Thank You Officer Ch. 01

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I couldn’t believe my luck. I really couldn’t. I pulled over to the side of the road as the police cruiser pulled in behind me. My head was slumped against the wheel as the cop walked up beside my window.

“Can I ask where you were headed going so fast?” he asked.

“Yes sir.” I looked up and up and up…this cop was tall and to my surprise breath-takingly handsome….”uuummm…I was headed to my sister’s house. I just got into town and was in a hurry to see her I guess.” Why was I blushing?

“I clocked you at 78 mph and it’s only 65 through here young lady. What would be my best course of action here do you think?”

I knew what I wanted his course of action to be but what was I thinking…this cop was going to give me a ticket…sure as shit…wait…young lady???

“I know I was driving too fast but it was such a beautiful day and I guess it all just got away from me sir….how about a warning this time and I promise not to do it again?” I smiled up at him. He was so hot. His uniform fit him perfectly and I could see the the way it played over his body…like a second skin.

“How long are you in town for?” he asked.

“Well, I am moving here to be closer to my sister and her husband. They really like the area.” I replied

“I don’t ever do this but sure…just a warning…THIS TIME…but be careful. You’re coming up on a school crossing just about a mile ahead and the speed limit falls drastically. I have your promise right?”

He smiled down at me and I couldn’t think…what was wrong with me? I knew it had been a while but geez…maybe it was the way his uniform fit that yummy body. “Yeah sure officer…I promise.”

“Ok…you have a nice day and stay safe.” He walked away from my car and as I drove off I was very thankful I didn’t get a ticket my first day in town. I continued on my way and as I pulled into my sister’s drive she came running out to meet me.

“Hey you made it…great!” she squealed at me as she gave me a hug.

Her husband Randy came out and said “Oh no…there goes my credit cards…I tell you Jimmy these two love to shop. Hey girl…glad to see you made it! This is my friend Jimmy….Jimmy this is Kathleen’s sister…Eden.” As he moved I couldn’t believe my eyes….it was the cop that had just stopped me and he was still in uniform.

Jimmy smiled and what a wicked smile it was…”Yeah we met but I didn’t get her name.” He held out his hand to me and as I shook it he ran his thumb across mine. “Eden…kind of like paradise right?” He smiled again.

I couldn’t help myself. I grinned back and heard Kath say “Aaahhh…there are other people around you two. Jim help Randy with the bags…and stop hitting on my sister. And what do you mean…you met?”

Jimmy and I laughed and related the whole story to them and then they laughed with us. We took escort ataşehir everything in the house and grabbed a couple of beers as Jimmy asked “Where can I change?” Randy showed him to the guest room and Kath and I went out on the deck.

“He’s really cute Kath. You didn’t tell me there were such good looking guys here.”

She laughed. “I never really thought about it having Randy and all but yeah Jim is cute. Quite a bod too…don’t you think? Hey did you bring that stuff from mom?”

“Yeah..hang on I’ll get it.” I said as I sat my beer on a table. I passed Randy in the hallway and he smiled.

“Dinner in about 20.” he smiled.

I was real hungry so I nodded at him and continued on my way. I tried several doors to find my bags and at last I succeeded. I pushed the door open and there was Jimmy laying back on the bed stroking his massive cock. God, it was so big!

“Oh…I’m sorry…excuse me.” I said as I slipped back out the door. Geez what’s a girl to do….I could go back in there and suck him dry but I just headed out to the deck and told Kath I would get the stuff from mom later. Why was Randy smiling down at the food on the grill?

Kath went back into the house and Randy asked “Get an eye full Eden?” As he started laughing at my look Jimmy came out of the house.

“Sorry about that Eden….” Jimmy said as he looked at the ground.

I couldn’t look at him. “No worries guy…I know you just gotta do what you gotta do sometimes ….

It was forgotten and we all had a wonderful dinner. After dinner Kath and Randy told me to change. We were going downtown to see some of the great spots they always talked about. I have to admit I had missed partying with my little sister. She always knew the wildest hang outs. I put on my hottest outfit and black stilettos. As I walked out into the living room my sister said “You look fantastic!! I always wished I looked like you and mom.”

I thanked her and as the guys had left and would meet us there we got in my car and drove downtown. We caught up on a lot and laughed our asses off. We finally got to the bar. “What a name Kath!!” I laughed.

“Yeah I know…The All Nighter…makes ya think don’t it.” she winked at me.

We walked into the bar and found Randy. “Oh Eden…AWESOME outfit…already making plans?” Randy laughed.

“Damn straight girl…about time there was a hot woman in this town.” I turned around to see Jimmy smiling at me and offering me a shot glass.

“What’s in it?” I smiled back at him.

“Not me or it would be much more potent…” he winked at me. “It’s tequila. Think you’re big enough?”

“Oh my God Randy….he’s trying to get her drunk!!” Kath laughed and we all laughed with her.

“I’m big enough for whatever you have in mind officer.” I replied to Jimmy.

“That’s what I like kadıköy escort to hear. Hold on…a toast…Up to it, Down to it, Damn a man that can’t do it.”

That was it…as we took our shots I asked…”Can YOU do it Jimmy?”

Randy smiled and said “Let’s go dance.” We danced and drank and laughed and were really having a good time. Jimmy was funny and attentive and really charming. Not like the guys I had been meeting lately.

As Jimmy and I were dancing to a slow song, our bodies glued together, he smiled down at me and said “I can do whatever you want me to Eden…whatever you want.” He ground his hips into me and his cock was swollen and hard against me. I felt my juices flow. He leaned down and kissed me, using his tongue to open my lips. He explored every crevice of my mouth and I did the same for him. He tasted so good…clean with a hint of tequila.

“Hey you two…get a room” Kath giggled at us as she shouted across the dance floor.

Jimmy bit my bottom lip and gently shook his head. “More…” he breathed. “Kiss me more.” Our lips locked again and his hand found it’s way to my ass. I couldn’t breathe. I was so wet and hot. He pulled me tight to him and pumped once. My head fell back as I moaned and his lips found my neck and ears.

“I know we just met but I have to slide into you soon Eden or I am gonna bust right here.” he sighed into my ear. “You have done something to me…I had to jerk off at Randy’s just to stop thinking about fucking you.”

“I drove my car, let’s go outside for a while.” I smiled at him. “Ever since I saw you in the room I wanted to suck your cock.”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the floor while yelling to Randy “Be back in a few minutes Bud. Order another round of shots.” We walked out to Randy’s laughter.

Once at the car Jimmy pulled me against him…”I can’t wait…get on your knees girl.” He placed his jacket on the ground and I fell to my knees. His cock was straining against his pants and I looked up at him as he freed it and placed the head against my lips. He pushed and into my mouth it slid.

“Oh so wet and hot…” He placed both of his big hands behind my head and pulled me to him as he pumped into my mouth. I felt my hot mouth being stretched and his dick grow thicker and longer. “Can you take it all Paradise? Open your throat for me….” I relaxed my throat muscles and he slid his wonderful cock down. “Oh my God woman…yes…” I felt him swell more and pump faster. I grabbed his balls and gently played with them as he continued to fuck my face.

“Jjjjeeeeaaaassssuuuussss…..Yes suck it…oh Eden…you are about to get a mouth full….swallow it…drink it all…” he groaned and curled himself over my back and reached down to slap my ass. “Swallow baby…keep swallowing….uuuggggg….uuugggg….” I felt his maltepe escort bayan hot cum splash against my throat. His hips were fucking my face like it was the first and last time he would enjoy a blow job. His cum was so sweet and hot. He picked me up and laid me on the hood of the car.

“God damn woman. I have never cum with that much intensity before.” His hand slid up my little black skirt and he smiled. “Your turn and you’re so wet baby….”

His fingers were in my panties and he was playing with my slit, spreading my juices all around. I laid back to take my pleasure and spread my legs for him to gain better access. “You tasted like heaven Jimmy. And so much after taking the edge off at Kath’s…oh yeah that’s it.”

His fingers were working magic and as I looked at him he smiled. “Keep looking at me…I want to watch you get off.” He placed his finger in real deep and then grinned as he pulled it back out. “Let’s make sure this tight box can handle the pounding it’s going to get later.” He slid three fingers into me and I almost screamed. His smile got wider. “Let it out darlin’….” He reached up and released my tit from my low cut blouse.

As his head lowered but he kept eye contact with me he sucked my nipple into his mouth and worked his fingers like some kind of God. I was moaning and thrashing around. “Fuck me harder Jimmy…God that’s it…” He let go of my nipple and smiled and started fucking me harder and faster. He was so deep inside me with those long fingers. “Yes…oh yes…” He placed his other hand between our bodies and began little circular motions over my clit. “Do it baby…cum on my hand.”

“Jimmy…oh God…now….” We were still looking at each other and he was smiling. “Let it out girl…tell me…is that the spot?” He moved one of his fingers and I screamed out loud as I ground my hips against his hand. “OH GOD JIMMY!!!” I fell back on the car and heard him laugh.

“UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE….my hand is soaked.” He lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean. “You’re mine now Paradise. How many times can you do that?”

He was talking about female ejaculation. I hadn’t known I could do that. I grinned at him and said “Don’t know…it’s never happened before. Oh…you’re hard again.”

“Who wouldn’t be after that?!” he smiled. “But let’s go get another drink.”

We walked back into the bar to a round of applause. “Oh lord Jimmy …they saw.” I couldn’t believe this. “It’s ok baby. That was definitely a show.” he grinned.

“Two shots of tequila on the house.” the bartender said as we walked up to the bar. “Nice show you two.” he laughed as he sat the shots down. “Better up close.”Jimmy said as he smiled at the bartender and downed the shot. “Thanks.”

“Where are Kath and Randy?” I asked. It was getting late and after all that driving and that amazing orgasm I was getting tired.

“They went home. Randy waved to me right as I was cumming in your mouth. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah…I am pretty tired. Will you drive?” I replied

“Sure Paradise…I take care of what belongs to me.” Jimmy smiled.

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