Teach Her A Lesson Ch. 02

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**Disclaimer: The characters in this story are over the age of eighteen, and are not real. Any likeness to anyone in the really real world is just coincidence. Thanks.**


Chase leaned heavily against the bedpost she was still tied to, gasping for breath. Jack had his head resting on her shoulder, breathing hard, his cock still buried deep in her as he came down. Finally, his cock softened and slipped out of her, and he stepped back, looking over Chase’s body, admiring the red, abused flesh. Chase shifted on her feet, finally daring to look over her shoulder at him.

“Let me go now, Jack… You got what you wanted..just..leave me alone now.” Her voice was quiet, raw and hoarse from her screaming earlier.

Jack’s eyes shifted up, meeting hers. He stared at her silently for a moment and then smiled coldly, shaking his head.

“Oh no, baby girl. I’m not done with you yet. You’re going to learn not to be such a fucking tease anymore. I’m gonna make sure you learn that lesson real well.”

Chase’s eyes widened slightly, and she swallowed hard, staring at him. Jack moved back up next to her, untying her hands from the bedpost quickly. Keeping ahold of the tie, he kept her hands bound and with his free hand pushed her down onto her knees. He tangled his hand in her hair, pulling her head back.

“Open up Chase.” He grinned coldly.

Chase was disgusted at the thought of putting his cock in her mouth, especially when he’d just been inside her. She shook her head, leaning back away from him some.

“Nuh uh Jack. I’m not doing anymore. You need to leave.” She tried to keep her voice firm but she couldn’t quite stop the tremble of fear in it.

With no warning, Jack’s hand raised and he slapped her hard across the face. Chase yelped in surprise and pain, falling backwards. He jerked her back onto her knees and grabbed her chin, making her look at him.

“Let me make this clear, Chase. You don’t tell me what you are and are not doing. Got it? I’ll tell -you- and I’m telling you right now that you’re going to open that smart fucking mouth of yours. If you don’t, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

Tears filling her eyes, Chases slowly opened her mouth. Humiliated and disgusted, she slowly started to lick her brother’s cock, cleaning him off. He watched her with an impassive face, his cock slowly starting to react to her attention. After a few moments, Jack tugged at her hair, pulling her head back once more. Then before she could say anything, he shoved himself into her mouth, until the head of his cock was pressed firmly against the back of her throat.

Chase gagged at the feeling of his cock in the back of her throat. She started to suck on him, closing her eyes as she concentrated on bringing him off as quickly as she possibly could.

“Mmm… You’re a great cocksucker there, baby girl…” Jack grinned, watching her. “Might have to have you do this for me more often…”

Using his hand in her hair, Jack guided her mouth over his cock, groaning quietly at the feel of her. After a few moments, he released her hair and the hold he still had on the tie around her hands, and took ahold of her head with both hands, cupping her face. He started to fuck her face firmly then, with slow, full strokes. He pressed all the way into her mouth, then pulled bursa escort back out until the head was at her lips.

Chase relaxed her mouth and throat when Jack started to fuck her face. Eyes opened, she watched his face, trying to convince herself that she really didn’t want this, that she wasn’t enjoying it. Jack opened his eyes and found her watching him, and smiled faintly.

“Finger yourself for me Chase. Make yourself come.”

She stared at him for a moment, frozen. When his hands tightened somewhat on her face she winced and hurriedly put her hands, still bound together, between her legs. It was awkward, but she managed to work around her hands being tied. Slowly, she started to finger herself, her fingers working over her clit lightly. She shivered and moaned softly in response to the stimulation, and her eyes fell closed.

Jack smiled more when he heard the moan, shuddering himself as the vibrations coursed up through his cock, jolting him with pleasure. He started to fuck her face harder and deeper, his cock sliding down into her throat each time he thrust in now. He kept the thrusts slow so that he wouldn’t come, watching her face as she fingered herself.

Chase took Jack’s cock easier now that she’d grown adjusted to his size in her mouth. With one hand she continued to play with her clit, rubbing and pinching it lightly. The other hand she managed to move just enough to slip two fingers inside herself. As she started to move her fingers, she moaned again, her breathing quickening. She started to fuck herself with her fingers in time with her brother’s cock moving in her mouth and throat. Her body started to tense again as she quickly brought herself up to the edge of her release.

Seeing how close she was to coming, Jack smiled again and started fucking her with quick, short, hard thrusts, determined to make her orgasm again. Little cockwhore, she was loving this. He knew she would. She said no like she didn’t want it, but the way she kept coming for him was proof that she did want it. After only a few more moments, Chase was coming again, her cries of pleasure muffled by Jack’s cock in her mouth. He pulled out of her and let go of her, stepping back again.

Jack watched as Chase squirmed and shuddered through her release, her hips bucking hard against her busily working hands. When she finally relaxed and started to come down, Jack leaned down and took ahold of the tie again, pulling her back to her feet. He took his time looking her over as she stood there, letting his eyes linger on her full, heavy breasts, and the swell of her hips. His gaze lingered on her sex, then trailed down over her legs, until they finally lifted to meet her eyes again.

“Turn around, Chase.” He spoke quietly, the look in his eyes making it clear it wouldn’t be tolerated if she tried to resist him again.

Chase turned around slowly, licking her lips as she resisted the urge to glance over her shoulder to him again. Was he going to beat her again? Oh please, no. She couldn’t handle that. Not again. She stiffened when she felt Jack’s hands rest lightly on her hips. She caught her breath and waited, not sure what he was doing.

Jack stroked his hands softly over Chase’s hips, down to her rear. He caressed her full ass softly, teasing her with the light, gentle bursa escort bayan touch. After only a couple of moments of this, Chase started to make soft, mewling sounds of pleasure, shifting on her feet as she struggled to remain still. Jack’s hands trailed closer and closer to the crack of her ass, until finally a finger dipped in and moved along the length of it. Chase shuddered and pressed her hips forward, trying to escape the foreign touch. She didn’t like the little thrill of pleasure that coursed through her at the feeling, she didn’t like thinking about being able to derive any pleasure from what he was doing.

Jack pulled his hands away and reached around her to grab the tie binding her hands. He turned her back to face him and looked at her for a moment. He leaned in and kissed her lips with a deceptive gentleness, the kiss firm and insistent, until Chase finally melted into it and started to return the kiss. Then he pulled away, and smiled softly to her.

“I’m going to untie you. Then I want you to stretch out on the bed on your stomach.”

Chase nodded mutely, watching him. She had an idea of what was coming next, and the thought sickened and terrified her. It also excited her, deep down inside. She thought that if she stopped fighting him, maybe he would at least go easier on her, and it wouldn’t be so bad as she expected it to be.

Jack untied her hands quickly, and Chase turned to climb up onto the bed. She stretched out slowly on her stomach. Jack climbed up on the bed after her, nudging her legs apart with his knee. He settled on his knees between her spread thighs and once more started to play with her ass. With the other hand, he slowly stroked himself to keep himself hard. He looked around as he teased her ass, ignoring the fact that she was laying there stiffly. On the nightstand was a bottle of lotion, and Jack smiled when he saw it. Perfect. Taking up the lotion, he squirted some onto his hand that was stroking his cock, then he squirted more on her ass, over her rear entrance. With a finger, he worked the lotion in, stimulating her until she relaxed enough that he could slide the finger inside.

Chase gasped softly as she felt Jack’s finger slide into her ass. It hurt, a little, but it wasn’t as bad as she’d expected, the feeling curiously intense. She lifted her hips somewhat towards him, moaning softly. Jack leaned over when he heard the moan, whispering into her ear.

“Play with yourself Chase, it’ll make it easier.”

Chase hesitated, but then moved her hand down between her legs to start fingering herself once more. Jack moved his finger slowly in and out of her rear, then with no warning he added a second one, working on stretching her out some. He wanted his sister to hurt, yes, and be humiliated, definitely, but he wasn’t interested in tearing her up and sending her to the hospital. He was big enough he knew he’d do just that to her if he didn’t prepare her, at least a little, for what was coming.

After a minute or so of him fingering her, Jack pulled his fingers away, leaving Chase feeling empty. She whimpered softly, shifting, then she felt his hands on her hips, pulling her up some. She moved where he directed her, and he slipped a pillow under her hips to keep her ass raised up some. Chase froze, holding her breath as escort bursa she waited tensely. She felt his hands on her again, and he spread her open. She felt the solid pressure of the head of his cock against her rear entrance, and she moaned, squeezing her eyes closed.

Gradually, Jack started to work himself into her. After a few short moments he had the head inside her, and he paused, letting her adjust. Then, quickly, he shoved himself the rest of the way into her, better to get it over with fast.

Chase bucked when he thrust into her, her eyes flying open as she screamed in pain. Oh God! She’d never hurt so badly in her life. It felt like she was going to be split in half. She shuddered when a hot wave of nausea washed over her, swallowing hard to keep from being sick. Then she heard Jack whispering at her ear again.

“Baby, finger yourself… I’m telling you it won’t be so bad if you do that.”

Struggling to make herself relax, Chase nodded slightly, gasping harshly for breath. She started to finger herself again, and the pleasure that came from that quickly lessoned the pain screaming through her body. Jack lay still on top of her as she adjusted, giving her the time she needed. As soon as he felt her start to relax, and heard the soft sounds of pleasure that she started to make, Jack pushed himself up, sitting up on his knees once more. He gripped her hips firmly, and started to move inside her.

With slow, steady thrusts, Jack fucked his little sister’s ass. He had his head thrown back and his eyes closed as he lost himself to her painfully tight heat, a smile forming on his face when he heard her moans and sighs. Gradually, he quickened the pace, and before long he was ramming her ruthlessly.

Chase writhed beneath him and cried out in pleasure and pain as he fucked her hard, having never felt such an intense mix of feelings before. Feeling sick, like she needed to go to the bathroom, and the pleasure of her fingers on her clit, Chase knew it wouldn’t be long before she came again for him. Jack held onto her hips tightly, keeping her as still as possible while he fucked her. He was panting for breath raggedly, fighting hard to keep from coming before he’d made her come one more time.

Chase shifted herself and slipped her other hand down between her legs once more. Continuing to play with her clit, she slid three fingers into her sex and started to fuck herself in time with Jack’s thrusts into her ass. The feeling was better than anything she’d ever experienced before. After a few moments of this, she came again. Bucking hard against Jack’s cock and her fingers, she screamed in pleasure, trying to take both her fingers and his cock into her as deeply as possible. A moment after she started coming, Jack’s thrusts into her changed into deep, short, hard thrusts, and she felt him swell inside her. Groaning loudly, Jack slammed into her one more time and came, his seed filling her to overflowing. He collapsed against her, shuddering as he gasped for breath. Chase lay pinned beneath him, still trembling from the strength of her own orgasm, left weak and breathless from the experience.

Jack slid out of her after a moment and rolled off of her, laying on his back beside her on the bed. He looked over at her, lifting a hand to tenderly brush her hair back from her face. Chase’s eyes opened and met his, and she smiled faintly at him. He scooted closer and brushed his lips over her temple, cheek and lips softly. Then without a word, he got up, dressed himself, and left her laying there on her bed.

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