oh yes Semem, my man can’t satisfy me, can’t you, I need a big dick in my tight pussy,” she said as she looked at me with hope.

“No need to worry, I will fill that little peep hole, I’m Semen,” I said as I started to eat out her pussy.

“Oh Semen, your so good, ohhhh, oh yeah, eat my pussy.”

“(Slurp)My, this pussy is really fresh and unused, I think I will have to use my trusty sidekick, Johnson.” (My sidekick was actually my dick.)

“Oh yes Semen, please call Johnson to help my poor pussy.”

I then slipped down my underwear and presented my sidekick to her pussy. I teased her a little with my sidekick until she finally grabbed it and pulled it into her pussy. I started to fuck her as fast as I could and really hard.

“Oh yes Semen, fuck me hard, oh yeah,” she said as I banged her.

“As you say young lady, I am here to save that pussy of yours.”

I then started to fuck her so hard that her tits would slap each other hard and her hair would fly out in every which way. This of course was the typical reaction to my sidekick, which was on of the best in the business.

“OHhhhhh, Semen, your sidekick is so good, oh it fills up my pussy, oh I going to cum,” she said as she started to orgasm.

I of course let out my cum in her pussy, this was sort of my calling card, my semen. I filled her tight pussy with my cum and then was of again to save some other woman.

“Oh Semen, your my hero,” the lady said as I got into my Horny Mobile.

The maltepe escort next few days were great until an old seventy something shows up at my door with a videotape in one hand and a gun in another.

“You son of a bitch, you fucked my wife, I have it all here, I swear I’ll kill you,” he said as he pointed the gun at me.

“Well sir, if you knew how to satisfy her then I wouldn’t of had to do it,” I said.

“Fuck you bitch,” he said as I closed the door on his nose.

“I’m going to take you down,” he said through the door.

Apparently this is what triggered this old guy to become Impotent Man, my arch enemy. He had apparently heard of my weakness of bad porn and decided to bring me down with it.

The first time I ever encountered him was while I was at a strip club, I do need to release all the cum I make. He came up to me and showed me a picture of a big fat hairy girl fingering herself. I felt totally weak and unhorny as I saw it. I slapped the picture away and then punched him in the mid area and apparently broke one of his hips, so he left.

This was one of the last times of heard of this guy. That was until I went over to his wife’s house again and planned on fucking her again. This time was was in her bra and panties as I went into her bedroom where she laid.

“Semen, Izell (Impotent Man) never allows me to suck his dick, and when I do he faints before he ever cums.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you suck on my sidekick, I’ll bet he won’t mind, will you Johnson, look he’s already getting ready,” I said as Johnson got real hard.

“Oh dear, Johnson sure is big, but I can just imagine how good his juices are,” she said as she started to touch Johnson.

She took Johnson delicately in her hands and started to lick the tip of his head. She then started to put my sidekick’s whole head in her mouth and started to suck on it. She slowly started to put more and more of Johnson in her mouth. This kartal escort was the first time I had ever seen a woman put all of Johnson into her mouth and actually suck on him too. She was astonishing at sucking Johnson, she licked and sucked on him so softly but yet with a tight grip. This made my sidekick feel real good, I was actually getting satisfied. She made my sidekick cum after her great sucking. Another astonishing thing happened, she actually swallowed all of my cum. Some of it slipped on the side of her mouth, but she was great.

“Oh my, Johnson sure does know when to cum,” she said.

“You are really talented, Johnson has never been as satisfied as he is now,” I said.

“What the fuck, get away from her,” Impotent Man said as he came in.

“Go away son of a bitch, or I’ll break your other hip,” I said.

“Oh yeah look,” he said as he showed me more bad porn.

“Noooo, not that, get that away from me, stop it, no, my dick is going down,” I said as he flashed the picture in front of me.

“No Semen, you have to beat him,” the young lady said.

She then got naked and showed me her model type body. This restored my powers once again, her fine body let me overcome the bad porn. I then got up again and punched the crap out of Impotent Man. I then kicked him out of the house.

“Why thank you little lady, how would you like to become part of my team, we sure could use someone like you,” I said.

“Well Semen, what would I do.”

“You would satisfy all guys who have any sexual problems, and both of us will always have each other to satisfy each other,” I said.

“Well Semen…., okay, I’ll do it, but what will I be called?”

“You will be known as Pussy Girl.”

Pussy Girl was an unbelievable hero, and she did her job as good, if not better than me. Her outfit got most guys to cum before she had done anything. She wore a black thong, which showed off her big and round ass. She also wore a nice little black bikini, which just covered her nipples. She was a great looking hero.

This was the beginning of a power trio, Semen, Pussy Girl, and Johnson. We fought off bad sex and made people all over the world with their sexual anguishes.

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