That First Night

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Self Shot

That first night was amazing. It started with some flirting by text. As I was getting ready, I took off my nursing bra and granny panties and put on a red lace bra with rhinestones and matching red lace panties. I was on my way to the Christmas Party when the text came through that he wasn’t wearing any underwear, in honor of me. We’d had one conversation about the possibility of “us” and agreed to get together on Wednesday to talk about it. The party was Monday night and I was laughing and giggling the whole way there, just lightheartedly enjoying the flirt.

The party started with a potluck dinner. In order to not be obvious, I sat at a table with a bunch of people I did not know. I watched as he came in and started to mingle. He waved to me and I went over a little bit later to say hello and give him a hug. He sat at a table with a couple of people I knew and one I didn’t; I sat with three people I did not know. After dinner, I changed tables and sat at his table.

The gift auction was great fun. When it was over, there was some visiting, but people were starting to leave. I got up to use the ladies’ room and when I came back, he was gone. My heart sank. Then I noticed his stuff still sitting on the table and smiled…. I had not missed him leaving. I began to say my goodbyes and he pendik escort appeared. I hugged him quickly and then left the party. I crossed the parking lot and approached my car. As I opened the door, he was there, and held me close for a minute. He leaned down and kissed me, not just a friendly peck, but a real kiss. Not wanting to draw attention, he stood and began walking to his car. I got into mine and immediately took off. I went to the stop sign and turned right to get to the highway. At the highway stop sign, I again turned right, turning away from home and toward the office. I saw him a few car lengths behind me. I pulled up to the side of my office and quickly turned off my car. He drove past, then pulled in the second driveway. He parked next to me and opened the passenger door to my car, asking if everything was all right. I told him I was fine, I just didn’t want to go home. He offered to sit with me and I said I would like that. His car was still running, so he stepped back to shut if off and I proceeded to throw the contents of the passenger seat into the back seat.

The door opened, he climbed in, and closed it. He took my hand and leaned over to kiss me again. We sat there kissing for a few minutes and he began to lick my fingers, one at a time. I remember thinking it maltepe escort was an awfully awkward angle but I was certainly enjoying the contact. His hands began to explore, getting bolder and when he reached under my shirt and pulled it up, I leaned back so he could get a good look at the beautiful bra that was holding me in. His hand drifted down to my waistband, and without hesitation, he reached in and parted my lips, slipping his hand between them and gasping when he found the wetness. I was surprised at how wet it was, and so was he. It had been a long time since anyone had actually taken time to kiss me, touch me, and explore my body. We continued to play like this for a few minutes and then I twisted my body around so I could touch him. I could not wait to get my hands on him, my lips on his rod. I could not get a good angle. The windows were fogged up, and I was concerned that a cop might show up any minute to ask what was going on. It was then that I mentioned to him that there was a locked door right there that we could use and did he want to go inside? He asked if I meant his office or mine; and I said his. My office did not have blinds on the windows or carpet on the floor or a comfortable couch. His office was far more private.

We walked to his office and he unlocked kartal escort the door. As we stepped inside, I shivered, knowing that we were going to have total privacy and we could do whatever we wanted. He stood there kicking off his shoes and I reached for his pants waist to undo the fasteners, my mouth aching to feel him. He helped by undoing his belt. As soon as it was out of the way, I had the button undone and zipper going down. Before his pants could hit the floor I was on my knees, mouth on him, taking all of him into me. He gasped and began pulling off his shirt, then mine. I was enjoying myself, kneeling there in front of him, listening to his gasps and groans and knowing he was enjoying this as much as I was. After just a few minutes, though, he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back. I let him lead me back onto the area rug, onto my back. He knelt between my legs and I thought of how quickly the time was passing. It was a total shock to me then when he put his hands around my thighs and pressed his mouth against me. He began to nibble and suck my lips then gently pressed his tongue against my clit. There was no need to hold back and I came immediately. It had been so long since anyone who knew what they were doing had pleasured me this way.

I was so used to giving head and then being penetrated for just a few minutes before my partner came and the whole experience was over. Now, however, it seemed that there was going to be some time spent exploring, playing, pleasuring and enjoying. It was about time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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