Teasing Brad

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“Would you fuck her?” We were stopped at a red light on what is normally a major thoroughfare for our town, but it was a weekday and all the good boys and girls were either working or in school. Guess that says a lot about us. I was looking over the top of my trendy blue reflective sunglasses, watching a blonde walking down the street. All I could see was her back side and I don’t get impressed by asses, even if they are hugged in blue jeans.

“I dunno,” Brad mumbled next to me. He never liked talking about sex or girls with me, and I know why. He thinks I don’t, but I do. Brad and I have been friends for years, best friends. He knows more about me then anyone else, and whenever I need to talk to someone I run straight to him. There have been a lot of times when I neglect my boyfriend to spend time with Brad. You could almost say I liked him better, and I don’t care if that makes me a bad person, my boyfriend knows how I feel, I don’t keep it a secret. But all that time together caused some tension, a static between us so thick that sometimes we have to force ourselves to stay apart to prevent something “bad” from happening.

“You wouldn’t,” I said, looking over at him with a sideways cant of my head so I could still look over my glasses. I love making eye contact with people. Sometimes it makes them squirm for no reason, sometimes it turns on an inner fire. Modern life is so funny like that. But I also knew I looked cute sitting there like that, and I work hard at being all cutesy with Brad.

“I might, ya don’t know,” Brad still wouldn’t look at me. In fact he reached over and started to mess with my radio. That’s a big no-no in my car.

I reached out and grabbed his wrist before he could get to the controls, and it quickly turned into me sliding my hand into his. Now don’t get the wrong idea, Brad’s not gay, I’m a girl, remember me talking about my boyfriend? I’ve even got the boobs to prove it. “No touchy my music, and you wouldn’t fuck her.”

“Yeah I would,” he said with a sigh as his thumb rubbed the back of my knuckles. He wanted me, I wanted him, but I was spoken for and so far we had been resisting the urge. He knew I was baiting him, I always did, but I think he liked it. “Okay, if you think I wouldn’t do her, tell me why I wouldn’t?”

“Do her”, that made me laugh, I couldn’t help it. Out of Brad, me and my boyfriend Xander I was the wild one. Imagine that. Xander was already in his thirties, he was ten years old then me, so he was past all the “bad boy” stuff, and Brad was just… Brad was a good guy, from a good home, who was raised with good morals. Me? I was confined all my life, I just turned 21, and it was time to live.

“You wouldn’t fuck her because I’m going to pop that little man cherry of yours,” I was still laughing as I said it. Did I forget to mention that Brad’s a twenty something year old virgin? I’m not a whore, but I’ve had experience with Xander, and my biggest goal in life at the moment was to be Brad’s first. I remember one time he told me he liked a girl and I almost went into hysterics, I even threatened that I would hurt her if they started dating. Possessive, me? Very.

Brad was blushing now. He always does that. It’s so cute, a grown man blushing. “I would to do her.”

“Fine, if you want her so bad let’s go pick her up. Maybe she’ll fuck you in the back seat and I can watch.” His cheeks were the color of strawberries as I pulled my hand away from his and grabbed the steering wheel. The light was green, had been for a few seconds, but no one was behind me honking so I hadn’t moved yet. Now I stomped on the gas, revved the engine, and we both got pulled against our seats as the car kicked into gear. I love driving, I can handle a car like any man I know if not better then some. I roared down the street, Brad protesting beside me because he knew what was coming. I didn’t make idle threats. Once I was clear of the intersection I swung into the right hand lane and spun the car around in the middle of the street, tires screeching before I evened out and was facing the direction I’d just come from.

The blonde was looking at us, and I was wearing a shark’s grin. When I stepped on the gas I was more calm, my Jeep responding with a small skip of pavement. I love being in a big car, just like a man uses it for his manly status symbol, I like it to prove that I know how to handle big things.

The light was changing to yellow when I approached again, but I sped through it. There weren’t any cops in sight so I figured it was safe. The woman was getting closer, closer, and I couldn’t help but fight not to laugh. She was one of those women in a mid-life crisis that didn’t want to admit she was getting wrinkles, her boobs were sagging, and it was time to stop acting like she was my age. Her skin tight jeans and baby pink belly tee with a glittering rose couldn’t hide the thinning hair with the bad bleach job, the tacky make-up that not even I would wear, or the age on her face.

“Looks like you’ll be having a hot date tonight! She looks ready to keel over any second.” I laughed as I started ataşehir escort bayan to slow the car down. There’s no way in hell I would stop, not for that woman. Now if she’d been younger, cuter.. Maybe.

“Oh my God, no, keep driving!” He was sinking down in his seat, he didn’t want her to see him.

“I’ve heard that older ladies give better head. I’ll offer her twenty bucks to blow you, then I’ll blow you and see who you like better.” The car continued to slow as I tapped the brakes, I was loving this.

“Ooooh, you’re such a bitch.” He couldn’t get any lower, or any redder if he tried. I liked it when he called me a bitch.

I honked the horn and used the controls to lower the passenger side window, for effect and to see what Brad would do about it. He grabbed my hand and he was suddenly pale. “Why do you harass me like this? You know it upsets me.”

Now there went all my fun. The woman was looking at me expectantly as I slowly rolled up, so I leaned over Brad, unintentionally giving him a face full of cleavage and yelled out, “Sorry, thought you were someone else!” before speeding on. Yeah, so I can’t be mean to strangers. At the next chance I pulled into parking lot and stopped the car, twisting in my seat to look at Brad.

“I was just teasing, you know that.” I thought I’d hurt his feelings.

“Yeah, I know,” he smirked as he straightened up in his seat. The bastard was faking me out!

“Why you!” I giggled as I reached over and acted like I was going to punch him in the arm, but before I could make contact he grabbed my hand and yanked me forward. I was forced into an awkward position, and was glad I wasn’t wearing a seat belt. I was suddenly half laying on him, and over the middle console of my Jeep Liberty SUV. It was a nice place to be, though. His lap had a lump in it and I couldn’t help myself. “Somebody’s happy to see me today.” I reached out and grabbed him, not to hurt him but for a little squeeze.

“Don’t do that!” He said after a gasp of air. He tried to push my hand away, but let’s just say the struggle wasn’t a heartfelt one. “Mmmm,” he was quiet when he moaned, and I swear I felt him thrust his hips forward, into my hand.

Oh, have you started wondering who I am yet? I sure hope so, because if I have my way about it, you’re going to get to know me, and I love sharing details. My name is Elaine, we already established I’m 21. I’m a tall girl, something close to six feet, and I’m a little on the heavy side. Not fat, but chubby in that cute baby fat way, and I don’t mind one damn bit. I tend towards a party girl, but my dress style is like a dark punk/goth thing, always individual. My hair is below my shoulders, in long wavy layers, and dyed black, but it looks good, not that crappy home-dye job shit, if I let it grow out it would be light brown, but I’m a black hair kinda girl. My eyes are dark green, and I’ve got that dead flat surface look in them, life helped with that but it took a lot of practice too. About the only time I don’t feel myself wearing a blank expression is when I’m with either Xander or Brad, they’re the only people that can really make me smile. I just started exploring the world and subculture of body mods, so I have several earrings and my tongue pierced, but nothing else yet. I’m taking my time so I don’t do anything I’ll regret later. So far I’ve loved every minute of having my tongue pierced. I have an overactive libido, I can out last guy I’ve ever known and after hours of sex and stimulation I’m still begging for more. I can’t think of any reason why someone wouldn’t want me, but Xander and Brad were the lucky winners of my heart.

It was painful having the gear stick jamming into my side, but this was more interesting then any pain I could have been feeling. This wasn’t the first time I’d touched him or heard him moan, but we were committing a forbidden act and it turned me on. My nipples were getting hard against my cute Happy Bunny shirt. I wanted to rip Brad’s pants off right then and there, use my mouth and get him to cum. I think he wanted me to do it as bad as I wanted to do it.

“We can’t do this,” I heard him say, and I knew he was right. But I couldn’t help it, I continued to rub his crotch as I kind of sat up and looked at him, having to roll my eyes up to look at him. I did my best innocent pout as I looked at him, running my tongue along my lips because my mouth was suddenly dry.

“We can do anything we want, we just have to be good at keeping secrets, I know I can handle it, can you?”

At first he nodded his head, which was now resting back against the raised headrest, then he shook it. “Xander will find out, he’ll kill me.”

When he said my boyfriend’s name I gave him a squeeze that made him wince. “He won’t find out. Move your hips forward a little.” Brad didn’t argue with me, he did was I told him to do.

I was working at unbuttoning his pants while he was talking. “He’s my friend–“

“You guys don’t talk that much.”

“–he’s your boyfriend–“

“He’s to old, he neglects me, he knows I need escort kadıöy someone younger and able to keep up with me.”

“–you love him–“

“But I love you too.”

“–he loves you–“

“Still neglects me, you know that.”

“–he can never find out–“

“Trust me, he won’t.”

“–we’re in public–

“No one’s around.”

“–someone might see–“

“They’ll enjoy the show.”

We’d had similar arguments before, but this was the furthest we’d ever gotten. His pants were unbuttoned, and unzipped. I reached inside his pants and rubbed him through his underwear. Tidy whities, why wasn’t I surprised? It just seemed to fit the good-boy image Brad carried with him. I could feel his semi-erect penis in better detail without the khaki’s in the way and it made me shudder. I’m one of those rare, and VERY lucky girls that gets excited by giving blow jobs. There are some days when I would rather suck on a big meaty cock and finger myself then have actual sex. Maybe I just hadn’t been with the right guy yet, but that was my idea of fun.

“God Elaine…” Brad sighed as I found my way inside his underwear and found his hardening member.

I grinned at him, even though he couldn’t see it, his eyes were closed. Poor baby was in for a world of pleasures if me stroking him got him that worked up. “You ain’t felt nothing yet, baby,” I said to him, then added, “Raise your hips up for me. That’s great.” With him lifting himself I was able to pull his pants and undies down and give myself access to his crotch. “Sit right on the edge of the seat, perfect, just like that. Damn Brad, I didn’t know you were that big.” I said while I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock, separating it from the balls and rubbing my other fingers against the shaft. He wasn’t the biggest man in the world, maybe six inches now that he was fully erect, but to me it was beautiful. A lot of woman are to over obsessed with a three foot schlong, but I’d rather have a guy that can get into a great b.j. and knows how to work his body then one that just slaps out his dick and expects a woman to fall to her knees and do all the work.

“Shut up,” Brad said with a half laugh. He felt like he was to small, victim to all those bitches out there. I would show him that I could worship a cock no matter what size it was.

I leaned down, sucking in my stomach so I wouldn’t be hurting myself on all the little gizmos that made my Jeep run, but there was a little space I could fit into comfortably between the seats. My hair fell around my face as I brought my mouth down to his crotch. Before I even did anything I blew on his head, just to feel him squirm. He’d never had anyone touch him like this before, and I intended to enjoy every second of giving him his first blow job. After a few breaths I touched the tip of my tongue to the top of his head, prodding at his urethra gently. One of his hands found the back of my head and he stroked along my scalp like I was some beloved lap dog. That was great for me, it got me a little more excited, I love having my hair played with.

When I knew he was getting into it, when I knew he needed more, I rolled my tongue in a slow, lazy circle around the entire head of his cock, not forgetting a single part of the fleshy helmet. I made a soft sound while I did it, to engage him, and he answered me back with a little moan of his own. I love it when I can make a guy moan. Most of them seem to think it’s not macho, but I adore a man who’s comfortable being loud when he’s enjoying himself. They expect us to scream for them, well I like them to scream for me.

“Do you like that?” Did I mention that I’m an evil tease? Now that his head was wet with my saliva I blew on it, letting the moisture cool down on his warm flesh. He grunted, probably because he wanted me to get on with it, but he would have to wait and let me do it on my own terms.

“You know I do.”

“How much do you like it?”

“A lot.”

“But how much?”

“So much I want you to shut up and keep going.”

I giggled and rewarded his response by opening my mouth and dropping my head down, going about half way down his length before I closed my lips around his engorged shaft, my tongue wiggling all over the underside of his length. The movement surprised him, his fingers curling and clutching at my hair, which made me moan around him as I slowly, slowly lifted my head up until I felt the expanding folds of his head. I was still purring as I twisted my head from side to side, letting my lips swirls over him and my tongue massage the tip of him while giving bobs of my head that took my lips down maybe an inch.

I could go like this for a long time, not really caring about what the guy wanted. Sucking dick just does something to me. I was squirming about as much as Brad by now, and I could feel a moisture growing between my legs. I wanted to reach down and touch myself, but in the tight spaces I just didn’t have maneuvering space to do it. That meant that when we got home Xander would get a little unexpected present whether he liked maltepe escort it or not.

“Oh my God Elaine…” Brad was sighing, and I like the way it made my name sound. I rewarded him again by dropping my mouth down rapidly, bobbing from the head to midshaft, my tongue constantly in motion, letting my tongue ring move back and forth over the thick veins under his shaft. The parts of him that weren’t involved with my mouth were getting massaged by my hand, something that most girls just forget to do or don’t know to do. I didn’t leave a single inch of his erection unnoticed.

I suddenly took my lips off him, I just couldn’t help it. “How good did that feel?”


“No what?”

“Don’t do this to me….”

“What am I doing?” I was being innocent again.

“Teasing me…”

“Am I teasing you? I didn’t mean to.”

“Yes you did.”

I liked his shaft. “Yeah, I guess I did. What do you want me to do?”

“Suck it.”

I did as he asked, but in my own way. I attached my lips around the head and started sucking like I was trying to draw up a thick, creamy vanilla milkshake, not to far from the truth. But I’m not inexperienced, I know what I’m doing. I moved my head from side to side, up and down, so my lips were constantly moving off and on the folds of his helmet, something I’m told feels amazingly good. I love head stimulation, and I was purring again, thrusting my ass up into the air as if I was getting pounded from behind. It wasn’t fair that I couldn’t do something with myself right now, I needed my clit stimulated, my fingers buried in my pussy.

“Oh God!” Brad exclaimed as I worked on him, then I felt him push on the back of my head, so I complied and started moving my mouth up and down, engulfing his shaft with my mouth over and over again, going so deeply that I could feel my hand and had to take several fingers off him just so my lips could have the room they needed.

“Yeah, yeah, just like that.” But I’m a bitch, so I lifted my head, with an audible ‘pop’ sound as the suction between my mouth and his dick was broken.

“You don’t expect me to deep throat you on our first date, do you?”


I laughed and again I was at him, but I wouldn’t deep throat him, even if he wanted it, I had to save some little thrill for the next time we were together. I concentrated more on the head, sucking so hard I could feel my teeth scraping the inside of my mouth, but my tongue was there too, and I know how to work my piercing. I was prodding at that vein again, stroking with three fingers around his shaft, and I could feel him tensing up. He was trying to buck his hips up to meet my mouth, trying to force himself into my mouth, but each time he came up I went up too, he wouldn’t have his way, this was my time to have fun.

With my other hand I reached under him and cupped his scrotum sac. He was tense, I knew he wouldn’t be holding on much longer. I was actually surprised he hadn’t shot off into my mouth already, this being his first time and all. But he was close. I squeezed his sac with an expert touch, clinching my fingers around his shaft at the same time as I returned to head stimulation. Brad was groaning, trying to hold himself back like most guys do. To bad men can’t keep cumming the way I can, or else they would just let if go, knowing the next one would come soon after.

I knew Brad was hurting, I could hear it in his breathing, so I kicked up my attention a notch. I didn’t just want him to cum for me, I needed him to cum. I needed to taste his salty fluids, I needed to hear him orgasm for me, nothing was going to make me happier. Normally I would have slowed it down, extended his frustration… But not with Brad. With Brad I went faster, faster, purring louder to vibrate my tongue and let him know it was all right for him to give in to me.

And he did. I felt his body relax from the tension right before I felt the first spurt, a small geyser that gave me the taste of him. The second was more powerful, shooting up with a force, followed by two more geysers. I eagerly swallowed him down, ignoring the taste which wasn’t exactly good. I took my mouth off him, rubbing my tongue over my teeth and lips, watching as I coaxed more of the creamy jizzum from him, the cum pooling on my fingers. I leaned down and licked up a droplet from the head, then sat up, on my knees in the seat facing him.

He looked so… satisfied. His eyes were open now, and he was staring at the top of the Jeep, his mouth slack and his chest heaving as he panted. I loved looking at a man after he’s just been satisfied. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a submissive personality when it comes to sexual things, I like to please more then I like to take, most of the time anyway.

“That feel good?”

“Uh huh.”

“How good?”

“Real good.”


“Well duh.”

He grunted and looked at me, eyes going wide behind his glasses. I love a guy in glasses, they look so cute. He was surprised because I was sitting there licking his cum off my fingers, sucking on the ones that had it around the fingernail. It might not taste the best in the world, but there’s no point in wasting it. It’s meant for the female to consume, and I was busy doing that. All guys like that, seeing the woman enjoy their natural little gift, no matter what they claim.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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