Technically We’re Estranged Ch. 04

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All characters are 18 years or older.

This story is the continuation of my Technically We’re Estranged series and I suggest reading the previous chapters before continuing. TWE is intentionally shorter, and hopefully you enjoy the tease. It includes incest, exhibitionism and voyeurism through the internet, and masturbation.

A bet between Stephan and Bella changes the office dynamic yet again, and Mel gets busy with a friend on cam.

Thanks to Ante_matter for his once over on this.


I found out two days before Mel made the announcement. My cousin, the chipper high school cheerleader-turned sexy nurse, the camgirl who lived half a world away from me, was going to do a girl-girl show. When she finalized the plans I was the only one she told and she did it by sending me a minute and a half long clip of her talking dirty while lying in bed, the camera posed so that it looked like she was talking to me while I was lying next to her.

She did it that way because she knew I would get the message when I woke up, fifteen hours ahead of her, in Australia. She didn’t even flash me in the video, but I still masturbated to it a couple of times just imagining kissing her as she whispered those dirty words to me.

The only problem with our sexually charged, long distance flirting was that Mel didn’t know she was actually messaging her cousin. After high school we had both left Hawaii, her cute behind headed for the mainland and school in Texas while I went in the opposite direction. She had settled and gotten married, and I had… well, I had settled and started up a successful law firm defending organized crime. We hadn’t spoken in over seven years until about a month ago when I had stumbled across her on a camming site.

“Did you read this?” Bella, my secretary, asked as she burst into my office holding up her phone.

There was no way I would have been able to tell what she was talking about if I hadn’t had Mel on the mind already. My cousin had just tweeted a few minutes ago with the news about her planned show. Bella was also a fan of Mel, even though she only knew her by the screen name DellaLightful and had no idea we were related.

“I did,” I said noncommittally, looking at my computer instead of my gorgeous secretary. Since our heated discussion five days ago about sexual openness in the office, Bella’s wardrobe had changed from ‘sexy secretary’ into something more like ‘sexy dinner party.’ Today she was wearing a white, semi-transparent blouse with a drooping neckline practically to her belly button. It showed off her tight stomach and delicious looking cleavage from her small, braless tits.

She swayed over to my desk, her hips working over time in my peripheral vision, and she sat on the edge. “Stephan, you knew this was happening.” It was less a question than an accusation.

I looked up to her face, still trying to avoid looking at her chest. Bella reminded me of a Bond girl, sexy and aristocratic, but also whip smart with a devilishly dangerous accent. “I did.”

She smacked me on the arm, “Why didn’t you tell me? Aren’t you fucking excited?”

“Of course I am, but you can’t keep your mouth shut in the chat room and it was her news to put out there.” While I watched Mel’s camshows from my office, Bella watched from her desk out front. We both knew the other was masturbating – it was what had caused the ‘sexual openness in the office’ talk to begin with – but so far I had stayed firm on not crossing any of my self imposed lines. A year ago Bella had gotten divorced and had made it clear she was interested in expanding our ‘working relationship’ but I had declined for a number of reasons including things like professionalism and not wanting to ruin the system we had.

Those were quickly sliding out the window now, but I had another reason not to fuck Bella even though she let me know subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, every day. I had Mel.

Well, I didn’t have Mel, but I could feel myself falling for her in this confusing way. We chatted and flirted through Kik, she sent me dirty photos on Snapchat that went way beyond the teasing ones she sent to her camming fans, and she was clear we were more than friendly client-camgirl. Her friends at her day job called me her ‘secret boyfriend,’ which she laughed about but I wondered if she saw us that way as well.

Mel had always respected my privacy and had never asked to see my face in a picture, but we had been getting riskier and riskier with photos and now cam-to-cam during some of her shows. My set up allowed me to ‘show off’ for her without showing my face, but I had started feeling guilty about the whole thing. She had never asked, but I could tell she wanted to know who I was.

My phone pinged before Bella could respond, and by now she knew the sound my Kik app made as well as I did. “Is that her?” she asked.

DellaLightful: OMG people are freaking out

DellaLightful: tuzla escort Apparently the only thing better than watching one pussy is watching two.

“Yeah, it’s her,” I said as I typed out my response.

OverCsSteve: Naw, I’d watch just you any day of the week over two other girls.

DellaLightful: <3 <3 I know DellaLightful: Oh man, I might make bank tonight just cause of the news. The guys are going wild on twitter. “Well, what’s she saying?” Bella asked. “None of your business,” I retorted, feeling like I was bickering with a sibling. We had never talked like this to each other before and I wasn’t sure if I liked the familiarity or not. “Ugh, come on Stephan,” she said impetuously, folding her arms across her chest which had the effect of spreading her shirt even further, both nipples poking out from around the hem. They were small and brown and looked like they would be a blast to play with. I cleared my throat and she raised a questioning eyebrow, and I flicked my gaze down. Bella realized what was going on and finally had the decency to blush, covering herself up. “Sorry.” “Look, Bella, I think we need to come to a new arrangement-“ She cut me off, “Let’s make it interesting then.” “What?” “I said let’s make it interesting. A bet. If you win, we’ll go back to the way things were and we’ll never talk about DellaLightful or anything sexual ever again. If I win, then when our ‘breaktime’ starts I get to watch in here with you.” I blinked. ‘Breaktime’ was in the middle of the afternoon, when I used to schedule in free time so that I could jerk off to porn. Bella had known about it but it hadn’t become a ‘thing’ until I found Mel and Bella also started taking advantage of the time. “You want to what?” I finally managed. “Watch the show on your fancy big monitor,” she reiterated. “And while you’re jerking off, I’ll rub one out as well, and then we’ll go back to work like nothing happened.” I felt light headed. “What’s the bet on?” Bella smirked, “Well, I have plenty of fun ideas, but I figure you’ll shoot them down, so how about if I can dissuade Joey Rocks that he doesn’t actually need to see you then I win.” Joey was what I called a ‘frequent flyer,’ in that he was always swinging by my office with his newest legal emergency. It had started happening so often I made him book emergency visits in advance now. I couldn’t just send him away since he was the kid brother of one of my more respected, and dangerous, clients, so I had to deal with everything from his littering tickets to the time he had declared bankruptcy to try and dodge taxes. “And if I win we never bring this up again?” There was no way Bella could convince Joey not to come in. He was an entitled prick with little in the way of social graces. “Totally,” she said. “But I’m going to win.” I took a deep breath. This was a risk – physically I was going to ‘win’ either way, but ethically she was looking to move my line closer and closer. “Alright.” She gave me a wide smirk and her eyes lit up with the challenge, “You’re on, bossman.” ************ OverCsSteve: So I need to tell you something. DellaLightful:??? what’s up? I almost just told her everything. ‘So I’m your cousin Stephan, who you haven’t seen in the better part of a decade. You’ve always been gorgeous, but now you’re pretty much my only sexual fantasy.’ Instead I took a deep breath and held myself to just admitting the bet. It had been on my mind for a day and a half now and so far Bella was winning. I didn’t owe anything to Mel, but I still felt this guilt over putting myself into a situation like this when we had our… thing going on. OverCsSteve: I got into a bet with B.e.a.utifELLA OverCsSteve: Basic principle is if she can deal with a problem client by herself she wins. OverCsSteve: If I win then she tones down the office antics. DellaLightful: What if she wins? Mel knew Bella, or B.e.a.utifELLA, was my secretary and I had shared with her my concerns and what had been going on. Mel had been supportive, even if she had snickered a bit at how much of a ‘good guy’ I was not wanting to ruin my working relationship. She had even gone so far as to call out Bella on cam for something she had been writing in the chat once. OverCsSteve: She watches the big show with me tomorrow. Same computer, side by side. DellaLightful: Touching? OverCsSteve: Not specified. DellaLightful: Come on Stevey, get your lawyer on. DellaLightful: Enjoy the show, just don’t let it go further. OverCsSteve: You think that would be fine? I felt like I was asking her permission, which when it came down to it I was. This awkward thing between us meant so much to me that I didn’t want to keep it from her and I cared whether she was ok with it or not. DellaLightful: Babe, I think it would be super hot. DellaLightful: Actually, I want to watch tuzla escort bayan it happen. You ok to cam-to-cam when I have PixieDust on tomorrow?

OverCsSteve: You really want to watch?

DellaLightful: The way you’ve described B-ELLA? Fuck yes. Pixie will think it’s super hot too.

So it was decided, if Bella managed to keep Joey Rocks out of my office, another three layers of sexy kink was going to get added to my already incestuous voyeurism of my cousin.


The morning of Mel’s girl-girl show I woke up to a picture of her and PixieDust kissing chastely for a camera. Where Mel was a blonde, blue eyed bombshell, Pixie was a tall Native American girl with legs for days and skin the color of light mocha. As soon as Mel had told me who she was inviting over to do the show I had looked the girl up, so I knew exactly who Mel was kissing for my benefit.

DellaLightful: Today’s the day! I wanted to give you a free preview show but Pixie doesn’t do vids, just live.

DellaLightful: Can’t talk much, on a girls’ day at spa before show. Let me know who wins the bet though!

Coming in to work, I glanced at the clock on my car dash before I stepped out. It was 8 am, meaning Bella still had four hours to lose the bet. At this point, with Mel excited about what my losing meant, I was only in the thing to preserve my pride. Morals and ethics be damned if my cousin wanted a show.

Bella greeted me as I walked in, just like every other day, but I stumbled over a throw rug in the lobby as I looked at her standing beside her desk. All pretence of business attire was gone; she was wearing a sleek, tight cocktail dress with another plunging neckline, the blood red colour vibrant amongst the earthy browns and greens of the office colours.

“Wow,” I said bluntly.

“Good morning to you to, Mr. Tanner,” Bella said, stepping forward and handing me a folder and my coffee mug. She looked like she wanted to kiss me on the cheek but held back.

“Bella, you look incredible.”

“Thank you,” she smiled sweetly, turning to show off the way the dress clung to her athletic ass. “I’m looking forward to continuing my current dress code change.”

“Four more hours,” I managed. “Still time to lose.”

“We’ll see,” she smiled again.

Three hours and twenty five minutes later there was commotion outside my office. Two other clients had come in that morning, both of them looking over their shoulder as Bella sauntered out of my office after ushering them in and pouring them a coffee. Ralph Encini did this every time anyways, but Bella was so on point today that even old Foster Menouli, the retired boss of the small Italian syndicate in Melbourne, was craning his neck to watch her leave a room.

“Hey, Bella, you are looking extra sexy today.”

I would know that voice anywhere. It would probably be the thing the devil used to torture me in hell.

“Joey, I told you Mr. Tanner isn’t able to see you today.”

“Maybe I don’t come to see him, Bella. Maybe I come to make sweet love to you.” Joey was born in Australia to second generation Italian parents. They, and his older brother, were all my clients and none of them spoke with the ridiculous accent he did. I suspected he had watched the Sopranos a few too many times as a child.

“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times Joey. No part of me is ever going to get with any part of you.”

“Oh, that stings, Bella. Truly it does – you’ve torn my heart in two.” God I hated this guy. I was standing by the door to my office now, but hesitated to open it. Technically the bet was that Joey didn’t see me, not that he didn’t step foot in the building. Bella still had a chance of swinging this around… or I could step out of my office and win.

“But look, my Bella, I need to see Stephan. It is very important.”

“I don’t believe you, Joey. Last time you didn’t even get a ticket, you were just mad about someone painting their door a different colour.”

“Hey, it’s bright and garish and it takes away from the beautiful view I get from my condo balcony. I sit up there sometimes, Bella, and think how your beauty compares to that view, and how I would make sweet love to you on that balcony.”

“Joey, step back from my desk please.”

“But Bella, can’t you see I’m smitten with you? I am such a big, strong Italian bull, I would make you such a happy woman.”

“I’m already happy, Joey.”

“Is it because you get to see my roguishly handsome face?”


“I’m going in to see Stephan, Bella. Have a wonderful day.”

Footsteps came close to the door, but I could also hear Bella get up from her seat and block his path. “Joey, you are not going in to see Mr. Tanner.”

“Oh, Bella, I knew you wanted me!”

There was a ruffle and an angry mumble through the door and I wasn’t sure what was going on, but then I heard the sharp smack of flesh on flesh.

“Don’t you ever do that again!” Bella shouted.

“Thats enough escort tuzla of that, you dirty little whore. Joey tried to play nice with you, but now you gonna know who’s in charge.”

I don’t know if I started moving when Joey referred to himself in the third person, but I like to think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Everything else was just gravy.

I came through the door like a hurricane, pulling Bella aside from the downward smack Joey Rocks was about to lay on her and popped the little Guido one right in the nose. Joey fell back, grabbing at his nose and looking horrified.

“What the fuck man?” he shouted, his already annoying voice growing more nasally due to the blood dripping from his nose onto his extravagantly patterned orange dress shirt. “You can’t do this to me, I’m Joey Rocks!”

I took out my phone and dialled one of the many memorized numbers I had stored away. I don’t know what Bella was doing behind me but Joey and I were locked in a staring contest as I held the phone to my ear and it rang.

“Stephan?” John Marc Menouli answered the phone. Joey could hear the voice and his eyes went wide – I was calling his brother, the current boss of the Menouli syndicate.

“I’m just calling to let you know I cracked your brother one in the nose, John Marc.”

There was a long silence on the other end and my heart was pounding in my chest. I had spent years developing a relationship with the Menouli’s and it could all go down the drain on this phone call.

“… Did he deserve it?”

“He assaulted my secretary.”

“Is Bella alright?”

“She is now.”

I could hear the irritation in John Marc’s voice. “Alright. Tell Joey he needs to apologize, then send him to me. He won’t be coming by anymore.” The phone clicked as the mobster hung up.

I put the phone into my pocket and stood for a moment, considering punching Joey a second time. In the end I just took him by the collar and stood him up. “Apologize to Bella.”

“Phwuck you, mang,” Joey said through the blood.

I shook him, “Your brother says you need to apologize to Bella. And then you need to go see him immediately.”

Joey seemed to deflate in my hands. “Thorry Bella.”

Bella looked like she would have slapped him again if his hands weren’t in front of his face trying to pinch his nose shut.

“Now get out,” I said, shoving him towards the elevator. The man looked pitiful as he stood there, looking at us ashamed as the doors slowly closed and he began his descent.

Bella broke the long moment of silence. “Stephan…”

“It’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. You could have-“

“Bella, it’s fine.”

Another moment, and then she went back over to her desk. “I guess you win.”

I looked to her, eyes slightly shimmering as she held back her emotions. “Not really. Joey’s never coming back, so I think you won.”

She tried to say something but I went back into my office. It’s happening, I thought. This is going to be so fucking weird.


“So how are we gonna do this?” Bella asked, standing close to my desk. It was five minutes to showtime, the countdown starting twenty minutes ago when Mel and PixieDust had started sending out tweets and snapchat pics.

The computer was all ready to go, I even had the webcam set up so that it would be able to catch both of us but not our heads. “Well, I’ll sit here and you can sit in this chair.”

“Ok. Clothing?”

“Uhm,” I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into this. “What’s comfortable?”

“Well, honestly I’d be more comfortable naked, but I can manage with just hiking up my skirt.” Bella had lost her forwardness now that we were actually doing it. I could tell she was nervous, but still turned on.

“Do you want to get naked?”

“I don’t know,” her voice wavered. “What do you want?”

I had a feeling we would have been a lot more coordinated if we had just jumped into fucking each other in the heat of the moment. Talking about logistics was taking the sexiness out of everything.

“How about this,” I said. “We’ll start dressed, and I assume the girls will as well anyways. As things go on, take off whatever you want.” She nodded and took the seat next to me. “There’s, uh, one more thing.”

“Stephan, if you really don’t want to do this…”

“No, no, this is good. We’re doing this. I just, ah, may have promised Della we would cam-to-cam for the show.”

“Both of us?”

“Unless you say no.”

She hesitated and I knew she was having the same thoughts I had when Della first asked me to cam back to her, let alone send her that first dickpic.

“No faces, right?”

I shook my head no.

“Ok, let’s do it.”

I turned on the cam and brought up the website, logging in quickly and sending the cam-to-cam request to Mel.

It was quickly received and the black box appeared, buffering and then revealing our camera. I was on the right, my tie discarded in favour of just a blue dress shirt and my slacks. Bella looked fantastic in her dress, the red popping on the screen and her thick brown hair laying over one shoulder neatly. She waved, and a fraction of a second later on-screen Bella waved as well.

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